People angry, upset and afraid about the election results should come to the anti-austerity protest planned on June 20th. It should be huge, already 26000 people say they’re going, and most prominent political and protest groups are going to have a bloc. This will be one of the biggest protests since the Student protests of 2010.

It will be more than just an anti-austerity protest, it will be about climate change and nuclear disarmament, it will be anti-fascist and anti-racist, it will be about LGBTQ+ and gender rights. This is the solidarity we all need at a time when we’ll be facing cuts and rising inequality under the Tory neoliberal agenda.

The event page is: https://www.facebook.com/events/460624807433119/

Please come and show support and solidarity, and fight back against this dangerous government elected by less than a quarter of the population.


160730 Jimin

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