Hamburg (ots) - Thomas Steg, Generalbevollmächtigter und Cheflobbyist des VW-Konzerns, soll Nachfolger von Hans-Joachim Watzke, dem Geschäftsführer von Borussia Dortmund werden.

Wie das Wirtschaftsmagazin BILANZ in seiner am Freitag erscheinenden Ausgabe berichtet, ist die Personalie Teil eines Plans europäischer Fußballmanager und wird ausgelöst durch die Nachfolgeregelung für den Präsidenten des Weltfußballverbands FIFA, Joseph Blatter, im kommenden Jahr. Falls Michel Platini, Präsident des europäischen Fußballverbands UEFA, die Führung der FIFA übernimmt, soll, laut BILANZ, DFB-Chef Wolfgang Niersbach den Platz von Platini als UEFA-Präsident übernehmen.

Niersbach wiederum könnte nach derzeitiger Planung ersetzt werden durch Reinhard Rauball, den Präsidenten von Borussia Dortmund. Der Dortmunder Geschäftsführer Hans-Joachim Watzke würde in diesem Fall zum Vereinspräsidenten aufrücken und der Borussia-Fan Thomas Steg dessen Job übernehmen, der mit einem Grundgehalt von über 900.000 Euro dotiert ist.

“My sister fell ill and her medical bills cost 30,000 rupees. My father wasn’t getting his salary on time, so we had no options. I took a loan from the brick kiln and agreed to work for them until it was paid off. Other members of my family did the same. We thought it would only take three months. But when I went to leave, they told me I owed them 90,000 rupees. I couldn’t believe it. They told me I couldn’t leave. It’s like quicksand. They only pay you 200 rupees per 1000 bricks, and it all goes to them, and the debt keeps growing. We are supposed to work from dawn to dusk for six days a week, but we never get the 7th day off. They tell me I owe them 900,000 rupees now. There is no hope for me. Every year they have a market. The brick kiln owners get together and they sell us to each other. Just ten days ago my entire family was sold for 2.2 million rupees.”

*1,000 rupees = $10
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(Lahore, Pakistan)


This is the fifth post in a series on Syeda Ghulam Fatima. Known to her admirers as Pakistan’s Harriet Tubman, Fatima has worked tirelessly to eradicate bonded labor—one of the last remaining forms of modern slavery. This man is one of millions of bonded laborers in Pakistan, and one of the tens of thousands who has turned directly to Fatima to help him escape the violence and cruelty of his owners. Fatima has been electrocuted, shot, and repeatedly beaten for her activism. Despite her outsized impact, she operates on a very small budget. So we are raising money to help her in her mission.

Today is the last day of the fundraiser we are holding for Fatima’s organization, The Bonded Labour Liberation Front. We have raised nearly $400,000 so far. Costs are low in Pakistan, so this sort of money can be leveraged many times over. We are not just increasing Fatima’s abilities to help free people from bondage. We are MULTIPLYING those abilities. Over 12,000 people have contributed so far. 15,000 people would be 1% participation. One percent may not sound like much, but for a community of 15,000,000 people, I think that is an amazing amount of engagement.* I encourage everyone to read the previous posts so far, and consider being counted in our effort to aid Fatima’s fight against modern slavery: http://bit.ly/1N9W3Ts

*Edit: 15,000 is .1% participation. Luckily I’m taking photos and not teaching math.

Developers who got taxpayer subsidies from Mayor Richard Daley’s administration were repeatedly required to donate to a nonprofit group founded by Chicago first lady Maggie Daley as part of the deal.

More than $900,000 ended up flowing to After School Matters, but city officials couldn’t explain why — and had no guidelines to evaluate how the money was directed to that group and other charities that received contributions.

Those conclusions were drawn by Chicago Inspector General Joseph Ferguson, who released a report Tuesday that suggested Mrs. Daley’s program benefited disproportionately since 2003 from its obvious connections to city government.



