Travis wants to introduce a trans character to TAZ. He is asking for trans people to advise him.
  • [Excerpt from the episode “From Gaston Rossdale to Learning Through Kindness” from the podcast “Interrobang with Travis and Tybee”]
  • - Beginning 31: 41 -
  • Travis: “We’re about to wrap up our main storyline, from the last two and a half years. And we’re gonna start some new storylines. And we have had, I think an appropriate amount, of audience interest in introducing like some trans characters, some gender nonbinary characters, some characters in which gender is not necessarily the focus [of their stories], you get it.”
  • Tybee: “Yes.”
  • Travis: “I have honestly been wondering, because I want to get it right. What is the right way to introduce a trans character, without having to blatantly say, like: ‘You’re looking at a character that was born a man, but now identifies as a woman.’ Like how do you- I want to correctly introduce a character. I want to do it right. I don’t want to just do it to like check off a box, you know what I mean? I really think not only do I want representation, I also want interesting characters. I want characters that aren’t just, like, the most default character I can think of, but I also don’t want to do it just to pander. I don’t want to do it just to say that I did it. I want to do it right, and I don’t know what that is. So I need help. I need people to give me input on what is the right way to introduce a trans character, and make it clear to the audience that it is a trans character without being pander-y.”
  • Tybee: “Yes. Ok. I hope that our listeners will help you out with that.”
  • Travis: “Thank you, it’s just a thing I’ve been thinking about a lot-”
  • Tybee: “Where can they send that information?”
  • Travis: “I mean you can tweet it at me but [I’m on hiatus from Twitter]. You can email me travis@maximumfun.org or travismcelroy.com has a 'contact’ button if you wanna do that.”
  • Tybee: “Cool. Um, I… I thought about adding to the conversation but I think I will allow for that to be answered by our trans friends and fans-”
  • Travis: “You know actually, I would rather if we’re gonna do it, let’s talk about it on the Facebook [Interrobang group, not page] so that we can get a lot of different inputs on it. Because here’s the thing, I also recognize that any individual person can’t give me the whole scope answer; they can tell me through their experiences and where they’re at and what they want to see. But at the end of the day, I want to value independent opinions - but also an overarching opinion. Because I want to make people feel like they are represented as possible and not just an individual, so I’d rather it be an open conversation in a Facebook group. So, Interrobang [group] on Facebook.”
  • - End 34: 50 -
Door Struggles

Critters asked: How many cumulative hours has Vox Machina fought with doors on stream?

It’s impossible to say in in-game time because some of it wasn’t measured in neat 6-second rounds. We can, however, measure real life time! For this (and for fun), we decided to include some barriers and portals that functioned as doors as well. We didn’t include doors that didn’t pose a threat to Vox Machina. Updated to Episode 85.

Time Spent Dealing With Doors and Barriers: 4:11:13

Thanks to icecream-s-coops, @JacobSBrowning, @_miss_maria_, Monique S., and our past volunteers for their work compiling this list!

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old married eruri

when they’re in their fifties, levi complains about silver strands showing up in his hair. meanwhile erwin has a bad back, all his joints ache, his knees are about to give out, hair turned completely white, even worse: his hairline is receding (he’s devastated by this and prays levi doesn’t notice.) erwin just shakes his head bitterly and starts to question why he decided to marry a beautiful superhuman who, besides faint crow’s feet, doesn’t look like he aged a day over thirty.

Reto de ejercicio 30 días.

-Se trabaja todo el cuerpo.
-Si no aguantas, podes adelantar el descanso.
-No vale agregar días de descanso.
-Obviamente en estos 30 días, se sigue una dieta baja en carbohidratos malos y grasas.
-Tomar 2 a 3 litros de agua por día.
-Un permitido los fines de semana.
-Si no saben hacer algún ejercicio, preguntenme o busquen en Internet.
-El CARDIO es para “calentar”, podes incluir más cardio luego del ejercicio de pesas

