Week Ending November 13th, 2017

  1. Finn Wolfhard
  2. Millie Bobby Brown +1
  3. Joe Keery −1
  4. Tom Hiddleston +2
  5. Gaten Matarazzo −1
  6. Noah Schnapp −1
  7. Caleb McLaughlin
  8. Winona Ryder
  9. Chris Hemsworth +3
  10. Natalia Dyer +4
  11. Dacre Montgomery +4
  12. David Harbour −2
  13. Charlie Heaton −2
  14. Sebastian Stan +4
  15. Tom Holland +1
  16. Sadie Sink −3
  17. Gal Gadot
  18. Katie McGrath +2
  19. Bill Skarsgård −2
  20. Taika Waititi

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.

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Swedish Boy pt. 1

Swedish boy pt.2

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Wrod count: 1357


Summary: reader is James McAvoy’s daughter, she’s also and actress and as her father she got a role in Atomic Blonde, where she met Bill and ended up together. James pretends he doesn’t like Bill, but secretly he does.

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At the age of 17 he met a girl,he knew she was not good for him, but in spite of that, he decided to stay by her side. The two young lovers fell in love and their relationship became toxic, it became toxic for him, for James. The world she was involved in was not his own, a world of alcohol and drugs. But he followed her, he was so in love, he didn’t want to see back then how it affected his life. And then, after a night of drinking and sex, she got pregnant.

So young, so broken already.

That girl was the worst mistake of James’ life, but out of it came the best thing that ever happened to him, his daughter Y/N. At the age of 18, still being just a kid, he became a father. From that day on, he swore he would protect his little girl, keep her away from people like her mother, not to get involved in that world and give her a good life.

He got the full custody of his daughter, Y/N’s mother was not apt to take care of her, not back then, not even now, she never changed, while James got as far away as possible from the drugs and just a little alcohol every now and then, she kept in it.

Y/N grew up with his father, she knew who her mother was, but was not interested in her, she didn’t want to end up as her mother.

James McAvoy was her father, and growing up with a famous father was not easy. His agenda would make him to have to go for several weeks and leave her, sometimes James took his daughter with him. He felt so bad for having to leave his little girl. She never blamed him, she knew it was work, and she supported him.

As she grew up, she became fascinated with the performing art’s world and at the age of just 13 she started in the acting industry, for several years she worked for Disney and at 18 she got a roll in the big screen.

It was the first time she worked with her father, she was nervous, not only because of the presence of her dad and big movie stars like the gorgeous Charlize Theron, but because her costar and love interest was no other than Bill Skarsgård.

The chemistry between the two of them was noticeable for everyone, both on and off screen. Not even a month after the start of the  shooting of the Atomic Blonde movie, they were already in a relationship. At first it made her feel a little bit weird and like a little girl, the fact that she was seven years younger than Bill, and the media did not help, they would always say she was more like his sister or like a kid for Bill than his girlfriend, and that was not true. Bill did not mind the age gap between the two of them. With the time Y/N didn’t mind neither.

Before she met Bill, James was protective over his daughter and that did not change with her new boyfriend. Secretly he liked Bill, James knew he was good for Y/N, but could not avoid being protective, it amused him Bill’s reactions. At the beginning Y/N had in plan to stay at her father’s trailer during the shooting, but then came Bill and she didn’t hesitate in moving her things from her father’s to Bill’s trailer, now that bugged James, that and the kissing.

For Y/N and Bill being lovers  in and off screen was something good, but for James it wasn’t, he accepted the fact that they were together, but did not want to see their PDA.

Bill and Y/N had a kiss scene, James was there, watching Bill’s every move, he didn’t like the fact that they had to kiss, he knew it was for work, but he didn’t like it at all, or at least not when he was in the same room as them. Bill was leaning in for the kiss and just when his lips were so close to hers, James’ voice interrupted them.

“CUT!Stop it, get away from my daughter, you Swedish boy.” Y/N’s hands went to her face, covering it up, she was so embarrassed. Her gaze went looking for Bill, but instead of finding him in front of her, she found her father, staying between Bill and herself.

“Oh my God, dad! Just let it be.” When her eyes found Bill,he was not embarrassed like her, not at all, instead and amused smirk was on his face.