Screenshots from 900,000 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL | Behind the Scenes of Jack! :D

Honestly I don’t really have a huge reason I took screenshots from this video. I’ve just seen a lot of pictures from this video on tumblr and I thought it would be a fun video to take screenshots of Jack in. It’s very interesting to see how Jack records and makes his videos! :) I didn’t want to take screenshots of when he was showing what was on his computer because I thought it would be kind of awkward and weird having big and small screenshots. Also Jack changed cameras in the middle of this video so if the quality looks different that’s why. xD

ECUADOR, MACHACHI : A worker takes precautions as ash from the Cotopaxi volcano falls over the crop fields in Machachi, south of Quito on August 22, 2015 a week after the volcano first started showing activity since its last eruption in 1877. Nearly 325,000 people could be affected by an eruption of Cotopaxi, the volcano looming beyond the Ecuadoran capital of Quito, officials said. The biggest risk is from an eruption melting the 5,900-metre (19,000-foot) mountain’s snowcap and triggering massive melt-water floods and lahar mudflows that could sweep through nearby towns.   AFP PHOTO / JUAN CEVALLOS                        

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i'm so happy you harmonizers are losing your "idols" try so hard to vote for themselves and they are still losing,flops

and also voting is not over yet so sit the fuck down and excuse you bitch? Worth it was certified platinum twice,gold in Italy and Australia,Silver in UK and sold more than 900.000.000 copies and also fifth harmony spend more weeks on the Bilboard hot 100 than 5sos&LM combined so yeah…they’re flops bah felicia 

Thomas Müller Lisa ist seine Weltmeisterin des Herzens

Thomas Müller (25) ist erst seit 2 Wochen auf Instagram und hat schon fast 900.000 Follower – ein Zeichen dafür, wie beliebt der Fußballer ist. Nicht zuletzt wegen seiner großen Klappe. Doch Thomas Müller gibt nicht nur lustige Interviews, er teilt auch gerne Mal den ein oder anderen privaten Schnappschuss – und das gefällt seinen Fans.

Auf seinem neuesten Selfie ist der 25-Jährige nicht alleine: Gemeinsam mit seiner Frau Lisa (25) lächelt er in die Kamera, sie lehnt sich zärtlich an ihn an. Der Fußballer schreibt: „Grüße von der Reit-Europameisterschaft aus Aachen“. Hier verbringt das Sportler-Ehepaar offenbar seinen Sonntag.

Die beiden teilen ihre Leidenschaft für Pferde

Lisa, die erfolgreiche Dressurreiterin ist und erst kürzlich das Goldene Reitabzeichen bekam, wollte sich die Reit-EM wohl gerne live ansehen. Und auch Thomas ist bekennender Pferdenarr. Zuhause dreht sich bei den Müllers eben nicht nur alles um den Fußball! Das junge Paar besitzt sieben eigene Pferde, in seiner Freizeit versucht sich der Bayern-Spieler als Pferdezüchter.

Wie sehr der 25-Jährige seine Frau unterstützt, wurde bereits im letzten Jahr deutlich. Statt zur Weltmeisterschaft nach Brasilien zu fliegen, wollte Lisa lieber an den Bayrischen Meisterschaften im Dressurreiten antreten. Kein Problem für Thomas Müller, der sich, wie der Focus berichtete, sogar weit weg in Brasilien die Auftritte seiner Frau ansah. Und Lisa sah sich die Spiele ihres Mannes von der heimischen Couch an.

Schon seit 2009 sind die beiden verheiratet und, wie man sieht, immer noch total glücklich! „Ihr seid so ein süßes Paar!!!“, kommentierte ein Fan das Instagram-Bild. Da können wir uns nur anschließen

ECUADOR, Quito : Picture taken from Quito of the Cotopaxi volcano spewing ash on August 17, 2015. Nearly 325,000 people could be affected by an eruption of Cotopaxi, the volcano looming beyond the Ecuadoran capital of Quito, officials said Monday. The biggest risk is from an eruption melting the 5,900-metre (19,000-foot) mountain’s snowcap and triggering massive melt-water floods and lahar mudflows that could sweep through nearby towns, Ecuador’s minister of risk management Maria del Pilar Cornejo told a press conference.   AFP PHOTO / RODRIGO BUENDIA                        

Disney-owned Maker Studios Shuts Down Pioneering Video Site Blip

Pioneering online video platform Blip is no more: Disney-owned Maker Studios officially pulled the plug on Blip Thursday afternoon, replacing the service’s homepage with a page featuring the Blip logo on black background, and the words: “Sorry, this Blip has sailed. :’(”

Maker had announced the planned shutdown of Blip a month ago, at the time encouraging video producers to instead use YouTube, and apply for inclusion in Maker’s MCN on  the Google-owned video platform.

Blip was founded in 2005, and at one time had around 900,000 publishers on its platform. Maker Studios acquired Blip in 2013, in part to use Blip’s player for its own platform, and was subsequently itself acquired by Disney in early 2014.

The Mouse paid $500 million for Maker, with the possibility of forking over another $450 million in the form of performance-based earn-outs. However, Recode reported earlier this month that these earn-outs may be much smaller than initially anticipated.

