$25 deal

  • jack: we're both close to thirty
  • robin: yeah... we're both there
  • jack: you're closer there than me
  • jack (to us): believe it or not, robin is older than me
  • me: ????
  • robin: yeah i am
  • me: *squints eyes*
  • me: ... you're bluffing

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of Mine, you did for Me.’ Matthew 25:40

How we deal with others is important to God. People around you need your help and encouragement. God wants to use your life to touch the lives of others. Let your life be an instrument of blessing!

PRAYER: Lord, may my life be more than just about me and my issues. May my life be an instrument in Your hand to touch and bless the lives of others. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

Life update:

1. I did 2 hours of algebra review because I realized I remembered jack shit about math when I opened my calculus book yesterday - for fun

2. I’m writing a paper about the forces that could potentially end humanity as we know it using social theory and basic human decency - just because

3. I’ve been complaining about this terrible sociology textbook I had to buy for a terrible class and wished I could find something better. I was at B&n a couple days ago and I saw the textbook of my dreams and I got so excited that I just bought it - on a whim

…….i have no idea where any of this is coming from

Hey there, Strangers.

Did you know that I have currently written 25 different fics for the Life is Strange fandom? Now, this might not seem like a big deal, 25 isn’t that many, yada yada. But, to me, it is. This is the most I’ve ever written for any single fandom.

Do you know how many words have gone into these 25 fics…?

190,792 words.


When I wrote my first fic, I wasn’t doing anything serious. I just wanted to write down some thoughts about Nathan Prescott and what he was being accused of doing. Then, I made a Tumblr so that I find other things about this character and the game (which, btw, good luck finding a Nathan Prescott based fic back during episode 2.) and I ended up being apart of this fandom, and I’m so glad that I did!

I have met a lot of nice people in this fandom, and they are what make me want to keep writing fanfics. I mean, them and Life is Strange in general :) I love to write and every comment or review that I get makes me so incredibly happy! I don’t think you guys even realize it, either! :D

Anyway, I guess in a way I’m celebrating my 25th story with this post. I actually want to share with you some of my favorite fics! :) Now, I’ve read a ton of amazing fics for this fandom, and if I were to list every single one, this would go on forever. So, here’s 20 in no particular order! :3

Stuck in the Brozone by @somethingsimsyworld

GrahamScott - Rated: T

Sense of Me by trecoolio

CaulScott - Rated: M

Love is Strange by @cabbiebori

GrahamField - Rated: M

Vortex Club Energy by @sassmasteredd

GrahamField - Rated: T

Altruismby Buttercup_Bee   

CaulScott - Rated: M

The Cracks In Your Foundation by @nobigdaddyiwonttakeyourpills

CaulScott - Rated: T

Something Good by @yadadenada

CaulScott - Rated: T

Zombies! by @king-of-gore-knight-of-trash

GrahamScott - Rated: T

Far Off, a Symphony by @detectableninja

Warren-centric - Rated: T

GrahamScott by @go-ape-with-nathan

GrahamScott - Rated: T

20 Questions by DuskNSunset             

CaulScott - Rated: T 

Sorry by @sebastian-the-mercat

GrahamScott - Rated: T

you’d be so nice, you’d be paradise by sitvha

GrahamScott - Rated: M

Movie Night by @roxstrider

GrahamScott - Rated: K+

Pleasant and the Unexpected Surprises by Lady_Jadi     

CaulScott - Rated: M

Not Her by @prescotch

CaulScott: Rated: K+

Exposure by @gunophilia

GrahamScott - Rated: M

Prestigious by @uncomfortable-writers

ChaseScott - Rated: T

Testament by @vhctoria

ChaseScott - Rated: T

Forget the Horror by @thehappinesstheory

CaulScott - Rated: T

There you have it! Again, thank you guys so much for your awesome support and comments! You guys make my day! I don’t care if Life is Strange is technically over, I’m going to stay here. :) I hope you’ll stay with me, too!

As always, I hope you all have a lovely day! Thank you!

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Anonymous asked:

If I’m writing a book from the POV of a teenage girl and an adult man and the book explores both of their lifes, what kind of book is it? (YA or what else?)

