Negan Fanfics <3

A little list of Negan fiction I enjoy the hell out of, and believe they deserve a few more views and love!

*Stigmatic by 217: My #1 Negan fic. Written from Negan’s POV, it follows comic canon with the author’s own twist, before venturing out into AU territory. This delves into Negan’s head so wonderfully, and contains characters so real, and a plotline that constantly moves forward and has you wondering. It is fantastic!


*Recollection by 217: Another goodie by 217, this is based off the ‘Here’s Negan’ backstory.


*Seven Days by Oceanbones: TV-based Negan with the author’s own flair. It’s a cute concept involving the OC finding a puppy, but only given seven days to prove the dog’s usefulness to a skeptical Negan.


*Trapped in the Closet by Vizhi0n: A satisfying little smut-fest with Negan and the author’s OC. This author also has a longer Negan fic that I’ve got to get around to reading!


*His Favorite Girl and Making Like by harleyquinzel: Two smutfests, the first involving Negan and Lucille (ha!) and the second a yummy Negan/Rick affair. There’s a couple other smut fics I like by this author, but these two are my favorites.



We’ll Call it Even by DarylDixonGrimes: A delicious and fantastically written snarky smut fic with Daryl and Negan, where upon delivering goods to Negan, Daryl can’t resist our favorite bad boy’s ‘charm’ much longer. The snark is great, and the smut is yumm!


A Wolf at the Door by Misterkingdom: A very well-written fic where Negan makes sure Rick knows who the King Dick Motherfucker is around here ;)


And that’s it for now. ^____^ I have a lot of Negan fic bookmarked to read, so in the future I’ll probably expand this list.

Annnnd…I have a few Negan fics in the work as well. They don’t quite fall into the ‘good’ qualifications above, but maybe somebody will enjoy them. ;) 



insp. and aided by a very important convo with @blackshowtime

  • SLH’s main four all get their logo tattooed on their backs
  • They all ask Yuma to design their own individual ones as well:
    • Karasu gets one on one of his guns biceps
    • Yuma gets one on his knuckle(s) or at the base of the back of his neck
    • Shirahan gets one in color on his lower back or even behind his ear
    • Ryo gets one in color on his shoulderblade
  • ATY gets beautiful delicate/fine line tattoos, maybe even in watercolor; they don’t match, but they are very similar in style. Yukari’s is on her ankle and Akari’s is on her wrist
  • 217 gets something in color on her thigh or her upper arm; the tattoo itself is subtle, but it’s of something goofy
  • Miume gets a small and detailed tattoo, beautiful but with very definitive lines, not delicate; it’s centered between her shoulderblades.
  • Takuma gets either a word tattoo in color or Underbar’s face/logo or like,,,, a meme; he was drunk and doesn’t remember when or where he got it the rest of PCF remember bc they were there when he got it but didn’t try to stop him bc they were also drunk and thought it was hilarious

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How Did Zimbabwe End Up with Just $217 in the Bank?

Last week, the Zimbabwean government announced that after paying public workers’ salaries, its bank balance is sitting at a pitiful $217. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN DOLLARS. I once found $200 on the floor of a gas station. If I’d known that made me richer than a country, I wouldn’t have been so bummed out about having to spend it all on tax debts.

The information came from Finance Minister Tendai Biti who—as far as politicians in Zimbabwe go—is about as honest as it gets. Biti is the Secretary General of the MDC party—the good guys who’ve spent their entire existence being hurled off the edges of cliffs and dangled from helicopters by Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF. Back in 2008, their party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, made a deal with the devil and agreed to share power with Mugabe. As Zimbabwe’s new Finance Minister, poor Biti was dropped right in the steaming pile of shit that continues to double as the country’s bank vault.


(7:53) Let's Play: Minecraft - Episode 217 - Ryan Is the One in the Hole

(Minecraft is freezing as usual, but instead of crashing it simply timeskips and teleports everybody around, mining everything the viewing player didn’t mine in an instant and usually causing damage to somebody.)
Do you think it’s Ryan? Do you think Ryan has somehow infiltrated and he’s controlling time?
Matt: I think, if Ryan was able to control time, there’d be a whole lot more of a problem.

Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 217}

Deedee fired a water blast at Bianca to extinguish the cursed flames but the damage had been done. Painful flames had left deep flesh burns on Bianca.
Bianca: “ Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh! My hair!! My haaair!! My beautiful long hair. My hair, oh my hair! [pain] Ow, ow… I can’t move It hurts too much. Oh my god I’m so ugly! Please someone heal me. ” Bianca’s skin and brittle hair started falling off. She was almost bald.
Deedee: “ Thank god your not dead! Omg I think I can see your bone. [monotone] Aw hunny that must hurt so much. I’ll take care of Bianca. You two take care of that absolute bitch!! ”
Samantha-Hain: “ AHA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!! ”

Who To Expect in Rio Uneven Bars Finals

Madison Kocian - USA

  • 2016 Average: 15.700
  • 2014 Pan American Champs Silver Medalist
  • 2015 Worlds Co-Gold Medalist

Shang Chunsong - CHN

  • 2016 Average: 15.311
  • 2013 National Games Gold Medalist

Fan Yilin - CHN

  • 2016 Average: 15.217
  • 2015 Asian Games Bronze Medalist 
  • 2015 Worlds Co-Gold Medalist

Sophie Scheder - GER

  • 2016 Average: 15.136
  • 2015 European Games Silver Medalist
  • 2016 Olympic Test Event Silver Medalist

Daria Spiridonova - RUS

  • 2016 Average: 15.124
  • 2014 European Champs Bronze Medalist
  • 2014 Worlds Silver Medalist
  • 2015 European Champs Gold Medalist
  • 2015 Worlds Co-Gold Medalist
  • 2016 European Champs Silver Medalist

Elisabeth Seitz - GER

  • 2016 Average: 15.118
  • 2015 European Games Silver Medalist
  • 2016 Olympic Test Event Gold Medalist

Gabby Douglas - USA

  • 2016 Average: 15.102
  • 2012 Pac Rim Gold Medalist

Angelina Melnikova - RUS

  • 2016 Average: 14.944

Who might steal their spots:

  • Becky Downie - GBR
    • 2016 Average: 14.755
  • Aliya Mustafina - RUS
    • 2016 Average: 14.605
  • Tan Jiaxin - CHN
    • 2016 Average: 15.100
  • Simone Biles - USA
    • 2016 Average: 14.975
  • Laurie Hernandez - USA
    • 2016 Average: 14.871
  • Kim Bui - GER
    • 2016 Average: 14.728