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i have no idea how many views we've gotten. One direction has at least 900,000 fans worldwide. approx 20 plays per fan would give us the numbers we need. And some fans are definitely pulling their weight and streaming it on multiple devices. So I am at a loss as to why we are still stuck at 4 mil views on youtube and 3 mil on VEVO with less than 24 hours to go. What gives? Lol.

It doesn’t SOUND difficult, in theory. I mean, they surely have 1 million dedicated fans, surely enough to watch the video 20 times. Like, MINIMUM. But, I dunno! It’s really difficult. There are more views than what YouTube/VEVO is showing, for sure. They are just slow with auditing the view count. So, keep watching, and most importantly - SHARE!! SHARE!!! SHARE!!!!!! The more people, the better.

My full power list

Raditz fight

Goku weighted: 390

goku: 400

Picollo weighted: 370


Raditz: 1200

raged gohan: 1500

Piccolo’s special beam cannon: 3000

saiyan attack

Piccolo: 3000


Gohan: 2000

Yamcha: 1000

chiaotzu: 950

Tien: 1400

saibaman: 1200

Nappa: 4500

Goku: 8001

Goku kioken x2: 16002

Goku kioken x3: 24003

Vegeta: 18000

Gohan oozaru:20000

Vegeta oozaru:180000









Zarbon Buff: 30000

Ginyu force

Vegeta: 35000


Krillin: 18000

Nail: 100000


Recoome: 50000

Burter: 65000

Jeice: 70000

Goku: 150000

Ginyu: 125000

Ginyu (Goku’s body): 130000

Ginyu (Goku’s body) controlled: 160000

Vegeta: 250000


Freiza: 530,000

Vegeta: 250,000

Gohan: 30,000

Krillin: 20,000

Freiza 2nd form: 1,000,000

Piccolo: 200,000

Piccolo (w/ nail): 2,100,000

Freiza 3rd form: 3,900,000

Freiza Final form: 5,000,000

Vegeta: 1,000,000

Goku: 1,175,000

Goku SSJ1:58,750,000

Freiza 100%: 10,000,000


Gohan: 55,000



Picollo: 1,200,000

Vegeta: 1,100,000

chiaotzu: 10,000

Yamcha: -2,000

Freiza cyborg:15,000,000

King cold: 10,000,000

Trunks: 1,200,000

Trunks SSJ1: 60,000,000


Dr Gero: 1,000,000

#19: 20,000,000

Goku: 2,000,000

Goku SSJ1: 100,000,000

Goku SSJ1 heart virus: 5,000,000

Vegeta: 1,750,000

Vegeta SSJ1: 87,500,000

Gohan: 900,000

Piccolo: 10,300,000

Trunks: 1,750,000

Trunks SSJ1: 87,500,000

Yamcha: -1,000,000,000

Krillin: 500,000

Tien: 700,000

chiaotzu: 100,000

#18: 100,000,000

#17: 110,000,000

Piccolo (w/ Kami): 120,000,000

Imperfect Cell: 100,000,000

Imperfect Cell (absorbing more people):150,000,000

#16: 150,000,000

Semi-perfect Cell: 200,000,000

Vegeta: 3,000,000

Vegeta SSJ1: 150,000,000

Super Vegeta: 225,000,000

Trunks: 4,000,000

Trunks SSJ1: 200,000,000

Super Trunks: 300,000,000

Perfect Cell: 290,000,000

Cell games

Cell: 300,000,000

Trunks: 4,100,000

Trunks SSJ1: 205,000,000

Vegeta: 3,800,000

Vegeta SSJ1: 190,000,000

Goku: 5,000,000

Goku SSJ1: 250,000,000

Piccolo: 150,000,000

Gohan: 4,800,000

Gohan SSJ1: 240,000,000

Tien: 100,000,000

Yamcha: -999,999,999,999

Gohan SSJ2: 480,000,000

Cell jr: 250,000,000

Super Perfect Cell: 350,000,000

Cell Kamehameha: 500,000,000

Father-son Kamehameha: 600,000,000

Majin Buu

Gohan: 4,600,000

Gohan SSJ1: 230,000,000

Gohan: SSJ2: 460,000,000

Goten: 2,000,000

Goten SSJ1: 100,000,000

Trunks: 2,100,000

Trunks SSJ1: 105,000,000

Videl: 200

Vegeta: 5,000,000

Vegeta SSJ1: 250,000,000

Vegeta SSJ2: 500,000,000

Goku: 5,100,000

Goku SSJ1: 255,000,000