A book’s age category has less to do with the age of its characters and more to do with the specific issues the story deals with. It might help, a little bit, to understand a bit more about how age categories work:

Middle Grade - geared toward ages 8-12 - deals with issues relevant to middle grade kids, such as school, camp, adventures, relationships with parents and friends, and first crushes. But also some internal issues like leaving childhood and learning how to fit in.

Young Adult - geared toward ages 12-18 - deals with issues relevant to young adults, such as high school, identity, sexuality, depression, first romance, peer pressure, and transitioning into adulthood. 

New Adult - geared toward ages 18-25 - deals with issues relevant to people in their late teens and early twenties, such as college, career, military, travel, first serious relationship, sexual exploration, changing friendships, and marriage.

Although age categories aren’t technically genres, they are often thought of that way. The actual genre of these books then becomes its sub-genre. So, for example, you might have a book that is YA Sci-Fi or MG mystery.

Beyond that, age categories aren’t used. Books are just categorized by their genre. Some of the main ones are literary, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, romance, thriller, speculative fiction. 

So,for your book, it really depends on what your book is about. If it doesn’t deal specifically with issues relevant to being a teenager, it would be categorized by its genre. :)


kittenn1011 said: Middle grade books mostly set their protagonists at a few years older than the intended audience (for example, the babysitter’s club is read by kids about 9-11, and the protagonists are mostly 13 or 14). Outside of middle grade, I’ve seen no set rules.

WQA said: Sorry about that, @kittenn1011! I was a little unclear. The “ages” were the target audience ages, not the protagonist age range. Again, as I said at the beginning of the post (perhaps you missed it?), “A book’s age category has less to do with the age of its characters and more to do with the specific issues the story deals with.” 

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

Don’t get me wrong, I love Klaus. And Klaus in glasses. But every time he shows Liz to the Headmaster’s office, it always reminds me of what a prick he is. I really do love that boy (mostly because he’s my age and he wears glasses) but he’s a bit of an ass.

Hanae's 25 charming points
Hanae Natsuki

aka 25 reasons to love Hanae Natsuki :

01 has a cute name

02 small eyes, however charming

03 looks good with spectacles

04 silky hair

05 lame fashion sense, but in contrary that’s nice

06 looks good with necklace

07 can read kanji

loves namikawa-san…. (namidai : lol no no this doesn’t count! www we’re not talking about your feelings www)

08 has refreshing voice

09 but actually a hentai

10 keeps spouting hentai (ero) things nonetheless

11 good at talking to himself

12 doesn’t feel lonely easily

13 comparatively positive

14 sometimes negative

15 doesn’t spend much on food

16 won’t drink alcohol if there’s recording the next day

17 recently able to hit 120km/s pitch

18 beard grows fast

19 surprisingly has thick body hair

20 chokes when drinking this specific tea

21 loves dogs despite being allergic to them

22 feels being spoiled by senpai(s)

23 assertively takes care of his kouhai

24 though his body’s not used to doing certain things, he still does it while being assertive/positive

25 average purchase of the month on adult goods’ sites is 30,000yen


Anon hate, social media feuds and a murder

This is one of the craziest cases I’ve read about lately. It starts with Jenelle Potter (34), a Tennesse woman that because of a series of medical conditions lived in the care of her parents, Marvin and Barbara. She didn’t have a job or many friends. Most of her interactions were through social media. Still, she’d managed to get a boyfriend called Jamie Curd. 

According to Jenelle, she started getting anonymous hate messages and threats through her Facebook. Because her parents monitored her account (and please remember this woman is 34 years old), they were also aware of this. Jenelle thought that the one behind the nasty messages was Billie Jean Hayworth (23), one of her social media friends. Billie was the girlfriend of Billy Payne (36), a man some people say Jenelle had a crush on. But according to Jenelle, Billie’s motive was that she was “jealous of her good looks”.

Then, on January 31st 2012, Billie Jean and Billy were found dead in their home. Both had been shot once in the head. Billie had died holding her 7 month old son, who was unharmed but covered in his mother’s blood when he was found. 