-Día 1
(trote o bici estática 5 minutos)
5 crunch
5 Abdominales bicicleta
5 “puentes”
5 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
5 zancadas (cada pierna)
5 sentadillas
5 sentadillas sumo
5 flexiones contra la pared
3 fondos de triceps
5 curl de biceps
-Día 2
(trote o bici estática 5 minutos)
7 crunch
5 Abdominales bicicleta
7 “puentes”
5 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
5 zancadas (cada pierna)
7 sentadillas
7 sentadillas sumo
5 flexiones contra la pared
5 fondos de triceps
7 curl de biceps
-Día 3
(trote o bici estática 5 minutos)
7 crunch
7 Abdominales bicicleta
7 “puentes”
7 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
7 zancadas (cada pierna)
7 sentadillas
7 sentadillas sumo
7 flexiones contra la pared
7 fondos de triceps
7 curl de biceps
-Día 4
(trote o bici estática 7 minutos)
8 crunch
7 Abdominales bicicleta
8 “puentes”
7 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
7 zancadas (cada pierna)
8 sentadillas
8 sentadillas sumo
7 flexiones contra la pared
7 fondos de triceps
8 curl de biceps
-Día 5
-Día 6
(trote o bici estática 9 minutos)
10 crunch
8 Abdominales bicicleta
10 “puentes”
10 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
8 zancadas (cada pierna)
10 sentadillas
10 sentadillas sumo
8 flexiones contra la pared
8 fondos de triceps
10 curl de biceps
-Dia 7
(trote o bici estática 9 minutos)
11 crunch
10 Abdominales bicicleta
11 “puentes”
10 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
10 zancadas (cada pierna)
11 sentadillas
11 sentadillas sumo
10 flexiones contra la pared
10 fondos de triceps
11 curl de biceps
-Dia 8
(trote o bici estática 12 minutos)
13 crunch
10 Abdominales bicicleta
13 “puentes”
13 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
10 zancadas (cada pierna)
13 sentadillas
13 sentadillas sumo
10 flexiones contra la pared
10 fondos de triceps
13 curl de biceps
-Dia 9
(trote o bici estática 12 minutos)
15 crunch
12 Abdominales bicicleta
15 “puentes”
15 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
12 zancadas (cada pierna)
15 sentadillas
15 sentadillas sumo
12 flexiones contra la pared
12 fondos de triceps
15 curl de biceps
-Dia 10
-Día 11
(trote o bici estática 14 minutos)
17 crunch
12 Abdominales bicicleta
17 “puentes”
17 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
12 zancadas (cada pierna)
17 sentadillas
17 sentadillas sumo
12 flexiones contra la pared
12 fondos de triceps
17 curl de biceps
-Día 12
(trote o bici estática 14 minutos)
18 crunch
16 Abdominales bicicleta
18 “puentes”
16 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
16 zancadas (cada pierna)
18 sentadillas
18 sentadillas sumo
18 flexiones contra la pared
18 fondos de triceps
18 curl de biceps
-Día 13
(trote o bici estática 15 minutos)
20 crunch
16 Abdominales bicicleta
20 “puentes”
20 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
16 zancadas (cada pierna)
20 sentadillas
20 sentadillas sumo
16 flexiones contra la pared
18 fondos de triceps
20 curl de biceps
-Dia 14
(trote o bici estática 15 minutos)
22 crunch
20 Abdominales bicicleta
22 “puentes”
22 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
20 zancadas (cada pierna)
25 sentadillas
25 sentadillas sumo
16 flexiones contra la pared
18 fondos de triceps
22 curl de biceps
-Dia 15
(trote o bici estática 16 minutos)
24 crunch
22 Abdominales bicicleta
25 “puentes”
25 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
22 zancadas (cada pierna)
27 sentadillas
27 sentadillas sumo
20 flexiones contra la pared
20 fondos de triceps
24 curl de biceps
-Día 16
-Día 17
(trote o bici estática 18 minutos)
26 crunch
22 Abdominales bicicleta
28 “puentes”
28 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
25 zancadas (cada pierna)
30 sentadillas
30 sentadillas sumo
22 flexiones contra la pared
22 fondos de triceps
28 curl de biceps.
-Día 18
(trote o bici estática 20 minutos)
28 crunch
26 Abdominales bicicleta
32 “puentes”
32 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
30 zancadas (cada pierna)
32 sentadillas
32 sentadillas sumo
24 flexiones contra la pared
24 fondos de triceps
32 curl de biceps.
-Día 19
(trote o bici estática 20 minutos)
32 crunch
26 Abdominales bicicleta
34 “puentes”
34 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
32 zancadas (cada pierna)
34 sentadillas
34 sentadillas sumo
25 flexiones contra la pared
25 fondos de triceps
34 curl de biceps.
-Dia 20
-Día 21
(trote o bici estática 22 minutos)
36 crunch
30 Abdominales bicicleta
36 “puentes”
36 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
34 zancadas (cada pierna)
36 sentadillas
36 sentadillas sumo
26 flexiones contra la pared
26 fondos de triceps
36 curl de biceps.
-Día 22
(trote o bici estática 22 minutos)
37 crunch
32 Abdominales bicicleta
38 “puentes”
38 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
36 zancadas (cada pierna)
38 sentadillas
38 sentadillas sumo
28 flexiones contra la pared
28 fondos de triceps
38 curl de biceps.
- Día 23
(trote o bici estática 22 minutos)
38 crunch
32 Abdominales bicicleta
40 “puentes”
40 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
34 zancadas (cada pierna)
40 sentadillas
40 sentadillas sumo
30 flexiones contra la pared
30 fondos de triceps
40 curl de biceps.
-Día 24
(trote o bici estática 22 minutos)
40 crunch
30 Abdominales bicicleta
42 “puentes”
42 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
34 zancadas (cada pierna)
42 sentadillas
42 sentadillas sumo
31 flexiones contra la pared
31 fondos de triceps
42 curl de biceps.
-Día 25
-Día 26
(trote o bici estática 24 minutos)
42 crunch
34 Abdominales bicicleta
44 “puentes”
44 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
36 zancadas (cada pierna)
44 sentadillas
44 sentadillas sumo
32 flexiones contra la pared
32 fondos de triceps
44 curl de biceps.
-Día 27
(trote o bici estática 24 minutos)
44 crunch
36 Abdominales bicicleta
48 “puentes”
48 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
38 zancadas (cada pierna)
48 sentadillas
48 sentadillas sumo
34 flexiones contra la pared
34 fondos de triceps
48 curl de biceps.
-Día 28
(trote o bici estática 26 minutos)
46 crunch
36 Abdominales bicicleta
50 “puentes”
50 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
40 zancadas (cada pierna)
50 sentadillas
50 sentadillas sumo
32 flexiones contra la pared
32 fondos de triceps
50 curl de biceps.
-Día 29
(trote o bici estática 26 minutos)
48 crunch
38 Abdominales bicicleta
50 “puentes”
50 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
42 zancadas (cada pierna)
50 sentadillas
50 sentadillas sumo
34 flexiones contra la pared
34 fondos de triceps
50 curl de biceps.
-Día 30
(trote o bici estática 30 minutos)
46 crunch
38 Abdominales bicicleta
50 “puentes”
50 patadas hacia atrás (de cada lado)
45 zancadas (cada pierna)
50 sentadillas
50 sentadillas sumo
35 flexiones contra la pared
35 fondos de triceps
50 curl de biceps.
Yo empiezo este lunes, si quieren empezamos juntas! Saludos.