“Don’t kiss her.” James pointed at Bill, which just hold his arms up. Like he wanted to show James that it was not his fault.

“Sorry sir, I have to, it’s in the script.” James’ face became a grin.

“James it’s already the third time that you do this, get out of there!” The director caught James’ attention, suddenly he was the one feeling embarrassed. He let them and went to his previous spot. “And James, I’m the director,not you, I say cut.” James just nodded looking at his shoes like a little boy that had jut  been lectured.

“I’m so sorry Bill, really, he should-” but she could not finish her sentence.

“I’t fine, Y/N, kind of funny actually, these are the type of things that make good bloopers.” Bill smiled down at her, which caused the girl to smile.  

“ I know you like him.” She put her high heels back on her feet, they were near the  IT premiere and could already hear the flashes.

“What are you talking about?” James looked at his daughter, she looked beautiful in the dress, he was so proud of her and what she achieved in life.

“You may be a very good actor, but you don’t fool me, not your daughter. After all I grew up with you, I’m the person closest to you and the one that knows you the most.” The limousine stopped, James looked briefly to Y/N, before getting out of the limousine and holding his hand out for his daughter to take.”Thank you” she muttered and gave her father a quick kiss on the cheek.”So, am I right?” Her eyes went to his face, he was looking forward, smiling at the cameras.

“I’m never going to give you the pleasure of knowing if you’re right or not.” He talked while they were still walking.

“You don’t have to, I know I’m right dad.” Her eyes met with Bill’s green ones. “Now I have to go, love you.” She gave her father another kiss on the cheek, before going to her boyfriend.

James saw how her daughter and that Swedish boy - how he liked to call Bill- kissed, a grin formed in his face. He never did or will like seeing them kissing, specially because she was his daughter.

“So, James, how is it like for you that Bill Skarsgård and your daughter are together?” Here it came, the question he always tried to avoid.

“Well…being her dad the perfect thing for me would be that she had no boyfriend at least till her fifties, but it is what it is, I’m very protective and given the circumstances I know he’s a good kid and he makes her happy, so that is all that really matters, if my baby is happy so am I. But the moment he hurts her, I’ll murder that Swedish boy.” He laughed when he said that, but in some way he was being serious. “I hope none of them see this interview, ever.” But it was a little late for that, both Bill and Y/N were behind it.

“So you like me…” a smile was on the boy’s face, James would had face-palmed himself.

“ Don’t get your highs up, Swedish boy, I tolerate you, that’s all. And like I said, if you hurt my daughter I’ll murder you.” But both Y/N and James, knew he more than tolerated Bill, he actually liked him.

“I know you would love to murder me, sir, but that’s not going to happen, because I don’t plan on hurting your daughter, lover her too much for that.”

“I hope so…if not you know what will happen.”



Week Ending September 11th, 2017

  1. Tom Holland
  2. Sebastian Stan +2
  3. Bill Skarsgård
  4. Chris Evans −1
  5. Dylan O'Brien +10
  6. Tom Hiddleston +1
  7. Jennifer Lawrence
  8. Jensen Ackles +2
  9. Kim Kardashian
  10. Kit Harington −8
  11. Katie McGrath −5
  12. Emilia Clarke −7
  13. Evan Peters
  14. Margot Robbie
  15. Cole Sprouse −3
  16. Finn Wolfhard
  17. Dominique Provost-Chalkley −8
  18. Kylie Jenner −4
  19. Gal Gadot −3
  20. Kendall Jenner −1

The number in italics indicates how many spots a name moved up or down from the previous week. Bolded names weren’t on the list last week.

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The losers club but it’s things heard around school pt. 2

Bill: a-all you need in a relationship is s-someone who doesn’t eat you.


Stan, after Richie sneezes: god kill you.

Eddie: Why are you talking about people’s hobbit feet?

Beverly: I’m…. I’m so gay… oh my god. (Quote from @layla-the-lesbian)

Ben: Dude, evil apples!

Mike: Minecraft is a great game! … said no one ever.

In the Club Pt. 2

Bill: Is this everybody?

Stan: Beverley took a cab. Mike is in the trunk. Ben is on the roof. All right, where to first.

Richie: Your mother’s butt.

All: *laughs*

Stan: *sighs* If even one of you thinks about dry-heaving in my car, you’re all walking home.