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Best Of Me - Jimin Version

Summary: Jimin knew he loved you, he loved everything about you. He also knew that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, so he forced himself to hate you and it worked. It left the both of you broken hearted, and you ignoring him. Will he confess to you? Or will you leave him for good?

Best Of Me - 5/7

Word Count: 6777

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The way you tilt your head back when you laugh. The way you scrunch your nose when you’re playing a video game against Jungkook and you’re losing. The way you wrap yourself up into blanket before sitting down, no matter the temperature. The way your hair comes untuck from behind your ears and falls into your face. The way you always talk, with light in your voice, always intrigued at what the others are saying.

Jimin hated it. He hated your laugh, he hated how loud and obnoxious it was. He loved watching you lose against Jungkook, but hated hearing you whine about it. He never understood the blanket concept, even when it’s scorching out, you somehow manage to be covered up. He hates how you never do anything with your hair, how it’s always down and a mess, like you just rolled out of bed. And your voice, it cuts him like glass.

Right now, he’s cringing at just how loud your voice is as you’re complaining to Hoseok about your day at work. Still dressed in your work clothes, you just had to come over and rant to someone. He can hear you plain as day from the living room, interrupting his TV show that he so badly wanted to watch.

“I just don’t understand what went through her mind to do something like that! She completely messed up twenty-five files Hoseok! I would have understand if it was like five, but twenty-five!” You let out a groan and placed your elbows on the countertop as you watched Hoseok grab items from the refrigerator to make a quick dinner.

“I mean, it’s only her what, fifth week, cut her some slack Y/N, she’ll learn.” Hoseok was too forgiving sometimes, you on the other hand didn’t have the patience to be dealing with 25 files being recorded incorrectly. It leaves you to redo them, at home, on your own time.

“Yeah, her fifth week.” You rolled your eyes and massaged your temples with your index fingers. “Hoseok she should know better.”

“Well maybe,” he placed some salad ingredients on the countertop next to you with knife as well, “she was just stressed or got too caught up in her thoughts, I don’t know. Just ask her tomorrow, it’s not like she did it on purpose. Oh can you also cut that tomato?”

You grabbed the knife with your hand and started cutting up the tomato, taking small pieces from it and plopping it into your mouth. “I guess you’re right, I’ll talk to her tomorrow. It’s just,” you set the knife down as Hoseok reached above you for 2 bowls, “now I have to redo all those files.”

Hoseok started making the two of you salads as you grabbed some water from the fridge. You sat at the table as he brought over the 2 bowls. “How about, you stay here and I can help you.” He let out a cheeky grin.

“How about no.” The both of you looked up to be greeted with Jimin leaning against the wall. “How about you go home and get that done.”

“Good afternoon to you too Jimin.” You grinned at him, and Jimin scoffed. “I mean Jimin is right Hobi, I should go home and get this done.”

“No it’s alright, do it here and I can maybe help you. I don’t know with what, but I can try.” Hoseok was trying his best to help take the workload off of you, he hated seeing you stressed out like this. Jimin on the other hand, didn’t mind watching you suffer. As long as you leave at the end of the night or anytime soon, it was just fine for him.

“Are you sure I won’t be intruding?”

“When are you ever intruding? You seriously just barged in here twenty minutes ago!” Hoseok and you both let out a laugh. You nodded your head at him, indicating that he was right. You didn’t need to knock anymore, you were always here, and it helped that you were Taehyung’s childhood friend growing up.

“You have a point, let me just go to my car quickly then and grab everything.” You bustled out of their apartment and Jimin let out a groan.

“Why are you inviting her to stay?” Annoyance laced his voice.

“Uhm I don’t know because she’s our friend?” Hoseok grabbed your bowl along with his and placed them in the dishwasher. “What’s so bad about her being here?”

Jimin ran his hands down his face. “She’s just so annoying hyung! I wanted to watch my TV show but I couldn’t because of her being too loud like always!” Hoseok just laughed.

“Jimin, stop being childish. She’s a friend and we treat with her respect around here.”

“Well she’s your guy's’ friend but she isn’t mine. I can’t stand her.” With that, Jimin left the kitchen and sat back down on the couch, turning the volume up on the TV.

You walked through the door again, with folders in your hand and your laptop case thrown around your shoulder. Hoseoks’ eyes went wide, looking at each folder you had to do. “I told you it was a lot yet you told me to it’s gonna be alright!” You strode past him, heading into the living room. You sat down on the other end of the couch from Jimin, and he glared at you. “What?” You questioned him as you sat everything down, and watched what was on the TV.

