The Shade Touched of Inoue, in order of Arrival.

Many within the city are Shade touched, despite attempts to keep shade out of the clan.

The first encounter was with Cooro, who has a dormant Shade infection. Much later came the infamous Beatrice, then her brother Thanos. Others soon followed suit, and before anyone could stop it, there was a small dwelling of Shade touched individuals living in Inoue.

Not all of them are known as Shade-infected to the public, though.

How the gentle wind beckons through the leaves

He let out a small shudder as he made his way through the cemetery. The wind slapped him. The cold air bit him. He walked on, in spite of the abuse, for he knew that he had nothing to fear. And yet, the song tugged at the back of his mind, like a child tugs at their parents’ hands. His fingers reflexively curled, as if he was holding onto something. For though he had only carried the lantern for a moment, that moment had lasted an eternity.

as autumn colors fall.

The wind was powerful now, hugging him close, pulling the leaves from their branches. He paused and watched as the leaves fluttered around, allowing themselves to be carried by the wind. They had no direction. They had no purpose. What did they know of this world, this world beyond their branches? Did they know anything? Could they? Were they better off for not knowing?

He kicked himself as he realized that he was doing it again.

A bird cooed to his left. He paused, the bizarre but contextually sensible question on the tip of his tongue.

“Over here, genius.”

His cheeks burned as he finally spotted her. The real her. She hadn’t changed much since the last time that they had met. So why did it feel like he had lived a lifetime and a half? He let out a small sigh before joining her on the log.

Dancing in a swirl of golden memories

The reunion was short and sweet, just as it was every year. They talked about the Unknown and they talked about the unknown. They talked about families and they talked about frogs. They talked about horses and they talked about birds. They talked about lanterns and they talked about schools.

“I have to go,” he said at last. “Sara’s going to wonder where I am.”

“Oh,” was all she said.

“Tell your family I said ‘hi’,” he added. 

“Yeah,” she sighed. “Give Jason Funderburker a kiss for me.”

She laughed as he pulled a face. Both of them froze as they realized that the sound was rare. They hunt onto it for as long as they could before reluctantly letting it escape.

“Goodbye, Beatrice.”

“Goodbye, Wirt.”

He stood up and started towards the gates, trying to keep his eyes away from the tempting wall.


He spun around and tripped over a tombstone.

The corners of her mouth twitched but her voice was solemn: “Are you…happy?”

“Huh?” he asked. “Oh, yeah, sure.”

“Yeah but…are you?”

The song tugged at the back of his mind. Cold. Haunting. He thought about those eyes, the ones that he saw every time it got a bit too dark, the ones that couldn’t be snuffed out, even when the lantern turned cold.

“Are you?” he shot back.

She looked incredulous. “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“Good,” he said. “We’re both happy.”

“We’re both happy.”

the loveliest lies of all. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! In book 11, do you have any idea on what article Captain Widdershins showed everyone from the Daily Punctillo? I think it mentions the article on page 310, and Lemony says it was a huge mistake for the Capt to show everyone the article. Was it the same article Violet found and that Jacques wrote?

Hi, anonymous volunteer!

Captain Widdershins was wrong to trust his stepson for so many years, and wrong to participate in the destruction of Anwhistle Aquatics, and he was wrong to insist, as he did so many years ago, that a story in The Daily Punctilio was completely true, and to show this article to so many volunteers, including the Baudelaire parents, the Snicket siblings, and the woman I happened to love.
[The Grim Grotto, Chapter Thirteen]

Note in this passage that “the Baudelaire parents” and the woman whom Lemony “happened to love” are listed as different individuals. Before “The End” came out, it was often quoted as one of the many reasons Beatrice and Mrs. Baudelaire couldn’t possibly be the same person. Haha. Nowadays it’s widely believed to be a typo. “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” has numerous proofreading mistakes in general. Remember Count Olaf’s “racial expressions”? Or Sunny Baudelaire’s “sisters”? Or the completely incorrect Sebald codes? Oh, to be young again… But I digress.

The Daily Punctillo is notorious for publishing factually inaccurate articles, so the possibilites are endless here. Several theories exist as to which article Captain Widdershins insisted was true and showed to the Baudelaire parents:

  • One of the muptile obituaries Lemony received over the years as he was running from the authorities;
  • The article who designated Fernald as sole responsible for the acts of arson which destroyed Anwhistle Aquatics and the murder of Gregor;
  • The article which framed Lemony for Olaf’s acts of arson (given what we now know, which is that Lemony committed first-degree murder at age thirteen, it’s not that unbelievable).

Lemony tells us that Captain Widdershins actually took part in the destruction of Anwhistle Aquatics, so I think the second theory is the most probable one… He was essentially trying to protect his own reputation by pining the crime on his stepson.

saltkettle  asked:

mutual pining?

I was going to say “how and why would you subvert this???” but then I realized that we can Beatrice and Benedick this up.

Thus, we get a matchmaking effort where friends start talking to the two people involved about how the other one is pining for them, and it opens both of their eyes to the possibilities! Doable with either people who aren’t that fond of each other or with good friends who people are really confused aren’t together already, for a bonus.

Considering her past obsession with both disco and post-punk, it’s a very compelling form of electronic pop that Rudie Edwards presents us with on propulsive debut, I’m Not Her. The UK born singer songwriter and producer has even been described as “Donna Summer produced by Johnny Marr”, a seemingly bizarre pairing that makes perfect sense once you hear her first song. Rudie Edward’s sleek billowing vocals punch powerfully through a restless wall of pulsing beats and quivering synths. Rudie Edwards has written for artists including CeeLo Green, Erik Hassle, Beatrice Eli, and Benga. I’m glad she’s launched her own solo career with such an enrapturing pop song, and I look forward to what’s to follow. I’m Not Her is out now on iTunes.

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The royals have a "gentlemen's rule" with the media/press, if they wanted Harry not to get so much bad press like they are starting to make King Henry happen, they would. It's not happening.

wait they have a gentleman’s rule? since when?

Was this before of after the ‘Andrew is not Philip’s son’ or ‘Philip has affiars’ ‘Charles should abdicate’ ‘Harry is not Charles son’ ‘Edward is gay’ ‘Sophie and Edward are bad parents’ ‘Harry should be removed from the RF because he is not Charles’ ‘Beatrice and Eugenie are ugly/a disgrace/the gruesome twosome’ 

when exactly did this gentleman’s rule start where they can control the press?