$5 prop


If anyone else remembers spending an alarmingly high amount of time dragging little icons around on your screen while you watched degrassi in the early 2000s, holler at ya girl.

I guess Far Cry 5 has joined the elite “games I normally wouldn’t give a shit about but am tempted to buy cause it pisses off angry disenfranchised white dudes” club.

If I were a fabulously wealthy eccentric to whom price was no object, you’d better BELIEVE I’d be bidding on this auction for the 16 ft. tall Alien Queen statue. She would live in the backyard. I would probably give her holiday-appropriate accessories every season.

(Considering she’s one of 5 props made for promoting Aliens AND has recently been refurbished, that is a totally reasonable price for her. Not one that I can afford, even in my dreams, but still.) 


I apparently made it into a WatchMojo video for my coverage of The Wyoming Incident, starting at 5:50. Props to them for describing this ARG as an ARG.


commissions are open!

base price: $20

+ each additional figure: $10

+ a simple background / setting / props, etc: $5

+ a simple animated element (such as rain or smoke) : $5

  • prices listed are in USD, and are flexible depending on the complexity of the work
  • email me (snailsrus1@gmail.com) with the specifics of what you would like, including detailed descriptions and reference images
  • i’ll draw just about anything, including gore and nudity, but i will refuse anything that makes me uncomfortable
  • i am accepting payment through paypal only. i will need full upfront payment before i can begin working on your commission
  • after i receive payment, i will do a rough sketch for you to approve before beginning work on the final version
  • if you do not want me to put your commission up on my blog when it is done, please let me know!
  • more examples of my work here (and my gifs here)
  • please contact me with any other questions! 🐝

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Who's Vanoss??

He’s a youtuber who plays videogames with his squad :) mostly GTA 5 and Prop Hunt gmod

If you’re into watching gameplays (like Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye) I think you’ll also come to like Vanoss ;) :>

Commissions Now Open!

Hi, all!  I’m very excited to announce that I am now accepting commissions for my original art.  So get out your wallets, and without further ado, lets take a look at some of the things I can and can’t draw: 

Figures, humanoid, plant, and animal ($5 per figure, including props)

Full pictures, i.e. figures and backgrounds ($15 per picture)

Colored pictures ($25 per picture.)

The reason these are so cheap is because this is something I love to do and am literally doing all the time anyway.  Not all (or most) artists think this way, or can even afford to, so please don’t hold them to the same standard. 

What I will do:

  • Illustrations for stories and fics 
  • OCs
  • Animals
  • Monsters
  • Mythical creatures of any kind
  • Fanart
  • Ships (not of real people, though.)
  • NSFW (to a point.  I reserve the right to say no if something rubs me the wrong way.)

What I won’t do:

  • Gore
  • Pedophilia 
  • Real people without their consent 
  • Anything bigoted or extremist in one way or the other
  • Anything I choose not to do or makes me uncomfortable for personal reasons 


Paypal is preferred, but we could discuss other options privately if it’s not available to you.  

Finally, thank you in advance for this opportunity.  Drawing something for someone and helping their dreams come alive is a wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

If you’re broke (and let’s be real, who isn’t?) but would still like to support, I promise a reblog is almost just as appreciated!  

Thank you!! 


COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! ☺️☺️☺️ Wanting to fill up some of my time working on commissions for you lovely folks. ~ ☺️

I made a general price list so you guys can get and idea of what you can get for an estimated cost.

Here’s a brief description/price recap of each style option you are looking at: 

1-Portrait: A color drawing or painted portrait (Shoulders on up)

Sketchy $10+

Somewhat Rendered $20+

Fully Rendered $35+

Add an element or accessory (flowers, flower crown, jewelry, plants, stars, etc) $5+

2-Paint Sketch: Sketchy color drawing/painting. 

Midbody (on up) $20+

Full Body $30+

 3-Line Art (flats and shading): Color drawing with solid black line art. Colored in         solid (flat) color and some shading.

Midbody (on up) $25+

Full Body $35+

4-Solid Color: Color drawing with solid color line art. Colored in solid (flat color), shading, and some minimal texture.

