1989 World Tour Experience - Meeting Taylor Swift

So on the 21st of June, my dad and I met Taylor when we attended the 1989 World Tour in Amsterdam. I have since then gotten a lot of different questions, so I decided to make this video and hopefully it will answer all of them!

And I just wanna say that I am so so SO sorry that it took me so long to make this, but oh well, here it finally is! If this did not answer the questions that you may have had, feel free to message me here on tumblr!

Thank you all so much for leaving such nice comments on my tour outfits. Thank you all for sending me sweet messages, and thank you all for just being amazing people! I will forever remember all of this!

Russian Lawmakers Consider Letting Cops Shoot at Women, Crowds | News
Federal lawmakers are considering amending a law that prohibits police officers from firing into crowds or at women, newspaper Kommersant reported Thursday.

they are expecring people that arent getting paid for months to finally stand up for them selves and are passing such laws as a preparation


Confetti falls to the ground, may these memories break our fall. 

my girlfriend made me this edit out of four pictures I took June 19th in Cologne, I had the time of my life with you Taylor! 


thank you for the most amazing night, my dream that I’ve had since 2009 of seeing you live finally came true.


Putting the finishing touches on my Blank Space inspired costume for DC night one on July 13th and am LOVING how it looks!!! It’s inspired by my Red Tour costume seen here

My friend Becca will also be wearing this (she’s just out of town right now) and we are SO EXCITED. TAYLOR, OUR BOY VANCE, SHAWN, AND HAIM ALL IN ONE NIGHT!?!?!

We’re sitting in Floor 18, Row 26, seats 7 and 8 :) If you see us, come say hey!

If you guys don’t mind reblogging, I would be forever grateful and will do the same for your date too! -xo Kara