$25 motor

ID #37200

Name: Jared
Age: 25
Country: Canada

am looking for a pen pal cause well its a bit of a story basically been feeling blue and down for quite some time and just thought it was time I do something about it so that’s why I’m here. hobbies include geocaching, motor boating, fishing and motorcycle riding. am a good person, keep myself outa trouble, treat kind hearted people with respect, am not mean or bully others

Preferences: no

we all think that life is gonna take us till we’re 85 with a husband/wife and grandkids galore. but life holds no mercy. situations come without any warning. we can be 22, slammed by a rare form of cancer that has no survival rate. you never know. hold the ones you love extra tight, everyday. live like today is your last day because we really don’t have tomorrow promised.

Medical update:

  • was in the ER for a cardiac emergency monday night. 0/10 do not recommend.
  • PICC line snuck in a little too close to my heart, and turns out the original doc just flat out lied on the paperwork, because it’s a centimeter longer than the documented length.
  • anyway, the line is out, i’m on a week of pills to compensate for pulling it early, but hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here
  • still have partial paralysis of the right arm. 10-25% motor control and substantial nerve pain. current plan is to get an MRI to confirm that there’s nothing still in there that could damage it before rushing into trying to get it working again, then run all the nerve tests after we hit the 28 day mark next week to see the extent of the damage. current healing estimates are +/- 1 year.
  • did i mention i want to scream because that’s where i am right now

Other life update:

  • i got civ 6 and i’m now spending Way Too Much time on that
  • i’m watching DS2 playthroughs to compensate for the fact that i can’t continue DS3 or bloodborne at the moment(i was not great at both even WITH two hands). bosses are altogether less fun BUT the horse boss is fucking incredible and makes up for all the other blob demon bosses.
  • boss concept: an angry undead horse 
  • me: what a genius incredible idea