So  apparently this is what I do inbetween family time on Christmas. Good times were had. Nothing but a probably incredibly inaccurate fluff piece I’m not happy with for reasons. 

Hawke at eight years old coming home with a busted nose, scrapped knees, and missing teeth drenched in river water because a group of kids called his sister a witch.

Hawke at twenty six years old with bloody knuckles and second degree burns, hair stuck to the sides of his sweaty face and his clothes covered in blood because a magister tried called his lover a slave.

Hawke at twenty nine with the mark of the Tranquil burned into his forehead, bruises that lay among his ribs, and lash marks on his back because he refused to call his best friend a monster.



yes I know I know the hug has been reblogged at least 900000 times since October but I need to talk about Carol’s feet again. lol.

Because can we just loooooook again at how she is barely even touching the ground after he first embraces her? 

Daryl is hugging her SO TIGHT that he’s holding her on his own. He has her weight. Enough to even take a step without her help.

He was so desperate in clinging to her that he just couldn’t get her close enough. 

And he doesn’t give a flying fuck about anything or anyone else here.

so um yeah.

Daryl is totally in love with Carol whether he realizes it yet or not. :3

Michael Imagine: You are the Most Talked About Couple but Break Up

Author: Julie


Being a musician was something you had aspired to achievefrom a young age. You daydreamed of writing your own songs, performing in front of people who know your lyrics, and inspiring others with your music. When you did become a musician, it was nothing like you’d imagined.

Yes, you got to write songs and perform in front of fans who loved you, but you also found out that being famous wasn’t what you were expecting it to be.

You didn’t expect to travel the world, play with artists you’d listened to for years, or even fall in love.

Your relationship with Michael Clifford was the most talked about since before you two even got together. Pictures of the two of you seen out – when you were talking about a collaboration – made to seem like you were being a couple made web article headlines.

You denied all the rumors, ashamed at the media for stooping so low to get a story.

That was until, of course, you fell in love with him, and he fell in love with you.

It was somewhere between the late night Skype calls, discussing music that eventually became sleep-deprived conversations and the little things about Michael that made you fall in love with him.

And he would say the same for you.


Coming out with your relationship was a scary thing to do. Not only did you already deny rumors of your relationship before, but you knew the nature of fans and how they would react to their favorite idol dating somebody new.

With enough reassurance from Michael, you two eventually publicly announced your relationship with a tweet and a date out together – with a few kisses mixed in that weren’t originally part of the plan.

And you were right – everything changed. You got slightly more popular, but not for the right reason.

Fans were attacking you – but not Michael. You knew it was going to happen – in fact, you would’ve done the same a few years ago – but it still hurt to see the rude things people were saying about you.


Michael was the only person who could keep you sane during the relationship. He helped you calm down when you were upset over rumors, insults, anything that people conjured up to break the two of you apart.  

And you were grateful for it – he handled it all extremely well and you had a feeling that if it were anybody else, you wouldn’t feel as comforted – but you still couldn’t deny the fact that knowing people out there actually hated you because of your relationship brought a sick feeling to your stomach.


You don’t know when Michael stopped being a comfort for you. All you know is how scared and utterly miserable you were when you fell into bed wrapped in his arms, and found that you no longer felt that all of the stuff online would be whisked away by his reassuring words.

You just couldn’t do it anymore, not with so many people making up cheating rumors and fighting with all their might to break the two of you up.


You remember how it felt to say goodbye to him. His desperate pleas, promising the two of you could work through it, begging you not to go because oh god he can’t lose you, you’re the love of his life.

You remember leaving him there, tears breaking from his eyes as he pleaded one last time, only to be replied with the answer of the door closing. You remember sleeping in your own bed, feeling alone, but also feeling relieved. Relieved that you didn’t have to worry about your relationship anymore.

The relief didn’t mask the pain – for the two of you still cried for weeks afterward at night, when you missed each other most.

Being a musician was nothing like you expected.


Eventually, the hurt dimmed down, and you and Michael agreed to be friends, but that might’ve been because the two of you both released albums that involved pain, hurt, and love.

It didn’t take a detective to see that you both wrote about the pain and love you felt from the relationship, and for some reason, hearing his pain and him hearing yours made both of you realize that you couldn’t be separated from each other anymore.

Even if you weren’t dating, he meant something special to you. He was still the one you needed and wanted to talk to when you needed help. You were the one he loved to talk to because every conversation promised something entertaining.

Who said you couldn’t be friends with your exes, anyway? Because the two of you mended your relationship so easily, it’s like you were meant to be in each other’s lives one way or another.

You got your best friend back, and so did he, and there was no more pain or worrying about what the media thought. It was calm, peaceful, and above all, relieving.

Maybe being an artist wasn’t like you imagined it, because in some ways, it was much better.


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