Goku SSJ2: 510,000,000

Goku SSJ3: 2,040,000,000

Dabura: 300,000,000

Majin Vegeta: 510,000,000

Fat Buu: 1,500,000,000

Gotenks: 30,000,000

Gotenks SSJ1:  1,500,000,000

Gotenks SSJ3: 6,000,000,000

Evil Buu: 2,500,000,000

Super Buu: 6,000,000,000

Mystic Gohan: 12,000,000,000

Buutenks: 20,000,000,000

Buuiccolo: 6,500,000,000

Buuhan: 35,000,000,000

Vegito: 70,000,000,000

Vegito SSJ1: 3,500,000,000,000

Candy Vegito: 45,000,000,000

Kid Buu: 5,000,000,000

Spirit Bomb: 10,000,000,000


Kid Goku: 2,040,000,000

Kid Goku SSJ1: 102,000,000,000

Goku SSJ4: 10,200,000,000,000

Vegeta: 100,000,000

Vegeta SSJ1: 5,000,000,000

Vegeta SSJ4: 7,100,000,000,000

Omega shenron:  100,000,000,000,000

SSJ4 Gogeta: 100,000,000,000,000,000

Universal spirit bomb: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

Battle of Gods

Goku: 6,000,000

Goku SSJ3: 3,000,000,000

Goku SSJG: 4,100,000,000,000

Beerus: 7,500,000,000,000

Whis: 100,000,000,000,000

Vegeta Raged: 3,300,000,000

Revival of F

Gohan: 240,000,000

Gohan SSJ1: 12,000,000,000

Piccolo: 200,000,000

Krillin: 700,000,000

Tien: 1,500,000

Goku: 5,000,000,000

Goku SSJGSSJ: 5,000,000,000,000

Vegeta: 4,900,000,000

Vegeta SSJGSSJ: 4,900,000,000,000

Freiza first form: 14,000,000,000

Freiza Final form: 5,000,000,000

Golden Freiza: 4,500,000,000,000

Some movie characters

Cooler: 10,000,000

Cooler final form: 25,000,000

Meta Cooler: 250,000,000

Super Android 13: 300,000,000

Bojack: 200,000,000

Bojack full power: 330,000,000

Broly: 350,000,000

Broly (in second coming): 375,000,000

Bio Broly: 400,000,000

Super Janemba: 5,000,000,000

Super Gogeta: 3,000,000,000,000

Some What-if characters

Gogeta: 60,000,000

Gogeta SSJ3: 12,000,000,000,000

Vegito SSJ3: 14,000,000,000,000

Buugito (Vegito being absorbed by Buu ): 140,000,000,000

Gohan SSJGSSJ: 4,400,000,000,000

Golden Cooler: 4,750,000,000,000

SSJGSSJ Future Trunks: 4,500,000,000,000

Gogeta SSJGSSJ: 45,000,000,000,000

SSJ4 Gohan: 6,700,000,000,000

History of Trunks

#17: 90,000,000

#18: 80,000,000

Vegeta SSJ1: 50,000,000

Tien: 300,000

Krillin: 100,000

Yamcha: -1,000,000

Piccolo: 5,000,000,000

13 years later

Gohan: 1,000,000

Gohan SSJ1: 50,000,000

Trunks: 20,000  

Trunks SSJ1: 1,000,000

#17: 90,000,000

#18: 80,000,000

3 years later

Trunks: 1,100,000

Trunks SSJ1: 5,500,000

#17: 90,000,000

#18: 80,000,000


!!Gana un espectacular kit profesional para dibujar de Volcán Ediciones y Faber Castell por un valor de $900.000 cop!!

Participar es muy fácil, solo debes enviar los siguientes requisitos antes de octubre 5 de 2015 a info@volcanediciones.com (asunto: PASIÓN POR EL DIBUJO):

*Facturas que relacionen compras en cualquier punto de venta de productos de las dos marcas (no importa el valor) que se hayan realizado dentro de las fechas comprendidas entre agosto 25 a octubre 5 de 2015 en cualquier lugar de Colombia.

*Una o varias fotografías de la forma más original y creativa posible de tu mejor obra realizada con productos Faber Castell en una bitácora de Volcán Ediciones de acuerdo al tema “pasión por el dibujo”.

*No olvides enviar en el correo tus datos de contacto:

-Nombre completo

-N. de identificación




Ganará el espectacular premio la persona que envíe la fotografía más original y su nombre será revelado el día octubre 10 de 2015.