‘Making Some Changes’ Video Analysis

((Video analysis/take aways from @thatsthat24‘s new video, “Making Some Changes”, with his friends Joan, Talyn, Terrence and Valerie. Time has the links to that part in the video.))

-          0:00 The mind palace echo problem is addressed. It was annoying me last Sanders’ Sides video so I’m glad that’ll be changed.

-          0:26 Prince wants it to be known that he was the one who came up with the idea. Arrogance or seeking for praise? “You mean, I came up with.”

-          0:33 Definitely seeking for praise. Prince flaunts that he did the most work in coming up with the mind palace. This is understandable as many times in the past, whenever he was helped or tried to, the others are often praised but not him as much. His insecurities over this are best shown in the ‘Am I Original’ video. “I was just making sure that it was known that I was the side that did the most work and deserve the most credit.”

-          0:37 Morality makes a butt joke. Roman and Thomas, along with literally all Fanders ever, are stunned, but the moment is brushed aside. Patton seems unaware of what he said, which is unlikely as shown later on. “What an ass…et to your personality, am I right?” “I didn’t know you made jokes like that.” “What joke did I make?”

-          0:47-0:57 Thomas talks about change, sounding apprehensive and worried. Patton is concerned, but Roman is least affected by this. He appears to handle change the best out of them – which makes sense, considering he is the more adventurous side. Life without change for him would get boring. “Nothing stays the same.” “They sure don’t and you’re saying it like it’s a bad thing.”

-          1:01 Patton and Roman simultaneously shout “ICE COLD” when Thomas asks what’s cooler than be cool. I don’t know why, but I really like this moment.

-          1:12 Roman is offended by both Thomas changing them back to their old setup and at the lack of decoration in his corner. His hard work gets swept aside because Thomas is unhappy with the new place and that upsets him, however he is noticeably more distressed over the lack of his stars. A fancy royal has to have his décor. “Wait, what gives? Where are my star thingies?!”

-          1:14-1:24 Patton doesn’t fully remember the old setup. He’s confused and seemingly lost. Roman mentions that he has been off all day, and Thomas doesn’t know why this is happening. “I mean it, why does this place look so familiar?” “Why are you so off today?”

-          1:25 Logan pops up, explaining that the more sudden change there is, the more the heart, Morality, gets confused. He’s more in-tune with Patton than the rest of them, but this of course could be down to his, forgive me, logical behaviour. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume he knows the reasoning behind the actions of the other sides and Thomas more than anyone – including that particularly side. Another example of this is him explaining Anxiety’s cognitive distortion in ‘My Negative Thinking’.

-          1:34 Patton agrees with what Logic says and compliments him on his intelligence. Logan is visibly pleased with this, but is uncomfortable by the emotional question at the end. Despite being so good at explaining emotions, he doesn’t seem to properly understand them yet. “You are so smart, you could solve anything! Why don’t we talk more?” “Uh oh, feelings.”

-          1:48 & 3:35 Patton confuses the words “avalanche” and “beverage” with “average”.

-          2:13 Logan mentions how ‘everyone’ gets homesick, making Morality worried. This isn’t serious, just another example of how the changes are affecting Patton and his sentimentality, emotions and generally confusion levels. “Everyone gets homesick from time to time.” “Do you, Logan?”

-          2:19 All I can say is that I want to shout ‘IT’S CANON’ from the rooftops. I mean, uh, Patton flirts – no, um, is sappy towards Logan, who shuts him down. Logic is far more welcoming to compliments about his knowledge than emotionally-charged ones. “With you, I’m always home.” “You need to chill out.”

-          2:38 Anxiety appears, immediately disheartening everyone else, aside from Patton. The others are quick to express their displeasure over him being there, but Morality only waves cheerily. He and Anxiety seem to be far more pleasant/welcoming to each other ever since the last video in which Roman and Logan gang up on Pat. Anxiety also explicitly mentions that he’s on Patton’s side, which he didn’t do until the end of the last video. “Wait.” “Awww.” “Disappointment.” “So close.” “Waddup, Anxiety?” “Just here to say that I’m on your side.”

-          2:56 Roman looks visibly anxious. He chews on his fingernails. This is interesting to me because although he could be worried about how Anxiety may be putting Thomas off, the shot was brief and had him not really looking at anyone, more so at nothing, and then his gaze flickers to Anxiety, who is continuing his spiel about how change is throwing them off. How much anxiety does he feel? Is this important and will it be addressed?

-          3:00 Anxiety insists that something is wrong, but doesn’t tell anyone what. This is a classic example of, at least in my experience, anxiety. Logic is frustrated when he can’t get a straight answer out of him, and Thomas even says that he hates it when Anxiety is vague. “Something is off.” “What is?” “Something.”

-          3:08 Morality looks to Anxiety for advice, which makes Logan annoyed. He tries to get Patton’s focus, even drawing attention to the fact that Morality complimented him before. I’m not saying he’s jealous, but… “Ah, Anxiety, what do we do?!” “Uh, no. You were listening to me before. Remember how smart I was?

-          3:26 Anxiety gets cut off and talked over by Thomas, who is upset with him. Thomas even resorts to almost yelling, questioning Anxiety, until he snaps and admits what’s bothering him.

-          3:33 When talking about friends, Anxiety looks at Logan. Not sure if this was intentional or not, but I thought I’d add it in because he seems sad when talking about being away from them.

-          3:46 Roman calls Anxiety dismal, Logan calls him monochromatic. They are very quick to say these things about Anx. (Patton, however, calls him spicy. I love love.) “We all know that I’m a bit-“ “Dismal.” “Monochromatic.” “Spicy!”

-          3:49 Anxiety admits that Thomas’s friends provide him with an anchor. He also mentions how constancy keeps him grounded. “And your really good friends… they help me out. They provide constancy.”