“I think you should leave.” He said it darkly, his eyes squinting at you, an annoyed sigh escaping his lips.

“Oh, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to bother you it’s just my normal spot to go and…”

“Bye.” He waved at you, and turned the volume up even more to silence you. You and Hoseok walked back out into the kitchen, and he helped you place your items neatly on the table.

“I’m sorry if I made him upset.” Apologizing to Hoseok wasn’t going to anything.

“Nah don’t worry about, he’s been in a mood all day.” Opening your laptop bag and retrieving your laptop, you set it out on the table so you and Hoseok could look at the spreadsheets you needed to do. “Well how about,” Hoseok started and he opened one of the folders you had, “you start with this folder, and I’ll organize each folder and hand them to you, and then place the done folders on the other side of us.”

“God you’re a life savior Hobi.” You snatched the folder from his hand as he let out a chuckle. “But if you don’t mind,” his eyes peeled away from the sheets of paper to look at you, “can you get me a blanket please?”


Your eyes were dry, your fingers hurt, your head was pounding, but the 25th file was done and inputted into your laptop. Shutting your laptop, you stared at Hoseok and let out a sigh. “How long was that?” Hoseok peered down at his watch and his eyes went wide. “What?”

“Five hours Y/N, oh my god.” He rubbed his eyes intensely as he drug out the last word in his sentence.

“I think it was only five hours because Tae and Namjoon came back.” You grabbed your laptop case and placed it on the table while sliding your laptop into it.

“Tae acted like he hadn’t seen you in years when he saw you yesterday morning.” Hoseok rolled his eyes at the younger boy, as he stood up and pushed in his chair. The only light that was on was a small one above the table, otherwise the whole house was dark and quiet.

“Oh be nice, that’s my best friend ya know?” A half smile came across your lips as you stood as well, stretching. “Thanks again for the help, and I’m sorry for keeping you up.”

Hoseok waved his hands at you with a little ‘psh’ coming out of his mouth. “It was no problem Y/N, I’m glad you got it done though and can go home and sleep.” You grabbed the neatly stacked files as you adjusted the laptop on your shoulder.

“Ugh sleep sounds amazing right about now.” The blanket you were wrapped up in was now in your hands. You walked to the living room quickly to place it on the couch, but saw Jimin fast asleep and shivering. With the one hand that was available you tossed the blanket over Jimin and fixed it as neatly as you could so it covered him up all the way.

Jimin’s eyes opened faintly to see the image of you adjusting a blanket on him. He didn’t know he was that cold until you woke him up momentarily. “Thanks.” He mumbled out, before turning to his side and dozing off again, or so you thought.

You walked back out into the kitchen to be greeted with Hoseok by the door, waiting for you. “Jimin looked cold so I put the blanket on him.” You sheepishly grin as you slid on your shoes.

“I bet he appreciates that.” Hoseok opened the door for you while saying good-bye and gently shut it. He walked over to the table and turned of the light, and as he was yawning, heading to the bathroom he bumped into Jimin.

“Tell her to not put a blanket on me again.” He shoved the blanket into Hoseok’s chest and walked past him.

“Jimin she only did it because you were cold.” Hoseok threw the blanket onto the couch as the younger got to the bathroom before him.

“Well tell her thanks for waking me up.” He slammed the door on Hoseok, and Hoseok let out a little growl.

“Well maybe you should thank her because every time you sleep on the couch your neck ends up hurting.” Hoseok waited for a reply from Jimin, but nothing came out his mouth. Hoseok stood there contently, knowing that he was right. The door finally opened and Jimin walked out.

“Well tell her that I hate her.”

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  • jack: we're both close to thirty
  • robin: yeah... we're both there
  • jack: you're closer there than me
  • jack (to us): believe it or not, robin is older than me
  • me: ????
  • robin: yeah i am
  • me: *squints eyes*
  • me: ... you're bluffing

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Sebastian fucked up. Whether you think so or not. For him to say he’s been “very vocal” about what he stands for really got me thinking. When has Sebastian ever stood against the oppression POC have to deal with 25/8 in the USA? Why does he think because he called Trump “shit” that’s he’s been vocal? And also, If he wanted to promote that movie why not use a movie poster?