Police became aware of the problems the murdered couple had with Jenelle, so they questioned the family and the boyfriend. After Jamie failed a polygraph test, he told authorities he’d been texting with a CIA agent named Chris that had told him his job and only job was to protect Jenelle.

Are you scratching your head yet? After this weird statement, Jamie also confessed it was Marvin Potter, Jenelle’s father, who had killed the couple. Marvin was arrested and admitted what he did, claiming it was to protect his daughter because they were threatening her life.

During a search of the Potter’s house, police found tons of documents that had been shredded. When they put them together, they saw there were from this alleged CIA agent warning Marvin and Barbara that Jenelle was in danger. However, the letters were full of mispellings and written in a childish manner. Police traced the IP to guess where? The Potter’s house. According to prosecution, it was Jenelle who’d pretended to be this Chris to trick her parents into killing Billie and Billy. How they believed it, if it’s true they believed it, I don’t know.

Marvin, Barbara and Jenelle were all tried for first degree murder, found guilty and will spend their lives in prison. Jamie got a deal of 25 years in exchange for his testimony. Jenelle still claims innocence.

Don’t Cry For Me, Vox Machina

@BananaMcGee1 Here’s a stat for you to find: How many times have any of the players cried on the show?
Anonymous asked: It would be cool to have a list of all the times the cast and characters cried in the show.

Hey, this stuff gets emotional, man.

Thanks to agent-of-chaotic-order, Eric R., @GraphixDave, holpike, i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, @jeritchie3, kevvinn, pbandfluff, Rosie-LostBetweenThePages, Rowena Highlander, @SilentEnGee, vysoren-of-vord, wallflowerwaitlist, and other fantastic critters for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 62

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What Supernatural Has Taught Me

From seasons 1-11

1. Never go camping
2. Always bring M&Ms to the woods
3. Beware of lakes
4. Watch out for possessed people on planes
5. Forgive yourself
6. Sometimes bad things just happen
7. Don’t negatively influence a reverend’s daughter
8. Family matters.
9. If you hear a place is haunted, don’t go inside
10. Everything comes with a price
11. You shouldn’t play God
12. Never invite a clown inside
13. Not everything is black and white
14. Just because something isn’t human, doesn’t mean it deserves to die
15. You could sit around feeling sorry for yourself, or you can take control of your life
16. If something is dead, it should probably stay dead
17. If you think something is too good to be true, it probably is
18. It doesn’t matter what you are, it only matters what you do
19. Always check your Halloween candy for razor blades
20. Don’t be a dick
21. Appreciate what you’ve got, even if it doesn’t seem like much
22. Don’t trust people online even if they say they’re vampires
23. Don’t trust news people
24. Always be super nice to a dog owner
25. Don’t make deals with demons, angels, leprechauns, or the devil
26. Be super careful when crossing the street
27. Fate strikes when you least expect it
28. Stay faithful to your partner
29. Be suspicious of cupcakes
30. If something feels wrong, it probably is
31. Be weary of fangirls
32. Don’t sleep in cocoon sleeping bags
33. Always check your turducken for goo
34. Just avoid alleyways in general
35. Stay out of ball pits
36. Don’t trust antiques
37. Being guilty won’t bring anyone back, you just have to go on and live your life like they’d want you to
38. Don’t smoke
39. Don’t jog at night
40. Don’t find witches on Craigslist
41. Be brave, don’t let anyone or anything smell your fear
42. Sometimes the greatest act of bravery is letting go
43. Don’t be stupid
44. Don’t do anything that could get you blackmailed if you can help it
45. There’s more to life than just surviving, enjoy the little things while you can
46. Everything is not as it seems
47. You can’t save everyone
48. Don’t joke about suicide
49. Sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you, even if it’s gonna hurt the ones you love
50. Don’t break your vows
51. Never reveal that you’re a double agent
52. People can change
53. Sometimes you gotta give folks the benefit of the doubt
54. Don’t eat strange pudding
55. Don’t mess with freaks
56. Don’t hide in closets
57. Secrets ruin a relationship
58. Never criticize a woman’s cooking decisions
59. Don’t trust ordinary people
60. Don’t propose in front of ferries
61. Monsters have feelings too
62. Make sure pipes aren’t leaking while you have an elaborate demon trap set up
63. Gloating will only get you screwed
64. When someone says run, RUN
65. Sometimes enough is whatever you have
66. Never give up on family
67. Don’t sit in the front row during theatre productions
68. Respect the deceased
69. If it’s not the butler, it’s the maid
70. Being a monster is a choice
71. Family is supposed to hurt sometimes
72. Never get in the way of a man and his water
73. Don’t mess with weird kids
74. Don’t lose touch with your mother
75. People might still need help even if they don’t want it
76. Don’t put on creepy masks
77. Don’t wear earbuds while working out
78. Always bring your imaginary friend to dinner with your parents
79. Never drink tea from someone who loathes you
80. Always have faith in your friends and family
81. Leave the Devil out of it
82. Follow your heart
83. Family is worth it
84. Birth control doesn’t protect you from STDs
85. Don’t hunt like a dumbass
86. Hair pins can sometimes double as weapons
87. If you want someone to stay dead, burn the body
88. Never scrape off weird painted symbols
89. Prevent being grabbed by having slippery calves
90. Avoid creepy cabins in the woods
91. Death is not an end
92. First impressions mean nothing
93. Don’t pee in the woods
94. Always run from sketchy fog
95. Don’t rely on duct-tape to seal windows/vents
96. If you want souls, call a reaper
97. Too much co-dependency is unhealthy
98. Love requires sacrifice
99. Even if you hate your family, you still love them
100. Don’t ever doubt someone’s will to shoot you



