can I get the uhhhh Boneless™ homestuck lesbians

High school au: Kanaya is the super quiet Indian girl in an all white school that no one rlly pays attention to bc they think she’s shy but Rose moves to school and at first Kanaya goes from “finally someone else who isn’t white” to “holy shit she’s really hot” and Rose hears the snarky shit she says under breath like the time some shit ass white boy asked her what day it was and Kanaya accidentally said “time is an illusion you fuck” and Rose snorted and it was love at first fuckin sight

Cashier au: Rose is visiting her brother in the middle of buttfuck nowhere Texas so she gets a part time job at the nearby Dollar General and Kanaya comes in like everyday and feels super awkward about it bc Rose sees her coming in everyday and how the fuck is she supposed to explain why she’s there literally 50000 times a week buying useless shit and Kanaya always feels the need to explain herself “haha..ha,,,uhh,, back again hah,,just needed some ughhhmmm. You know. Uhhh” Rose just checks her out and bags her shit without batting an eye and “I get off at 7”

Barista au: Kanaya works at Starbucks during the dreaded holiday season and doesn’t fucking celebrate Christmas so she always says happy holidays or happy candlenights when she’s feeling particularly ornery and Rose is in line for her fucking straight up black coffee behind some trick ass white lady with a dog in her purse who throws a fit bc Kanaya refuses to say merry christlmistle and it’s!!! The war on Christmas is never ending!!! Everyone celebrates chcristma s this is aMerica?? And Kanaya’s eye is twitching but she has to smile and nod until Rose steps up, grabs her raw coffee, says “I’m Jewish u nasty thot”, then slips Kanaya her number like the ostentatious over dramatic lesbian she is

College Party au: Kanaya is the upperclassmen girl under the flashing lights looking like a literal otherworldly goth goddess and Rose is having heart palpitations because she has a huge lesbian crush on this chick who probably wouldn’t even give her freshmen ass the time of dAy until she sees some drunk frat douche hitting on her and she swoops in and says something lame like “I see some eldritch fuckin terrors in ur future if u don’t step the fuck off literal piece of white bread” then turns to Kanaya and stutters out a hello meanwhile Kanaya is choking because a girl is actually talking to her?? what thef uck