-          4:19 Anxiety is concerned with how friends see Thomas. Classic Anxiety. His worry is evident in the way he says it.

-          4:27 Patton listens to Anxiety and is also worried, not wanting to upset friends. Therefore, Anxiety clearly has an effect on Morality.

-          4:42 “You guys can shapeshift.” PARDON MOI?!

-          4:52 Even though Morality is ecstatic with the idea of becoming one of Thomas’s friends, Anxiety thinks this is a ridiculous idea and it can be seen in his facial expression.

-          5:25 LOGAN MAKES A JOKE. Despite telling Patton off mere seconds before about making name-based puns, he compliments Prince as Valerie. NOBODY MENTIONS THIS. “A valorous choice.”

-          5:39 Anxiety incorrectly refers to Roman as “her” when he’s in Valerie form. Roman and Logan quickly correct him, and Anxiety realises his mistake. Good content, 10/10.

-          5:57 Morality gets excited over Danny DeVito again. I’m proud of him, I hope he enjoys that person I don’t know. “Like Danny DeVito!”

-          6:01 Anxiety is the last to change. He definitely does not want to do it all. He even goes so far to say that he’s comfortable the way he is. He really must not want to do this, but Thomas goes ahead and changes him to look like Talyn anyway.

-          6:11-6:22 Logan calls Anxiety “undeniably adorable” and Prince says “I’m trying hard not to like you right now”. Anxiety hisses, which only sets Patton off, comparing him to a kitten. It’s really sweet and all until you remember that Anxiety is probably taking these to mean that the others prefer him not as himself, but as someone else.

-          6:45 Anxiety tells the others that he’s “not okay with this.” No one listens.

-          7:15-7:41 Logan and Patton have a back and forth. Morality makes jokes, Logic insists that he stops. It’s frickin’ adorable.

-          7:46 Another… butt joke… from Morality… “Hehe, butt.”

-          8:34 & 8:50 & 9:10-9:52 Anxiety tries to point out that nothing beats the real thing yet again. Logan, Thomas and Roman don’t listen to him. Even Patton doesn’t seem to take what he has to say into consideration

-          9:55 Morality seeks Logan’s approval for knowing Spanish. Logic doesn’t give it to him, but the moment is still flippin’ sweet, man. “Did I make you proud, Logan? You proud of me?”

-          10:34 Thomas repeats what Anxiety was trying to say as if he thought of it on his own idea. “Nothing beats the real thing.” “I just said that.”

-          10:40 Thomas actually takes Anxiety’s side – indirectly. He sympathises with him, agreeing that the constant change (his sides switching friends or otherwise) isn’t what he needs. Anxiety seems shocked that he’s being listened to, especially after being ignored for a majority of the video. “I’m getting real sick of this.” “I know you are, Anxiety.”

-          11:07 Logic gets told that he used a word wrong and instead of taking it to heart, he quickly moves on. Character development hit me up.

-          12:08 Anxiety asks Thomas to change him back. Why doesn’t he do it himself? You see that he can near the end, but throughout the video he doesn’t. Did someone help him? “Can you use a little bit of that control to change me back now?”

-          12:39 Morality says that even they don’t know Anxiety’s name. The other sides never pressed for anyone else’s but Anxiety’s, now that I think about it. They probably knew each other’s names long before Thomas did. This just makes me annoyingly curious. “And even we don’t know your name so we’re kind of curious.”

-          12:49 Anxiety changes into Talyn. Once again, he doesn’t seem to have the ability to do so through the whole of the video. At first I thought Morality changed him, as he doesn’t seem at all surprised to see Anxiety switch to Talyn, but then Anxiety says that Patton was the only one who didn’t change him. He might’ve meant against his will. Another reason could be that the others have more power than he does, and because they changed him, he cannot switch back unless they allow him to or if he willingly changed into that person by himself.

-          13:22 Patton just wants a hug. Let him hug Thomas. I don’t care about certain… difficulties. Just. Let him hug someone.

-          13:50-13:57 ANXIETY LOOKS AT ROMAN’S BUTT. IT’S CANON. Also Roman taking it as a compliment makes me happy. “It totally makes your butt look big.” “I know, thanks for noticing.”

Sorry for any mistakes/anything important I left out, I’m rather tired and did not edit a whole lot, whoops.

Last analysis: “Growing Up”

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34/50 days of exam prep

My Italian history exam went very well and I am making some progress in biology but it is incredibly difficult and I don’t feel like I have enough time to go over every area I struggle with.

A Pikelan Masterpost

Welcome, friends! It’s “The Pikelan masterpost that nobody asked for but I made anyway because so many of my favorite moments are overlooked ones not included in the big Youtube timestamps”….or “A Pikelan masterpost”, for short.

Here you will find all the great Pikelan moments of Critical Role. They’re listed chronologically and timestamped with brief descriptions to help you find that one you’re just itching to watch again.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know!

& most importantly, enjoy!

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

seriously?!? if those assumptions are becoming true I'm getting mad as hell! I didn't wait 4 freaking years for only one and a half arc to be animated wtf!! I at least expected to see 3 arcs since they have enough material by now!

actually one arc not even one and half :(
from 34-50 is only one arc, the best of our expectations was that it would cover two arcs until chapter 69
but it seems like it’s not happening, I’m so mad about this too!

that being said, it’s not confirmed yet, so I still hope (like 1% hope) that this is all not true and that it’ll be 24-25 eps like we expected

“Cheesy!”  Jungkook~ BTS

​  requested: Hello!! Can i request 34, 42, 50 with Jungkook please? And i don’t know which genre i’d want it to be haha, write it as you wish and thank you so much!!

“I would do anything for you darling” | “Can you close your eyes?” |  “I’m both a lover and a fighter. I’ll take you down and then give you a kiss.”

