Holy Macarroni there’s like 217 of you !  How did this even happen I just derp all the time …

Anyways, I just wanted to say I probably am not worthy so I thank you from the bottom of my heart not only for following and roleplaying with me but for being there when I needed to vent my feelings or quirks. You’ll always have a special place for your kindness. I mean it.

We had laughs, jokes, not only the bad sad things are to be mentioned, I seriously have a blast here! I want to keep it going like that :D

Well, let’s begin with the honourable mentions. Of course, there isn’t a concrete or complete number, someone might be forgotten here, then again, there’s so many of you !!!!!

愛のメッセージ {  A MESSAGE OF LOVE  } 

         Sometimes I can’t even sleep because I love someone too much.

these are the ones that were most close throughout my first days!!!!

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切っても切れない絆  {  INSEPARABLE BONDS  }

i enjoy seeing these rpers in my dash and hope to know them further / roleplay with them.

           Please don’t live me all alone, I need you.

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                          We’ll always be together.


How Did Zimbabwe End Up with Just $217 in the Bank?

Last week, the Zimbabwean government announced that after paying public workers’ salaries, its bank balance is sitting at a pitiful $217. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN DOLLARS. I once found $200 on the floor of a gas station. If I’d known that made me richer than a country, I wouldn’t have been so bummed out about having to spend it all on tax debts.

The information came from Finance Minister Tendai Biti who—as far as politicians in Zimbabwe go—is about as honest as it gets. Biti is the Secretary General of the MDC party—the good guys who’ve spent their entire existence being hurled off the edges of cliffs and dangled from helicopters by Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF. Back in 2008, their party leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, made a deal with the devil and agreed to share power with Mugabe. As Zimbabwe’s new Finance Minister, poor Biti was dropped right in the steaming pile of shit that continues to double as the country’s bank vault.


Soul Perception: Spartoi (1/2)

Soul can hear soul wavelengths, thrumming around him, though it took him a lifetime to figure out what they are. It’s a background cacophony, and as a child he turned that cacophony into compositions. (No wonder his parents hated his music so much: it reflected their own souls, and who can bear to see themselves so truly?)

Maka sees souls if she turns on her Perception, but usually they feel like constant pressure, as though she’s wrapped in an invisible full body suit. She feels all the little spikes in her neighbor’s wavelengths like gentle pinches on her skin; she feels when her friends are trying to get her attention (Black☆Star’s pokes are irritating but familiar, and Tsubaki’s are taps, and Death the Kid’s are polite taps, and Soul’s tug carefully and quietly for attention); she feels Soul’s soul reverberate through her soul-skin.

Death the Kid senses souls with very little effort— part of the territory of a Death God, perhaps, a faculty of his nonhuman mind. They all have distinct smells that blend in his nose and swirl through his lungs; they all dance through his mortal flesh, like concentrated sunlight warming his skin around whorls of freshly applied paint; they all look different, usually spherical, only rarely symmetrical, on a wavelength beyond the visible spectrum.

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I don’t know what I did to @meangameofpolitical chess, but whatevs, I’m still gonna talk about this scene with her gifs. 

spectaclesinscript and I were just talking about this scene yesterday!
This girl got all gussied up, and looked so cute. She was really gonna try. A mere passing reference to Fitz, by Cyrus, on the phone and she’s all “how is he?”

Y'all have to remember they were in the shittiest place after the closet. And this is ONE episode after “you ruined me, I’m ruined/I’m ruined, too/I don’t care” . 

Again, the shittiest place!

And YET.

This girl cancels a date because Cyrus brought Fitz up for a hot minute. Listen, I cackled HEARTILY when Olivia opened the door to Jake, wearing her house clothes . #BaeOnTheBrain. Date canceled. Either that’s how potent Fitz is, or how whack Jake was/is. Both is good.

Anyway, booooooo bear tries some shitty ‘do over’ talk , and then had to instruct the girl to close her eyes when he tried to go in for the kiss. My dude, really? I bet she was  still thinking about Fitz after that car crash of a kiss. She just didn’t wanna hurt your feelings🏾.


Beautiful Coin of Hieron II

This is a gold hemistater or drachm from Sicily, struck by Hieron circa 220-217 BC when he was king.  The coin shows Persephone wreathed in barley with a cornucopia behind her. The reverse shows a charioteer driving a biga with prancing horses and an inscription IEPΩNOΣ below.

Hieron II was a tyrant and later became the king of Syracuse, Sicily (reigned circa 270-215 BC). He struggled against the Mamertini and eventually allied his city with Rome. He was the illegitimate son of a Syracusan noble, Hierocles, who claimed descent from Gelon. He was also a former general of Pyrrhus of Epirus and an important figure of the First Punic War.

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