All My Quincies is Back
  • Grimmjow:Long time no see, Ichigo.
  • Grimmjow:I'm gonna take a fistful of your carrot hair and--
  • Nel:ICHIGOOOO *tackles*
  • Orihime:I think you mean get off of MY boyfriend?
  • Riruka:What's this hollow chick doing with MY boyfriend?!
  • Quincy Thor:Hey newbie, why so glum?
  • Uryuu:...I just have the strangest feeling someone's moving in on my boyfriend.
Petrobras to pay $625 mln for environment projects

RIO DE JANEIRO Oct 18 (Reuters) - Brazilian state oil company Petrobras on Tuesday signed an agreement with the state of Rio de Janeiro to invest 1.1 billion reais ($625 million) by 2016 in environment projects related to its Duque de Caxias refinery.The agreement is part of negotiations between Petrobras and Rio de Janeiro state for the renewal of the firm’s environmental license, a process that has been going on since 2010.Petrobras Supply Director Paulo Roberto Costa said the investments include emissions control systems to lower the release of toxic gases and efforts to limit the release of contaminated water into nearby Guanabara Bay.The company will also build a pipeline to receive gas from a nearby landfill, which will replace natural gas currently consumed in the refinery.The Duque de Caxias refinery has a capacity of 242,000 barrels per day.