A/N: asjdhaskjdhaksjhdkasjdh Jungkook..

WordCount: 3.6 k
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Reader(She)xJungkook
Triggers: a bit or arguing and cursing


'Just … great.’

Sighing you took the pile you finished inspecting; It was heavy enough to require both hands for carrying across the room adding it to the rest of the piles that were already done.Your companion for the day had left 30 minutes ago to check something on the boss’s computer. Checking the hour the small tv on the upper corner of the room you could see that it was well past 8 o’clock, you had completed 2 hours extra and,by the looks of it, you had work yet to finish.
This was in no way how you picture yourself not six months ago.
But the truth is you needed the money of the extra hours; you had recently split up from a long term relationship, and your former boyfriend had kicked you out of the apartment without any time to think of a plan B.
At the moment you were fine with living at your parents, but of course you needed a place of your own.
You were ready to leave your job - administrative of the office- moving to a different city alongside your boyfriend who had got a new passion; Photography.
It was a tremendous step from his old job which was “delivery boy”, and you were extremely proud of him. There was no actual problem with his old job, but the fact he was pursuing a bigger dream was definitely something you appreciated. You even helped encouraging him by buying an expensive professional camera. And after some jobs he got a big opportunity on festivals and photoshoots. But maybe that very same pursuing of bigger dreams lead to him breaking up with you.
Six months ago you were packing everything up, the resignation letter was ready to be delivered sitting next to your phone. You were whistling a happy tune while finishing some cardboard boxes, carefully placing the last fragile things inside; mostly the cameras and lenses of your boyfriend, when he entered the apartment talking to someone on his phone.

‘Yeah Yeah, no problem. I’ll go tomorrow and we can check it out then’ he assured to the person on the other side. ‘Bye, Yeah bye’

Your smile automatically appeared as soon as you locked eyes with him.

‘Hey baby! Close your eyes!’ you cooed, skipping to place next to him and cover his eyes with your hands.

‘What’s this?’ he asked. You giggled like a schoolgirl as you lead him to the living room.

‘Surprise!’ you jumped excitedly, taking your hands off his face showing him how clean and neatly packed all your stuff was.  ‘Everything is ready!’ you notified excitedly, as you dragged him to sit on the couch. ‘So, you can relax today and get ready for tomorrow’ you said letting out a giggle.

‘Yeah about that…’ he began, you started massaging his shoulders.

‘Hmm?’ you hummed ‘What is it?’

‘You know…with all this change, and things moving so fast for me…maybe I want to focus on that for now’

You blinked twice. ‘I’m sorry?’

‘I’m trying to say I need sometime to think about where my life is going with this first…’ he turned around and meet your chocked eyes.

‘Okey?, Wait…so you, said you need time-and that includes me too?’ you asked baffled. He nodded.

‘It’s not your fault at all’ he shrugged ‘I want to meet with my “artistic side”, I can’t handle both things at the same time’

’ARE YOU FUCKING BREAKING UP WITH ME?’ you shouted at him.

‘Wow, you’re so dense…’ He snorted ‘See, this is why I need time away, you just don’t get me the way I need you to’

‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ you shrieked. ‘I don’t understand YOU?’ you got up violently and started walking to him, poison filling your eyes. ‘I’M the one who was dating a delivery boy, I’M the one who supported you when you ”discovered” you new career,I’M the one who bought you a fucking professional camera, and you tell me I don’t get YOU?’ you inched closer and closer.

‘Don’t make a scene y/n, please’ he argued ‘Just take your things and go…’
You huffed not believing him. ‘Fine, I’m taking my things then…’ you grinned lifting the box who held the camera and lenses.

‘Wait, the fuck? Put that down, that’s mine’ he warned.

‘Nope, I bought this so they’re mine’

‘You gave them to me!’ He laughed nervously.

‘I did, and now I’m taking them back with me… but you know what…’ you backed away, approaching the large window of the apartment.  

‘Wait y/n!’ he tried to stop you, terror on his eyes.

‘Since I don’t understand you or this’ you pointed at the item on your hands with your head ‘Seems like I don’t have a use for them, so off they go!’ you said throwing the box out the window.

‘Crazy bitch!’ your ex-boyfriend said as he reached for the window to see how the cameras and lenses broke in million pieces once they reached the floor.
That very same day you grabbed your clothes, your phone and the resignation letter next to it inside your purse, along with other personal things you could carry with you and got back to you parents.

And here you were revising papers, piling papers, ripping papers, all so that you could have money to remake your life.
3 more hours to go.
It wasn’t that bad actually, at least the place was quiet and you could take your time with the papers, not rushing anything because apparently there was still gonna be papers the next day too.
You let out a small and constant whine, pouting at your own misery.
Turning around looking at all the piles of piled-up paper that took almost the entire space of two desks you thought “Is there no paper tower here able to crush me under it’s weight?”  sniffling.
Defeated you walked to grab a big box of more papers with a load of dust over them, but you didn’t noticed it until you had already inhaled part of it causing you to sneeze.

‘Bless you’ your comrade muttered entering the office, a two cup of coffee on his hand.

You placed the box down and searched for a tissue on one of your pockets.

‘Thank you’ replied sniffing and cleaning your nose, the newcomer let one of the cups down on the table close to you, a gesture of his hand letting you know it was for you. You nodded thanking him ‘Found out anything about that document?’

‘Mmmh?’ he said lost with his eyes up looking at the tv, ‘What document?’ he asked sipping on his beverage, not looking down at you.

‘The document you left nearly 30 minutes ago to check…?’ you coughed some dust still on your lungs. ‘Jungkook?’ you called.

