Putting the finishing touches on my Blank Space inspired costume for DC night one on July 13th and am LOVING how it looks!!! It’s inspired by my Red Tour costume seen here

My friend Becca will also be wearing this (she’s just out of town right now) and we are SO EXCITED. TAYLOR, OUR BOY VANCE, SHAWN, AND HAIM ALL IN ONE NIGHT!?!?!

We’re sitting in Floor 18, Row 26, seats 7 and 8 :) If you see us, come say hey!

If you guys don’t mind reblogging, I would be forever grateful and will do the same for your date too! -xo Kara

catherinemcgrath13: After over 7 years of waiting, I finally met Taylor Swift! It doesn’t feel real at all, I am so insanely happy!!!! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love her and I don’t know how to put into words what I’m thinking because I’m still not over it but basically I just had the best night of my entire life. (I was crying before this picture so I’m so glad it’s not some hd close up…) Thank-you so much taylorswift (x)


So last night me and brighid ( youareinslove ) went to see Taylor. We queued for 7 hours and ended up getting to the barrier.. But we decided to go to the back of the arena near the sound booth and give up our barrier spot.. Idk if it was fate or something but that’s what we did.
WTNY came on and I started crying because I finally got to see Taylor.. I turned around and Scott was standing right there!! He waved and gave us guitar picks and we went back to screaming and singing our hearts out. Then we saw AUSTIN and CALVIN HARRIS in the sound booth and we were freaking out (#tayvinaf)
Anyway, it was during How You Get The Girl that Andrea came over. She tipped us on the shoulder and we danced and sang with her and hugged her. We turned back to the stage to watch Taylor and she tipped us again on the shoulder. She asked us were we having a good night and we said yeah, then she said she had a very important question to ask us.. Had we met Taylor before. I said no and she said you wouldn’t lie to a mom would you and we were like no we swear! And then we got our bands and our loft 89 paper thing and I lost it I burst out crying and I was hugging Andrea so tight. After that we enjoyed the rest of the AMAZING show. It’s spectacular.
Afterwards we waited to go to Loft 89 and when we got there there was pizza, Taylor’s cookies and lots of drinks like coke and water and stuff. BTW TAYLORS COOKIES ARE AMAZING. Andrea and Scott were there and Andrea hugged us and said she was so happy we got loft because we were killing it all night and we deserved it and we got some pictures with her.
Taylor came in and I swear she is the most beautiful person ever, even more beautiful than in pictures. It was so weird to see the biggest star in music standing right there.
When it was our turn I hugged her so tight and told her I loved her (she smelled SO good!!) and she said aww thanks so much for coming guys and we told her the show was amazing and she said thank you and we were like omg you’re real and she was laughing saying aww! Then she signed stuff for us and she said Irish names are so difficult and I said wait until you hear mine so I had to spell it out for her. Then she was signing brighid’s and she got so confused with the d it took her a few seconds to write it and she was like do you ever just get so confused whether you’re writing a b or a d and your brain just doesn’t work like how did I get through elementary school and we were all laughing then we all hugged her and she thanked us again and said aw this is the cutest group hug ever! After a few minutes she left and so did we.
We missed our bus home but they let us get on the next one. SO WORTH IT.
Guys don’t ever give up because I never imagined in my wildest dreams (I’m so punny) that this would happen, ever.
Thank you so much Taylor for the best night of my life, and for helping me through the hardest times of my life. I love you so incredibly much. taylorswift 💖💖💖💖

Tonight I met the woman who has not only inspired me through her music but her kindness. I met my hero taylorswift tonight and the memory of meeting her will never ever leave my mind.

Tonight I got to talk to the woman who is so effortlessly beautiful ( how she managed to look that good just after a sold out concert is beyond me ) about how she has impacted on my life. I got to tell her I loved her and how I was thankful she existed.

You know there were days I used to plan on what I would say to taylor if I was ever lucky enough to meet her and I would laugh to myself saying in my dreams but people that dream came alive tonight.

Memories of hugging taylor and even seeing her sing live for the first time will be forever marked on my memory. I will never forgot how lovely she was to talk to and how full of joy she was when she met with all the different fans in loft 89.

We laughed about how irish names are spelt and how she questioned passing elementary school. I will never forget the feeling of happiness when I was actually talking to the woman who I have watched take over the world with her talent,energy and her honestly. I will never forget any of it.

The best memory of it all was that I shared such memories of laughter,joy and happiness with someone who has inspired me for the past seven years of supporting her. I even told her I can’t believe she’s real!!! She’s so beautiful I couldn’t believe it

Thank you taylorswift for talking to me and everything and i mean everything. I will never be grateful enough I got to meet you. You deserve everything you have and I love you much more than you can imagine and I wish you nothing but happiness in your life.

I will never be thankful enough I got to meet my hero and most of I got to experience it with my friends.

BTW : taylor UR cookies were on another level im so glad I took two

❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love you so much taylor

Shine on


OK GUYS I FOUND THESE POSTER LIGHTS AT WALGREENSSSSSS! they come with one long strand with 20 LEDs on them and they are battery operated (they dont include the batteries so you will need 2 AAs). They have two modes, flashing and just regular and they are super bright IN THE DARK, but if you are in the light they are pretty dim so if your concert is outside or during the day, and not inside a dark arena like most of the shows, then these might not be the best choice but in the dark they are SUPER bright!! I bought one pack of these for 7$ but ill probably need more. I found them where all the craft stuff is in the store. This also comes with a wooden stick thingy to poke holes in your poster board so you can stick the light part in.


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