Shadowhunters 2x18 Sneak Peek #2 Season 2 Episode 18 Sneak Peek

  • Jason: If I ever die, [again], donate all of my organs to children in need, except for my middle fingers.
  • Roy: What do I do with those?
  • Jason: Give them to my brothers. They're the last fucks I have left to give.

I put this on my personal blog but m mad again
Y'all know what sucks? When you reblog an ask meme or smthin and your followers reblog/like it from you but don’t send anything.

It’s just a number or an emoji. It usually takes less than a minute. Yeah you could think “someone else’ll send some” but what if everyomes thinking that.

Point is if you’re gonna reblog/like something like that from someone //please send something???//

The Batfamily and what they steal

Dick: beds. Whenever he spends time in the Manor, he falls asleep in a different bed every night. Regardless of whether the room - or the bed - is occupied.

Jason: credit cards. He’s perpetually broke, so he snags Bruce’s credit cards whenever he comes by the house and then switches them out later. Bruce hasn’t noticed, but Alfred has.

Tim: phones. He doesn’t do it on purpose, he just suddenly needs to be online and forgets that the nearest phone isn’t actually his.

Stephanie: grappling hooks. She’s started a collection.

Cassandra: cookies. Whenever Jason stress-bakes, some of the cookies invariably go missing. Everyone knows it’s Cass but no one can prove it.

Damian: batmobiles. Boy loves driving, can you blame him?

Kate: Renee’s clothes. They don’t fit her at all, but then Renee has to walk around her apartment shirtless and Kate can’t argue with that view.

Luke: prototypes. He continually sneaks into the WayneTech R&D department to try out the newest toys, to the point where his father has given up and put him on the official payroll as a beta tester.

Terry: old batsuits. His excuse is that they’re lonely and need someone to take them out of the cave every once in a while.

Bruce: photos. He takes pictures of his kids when he thinks they’re not looking, and puts them up as his screensaver. Bruce is Good Dad™.

Here’s my half of a collaboration with @chubchow !!! He’ll be finishing the scene!!! I had fun illustrating a nighttime scene. Gave Garth a bloody mary, he’s crunching the bacon right now; the canine character you see is an adopt I got from @barksona !!!!! I haven’t decided on a name for him yet but he’s a friend of Garth’s :3 I gave that dude a hand grenade, commonly seen in New Orleans >:3c

Azriel Chapter 16

Hi guys! Sadly this fan fiction is about to come to a close! There will be only two more chapters ahead before Azriel’s story is finished so I hope you enjoy! Thank you for reading this story :)

If you haven’t read my Tarquin fan fiction here is the link

Part of your World Part i

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