He lowered his eyes and met yours ‘No, I just needed coffee…’


‘Yeah, the boss office is locked so I can’t do anything, but I needed an excuse to go get coffee’ Jungkook lifted his cup to you.

And that took you 30 minutes?!’ you coughed again this time almost spurting out your lungs.

‘Hey are you ok?, you need a drink?’ Jungkook offered the cup he left for you, but you were busy trying not to spit your insides. ‘Do you have allergies?’ He inquired drinking up again, you threw a menacing glance his way.
'Jungkook-’ you started, but the name choked on your throat. 'Jungkook …’ you tried again a soft raspy voice. ‘Why you lied?’

He shrugged.

‘Ugh, never mind…please let’s just finish this and go home’ the tint on your voice was of exhaustion, you Didi want to argue with him now you both still had work to finish.
Jungkook and you were the only two employees aside from the night guards and the janitors on the office, you weren’t sure why Jungkook was doing extra hours, but you assumed it must’ve be for the same reasons you were.

'Why are you so consumed in doing everything today ?,’ Jungkook went around the room until he found the small control remote of the tv 'If we finished today we do not get more extra hours to do …’ He stated, while changing the channels 'We can do this for the rest of the week, don’t stress …’

'This is not the first time you stay doing extra hours then?’

'Nope, I volunteer to do the extra hours a lot of the time, cause I need the money, but …’ He stopped changing channel putting the remote down on the table again, dedicating a smile to you 'This is the first time I have company

You stifled a giggle. 'Well, your company is kinda anxious to go home and take a nice bath, so please indulge me and let’s proceed with at least finishing off this dusty boxes?’ You sighed, almost pleading for help.

'I would do anything for you darling’ Jungkook sang, displaying his big front teeth in a smile. Leaving his coffee aside and letting out a simple “alrighty then-” he rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt to the elbow, and moved to one of the other dusty boxes to lift it up without much effort and place it on one of the tables further from you.
If there was one thing you could say was good about working here was Jungkook. Vividly you remembered the first time he arrived at the company and used to be this shy and quiet person who could barely establish any eye contact with. Everyone thought he was weird about his choice to interact little to nothing with anyone, until one day you decided to go ahead and talk to him; about anything really, pet’s, favorite music, movies, relationships, anything he was willing to share with you. And so began a nice work relation with him, often your group of friends and you would hang out and have dinner after work and you would take a chance to invite Jungkook and help him get to meet the others. And so little by little he let himself loosen up a bit.
The memories of it took a smile out of you, by that time your ex and you would get into a lot of fight -mostly initiated by him- making it difficult to enjoy your days at the office, because they felt more of a burden than a job since you had no other choice but to remain there due to him having little incomes.-But Jungkook was extremely nice and funny around you and took that stress a lot off your shoulders. Sometimes after however you were changed of office and ended up on a different floor from him, so it was nearly impossible to meet him. But nevertheless you would come down casually to chat, mostly those days when you really needed his silliness; and he would come up and bring you something to eat or just some paperwork.

‘I’m both a lover and a fighter. I’ll take you down and then give you a kiss–’ a male voice on the tv declared with the utmost fake and exaggerated tone you had ever heard.
Checking on the screen you effectively saw a couple, the guy–buff tall and wearing a black leather jacket, was saying this words to a female who looked at him with dreamy and teary eyes. The scene took place on what it seemed like a park late at night, behind the buff was a motorcycle in which the girl was sitting.
Your face scrunched in disgust, the scene developed further until the two characters kissed.
You chuckled looking to Jungkook who seemed entranced by the bad acting.

‘Ew…’ you giggled, flipping one of the folder filled with old documents on the table.

Jungkook was snapped out of his haze ‘ “Ew” What?’ He chuckled.

Pointing at the screen with your index finger ‘Ew’ you repeated. ‘Ew everything about this’

‘What?’ Jungkook sounded amused ‘Are you gonna tell me your boyfriend is not cheesy like that with you?’ His eyebrow rises up in a cocky way glancing your way.

‘Hahaha,’ you laugh a little uncomfortable. You didn’t have a chance to tell anyone that you broke up with that douche ‘Umm, no…’ you shrug.

‘Wait, really?’ Jungkook turns around a surprised gesture on his face. ‘I thought all guys were cheesy with their girlfriends?’

‘Yeah, well…I never had a cheesy boyfriend I guess…’ you half-smile ‘At least not like that anyway’ you reference the actor on tv.

‘You should demand cheesy from him thought. It’s our best side…’ Jungkook purses his lips ‘Too woo ladies with our soft side’

You chuckled, sadness and disappointment tainting it a bit. Lowering your gaze to the work again you remained silent
Jungkook seemed to notice your change of behavior.

‘Y/n?’ He called ‘Did I overstepped? I’m sorry’ you smiled lightly, “there he goes again”.

‘No, It’s not you Jungkook’ you assured him ‘I-…’ you stopped and pondered on telling him the whole sad situation you were on currently. “Whatever” you said inwardly.

Jungkook patiently waited for you to continue.You gulped.

‘I broke- Well no…more like- He broke up with me’

‘For real?’ Jungkook asked. You simply shrugged and nod not looking to his direction ‘I’m sorry, I meant…He broke up with you?’

‘Yes, let’s not linger on the subject please?’ you awkwardly giggled.

‘How long ago?’ He digged further.

‘About…. mmm six months?’ you pretended to calculate the months, but you damn well remembered when that asshole kicked you out. ‘Or so? I don’t know, why you ask?’

‘Six months?! Why didn’t you say anything?’ He kept on inquiring

‘Geez Jungkook, I don’t know? It just never came up…’

‘You should’ve told me’ Jungkook nagged ‘Oh my god that’s why you were so distant those months ago’ He remembered shaking his head.