You should never ever make a situation like domestic violence and racism/oppression/police brutality a light hearted joke. That’s not okay.

Now, he needs to own up to his screw up and apologize to his fans.

Where’s that very vocal voice of his now?

Hey there, Strangers.

Did you know that I have currently written 25 different fics for the Life is Strange fandom? Now, this might not seem like a big deal, 25 isn’t that many, yada yada. But, to me, it is. This is the most I’ve ever written for any single fandom.

Do you know how many words have gone into these 25 fics…?

190,792 words.


When I wrote my first fic, I wasn’t doing anything serious. I just wanted to write down some thoughts about Nathan Prescott and what he was being accused of doing. Then, I made a Tumblr so that I find other things about this character and the game (which, btw, good luck finding a Nathan Prescott based fic back during episode 2.) and I ended up being apart of this fandom, and I’m so glad that I did!

I have met a lot of nice people in this fandom, and they are what make me want to keep writing fanfics. I mean, them and Life is Strange in general :) I love to write and every comment or review that I get makes me so incredibly happy! I don’t think you guys even realize it, either! :D

Anyway, I guess in a way I’m celebrating my 25th story with this post. I actually want to share with you some of my favorite fics! :) Now, I’ve read a ton of amazing fics for this fandom, and if I were to list every single one, this would go on forever. So, here’s 20 in no particular order! :3

Stuck in the Brozone by @somethingsimsyworld

GrahamScott - Rated: T

Sense of Me by trecoolio

CaulScott - Rated: M

Love is Strange by @cabbiebori

GrahamField - Rated: M

Vortex Club Energy by @sassmasteredd

GrahamField - Rated: T

Altruismby Buttercup_Bee   

CaulScott - Rated: M

The Cracks In Your Foundation by @nobigdaddyiwonttakeyourpills

CaulScott - Rated: T

Something Good by @yadadenada

CaulScott - Rated: T

Zombies! by @king-of-gore-knight-of-trash

GrahamScott - Rated: T

Far Off, a Symphony by @detectableninja

Warren-centric - Rated: T

GrahamScott by @go-ape-with-nathan

GrahamScott - Rated: T

20 Questions by DuskNSunset             

CaulScott - Rated: T 

Sorry by @sebastian-the-mercat

GrahamScott - Rated: T

you’d be so nice, you’d be paradise by sitvha

GrahamScott - Rated: M

Movie Night by @roxstrider

GrahamScott - Rated: K+

Pleasant and the Unexpected Surprises by Lady_Jadi     

CaulScott - Rated: M

Not Her by @prescotch

CaulScott: Rated: K+

Exposure by @gunophilia

GrahamScott - Rated: M

Prestigious by @uncomfortable-writers

ChaseScott - Rated: T

Testament by @vhctoria

ChaseScott - Rated: T

Forget the Horror by @thehappinesstheory

CaulScott - Rated: T

There you have it! Again, thank you guys so much for your awesome support and comments! You guys make my day! I don’t care if Life is Strange is technically over, I’m going to stay here. :) I hope you’ll stay with me, too!

As always, I hope you all have a lovely day! Thank you!

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Sephora VIB Sale Buying Guide- Fall 2017 💋

It’s that time of year again! Here’s the details:

Beauty Insider: (this is for anyone with a Sephora account)

15% Off Code: INSIDER15

Dates: 11/10-11/15


20% Off Code: 20FORVIB

Dates: 11/10-11/15

VIB Rouge

20% Off Code: 20FORROUGE

Dates: 11/3-11/6 and 11/10-11/15

Sephora is a big store, so I’m just going to touch on some of my favorites for this sale; mostly in skin care and fragrance (because that’s what I like to buy). :^)

 I tried to stick to limited edition products/sets/minis as well. I’ll organize the products by price before discount, whether they’re skin care or not, and include the Sephora description.

Under $25

Skin Care:

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration Mini ($12)

An all-over moisturizer that provides instant relief and long-term hydration for dry, distressed skin and eczema. 56.7ml size.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($15)

A bestselling, do-it-all cleanser for all skin types that instantly removes makeup and dirt without drying the skin. 50ml size.

