I’m opening up 5 portrait commission slots!

I am offering full color or black and white portraits of you, your friends, your favorite characters, your ocs, etc!

Prices for full color start at $30, and may go up depending on the complexity of the portrait. All pricing will be discussed before and during the commission process!

Additions such as (but not limited to) a simple background may cost extra, but solid color backgrounds are free.

I am also willing to do digital sketch portraits for a discounted price, starting at $15.

If you are interested, please contact me at lostwanderer4617@gmail.com

All transactions will be made through paypal

Sherlock writer Mark Gatiss adds to speculation show could be over due to Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's packed schedules
The Sherlock writer, co-creator and actor, Mark Gatiss, has added to speculation that the phenomenally successful BBC drama may have run its course.

Um… Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this exactly what @the-7-percent-solution said they would do? Raise doubts over whether the show will end, to make sure everyone wants a fourth episode?

We already know they’ve commissioned Series 5; plus, there’s a significant number of scenes that we know they’ve filmed but haven’t shown.

I’m calling their bluff.

*shoves tin foil hat back on*

You know how in TEH Sherlock talked about his death being the final piece to that confrontation, because ruining his reputation wasn’t enough to complete Moriarty’s game? HE needed to die. Yeah. Well. I’m absolutely convinced The BBC is going to make a statement very soon about not commissioning series 5 of Sherlock, which will send fans everywhere spiraling into despair. Right now BBC Sherlock’s reputation is tarnished - but it’s not enough to complete their game. It NEEDS to die. If they’re recreating the social phenomenon surrounding The Final Problem of 1893 (so far it’s happening whether intended or not), then that’s their last move. I’d keep this in mind, just in case.

Commission Flash Sale!!

Hey there! I’m MarMar and I’m an artist who’s struggling to get by. While I do have a job, most of my money goes to paying bills and taking care of my sister and cats. As of now I have no funds and could really use some cash quick so I can eat. So, I am doing a flash sale that will run until October 1. ALL colored sketches, ALL of them, for $5 a piece!! Anything you want and within the following guidelines for five whole dollars.

  • I WILL DRAW: nsfw, gore, furry/anthro, OCs
  • I WILL *NOT* DRAW: shota, loli, incest, noncon/duncon, any other gross nonsense
  • If you have any questions about this, please DM me!
  • I take payments through PayPal. Please be patient with my progress. I have the right to deny a commission.

Some examples:

If you are interested please DM me! Any questions go ahead and send me ask! Reblogs help a lot too, thank you 💝