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The signs as I’ve known them

Aries : passionate about everything but nothing’s ever their fault even when it definitely is. If they aren’t the center of the attention then what even is the point of living. Tries to be cool but is actually just really mad about everything.

Taurus : goes from entirely in control and well grounded to a flying rage machine in a heartbeat, something of a straight shooter but isn’t afraid of getting too deep.

Gemini : either the sweetest person ever who will always be there for you or the embodiment of every bad sorority girl stereotype regardless of gender

Cancer : either they cry all the time and love all their friends with overwhelming passion, or do that but are terrified of anyone knowing they actually care about anything so layer it under 9 billion layers of cynicism and Grump™

Leo : shining star made of smiles, wants to be an intellectual and goes through phases of being exactly that but goes back to being Not Intellectual the minute they stop being serious then forget to go back for like a month

Virgo : sure they’re organized as heck but their opinion of themselves is 6 times higher than is probably appropriate though you can bet money they probably hate themselves because of latent issues from their childhood

Libra : happy fading into the background, great team player who’s always off in dreamland until their friend needs em at which point their emotional state can best be described as watching a tree grow from a seedling to a 50 foot tall redwood in the span of 4 seconds

Scorpio : isn’t actually dark/spooky/mysterious but try convincing them of that, the kind of person who will say they “just get people, you know?” even if they definitely do not get people, but hey their heart is in the right place it’s just usually five feet ahead of where it’s supposed to be

Sagittarius : the best to be around when they’re paying attention to you, the worst when they aren’t there, takes 9 years or 9 nanoseconds to text you back, hilarious and sociable, dissociating to. a different planet while still being able to sink a perfect shot in beer pong I don’t get it

Capricorn : so grounded they might be dead, if they’re a chick they’re the best friend ever and everyone should have one, if they’re a bro they’re a Bro™ who takes being a manly, Good Friend way too far, emotions who? Never heard of em.

Aquarius : the sweetest person but you need to be a level 600 friend for them to be consistent with you. not into the. whole “planning ahead thing” and are only happy in a relationship if they’re constantly moving in that relationship whether it’s being perpetually single or having a volatile love life in general drama happens and it takes them a month to notice it

Pisces : if a children’s sports competition had a personality it’d be a Pisces, all in immediately and happy to go along with what their friends want but if they get hurt all hell breaks loose


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As of February 5, 2017…



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The Signs As I’ve Known Them

Aries : passionate about everything but nothing’s ever their fault even when it definitely is. If they aren’t the center of the attention then what even is the point of living. Tries to be cool but is actually just really mad about everything.

Taurus : goes from entirely in control and well grounded to a flying rage machine in a heartbeat, something of a straight shooter but isn’t afraid of getting too deep.

Gemini : either the sweetest person ever who will always be there for you or the embodiment of every bad sorority girl stereotype regardless of gender

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Trump’s Banksters and the Rollback of Dodd-Frank

Donald Trump has ordered a rollback of regulations over Wall Street, including the Dodd-Frank Act, passed in 2010 to prevent another too-big-to-fail banking crisis.

Perhaps Trump thinks that we’ve forgotten what happened when Wall Street turned the economy into a giant casino, and then – when its bets went sour in 2008 – needed a giant taxpayer funded bailout.

Maybe Trump thinks Americans forget losing their jobs, homes, and savings in the fallout.

Many people who voted for Trump got shafted. I hope they haven’t forgotten that while they suffered, not a single bank executive went to jail.  

Trump supporters need to join with Democrats and progressives in stopping this rollback, and holding Trump accountable.

The biggest banks are far bigger today than they were in 2008. Then, the five largest had 25 percent of U.S. banking assets. Today they have 44 percent. 

If they were too big to fail then, they’re too big period now. 

Getting rid of Dodd-Frank triples the odds of another financial crisis. 

Meanwhile, Trump has brought more banksters into his administration than any in any previous administration – mostly, from Goldman Sachs. 

The head of Trump’s economic council is Gary Cohn who was president of Goldman Sachs. Other Goldman alumni include Trump’s right hand man, Steve Bannon, Trump’s pick for Treasury, Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s pick for the securities and exchange commission, Jay Clayton and another White House advisor, Dina Powell. 

Now remember, a decade ago, Goldman Sachs defrauded investors and ripped off its customers and it’s paid nearly $9 billion in government fines. 

Many of Trump’s banksters were there at that time. 

Don’t let Trump and the Republicans endanger our economy again. Let’s not make the same mistake twice.

“Unsuspecting Western tourists in Bali are being fed dog meat!”

Okay, but they knew they were eating an animal right lol so what’s the big deal. I mean, animals are food, right? Isn’t that like ordering french fries and getting sweet potato fries instead? Yes, you shouldn’t be lied to about what you’re eating, but if you were morally accepting of one, why the outrage of the other?

Oh, is it because your culture taught you certain animals have value over other animals, and when you see another culture eating those animals you get really mad? Well that doesn’t sound hypocritical at all.

"Those dogs were caught on the street and brutally beaten or poisoned!”

