fortzancudo but honestly, ncr is just typical military and goverment-like faction and while i am happy to see them in new vegas (after playing the originals) things like that you can see in 50000 other games, caesar’s legion is unusual because it’s like “oi it’s 2277 let’s wear skirts and speak ancient latin lmao” and i was generally surprised seeing that while playing new vegas for the first time

like, why can’t i enjoy a thing without some brony-like male telling me that i’m terrible and should probably die or something wtf

johnswelsh asked:

Jim and his unconscious boyfriend because idiot has to electrocute himself to do magic. Jim's 50000% done.

they are getting on some case thing again and this time john asks him to take the taser with him. Jim doesnt remember he had asked for it last time before sticking his fingers into the broken lamp and thinks it’s for protection and all that. no john wants to get his ass electrocuted again, for magic reasons.

“You got the taser?”
“taser me”
“just do it mate”
“what the fuck john”
-John takes it from him and electrocutes himself-

taeyeon: [leaning back on her chair made of Gold™ while reading netizens comments] hey, tiffany they said our comeback failed because we didn’t chart well on melOn

tiffany: [walks 2 taeyeon in her Silk Robe™ n diamond earrings] what really?

yuri: [frowning as she sits on a pile of money n Gold Bars™] yeah, it’s a pity

sooyoung: [sighs as she wipes her tears with hundred Dollar Bills™ ] well, i guess our career is over

yoona: [rolls her eyes, putting on 54 more Ruby Studded™ bracelets as she sips wine] aw, i was really hoping of gracing everyone with my presence next year on music shows

seohyun: [purses her lips, crosses her legs to show off her $6000 high heels] i can’t believe we are done for :(

hyoyeon: [blows her nose with silk as she sits in her $50000 dress] we were just getting started too :(

sunny: [pushes her Blanc & Eclare glasses back while handing out more $100 bills] here girls, use these to wipe the tears away…

Okay but can we please discuss?? Did director!Misha read the script and then was like, “Jensen, I need u to stroke that pool stick right when Mark says ‘virile.’ Oh, yeah, that’s it, nice and long; work it for the camera, baby” or was Jensen like “Hey Dmitri look who’s bringin it out”??? However the scene went down I’m positive it was completely 50000% heterosexual.

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North West Keeps All Organic Diet, Rocks $50,000 Diamond Earrings: World’s Most Spoiled Baby?

We’ve always known that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West like to provide “the good life” for their 1-year-old daughter, but the details of Nori’s lavish lifestyle have gotten almost unbelievably ridiculous, even by Kimye standards. First we learned that North has a…