Dr. Jart+ Best Mask Forward Value Set ($20)

A two-piece travel-friendly collection of Dr. Jart+’s bestselling moisturizing creams. (includes Ceramidin and Cicapair creams)

Korres Greek Beauty Sleep ($24)

A vitamin C-rich Wild Rose duo designed to help you hydrate, brighten, and glow. (includes 15 mL Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil and 20 mL Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial)


Smashbox Matte Exposure Palette($49.00 $24.50)

An all-matte eye palette with soft, versatile neutrals in deep, smoldering hues. (this is a full sized Smashbox eyeshadow palette that was already on sale for the Weekly Wow. great deal.)


Skin Care:

Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm with Echinacea GreenEnvy™ ($34)

A nourishing cleansing balm that gently melts away makeup and impurities caused by pollution, leaving the skin hydrated and silky smooth.

Dr. Jart+ Tarot of Masks ($36)

A set of seven innovative sheet masks to target an array of skincare concerns. (very cute packaging- would make for an excellent holiday gift)

Belif Holy Jolly Hydration Set ($38)

A limited-edition holiday set with three bestselling favorites for luxurious moisture all winter long. (includes the full-sized Moisturizing Bomb and deluxe samples of the new Eye Bomb and Hungarian Water Essence)

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner ($44)

An alcohol-free cleansing toner infused with real rose petals to remove residual impurities, refine the appearance of pores, and soften skin for a healthy-looking complexion.


Elizabeth & James Find Your Nirvana Rollerball Set ($28)

Discover your Nirvana with this set of four purse-size fragrances from the Elizabeth and James Nirvana collection. (includes White, Black, Bourbon, and Rose)

Maison Margiela Beach Walk Rollerball ($28)

Beach Walk combines fresh and radiant notes of bergamot, coconut milk, lemon, pink pepper, and musk to evoke a familiar but forgotten moment—a walk along a sandy beach. (they also have rollerballs for their other fragrances, but Beach Walk is my current fave)

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Disney x Kiehl’s Hydration Essentials ($29)

A five-piece collection of Kiehl’s favorites for head-to-toe hydration. (contains 75 mL Ultra Facial Cleanser, 75 mL Creme de Corps, 30 mL Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, 7 mL Ultra Facial Cream, and Kiehl’s #1 Lip Balm)(100% of proceeds goes to charity!)

$45 and Above

Skin Care:

Sunday Riley Space Race Fight Acne, Oil + Pores at Warp Speed Kit ($65)

A powerful trio that treats and prevents acne, while visibly reducing the appearance of acne-related surface redness and enlarged pores. (Includes 20ml Saturn mask, 50ml Martian toner, and 15ml UFO oil)

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial™ ($80)

A pro-quality AHA/BHA mask that works as a “facial” to reveal greater clarity, improved skin texture and tone, and a more youthful-looking radiance.

Sunday Riley Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit ($85)

A transformational power product duo that combines lactic acid and trans-retinol ester to exfoliate and brighten the skin. (get this if you’re interested in trying both. (if one appeals to you more than the other, i suggest you pick one, because it would be best not to use both at the same time)


Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda ($58)

A limited-edition makeup collection for eyes, lips, and face with an exclusive year-round beauty agenda (Too Faced always has the cutest holiday sets)

Sol De Janeiro Bum Bum Beauty Escape ($59)

A holiday gift set with three bestselling Brazilian favorites for a delicious sensory vacation from head to toe. (includes full size Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, full size Brazilian Kiss lip butter, 90 mL Brazilian Crush fragrance)

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon Gift Set ($85)

Intoxicating and ever-so-sexy, Nirvana Bourbon takes you to a warm and cozy evening. (includes full size eau de parfum, travel size dabber, and full size dry shampoo)(the perfume alone is $85, so this is a great deal imo)(they have a few of their other scents available in gift sets, but Bourbon is my fave)

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Vodka *Requested* (Morgan Rielly)

This was requested by @a-kate3 (it won’t tag!) who wanted some Mo Rielly fluff!

I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!!

Requests are Open!!

Warnings: Alcohol

Up Next: Auston Matthews

You were over this week. Your boss had run you ragged, you were entering into the exam period for your online courses for your masters, and your best friend had stood you up to go on a date. So you were doing what any normal person would be after the week you had…getting drunk.

You had claimed a seat at the bar part of one of Toronto’s most popular clubs…not because you had any actual intention of clubbing…you just enjoyed people watching. Friday nights were perfect for that, summer was halfway over and students were getting the most out of everything while they could.

You laughed softly to yourself when you noticed a guy about your age walk into one of the columns supporting the ceiling. His friend quickly grab him and direct him over towards the bar where you were, just two seats down.