Yeah hate to tell you this sweetie but baby piglets on farms are routinely slammed against the floor until they die if they’re not growing fast enough. (They even have a term for it as it’s a standard practice, called “thumping.”)

Baby make chicks are ground up in macerators because they’re useless to the egg industry.

Cows are branded and have their horns cut off without anesthesia.

Male pigs are castrated without anesthesia to make the meat taste better.

Also, the Humane Slaughter Act in the US does not apply to chickens, turkeys, fish, and rabbits, which make up the large majority of animals who are killed for meat. (168 million chickens and around 9 billion broiler chickens are slaughtered in the US alone, each year, and none of them are required by law to be unconscious before their throats are slit by a mechanical blade as they hang upside down by their ankles.)

“But cows and chickens are bred for food and dogs are our pets!”

As an example, dog meat farms in South Korea has been around for centuries and the most common dog breed they raise for food is called the Nureongi. In the 1970′s, dogs reached full legal livestock status, and dog meat is subject to the Food Sanitation Act/Food Hygiene Act of 1962.

“Are you saying people should kill and eat dogs then?!”

Of course not, but that compassion should be extended to all animals, not just the ones you happen to relate to. We don’t need to eat them to survive, and they have every right to exist on this planet just as much as we do. And this outrage over Bali (and by extension, the Yulin Dog Meat festival) stinks of speciesism (putting value of some species of animals over others) and racism (if you don’t believe me, take a look at comments on these articles to see how many white folks use the terms “filthy barbarians”).

tl;dr If you have problem with Asian cultures killing animals and are completely fine with your own country doing the exact same thing, you need to take a real long, hard look at yourself.

'Hunger Games' and 'Twilight' Are Getting Their Own Theme Park
The theme park is scheduled to open in 2019.
By Mahita Gajanan

Hunger Games’ and ‘Twilight’ Are Getting Their Own Theme Park

“The studio behind popular film franchises like Hunger Games and Twilight has announced plans to open a theme park in South Korea.

The movie studio Lionsgate announced Tuesday that it will open Lionsgate Movie World, a 1.3 million-square-foot theme part that will comprise seven different “zones” dedicated to a different film from Lionsgate. The park, which is the first branded outdoor theme park for Lionsgate, will be a part of Jeju Shinhwa World, a resort located on South Korea’s Jeju Island.

Each “zone” of Lionsgate Movie World will be focused on different blockbusters from the studio, including Hunger Games, Twilight, Now You See Me and the upcoming remake of Robin Hood. The zones will feature reproduced streets and towns from the films, rides that bring visitors to scenes from movies and themed restaurants.

The movies inspiring the zones at Lionsgate Movie World have collectively grossed about $9 billion at the global box office, according to Lionsgate. The theme park is scheduled to open in 2019.”

oh my god???

170205 V App LieV – Woohyun’s Bucket List :
1. To produce an album that is full of his own story
2. To meet as many people as possible and sharing each other’s story
3. To build a concert venue for himself
4. To hold a solo concert
5. To hold a four seasons concert
6. To become an artist that get to receive long for a long time
7. To travel to Europe
8. To act in a movie
9. To earn 10 billions KRW
10. To hold a birthday party with fans

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There is a difference between the early 21st century and the 1930s-40s. Contemporary capitalism cannot evade the issue of its natural environment. Value is not produced out of thin air (actually, “pure” air is becoming scarce). Virtuality may be an exciting science-fiction myth, but there is no capitalism without manufacturing (and a lot of it), i.e. without a lot of waste. The necessity for each separate firm to maximize its productivity entails a disregard for what lies outside the factory gate, and a tendency to treat nature as raw materials to be processed and used up. (…) The ecologists have a point when they repeat that the Western way of life cannot be extended to 6 or 9 billion people.

This is not to say capitalism would now be facing an insurmountable natural limit, because ecological factors would finally force mankind to get rid of capitalism, and billions of Earthlings could and would make an ecological revolution (whereas the working class failed to make a communist revolution). Unfortunately, history knows no such insurmountable limit. Civilizations in fact change for social reasons. Capitalism can only be stopped by the proletarians’ will and ability to transform it into something utterly different. Otherwise the system will find ways and means to soldier on. Maybe some day a nuclear power plant will explode and kill half of the inhabitants of New York or Tokyo while the other half has to survive underground. No “mortal crisis” or “final crisis” ever destroyed capitalism. Ecological catastrophes will not either.

—  Gilles Dauve
List of Completed Gakuen Alice fanfics I recommend

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6. Kiss of Fate (Esa MaRie)

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9. The Billion Dollar Rake (shooting star 0160)

10. Natsume the Jerk (sakura-himeno)

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I’ll post another one next time! Look forward to it, minna! ;) I hope you’ll enjoy this fanfictions… Have a goooooodddd day!

The true untold origin story of why Chinchin hates Pink Guy

(5.9 billion chromosomes ago)

-Chinchin happily watering his plants, not a care in the world, all is good in the Omniverse-

- Freygarður and his little shit of a child run past and step on flower-

Chinchin: >:(


And gained a brain, 9 billion times sexier and a huge D. No wonder Troll’s wife writes poems to him while he plays video games….