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just wanted to let you (and the meihem fandom) that there's an Overwatch kink meme! (A kink meme is a place where people put anonymous prompts that people fill anonymously with art or fic. It's meant to be NSFW, but can be plenty PG if you want. And you can show off the art/fic/whatever later on. ^_^ overwatch-kink(.)dreamwidth(.)org/679(.)html There's not a ton of meihem prompts, but a few good ones you might like! Plus the more Meihem fandom there is, the more fills to enjoy!

Oh this is wonderful! I know kink memes but I have never been active in any of them. Maybe I should check this one out..~

Watch on kidrl.tumblr.com

“Yeeaaaa She Fine” 

“Look, bastard, all I'm sayin’ is you should make that elf-charm of yours useful for once and get us free booze. ’S not like I’m forcing you into prostitution. Just a lil’ flirting here, a lil’ winking there and, well - i >personally< would add some booty-shaking too, but your backside is flat as a board so maybe let’s not.”

help, i’m getting sucked in. uh, sorry for the outfit change, i forgot to save down reference