“No more Kappi. I’m cutting you off.” The blonde man said. He got his friend a water and handed him some french fries. “You’re already going to hate me in the morning.”

You laughed again as the clearly wasted man attempted to slur out that he was just fine. It barely sounded like English, and based on the accent you detected, there was a chance that it wasn’t.

“Do you think you can manage to stay put while I go find Aus and Willy?” Blondie asked. His friend blinked slowly before nodding…well, drunkenly. “Good.” Then Blondie disappeared into the gyrating mess of bodies. The friend, Kappi, looked around and then turned to the bartender.

“Shots!” He slurred. The bartender raised his eyebrow but filled a glass. You sighed but decided to save the man some regret for later, so you slid into the seat next to him.

“Sorry Hun. You’re cut off.” You looked at the bartender who was extending the shot glass. “I’ll take that, though.” You tossed it back and then looked at the man sitting next to you. He narrowed his eyes in confusion.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Y/N. Trust me, if you remember this tomorrow, you’ll be grateful that I didn’t let you have that. Your liver will thank me for the reprieve now.”

“But…it’s my birthday.” He shot you a puppy dog face as he began the transition into sad drunk. “Willy said I could do whatever I wanted!”

“Based on the fact that I can actually understand what you’re saying now, I’m going to assume this isn’t your first time being inebriated. So here’s what we’ll agree on. I’ll buy you some greasy bar food, my birthday present to you. And after you eat it and give your stomach sometime to absorb the alcohol in it…we can do shots together.”

He smiled. “Deal!” And 25 minutes later, after sharing a platter of nachos and potato skins with you, there were three shots lined up in front of each of you.

“Ok, ready…” Each of you picked up a shot. “Go!” And then the race was on to see who could down them first. The third glasses slammed down simultaneously. “I guess it’s a tie.” You giggled.

You were giggling…so maybe it was time you gave yourself a bit of a break. Four shots in 30 minutes was definitely going to help you reach your goal of being drunk…but you didn’t want to be blacked out. Kappi wasn’t much better and the two of you were leaning on each other for support a bit more than you would have liked. But….you were feeling all warm and cozy inside, so it couldn’t be that bad.

“Alright Kappi,” You heard a voice behind. “Are you ready to g-” The voice cut off as evidently, Blondie from earlier discovered that his friend was no longer alone. “Who’s your friend?”

“I’m Y/N.” You said…or slurred…the jury was still out. You gave him a thorough once over with boldness you never would have had sober. “And you’re cute.”

“Thank you. I always know drunk compliments are true.” He turned his attention back to his friend. “Let’s go. Aus and Willy caught an Uber back to my place. They’re waiting on us.”

“But Mo! I can’t leave my drinking buddy. She’ll be lonely!” He protested.

“Yeah…and I’m not done looking at you. Wanna do a spin for me, so I get the full picture?” You were definitely going to regret saying that in the morning.

“Mo” appeared to be losing his patience. With the both of you. “Take a picture. It’ll last longer.” He told you and then turned to Kappi. “Let’s go man. Your birthday technically ended 27 minutes ago.”

While he talked to Kappu you got your phone out and after making sure the flash was on, club lighting was so sketchy, took a picture of Blondie.

He looked at you completely flabbergasted. “Did you just take a picture of me?”

“Yup.” You hiccuped and then giggled again.

“Why would you do that?! Give me your phone!” He demanded.

“You told me to take a picture. I did. And no! It’s mine!!” You slipped your phone into your back pocket to guarantee that he wasn’t going to snatch it.

“I didn’t mean for you to literally take a picture….UGH!” He ran his hands through his hair while mumbling about DDs and stupid choices. “Whatever. Let’s go Kappi.”

“No! I’m not leaving Y/N!” He grabbed you around the waist and pulled you in front of him. “She gave me food. She’s my pet.”

“You can’t keep humans as pets, Kappi. But if it’s really that important to you, then she can come, too.”

“Wanna come Y/N?! We’re gonna have a sleepover at Captain Mo’s.” He whispered the last two words.

“I love sleepovers. I’m in.”

“Great.” Mo said. “Now let’s go.” He went to lead the two of you out of the club but before he got there, you reached back and downed another shot, Kappi doing the same. “Guys! That’s enough! We’re going…now!”

The two of you laughed some more but followed him out of the door. This night was going to be great.