Shop at Gilmore’s!

metrognomefamily asked: How many times has the group told people to go to Gilmore’s Glorious Goods?               

Fun fact: Vox Machina receives a 10% discount on all items from Gilmore’s Glorious Goods, and advertised for the store in 10% of Critical Role episodes! Updated to Episode 80.

Thanks to @allessier, @c_diercks, @ChrisVLinden, @dutchcritter, Eric R., @SilentEnGee, and other critters for their work compiling this list!

Times that Vox Machina advertised for Gilmore’s Glorious Goods: 8

24 The Feast

  • (2:17:37) Vex’ahlia: Also, Gilmore’s Glorious Goods!  Scanlan: Oh, yes!  Gilmore’s: if you’re ever Overdark, come check it out, it’s a great, great store.

25 Crimson Diplomacy

  • (2:34:02) Scanlan: One more thing before we leave. If you need any items, be they gear or blades, go to Gilmore’s; Gilmore’s Glorious Goods-today!  Tiberius: You don’t have to sell it.  Scanlan: We’re supposed to plug him, right? I don’t know.

31 Gunpowder Plot

  • (p1. 2:00:40) Sam to Laura: Don’t forget to tell them about Gilmore’s Glorious Goods [before shooting the guards]! We’re supposed to advertise!

37 A Musician’s Nostalgia

  • (1:43:48) Scanlan: Have a good day. And remember: shop at Gilmore’s Glorious Goods!

39 Omens

  • (2:04:35) Sam: If you haven’t read the comics, check ‘em out on geekandsundry.com!  Taliesin: While you’re there, spend some money at Gilmore’s Glorious Goods!  Gilmore’s where…all of your magical items…can be procured.

41 In Ruins

  • (0:31:05) Grog/Travis: Don’t forget to visit Gilmore’s Glorious Goods.  Sam: That’s not a real place, Travis.  It doesn’t exist.

42 Dangerous Dealings

  • (0:32:50) Travis: Remember to shop at Gilmore’s Ruined Rubble! […]  Taliesin: For all your reclaimed wood needs! […]  Travis: An endless supply of pavers and gravel.  Sam: Gilmore’s Building Supplies.  Travis: All your home improvement needs.

45 Those Who Walk Away…

  • (0:45:56) Vex’ahlia: Gilmore!  Gilmore’s Glorious Goods!  Wonderful place to buy all sorts of products, if it was still standing.