$50 $100

This isn’t exactly an emergency kind of situation but I’m starting up writing commissions because I’ve been sick and I’ve had to miss a lot of work over the past two months. I have my messaging system open so if you’re interested in some kind of commission, go ahead and message me.

I have an AO3 account where you can check out my finished writing.

The price will be $1 for every 100 words.
It will be slightly extra, with an extra 50¢ per 100 words of smut. This is slightly negotiable.

Payment will be done through PayPal and it will be a half up front and the rest when done situation. This can be discussed if necessary.

There are, of course, rules.

I will not write:
And I have the right to turn down anything else because I can’t think of things I won’t write. Certain kinks (like scat, watersports, etc.) will cost more because I personally dislike them a lot but I’ll write stuff for money, honestly. The price boost can be discussed but will likely be 50¢ - $1 more, depending on how hard I would find it to write.
Anyone who is commissioning smut must be eighteen or older, I will not write smut specifically for minors because that’s sort of an illegal thing. This is not a point of negotiation.

If you need to know approximately how long a specific word count is, I’ll be working on samples for various word counts to give you, both smut and clean.

If you want to know if I’ll write for a specific fandom, go ahead and message me if you’re interested. If it’s something I haven’t seen or read yet, I might consider watching or reading it because that would give me a wider range to write for. I’ll also write original content if you give me a prompt that you just really want done.

If you have any questions I didn’t cover or anything at all, my inbox is open as is my instant messaging for this blog.

I’ve been drawing some ghost ‘mons recently so here is one of my many children. His name is Lloyd and he has a Bashful nature. 


- Keith accidentally offending lance on the first day of school I mean come on

- instead of the umbrella scene lance sees Keith doing something kind with out Keith realizing it, lance falls in love but feels like he can’t admit it so he just keeps up the “rivals” thing

- Alyas character would be split between pidge and hunk (superhero hunter and close emotional support respectively) and they hang out a ton + lance

- shiro is Nino,,, just let him be a dj ok,,, I’m begging u,,,

- lance is a klutzy but lovable dork with a close knit family

- Keith is a loner with a mysterious mom and distant dad

- power of creation/water : power of destruction/fire

-lance as ladybug would treat his job super seriously and be serious lance™ the majority of the time

- meanwhile Keith can let loose and be so happy just let him be free

-sword/baton is a similar motion set while the yo-yo requires massive amounts of accuracy to properly wield


- first meeting as superheroes while they’re upside down wrapped in the yo-yo, first thing lance blurts out is “are u like a furry or???”

- the revel happens bc Keith ALWAYS has his hair up as chat and one day they’re in the heat of battle and his hair band snaps and Lance just screeches bc he woULD RECOGNIZE THAT MULLET ANYWHERE

- then they start dating and everyone in the class is just so??? Confused???