$3.99 tax

I want to be the MC. To have any Voltage Inc. MC’s life.from any game.

Not for the attractive men, or the convenient love stories. Not for her small frame, perfect body and general convention beauty. I don’t want her unique lifestyle or her job.

I want her friendships that seem to last foreverand help her through her ups and downs. I want a place I feel safe with a family and loved ones just as she always has or find. I want the feeling she has from being wanted, needed, and welcomed everywhere. I want my hard work noticed and appreciated for what it’s worth. I want the ability to know what to say no matter the situation. I want to know a love so profound as she learns.

But I think most of all, I want her problems. They are nothing compared to my real life beyond my phone. She doesn’t talk about having depression or anxiety or really any mental illness. She’s never had a panic attack or period of dissociation. She doesn’t go to the doctors every month check in or have to get evaluated by a team of psychiatrist for a diagnoses. She doesn’t take medication so that people find her tolerable and sane. She doesn’t cry herself to sleep because she had to fake a smile all day as to not worry those around her. She never does or even considers self harm. She doesn’t have a bad habits or coping skill like smoking, biting nails or over eating. She never think of what she would include in a suicide note or if she would like to leave one behind. She’s never suicidal or felt like she would die.

I’m terribly jealous of her that. And yet, I still want to be her and Voltage Inc. and other otome games give me that chance. I want to be her so bad I save pennies to justify rewarding myself by buying another route next month so for a few hours I may escape my world to try out her’s.

So when I hear there are people who are demanding free routes or asking for people to pirate them, I’m more upset. Voltage Inc. has done so much for me, and I can image so many other people all over the world. I am not poor, but I certainly don’t really have a disposable income to speak of. But I know every time I buy my $3.99 +tax CDN route that I’m giving back to the people who help me get through my day.

I know my less than 4 dollars is being spilt up between a group of hard workers who put tireless hours into something that has changed my life positively. That my little dent in my wallet is putting food on someone else’s table as compensation for their work.

I’m not going to make the point I’ve seen else where and tell someone not buy coffee for a day to be afford a route. I know if you’re anything like me, you never had the money to buy the coffee in the first place. I’m telling you there are other ways to go about it. Voltage Inc. Party routes, Sweet Cafe (bonus games everything you buy money, who wouldn’t do that), other otome games are available beyond Voltage Inc. which are amazing in their own right.

If people keep stealing from Voltage Inc., then they are stealing from my life to the little glimmer of hope every night as I read a chapter before bed. They steal every chance on the weekend I can queue up this blog with fandom inspired creations from people who love the stories too. They steal from me, from other fans of the Voltage Inc.brand and future fans. The more people steal from them, the more likely they well be forced charge more to make up for the losses or just stop business because their giving away free model is unprofitable.

Please, this is not a victimless crime. I’m not asking you to pity me or anyone. Just realize that every time you steal, demanding free or pirated games you are not just getting a free game, you are just pushing the costs elsewhere.