Hatsune Miku X-Mas Party in Shibuya Goods Revealed & Collaboration with Artemis Kings & Collaboration Sweets! (Part 1)

From December 9th through January 9th, the following exclusive goods can be purchased at Shibuya Marui. A variety of goods will be available including new jewelry by Artemis Kings. (see this post due to picture limit) and exclusive drinks and food (see this post due to picture limit). All of these goods are illustrated by LENA[A-7], the same illustrator for Magical Mirai 2016.

The pictures shown above are only a small sample of the merch available for sale. more pictures and prices can be found here. All prices include tax.

  • Acrylic Keychain: 1,512 yen for regular keychain, 1,080 yen for chibi version
  • Clear File Set of 4: 1,404 yen 
  • A1 Tapestry: 3,780 yen
  • Trading Can Badge: 540 yen each
  • Miku Motif Brooch: 2,160 yen
  • PVC Bracelet Set: 1,296 yen
  • Portable Battery: 4,860 yen each
  • Miku Pin Set: 1,620 yen

miaki-frisk  asked:

But man that's dangerous, we don't want you to get hurt

I am a breakdancer… I am constantly injured. Just this week I tweaked my ankle, hurt my wrist, pulled my glute, and just yesterday, I messed up a 540 kick in dance class and missed my landing foot landing face first.on the floor… got up and kept going…  I should be dead…