if you’re feeling rebellious whilst in a public area buy some fucking post-it notes and a biro and scribble down whatever teenage melancholy bullshit speech you’re thinking of about how society is corrupting our minds onto a piece of paper then stick it to a wall don’t just take a sharpie and deface someone elses property because believe it or not thats not artistic or edgy it is just inconsiderate and cuntish i swear to god 

Arts & Craft Ideas: http://www.craftsandfun.com/getting-rid-of-some-things-to-make-room-for-new-goodies-these-are-8mm-matte-drawbench-beads-you-will-receive-about-85-pieces-for-4-50-3-00-shipping-ships-within-2-3-business-days-email-us-at-m/

Getting rid of some things to make room for new goodies. These are 8mm matte drawbench beads. You will receive about 85 pieces for $4.50 + $3.00 shipping! Ships within 2-3 business days! Email us at mysaditylife@gmail.com if you are interested

Ann Romney, you brought this on yourself. You couldn’t leave COSTCO alone. Last week, on the Rachel Ray Show, you claimed that thanks to the magic of COSTCO you can…

I call bullshit on this nutella banana wrap

It’s just a whole giant banana in a wee bit of nutella in giant tortillas. I thought it’d be sliced. I mean it looks like a banana wrapped in shit smeared toilet paper. But it delivers what it promises I guess