Equal pay for women is at the heart of Canada Post dispute
As a Canada Post strike looms, mail carriers are fighting to fix a serious pay equity problem.

Pension may be the hot-button issue of the ongoing labour dispute between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), but CUPW reps argue that a gender pay gap is also at its heart. “[This is] possibly the worst case of gender discrimination in Canada’s federal public service,” reads a memo from the union representing the nation’s 50,000 mail carriers.

The union has accused Canada Post of breaking federal pay equity legislation, which ensures there is no gender-based wage discrimination amongst public servants, and urged Canadians to write to Justin Trudeau and Patty Hajdu, the Status of Women minister.

Canada’s postal carriers are divided into two sectors: 8,450 rural and suburban carriers (RSMCs), a workforce that’s 70 percent women, and 22,147 urban carriers, made up of 70 percent men. The two divisions do virtually the same work but have different collective agreements, resulting in different pay and benefits.

On average, the mostly female RSMCs earn $21.16 an hour, while their urban, mostly male counterparts make $26.48 per hour — a 28 percent difference. And, unlike the urban carriers, rural-suburban workers don’t receive overtime, plus they pay for their own cars and insurance (urban carriers largely deliver on foot in densely populated areas, while the rural and suburban ones tend to drive due to greater distances between addresses).

“It’s very disappointing because it is 2016 and we work really hard,” says Shelley Sillers, a former RSMC who is now an education and organization officer for the union.  “For me, it’s glaringly obvious we’re doing the same job, but Canada Post has always made it very divisive.” Canada Post couldn’t be reached for comment.

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Word count : 450+

A/N: Hey guys I’m not quite sure if I am ready to write smut just yet but maybe in the future


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_“I’m going to need you to put on any pants before you say anything else”_

It was around eight in the morning. Jillian had only came to bed three hours ago , you swear that woman only gets 6 hours of sleep a week she works non-stop. You on the other hand were not a Ghostbusters but you did work with Jillian you helped with the busters social pages and the press. You and Jillian were together before she became a ghost buster and you were ecstatic for her when she became one she helped you get the job. So when the ghost busting thing first kicked off you used to wait for Jillian to finish working but that resulted in you falling asleep in a big chair in her office so you decide to just go home separately after this happened for the millionth time. Jill was still in bed so being the great girlfriend that you are you get up to make her breakfast. All you were wearing was one of Jillian’s shirts that came down to just over your knee, Jillian was short but you were shorter. You crept your way into the kitchen so you didn’t wake her. You put eggs into a frying pan and toast in to the toaster. Then all of a sudden you feel to arms snake around your waist and a chin on your shoulder.

“Morning beautiful” she said her voice gravely from just waking up. You let out a huff.

“What’s up baby” she moves a pushes a piece of hair behind your ear and places an open mouthed kiss on your neck. You turn facing her an annoyed expression planted on your face her hands are still on your waist causing your shirt to raise a little.

“You should be asleep. I was trying to make you breakfast because you keep working really late and I’m usually asleep when you get back so I wanted to do something nice and surprise you with breakfast in bed but now your awake and here when you’re supposed to still be in bed because I was trying to make you breakfast in bed” you puffed out slightly ranting but before you continued she crashed her mouth on yours, you decided to give into the kiss lips moving in sync your hands move from your sides to her cheeks she breaks away from the kiss before it can get too heated.

“I really appreciate you doing that for me, you really didn’t have to and I’m going to need you to put some pants on before you say anything else because you look really hot” she lets out an airy laugh at the end.

“Okay” you peck her lips. You make your way through the living room of your apartment and just before you get to the door way of your shared bed room you shout,

“Stop staring at my butt Holtzy” You hear Holtzmann mumbling to herself about how she swears you have eyes on the back of your head.

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No se si me tomaras en cuenta el pedido ¡Pero no me importa! (??) Después del SpicyHoney que escribiste hace un tiempo me dejaste loca, y esa pequeña e insignificante "escenita" de BlueBerry y Red del final me termino por matar, asi que si no es mucho pedir, quisiera algo de CherryBerry, por favor ♥ Y muchas felicidades por los 450, estoy segura que en nada de tiempo alcanzas los 500 y mas c: - Deja pastel de celebración y se tira por la ventana (?) -

¿Sabes qué?

Justo ahora acaba de ser tomado el último puesto… PERO AL CARAJO.

Tú has estado aquí desde el inicio. Me has estado apoyando en cada momento. Así que al cuerno. ¿Quieres Cherryberry? TE DARÉ CHERRYBERRY Y ESPERO QUE TE GUSTE.

También gracias por seguirme, eres un amor <3

I made my travel plans around FSJ’S visit this afternoon even though it was a little sucky time wise but hey, foster care. So last night I traveled the 450 miles back with kids.

Only to have bio cancel visit at 11 am this morning. I EVEN TEXTED TO CONFIRM YESTERDAY JUST IN CASE I COULD STAY A LITTLE LONGER.

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¿De dónde carajo salieron tantas personas?

Pero no me quejo. Los adoro. A todos ustedes que siguen, rebloguean y envían mensajes o sólo leen. No tienen idea lo mucho que han alegrado mis días.

Como siempre, pueden pedir tres fics para celebrar. Cuando haya terminado con los pedidos de la última tanda, los iré haciendo por orden como pueda. Mis únicas condiciones es que no sea non con, hetero o Lector/Personaje.

Por cierto ¿se le ocurre a alguien qué debería hacer para los 500 cuando lleguemos ahí? Pensaba en hacer un concurso, pero la cosa es que no sabría qué más ofrecer que no sean fanfiction y eso hago igualmente cada 50 así que no sé si aceptarían eso. ¿Quizá con ofrecer dos fics para el ganador en lugar de sólo uno?

I realized I just hit 450 followers and that I have a thing for Zenyatta and Genji looking really comfortable everywhere they go together…


amazed how Acer ICONIA A500 Tab is only $450.. cheaper than Blackberry Playbook and Samsung Galaxy Tab but BIGGER!!! 

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¿Que tal un fic de los hermanos Fell viviendo en la superficie? ¿Podrían convivir en paz con los humanos? (Algo de amor entre los hermanos también 😋) Y muchas felicidades por los 450!!!! Te mereces todos y más!! 😘

Siempre voy a insistir que este mundo merece más fluffellcest y me encantaría contribuir a ello. Anotado queda.

Guys I need help

My mom just dropped a fucking bomb on me. I have to pay for my taxes (which is not news and I was ready for) and pay for a full set of new tires tomorrow. I was intentionally holding off on the new tires because I know I don’t have enough money for them. I have maybe about $300+ in my bank account which i was saving for my tires until my parents told us we were paying for our taxes. 

Guys I don’t know what to do. I’m jobless, and I’ve applied to god knows how many places and haven’t been hired. We sell stuff for our parents, but we don’t see a single dollar of that money. Guys, I’m fucked. Royally, painfully, fucked.

important information from today’s magic story:

•Chandra is 450% Not Straight
•Gideon is basically the team dad
•Lavinia is a little shit? She made a literal maze of paperwork while Jace was gone
•Chandra is super gay and super crushing on Nissa
•Blue man group
•Chandra is so bad at small talk (and also gay)