What was I thinking?! You thought as the morning light pierced through the windows in the room. You blinked sluggishly trying to process the blinding pain in your head…and why you weren’t in your bedroom…or even in your apartment. You did a mental scan of your body…all clothes and extremities were there. Why were you in a strange place?!

You sat up in the bed you were laying up on and cradled your head while memories from the night before blurrily made their way through your mind. Shots…Kappi….more shots….Blondie…drunk singing…blackness.

Groaning because of your stupidity and because your brain was protesting movement you stood up. After orienting yourself, you noticed a glass of water and two pain pills on the dresser, you swallowed both down before cautiously approaching from the room. Passing another room, you saw Kappi sprawled on a bed, still passed out from the night before. You made it to the living room and had the front door insight before a throat clearing from your right caused you to freeze.

“Did you sleep well?” Came the voice of Blondie from the night before. Glancing over you saw him leaning against a kitchen island with a mug in hand.

Blood rushed to your cheeks. “Yes. I’m so sorry. And embarrassed. I just had a really bad week and then yesterday was the worst, so I made the terrible decision to get drunk. And I probably ruined your night and your plans for Kappi’s birthday….and I’m just so sorry!” You spilled out.

He chuckled a little bit. “It’s ok. We’ve all had those days, and you definitely didn’t ruin anything. Kappi had a great time…whether or not he’ll remember it.” He shrugged. “That’s up for debate.”

“I’m still so, so sorry. I just invaded your apartment….”

“It’s not the end of the world. I’m kinda the dad of my friends, so I’m used to it.”

“….The dad? You don’t even look 25.”

He laughed lightly. “I’m not. I’m 23. Just basically all of my friends are younger than me. I keep them in line.”

“I respect that. And seriously, thank you so much for letting me crash here last night. I’m still super sorry.”

“Seriously, wasn’t that big of a deal. Do you want any coffee?”

“No,” You politely declined. “I have to get home to Vodka.” At his concerned look you quickly explained, “That’s my dog’s name. He stayed with my friend last night. She has the apartment below me. Speaking of…what complex are we in?”

“Oh! I was concerned that you had a serious problem. My downstairs neighbor has a cute puppy with a name like that…Rum or something I think.” You both laughed. “And it’s Toronto Main.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes? I live on the third floor…is that bad?” He looked genuinely confused.

“I live in Toronto Main….on the second floor. I moved in like two months ago. You thought my dog’s name was Rum?!?”

“Is that what you’re choosing to focus on? That I didn’t know your dog’s name? I can’t believe you live just a floor below me.”

You gave a small laugh. “It is pretty crazy. At least I don’t have far to go to get home! One last time….thank you!”

“You don’t need to keep thanking me.” You waved bye and headed for the door before his voice called after you. “Oh! Y/N!” Blondie shouted before coming after you.


“Can I have your phone for a second?”

“Why?” You arched an eyebrow.

“You might not remember, but last night you took a picture of me,” He rubbed the back of his neck and gave an awkward chuckle. “I just thought I could delete it for you.”

“Oh, I remember the picture. I also remember you telling me to take it. I think I’ll keep it.” You winked and opened the door, “Never know when my upstairs neighbor might need blackmailed into quieting down.”

“Y/N!” He yelled after you.

You just laughed and continued down the stairs. “Feel free to come visit me anytime, Blondie!”

“My name is Morgan!”

Let me know if you see any blazing errors!!

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.’ Matthew 25:40

How we deal with others is important to God. People around you need your help and encouragement. God wants to use your life to touch the lives of others. Let your life be an instrument of blessing!

PRAYER: Lord, may my life be more than just about me and my issues. May my life be an instrument in Your hand to touch and bless the lives of others. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Little Mongolia: “You are SO gay.”

Little Russia: “Am not!”

Little Mongolia: “C’mon, you take ballet, you wear pink, and you bake cupcakes. You’re as gay as the moon is round.”

Little Russia: “You can’t prove it!”

Little Mongolia: “Alright, let’s make a bet. If it turns out you’re gay, you pay me fifteen bucks. If you’re not, I pay you fifteen bucks. Deal?”

Little Russia: “Deal!”

25 years later:

Russia: “You’re all invited to my wedding! Here, have an invitation!”  

Tibet: “Aw, thank you! Look Munkhbat, we’re invited!”

Mongolia: “Wait, it says Alfred as the bride.”

Russia: “And?”

