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they are announced to be on 2billion but it doenst show yeeeet on utube and i cant wait till it shows so the whole world knows!

Yeah it’s not showing on YouTube yet! Yesss and Taylor’s also the only FEMALE artist to have over 1 billion views so 💁🏻

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Tay is the first woman in vevo history to hit 2billion views. That is 3 commas, haterz. Y'all can suggit. Join the winning team. 2,000,000,000 views for blank space. Even on her break, Tay is a boss.


It Could, But it Probably Won't

I love how every news story I read about the JPMorgan $2 Billion dollar loss notes that it could lead to renewed momentum for stricter federal oversight of financial firms, or it could diminish Jamie Dimon’s anti-regulation influence, or it could raise difficult questions about Wall Street risk-management practices.

It could, sure, but it probably won’t.