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Hey ! c:


1. First impression: I think I saw your edits floating around before I actually followed you and was like okay but the talent I need to follow immediately
2. Truth is: I LOVE YOU AND YOUR SENSE OF HUMOR AND FOLLOWING YOU AND INTERACTING WITH YOU IN GENERAL.  I think you’re an absolutely beautiful person inside and out, and I’m so glad to call you a friend!
3. How old do you look: Early 20′s!
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes you’re the best (of course you are because you’re a Jess hahaha)
5. Have you ever made me mad: You have not!
6. Best feature: I LOVE YOUR HAIR!  You have the prettiest face and you’re sO TALENTED and what I’m trying to say here is that all of them are your best features hahaha
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: I have not!
9. Name in my phone: It would for sure be Jess Club™  
10. Should you post this too? I think you might have, but if not then of course if you feel like it!

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@jaslco requested:  i’ll take jasico getting together/first kiss headcanons

  • ok so like they’re sparring
  • you know, as boyfriends do 
  • nico hadn’t beaten jason before and he was going to win if it was the last thing he did goddammit 
  • like nico is scary as hell but his sword skills just aren’t level jason grace 
  • i mean, who among us is level jason grace tbh 
  • but nico is determined ok 
  • and he does some really badass move or whatever and suddenly jason is on the ground and nico’s blade is at his neck 
  • and jason’s just looking at this kid like damn because he knew dude could fight but he didn’t know dude could fight 
  • and nico’s just looks so damn proud of himself and it’s absolutely adorable 
  • but jason can’t stop thinking about whatever move nico just did like it was. so great 
  • and nico, still grinning like an idiot, extends his hand to help jason up 
  • and as soon as jason’s back on his feet he doesn’t even bother to brush himself off he just looks nico dead in the eye and says, in like the huskiest voice okay, “that. was so hot.” and before he realizes what’s happening nico is standing on tiptoe to reach him and then they are kissing 
  • jason is surprised at first but internally he’s like hell yeah hELL YEAH damn frickin rIGHT HELL YEAH 
  • because like. he’d been fantasizing about kissing nico di angelo for so long and it’s finally happening and it’s perfect 
  • and when they finally break apart nico just tucks a loose strand of hair behind his ear and is just like “i won” with the most sly smile on his face 
  • and jason just positively beams back at him and says, “no. i think i did.” 

smut fic and underage readers 

i don’t know if anyone is going to get what i’m saying here but it’s been on my mind for the last couple of days and i wanna know if other writers feel the same way. please, please feel free to reply or add on, but also to message me or send me an ask

this is open to all fandoms, i’d love for people to reblog and talk about it. i’m just rambling, really, but i’d love for people to read it and give me their thoughts if they can. 

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Coco Ziebell

Coco’s my OC of like 300000 years (5 years) and the canonverse she exists in the the Hazardous/Bionic universe that me and Kel created in 2012! She’s the same age/same birthday as me when I made her so she’s growing u with me kya In other AU’s like the broom AU where she’s a witch or the siren AU where she’s a pirate, she’s generally the same all around but i’ll be writing around the Haz/bioverse.

For anyone curious, Hazardous/Bionic is an old RP group that focused on mutations with elements and jazz!

On the surface, she’s a smiley happy-go-lucky person who doesn’t really care as much as she might express. She will smile, laugh, and be kind when necessary but doesn’t really connect with others even if it may seem like so to the other party. Her surface personality completely contradicts her true feelings towards other’s where she may seem to care but it’s hard (not impossible) for her to actually click with anyone or anything. This is mostly due with her distrustful attitude towards others caused by her time in the system and learning that although she couldn’t trust people, having connections and relations (fake or not) could be beneficial. If she does manage to connect with someone though, they are always her first priority.

Not a lot of things get through to her and most things go in one ear and out the other. She responds poorly to authority and often goes off to do her own things. She hardly listens to directions, instructions, and orders and is mostly a solo act in any case which means she’s either the captain or alone because her personality is aggressive and prefers to be front-line. It may lead her to choosing reckless decisions over the right ones but she doesn’t really have a concern for herself and other’s (loved ones excluded), just the matter at hand in the heat of the moment. She does not back off easily unless there’s a risk she won’t take, such as anything that jeopardizes a loved one.

She’s very confident in her skills and hardly falters. When it comes to doing the job (whatever it may be in whatever AU), she enjoys it very much and usually has a smile on her face regardless of the situation, grim or not. 

She also has a form of a dissociative disorder due to a traumatic event from her past (In any AU) that she doesn’t really recall much of or at all. She is generally okay and in control of herself unless another traumatic event arises bringing her back into those memories that she’s forgotten which is rare but can happen especially in the Haz/Bioverse.

and yes she is in a relationshipw w fay 

I’ll have more about her once i finish my OCS page on my tumblr hurr im lazy