Mongolia: “That means you’re gay.”

Russia: “So?”


Life update:

1. I did 2 hours of algebra review because I realized I remembered jack shit about math when I opened my calculus book yesterday - for fun

2. I’m writing a paper about the forces that could potentially end humanity as we know it using social theory and basic human decency - just because

3. I’ve been complaining about this terrible sociology textbook I had to buy for a terrible class and wished I could find something better. I was at B&n a couple days ago and I saw the textbook of my dreams and I got so excited that I just bought it - on a whim

…….i have no idea where any of this is coming from


Drew the cup boi using my brother’s tablet

The last one was made the day I posted it. Doesn’t even look like it’s been drawn by me! ^v^ (A bigger canvas and thinner lines really do make a difference! )
I’m SO satisfied with the last one!!!

Just wait until I buy my very own tablet. I might post even more frequently. Probably, like, almost everyday!

Hanae's 25 charming points
Hanae Natsuki

aka 25 reasons to love Hanae Natsuki :

01 has a cute name

02 small eyes, however charming

03 looks good with spectacles

04 silky hair

05 lame fashion sense, but in contrary that’s nice

06 looks good with necklace

07 can read kanji

loves namikawa-san…. (namidai : lol no no this doesn’t count! www we’re not talking about your feelings www)

08 has refreshing voice

09 but actually a hentai

10 keeps spouting hentai (ero) things nonetheless

11 good at talking to himself

12 doesn’t feel lonely easily

13 comparatively positive

14 sometimes negative

15 doesn’t spend much on food

16 won’t drink alcohol if there’s recording the next day

17 recently able to hit 120km/s pitch

18 beard grows fast

19 surprisingly has thick body hair

20 chokes when drinking this specific tea

21 loves dogs despite being allergic to them

22 feels being spoiled by senpai(s)

23 assertively takes care of his kouhai

24 though his body’s not used to doing certain things, he still does it while being assertive/positive

25 average purchase of the month on adult goods’ sites is 30,000yen

voltaicsparks  asked:

Hello, What would you recommend for a newbie? I've been wanting to start for a while now, I am just at the point where I have no idea where to begin or what to begin with (and I really do want to take it seriously, so it's hard to tell which resources are true and which ones are just made up/exaggerated bullshit). Recommended resources (books,supplies, basically what might help me understand it all better and what the basic supplies) would be very much appreciated.

Hi! There are so many beginning tips and tricks, and so, SO many masterposts on tumblr about suggested places to begin, so I’m just going to give you the thinnest aspects. There are a lot of things you’re going to want to try, so I’ll give you my most basic advice. 

1) Buy/Borrow books. Will all of them be good? No. Will some of them be racist or homophobic or have misleading information or be extremely Wiccan-centric? Yeah, probably. But it’ll be good lessons on real issues in the community and teach you how to spot the shady bits in other literature. The upside is that most books are very easy to understand because they assume the reader knows absolutely nothing and will try to teach you from the ground up. Newer books will be better (and more secular), but they’ll be, uh, $$$$. A lot of $$$$. I suggest instead buying used witchcraft books on Thriftbooks.com (I’m always plugging them but it’s because I use it so often!) which has a $10=no shipping payment deal and on amazon (which is something like $25= no shipping deal). If this isn’t possible, because not everyone has a credit card, you always can visit your local library and download free ibooks and kindle books.

Actually, go to the library first before buying. Some books are really the worst and you’ll know which ones not to buy after a trip to the library. Wiccan books will be in the religion section but more secular books will be in the occult or mythology sections. My personal library is up at the top of my header, with notes on books that I have read and a few on books I own but have not. You can see what seems useful to you there. 

2) Pinterest. It’s all bootlegged material, and some of it is culturally appropriative (if it says “smudging”, you say no. If it says “Voodoo”, you say no). But beyond that, there are a number of really easy to understand graphics and charts on theory and easy to understand spells that are just as easy to perform.  I particularly like the tarot spreads there. 

3) Tumblr. Ah yes, the Hellsite. Is it abominable and ridiculous? Absolutely! but look at where you are; you’re here, and so am I. There are just as many racists and white supremacists and homophobes and transphobes in the witchcraft tumblr community as there are in all of tumblr, but the issues and fights and discourse here gives you a better understanding of what witches exist in the world, what we’re all actually like when interacting together and in large groups.

