2008 Beringer Knights Valley Meritage

Price: $32.99

Available at: Crowfoot Wine and Spirits

YYC Wine heads south down the left coast from last weeks Oregon stop to visit California producer Beringer and taste their 2008 Knights Valley Meritage. Beringer as a producer that is steeped in history and are considered the pioneers as it relates wine tourism in California. This example comes from their Knights Valley vineyards in Sonoma and which represents the producers mid level wines (formerly known as Alluvium). It is primarily Merlot at 52% of the blend, followed by 36% of Cabernet Sauvignon, 6% Petit Verdot, 3% Cabernet Franc and 1% Malbec.  2008 was a very good vintage for California, especially for red varietals. It should be noted that the sample we tested came from a bottle that was opened the day prior.  

Out of the bottle without decanting, this wine still maintained its freshness with its medium plus body and vibrant purple hue. The nose indicated dried cherries and cranberries, toffee and toasted oak with just a hint of vegetation.  On the palate, we expected a monster but found this example surprisingly elegant and restrained. We picked up cherries, plum and blackberries. It has lively acidity moves lithely to dark, soft tannins. It has impressive length with a softness in terms of mouth feel.

Conclusion: We like this wine a lot and think that if it were a bit cheaper, it would be a strong buy recommendation. If however you are looking mid range California Bordeaux blend for your cellar, this one might be a great candidate. We think it needs time but it will reward patience. If you buy this wine with the expectation of same day service, we would recommend an extended decanting period for maximum enjoyment.  A great effort from the team at Beringer.

90 Points


Alex and I went to HyVee today,for ice cream, popsicles, and hot fudge,
we were going to get milk too,
but it was too late for me to get drunk,
because you know what I like to drink,
Kahlúa and milk,
Occasionally with a little RumChata,
I wanted to get drunk so I could hopefully sleep tonight,
Without the ache of missing you crippling my brain and my heart.

We picked out our ice cream, popsicles, and hot fudge,
and made our way to the cash register,
then I saw these blue orchids,
Big, Blue, Boisterous orchids,
and I saw your face in the blooms,
heard your laugh as we got closer to them,
and then I saw the price tag,
I know $35.00 isn’t that expensive,
and I wouldn’t have had a problem paying that price for these orchids,
they were so beautiful,
but right now I am extremely broke,
and I won’t get any money until the first of May.

I don’t know if you like orchids or not,
but these blue orchids at HyVee,
they should be called “Tonys”,
because they made me remember everything you are,
and they were so beautiful,
and they were so alive,
just like you.

Alex and I checked out, paid, and made our way out,
I couldn’t take my eyes off those bright blue orchids,
and hopefully tonight they’ll grace my dreams,
and hopefully tonight I’ll see you there.