Midbody (on up) $40+

Full Body $65+

5-Line Art (flats, shading, textures): Color drawing with solid color or black line art. Colored in solid (flat color), shading, and texture.

Midbody (on up) $60+

Full Body $85+

6- Painterly: Color painting. Finish can consist of Brush strokes, shading, lines, effects, textures, etc.

         Midbody (on up) $75+

         Full Body $120+

         Environment + 1 character $150+

7-Style/Finish ???? : YOUR IDEA HERE! Maybe it’s not listed here, maybe it’s a mesh of stuffs: we can talk about it. $?

 Environment: $5+                Props: $5+          Elements : $5+       ­­­

Extra: Character(s) $10+    

I hope I explained this well so you all understand. Kind of explained my art process a bit in the description of each. You can match the explanation to the overall look of the samples. You can get a portrait of yourself, fan art, a friend, an animal companion, a made up character based on yourself or someone you know, a character you have in mind: Whatever you can think of! This is just a general guideline but you all are not limited to getting this style/type of commission. It’s just to get an idea of everything. ☺️ Everybody, please speak your heart out on what you would like. ☺️

Really interested in hearing what you all have in mind and to make a da artworksssss. ☺️

~If any of you have any questions you can totally ask. First timers, no worries I’ll walk you through the process if you don’t know what to get or if you don’t know how these things work.~

You can PM me to get started OR You can email me at antonisascott@gmail.com

+Prices shown are a base. Costs go up based on environments, props, extra characters, detail, rendering, complexity, etc.

List is based on digital artwork. I do work traditionally (perhaps I will do another list for that) but please definitely mention it if you are interested in getting some original traditional art. ☺️

I use Paypal. (We will talk more details on the billing process. It depends on the total cost and the phases the commission will go on throughout the process.) 

Thank you! And if you aren’t interested in getting a commission please share. I’d really appreciate it! Spreading the word does so much! And those in the past and now that have shared my work THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously. The support helps so much! It’s really encouraging and helps support me so I can make more art! Thanks so much everyone! ☺️

Ok bye for now so I can keep creating for all you lovely people! Enjoy your day beings of the worldddd ~HAPPINESS AND SUNSHINE!~☺️☺️☺️✨✨✨✨🍃☀️🍃☀️🍃☀️

Baozi & Hana (ゝ。∂)

Well, I’m quite a bishonen hunter, so these guys can’t slip out of my sight! And here’s what made me love their cosplays :
1. They are male! xD

2. They did BL cosplays (。♥‿♥。)
cute uke!Hana and cool seme!Baozi

3. Both of them can be beautiful and handsome at the same time, see…

4. Detailed costumes, awesome armors, setting and other props

5. Their flawless, high-skill make-up

6. The daily un-cosplay(?) Baozi & Hana are real lookers

Yup, that’s Baozi and Hana for you!
and oh, did I forget to mention how fvcking hot Hana is? L(・o・)」

Look at that tempting lips~ ლ(|||⌒εー|||)ლ
enough to make fangirls dying out of nosebleed!


Pics from Sherlocked 2016 Pt 5 - Props from His Last Vow Pt1 - from the Costumes area - These are my photos, so please do not repost Anywhere, You may make Edits with these if you wish, but please put a link to this post as credit, thanks!

Newspapers: (Part 1) (Part 2). Props: (Blind Banker) (Pt 2), (His Last Vow) (Pt 2), (Baskerville), (Reichenbach Fall) (Pt 2), (Scandal), (Study in Pink), (The Abominable Bride) (Pt 2) (Pt 3). Characters: (Lestrade), (Moriarty) (Pt 2), (Molly), (Mycroft Holmes) (Pt 2), (Sherlock) (Pt 2) (Face mask), (Watson) (Pt 2).