Which is people. Except very cold-war style and perhaps a little too much cursing. 

There are people who will want to help you, people just trying to show off to you, and people who will want to take you down. That’s natural. Follow people you think are authenic and either block or unfollow people who become too aggravating. There are many great people who will be open to questions and willing to answer, but if they’re backlogged or don’t feel up to answering, just…be understanding.

4) Now, NOW I come to supplies. Don’t buy witchcraft tools first

Let me explain. Many witchcraft tools are extremely expensive. That makes sense: purchasing one is an investment, and can run you a pretty penny depending on what components make it up. There is a lot of (expensive) variety, but this will be a waste if you buy something you end up never using. Or worse, if you buy something upcharged at a metaphys shop that can be bought cheaper elsewhere. That wicked-looking athame? Work up to that: start by consecrating a dinner knife and see if you actually like using a knife in the first place. A pretty besom? See if using a broom is worth it in your craft in the first place. Crystals? See if you like working with crystals at all before dropping $3.99 on a fingernail sized piece of rose quartz. Find your habits and hobbies first, and then invest down the line in things you think would enhance your craft. I have a gorgeous runeset I bought in Iceland that I never use because I prefer tarot but can’t consider handing away because it was a souvenir. It is a beloved waste of the heart, but a waste nevertheless.

Here are the basics when it comes to cutting costs:

  • Chime candles: cheaper on amazon (price compare for sales)
  • Taper candles+holders: dollar store
  • Incense: walmart/dollar store
  • Rider-Waite Deck from Spirit of Halloween for $3.99
  • Incense holders: dollar store, or Five Below
  • Ribbon: Dollar store
  • Altar decorations: just pick stuff up in the park. 
  • Bulk Herbs from Monterey Bay Spice co (Works best for West-Coasters)
  • Cheap Herbs: Doesn’t have a wide variety, but dollar stores do stock some as spices
  • Crystals are better bought in scientific areas, like museums and kid’s science shops, as they don’t upcharge for religion 
  • Buying bulk tea is a great place to buy food-grade flowers and plants

That’s all I could think of immediately, but you’ll find more when you start practicing. 

Maybe not 5) The Real World.  

Witchvox.com is home to what looks like older-style pagans and wiccan witches. There will also be a lot of free or pay-to-enter pagan and witch gatherings throughout the year that are open to the public for celebration and networking. If you;re looking for mentors, or for a coven, you might be able to find someone there, but uh… be careful. I’m gonna get a little serious here: 

I don’t know how deep you are into the witchcraft community, but remember to remain wary of people trying to control you, your actions, or your religion. If you don’t feel comfortable with a person, don’t stay there. If you’re uncomfortable, say, working sky-clad or participating in certain things, don’t let yourself or anyone else bully you into doing it. Your profile pic looks very feminine (although I can’t tell from the tiny pic) so let me add that harassment and sexism are not uncommon, along with racism and homophobia and transphobia and everything else under the sun. It’s the reason many women and femmes and others are solitary: it becomes too aggravating to deal with, so they don’t. Harassment is not, perhaps, common, and there’s a chance you may never encounter it, but it does exist. If they ask you for money, say no. If they ask you for things you are not comfortable with, say no. If they try to spring things upon you without your consent, say no. If you ask about what their history or credibility and they refuse, say no. If they rule with an iron fist and don’t accept discussion and critique, leave. Spiritual beliefs and religion are really big ways people try to control other people. It happens in a lot of disciplines, but because the occult and witchcraft is so hidden, sometimes by it’s own nature, it can fester a lot longer in witchcraft. 

Witchcraft is not inherently dangerous: people are

Wow, I didn’t mean to get so serious so fast. Okay! 

You’re going to want to make a routine, whether it be monthy, weekly, or daily, to keep you on track. A lot of people suggest journalling, but I mainly use mine as a log for reference so do what feels right to you. And don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day, you just HAVE to keep going or else you might give up. Breaks are okay, but remember to pick yourself back up when you’re done! Incorporate little magics into your daily routine, into your bath routine, into your food, into your job/school, into your self-care, hell, into your meds if you have any. Learn how to magic up on the fly and do little exercises. Bring your books onto the bus with you for some light reading. (Book socks, if you have them, are excellent for this). Whatever you do, don’t fight you as you hop in. Learn to work with yourself; you’ll be the biggest constant. 

Good luck! Message me for any other questions you might have, and know you have my blessings! :)