My nayme is Cowe,🐄
The grasse I eate,🌱
The sunne is warm,🌞
The aire is sweete,🌬

I luv my friends,❤
The cowes and sheep,🐄🐑
In day we romp,🐄
At nighte we sleep,🐮😴

We slumber then,🐮😴
At least so thinks🤔
The human men,👬

In eeriye mist,🌫
I care'flly go😐
A bovine tryste 🐄
(The men don’t knowe),👬😯

A Cowe I like,🐄
Who likes me backe,🐂
She’s white and browne,🐂
I’m white and blacke,🐄

I have but one☝️
Detail to say,😊
I lik her head,🐄😛🐂
This Cowe is gaye :) 🐄❤️💛💚💙💜🐂

And such concludes🙋🏽
My poeme nowe,📝
The storye of📖
Lesbiane Cowe.💖🐄💖🐄💖🐄💖

i want some positivity posts for people with moral-obsessed ocd

shout out to people who worry over small/“meaningless” things

shout out to people who can’t listen to prayers or go to church because the very idea of committing a sin upsets them

shout out to people who have intrusive thoughts like slurs or other offensive terms that make them worry they really are bad (which they’re not)

shout out to people who overanalyze every decision they make so as to make sure it’s not morally wrong

shout out to people who have to recite prayers or other phrases in their head when they make a “mistake”

you are not dirty, you are not sinful; your “bad” thoughts and decisions do not define you