‘What?’ The conversation was going off topic to somewhere you didn’t want it to end. Him. ‘Why should I have told you anyway? I just needed sometime and It didn’t seemed important for you all to know’ .

‘ I could’ve go and kick his ass!’ Jungkook exclaimed.

‘What good would’ve come from that?’ you were starting to get a little annoyed

‘I don’t know, but we could’ve make him pain a bit for being a fucking jackass’

‘Why you think he was a jackass?’ you scrunched your nose.

‘Oh I know for a fact he is a jackass! After all you did for him, he just left you?’ Jungkook voice raised, swaying his arms outraged in the air ‘

‘Jungkook I don’t want to talk about this anymore, past is past…’ you said determined cutting his passionate blurb

Jungkook clicked his tongue visibly displeased at how you finished the conversation. Both turned your backs to each other, inside your chest your heart pumped fast; it almost seemed about to burst out of you in rage. “Such a noisy guy Jesus Christ” “What is it to him anyway?” “He shouldn’t meddle with things he doesn’t understand” you thought, leaving a deep and long puff. The silence on the room became heavier and almost tangible, if you payed enough attention you could hear the heavy breathing of Jungkook, he must’ve also raised some temperature. Never before you had seem him this upset about something, even less about your relationship.
Occasionally Jungkook would ask what was wrong when he caught you tearing-up a bit, or with a serious face. Opening up it wasn’t one of your fortes, but sometimes you’d let a part of you -of all the struggles that made you suffer- out, and Jungkook would be there to listen to them diligently. He wouldn’t give you useless advice, instead he would only offer his help to you. So you were quite confound on why this was his reaction.Guilty settle on the pit of your stomach over your reaction, thinking maybe you acted a bit impulsive yourself.

‘I threw his cameras out the window…’ you commented, trying to make peace with him.

Jungkook was silent on the other side of the room, that ugly sensation at the pit of your stomach grew with each passing second he wouldn’t say a word. “I fucked up?” “Not you too…” biting on your lower lip, strong enough to make it swallow. Ready to turn back to ask for a sincere apology your ears perked up at a low but in crescendo laugh, that gradually transformed into a chortle filling your chest with joy that provoked a good laugh out of you.
Jungkook wheezed supporting himself over the table,trying to calm himself down.

‘Incredible’ He avowed, pretending to clean a tear of his cheek. ‘I’d pay good money to see his face after you did that.’

You both chuckled.

‘Yeah, what a fart smeller’ you pursed your lips into a thin line.

Jungkook looked at you amused ‘Fart smeller?…really y/n?’

You shrugged ‘He was though…’ You winked at Jungkook, who deviated his face looking down his cheeks tinted red from the burst of laugh he had before. ‘Hey Jungkook,’ you called making him look back at your, a beautiful glow of playfulness on his eyes. ’I’m sorry, about before…’

‘Don’t apologize, I was wrong in meddling with your personal life…’ He nodded, acknowledging his mistake. ‘I just don’t think it’s fair to you, having to endure all that shit by yourself’

You locked eyes with him, your cheeks now changing color. The pure honesty on his eyes, and the authentic concern made your stomach twist into a knot. ‘Thanks’ you only muttered answering him.

Jungkook scratched the back of his neck. ‘Anyway it’s is loss…’ He began turning around returning to taking the paper out of the box, you stayed there staring at his back, for the first time you noticed how wide it was; extremely entrancing.

‘How so?’ you inquired curious.

Jungkook looked over his shoulder, a smug gesture plastered on his features ‘Because now I get to be cheesy with you‘ he ended the line with a cheeky wink.

You couldn’t help but bit your lower lip teasingly at his remark and blush.Jungkook was not the only one who could play games…

‘Mmmhm, okay… ’ you murmured rolling your eyes and shaking your head giggling. You grabbed the box in front of you and lifted it by it’s handles. ‘Oomph’ you let out, the heavy box taking the air out your lungs while trying to shift it by supporting it on one of your legs.
Another pair of hands grabbed the box, gently brushing against yours. Trailing up, your eyes scanned the set of veins that popped out from the muscled arms. You tried hard not to gulp at the sight.
A frowny Jungkook met your gaze once you reached up, embarrassment probably drawn all over your face.

‘I’m deadly serious right now y/n…’  the hoarse tone on his voice and the intensity in his eyes made you breath hitched, suddenly your were very conscious of Jungkook’s hands brushing on your skin. Blatantly you switched between staring at his eyes and lips, the moment frozen preventing you from saying a word.

‘Prove it.’ You moaned, challenging, heart beating fast on your chest.

Jungkook smirked, licking his lips. Taking the box from your grasp and placing it aside.
Eyes following his every move as he painfully took his time to finish this task, the anticipation building between your legs. It was very unlike you to get all worked up about something simple like flirting, but it felt exciting.
Jungkook swayed his way back, ‘y/n…’ the name rolled from his tongue like the sweetest liquor. ’There is something I should tell you before’ he grimaced, nodding you let him know he got your attention fully. ‘I’m not messing around right now, I genuinely want to prove myself to you. Not just jokingly flirt with you’ you blinked, breathing unevenly staring at his lips while talking. ‘I…really like you’ Jungkook finished, adam’s apple bobbing as he gulped. ‘He just confessed?’ your jaw went slack trying to respond to him, but words won’t come out. Jungkook gesture with a hand stopping you ’And…’ he continued ‘I don’t want this to be inappropriate,since you broke up with- you know’

‘Jungkook-’ you tried to cut him softly but he kept talking.

‘So, I need to know…If I can do this…’ he chuckled ‘If i can do what I’ve always wanted to do since the very first time we spoke’ He was looking down to his feet, shifting from one leg to the other, noticeably embarrassed about his word

‘Yes’ you said brusquely.

