$200 tb


Thundercat - $200 TB

produced by Flying Lotus

Thundercat - $200 TB (feat. Austin Peralta)

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Upon first listening Thundercat’s debut album The Golden Age of Apocalypse, I was a little confused. Experimental funky-jazz isn’t exactly my area of expertise, but considering Flying Lotus and his Brainfeeder label had left their fingerprints all over it I decided to give another go. And wouldn’t you know it, with each listen more layers unfurl and the whole album keeps opening up new dimensions that had previously gone over my head. 

So now that I’m appreciating Thundercat’s deep-space diving bass riffs more and more, the fact that a new bonus track (produced by Flying Lotus no less) has come out just made my day. This one is nice and chill, as you would expect. Yet it has just the right of swag that it can be the soundtrack to those days where everything is effortlessly going your way. At this rate it seems like the man, the myth and the legend that is Flying Lotus can do no wrong. 


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