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I'm late to the party, what's happening with Keith ape? (I've recently heard some stuff happen with him but never got any deeds)

So recently he has been exposed for all the stuff he’s done.

- First of all, his cultural appropriation but we all already knew that

-He’s racist

-One of the girls (Black girl) he was talking to posted a selfie, tagged him and commented saying that she looked more like an ape than him

-throw around the N word a lot and is disrespectful towards woman

- When girls would send him nudes and they did something like talk about him in a bad way on their social media, he would threaten to release their nudes even if they’re minors. He would also show their nudes to his friends even if they’re minors. 

- Would want nudes from girls even if they’re minors 

- This is basically the overall in what stuff he has done

He has not stated an apology or apologies to the people he has affected and his actions 

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Let us not get ahead of ourselves, I would say that perhaps a membership to the "friendship club" is a tad too far for our current relation. The "acquaintance club" would be a better fit, and it is an endeavour I would be vastly more inclined to embark upon. Additionally, the hugging is a slightly too open form of expression. Handshakes will do plenty well for the level of intimacy that is appropriate betwixt us.