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(1/6) as a kl shipper, i wanna say from the bottom of my heart: thank you thank you thank you. so many times i've wanted to shout stuff like "why do yall hate k/eith so much" and "you guys never cared abt s/hiro or a/llura, let alone s/hallura" and "why do you want so bad for this writer/artist to be a p/dophile godDAMN" like, holy shit. u beautiful salty jem of a pearl at the bottom of this tumultuous fandom ocean. -

- (2/6) even your blog title is golden, bc it feels like so many people are so deluded, trying to make a ship, something you’re supposed to sit back and enjoy, into a sort of spiteful activist bullshit-filled “movement” like what??? and telling folks to unfollow if they ship s/haladin bc they’re “cleaning out they’re blog”, like, fuck off??? sorry but here’s a salt-filled rant and i don’t know where else to put it so here! -

- (3/6) side note, i’m rly trying to get across to you that i’m NOT being sarcastic abt how much i want you to keep doing your thing, bc now they’re trying to tackle RACISM. in grosser and grosser ways every day! calling some of the only asian rep i see in media “white-passing” and saying that l/ance can’t have a last name that isn’t 1000% authentically cuban, whatever that means, buncha hypocritical racists. i have never been so angry and ashamed of a fandom. -

- (4/6) it’s gotten to the point where i, someone who ships kl and NOT sk (just my personal tastes), am rly happy to see any sk on my dash bc that poster must have been so brave! to post something as simple as sk hugging or smooching or whateverthefuck, i don’t care! you do you! fuck all these nasty haters, THEY’RE the toxic ones who just want someone to hate! yall deserve props! -

- (5/6) also, my compliments to the chef regarding that pining k/eith theory, it’s So Good, like i ghostwrote it somehow. the whole “projecting onto l/ance” thing (which is being done to a painful degree, i can testify) tries so hard to remove or overvalidate his flaws that it’s laughable. making lance into an insecure martyr angst-sponge hybrid with no agency and no room for personal growth, it’s sooo bad. -

- (6/6) and villainizing everyone else! reminds me of that jaden smith tweet: “when i die, then you will realize” shit he wrote when he was like 14. transparent af, like we get it, you’re insecure. and sometimes i WANT to hop aboard the black paladin lance train, but it’s always this idealized version of him that’s almost unrecognizable, and it’s at the expense of better black paladin candidates. goddamn ok, that was all my salt for the time being! much love, thank you and goodnight!

This is one of those asks that I’d love to keep in my inbox forever, but I’ve spent the last three days trying to come up with a response because you deserve one.

I think we’re all aware that tumblr is an explictly shitty place when it comes to “activism”. There’s this black-white-mentality that anything and anyone needs to be put in a box based on whether they agree with someone’s world views. Everything needs to conform to a specific label too, fiction is only allowed to be healthy, you condone what you enjoy etc., and the #1 argument by people on this site, also widely used by antis, is “Think about the children” but also “Expect everyone else to take care of you”.

People actively go into tags of pairings they hate and then yell about how triggered they are. Really? I’ve been repeatedly told to kill myself because I liked something they didn’t (and I’m talking about my 99.5% discourse-free main blog, not this one where I passively seek out conflict). You either conform to the popular way of thinking (shipping, in this case) or you’re irredeemable trash and a threat to the public. Any shit you get over having your own opinion will be justified because you deserve to be punished for thinking on your own. Tumblr mentality is the modern equivalent to medieval politics.

Fandom always has a terrible side - I know - but the Vo/tron fandom has become a place where people tear each other down rather than block the content they don’t want to see. Converting people to one’s own thinking has becume such an essential part of “activism” to the point where people forming their own opinions and learning about an issue on their own pose a threat.

In the Vo/tron fandom you see this toxic mentality with K/ance, rabid L/ance stans, anti Sha/adins and so on. You said everything I’ve been trying to say since I made this blog, and it saddens me that people can only safely voice their opinions and concerns when hidden behind the Anon feature.

Fandom isn’t always fun, but the Voltron fandom has become a place where people are too scared of posting their art or speaking up because they’ll legit receive death threats over liking a fictional ship. I don’t know if I’m doing a good job at pushing back against the anti side or if I’m just making it worse at this point. But salt, spite and messages like yours keep me going.