The muscles on his jaw tightening holding back a smile, His eyes darting up and gleaming once they met yours. ‘Good’ he simply said, you dedicated a shy smile at him feeling your cheeks burning up.

Jungkook’s face softened as he brought his hand up and cupped your cheeks, inching closer to you. Closing your eyes letting yourself drown at his touch; you learned over one of his hands, sighing pleased. With the pad of this thumb Jungkook draw circles over your cheeks lovingly. You only noticed how near he was when his hot breath gently caressed your skin.

'Kiss me’ you whimpered  grabbing on his shirt as your body pressed closer to him.

Jungkook let out a deep and almost mocking chuckle ‘Where?’ He teased, Playing fool. ‘Here?’ He leaned down softly pressing his lips to your cheek, eliciting a sharp sound that resonated once his lips separated from your skin leaving a ghostly burning sensation. ‘Here?’ He continued to place another kiss over your close eyelids, making you bite your lip and tighten your grip at his shirt ‘Here?’ he pressed against the tip of your nose, taunting.

As he parted away, you slowly opened your eyes breathing heavily seeing how his lips twisted into a smug smile. ‘Fuck you Jungkook’ you growled in a whisper.
Jungkook run his hands down you back placing the on the small of you back

‘Looking forward to that, sweetie…’ He winked.

A/N: Thanks for requesting!! <3

Quill { Peter Quill Oneshot}

“34,35,36,50,51? I hope that’s not to many together 😓 but if you with Peter Quill please! Smut and fluff and maybe little angst? Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! ❤❤” @zuni21798 {xoxoxo}

   You know peter still has feelings for Gamora, no matter how much he denies it . They have this unspoken .. thing. But you believed him when he said he cares for you, which is how you ended up in bed with him. Numerous times. This time isn’t any different .

  The way peter kisses you is hypnotic, his lips dance perfectly with yours, his tongue glides over yours at just the right moments .

“ peter - I’m so close!” You whimper out, making his pace pick up. He has you bent over your bed , his hips smacking into your ass as he pounds into you .

  “ is this what you want baby? You want to cum around me ?” He asks through his pants . You moan in response , words not able to form once his hand goes to toy with your clit. You feel your walls clench around him as he hits your sensitive spot head on with his dick, over and over again.

  “ fuck yeah babe, I can feel your pussy tightening around me, just - one - more .” He thrust one last time, harder than any other and throws both of you spiraling into your orgasms. You let out a high pitch moan as you claw onto the sheets , peters hands gripping your hips just as tight.

  “Damn.” Is all he says before he pulls out. He cleans the two of you up, before getting dressed and leaving to help rocket with something . You fall into a peaceful sleep within minutes .

 You wake up to the feeling of being watched , when you sit up you catch rocket staring at you from your door .

  “ can I help you? ” you ask

“ if you tell anyone I asked you this , I’ll deny it and leave little bugs in every pair of your underwear.” He threatens before continuing,“ y/n what’s it feel like to- cuddle ?” He asks shyly .

You send him a sweet smile, “ it’s great rocket, it warms and sweet. It’s one of the best feelings in the world . ”

He nods “ if you ever want to , you know , try it , I’d be happy to cuddle you Rocky.” You offer

  “ what no gross . ” he quickly turns back into his asshole self .

“ suit yourself .offers always open though .” He waves you off , changing the subject ,

“ can you find quill I need his help again.”

You nod, going on a search for peter. You hear his voice and follow it down the hall… to gamoras room.

“ gamora it’s not- it’s not what you think.” Peter pleads.

“ peter I’m not mad, all I said is that it’s nice how well you and y/n seem together.”

“ I can see through you gamora . You’re the one that denied our thing, you don’t have a right to be mad .you know I still care for you, but I’m not going to wait forever .”

You clear your throat, making your presence known. “ rockets looking for you peter. ” is all you say before taking off down the hall to your room. You hear peter calling after you but you ignore it, shutting your door behind you and locking it. He lied, he still has feelings for her. Was I just a way to pass time for him? A rebound ?

You ignore him for the next couple days , only leaving your room when necessary. You’ve been getting progressively sicker over these days, waking up and vomiting everymorning. You know the signs, so when you stop on the next planet you grab whatever form of a pregnancy test they have . When you take it, the results are exactly what you don’t want . As you hold the weird shaped stick in your hands your door flies open .

have you ever heard of knocking ?! God Peter , learn some manners-” You yell, quickly hiding the sticks behind your back.

Can you pull your head out of your ass for 5 fucking seconds , Jesus. you’ve been avoiding me for days, why-”

I heard everything

“ it’s not what you-”

“ forget it peter, it’s fine I-”

“ what’s this ?” He asks picking up the discarded test box. Oh fuck

is there something you want to tell me?” He asks calmly . You sigh, letting the tears fall from your eyes as you hand him the stick

“ I’m pregnant.”

“ holy hell.. I’m going to be a dad?” He asks shocked You don’t get a chance to answer , peter picks you up and jumps up and down . “ oh my god ! I’m going to be the coolest dad !”

“ but what about gamora?” You ask

“ it’s in the past y/n, I think I misconstrued my feelings for her, the more I thought about it the more i discovered they are platonic . I want you, I care about you and now my totally rad kid ! Hell yeah!”

  well this isn’t how I thought this would go

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[03:34:29] ααяση вυяя: // SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF ME LUNGS
[03:34:36] ααяση вυяя: THAT DEPENDS,WHO’S ASKING
[03:34:50] jemmy: fucc sir
[03:35:19] ααяση вυяя: i
[03:35:50] jemmy: u
[03:36:01] ααяση вυяя: why fucc sir
[03:36:35] jemmy: fucc me sir

idea i got from a skype chat with @m-adi-son im gonna cry

sorry for the sudden style change eHEH