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okay. i’ve been meaning to make one of these for a long time, due to ppl always askin me for links and also because i wanted a place to store all of these anyway, and have an easy-access link to. this post will be updated whenever it is needed, or whenever i can think of more. to see the most recent update of this post, go here.

(note: this is only a compilation of VIDEO AND/OR AUDIO INTERVIEWS and other interesting things featuring Axl Rose!!! no concerts etc.*!!!!!!!!! that would take too long!!!!)


  • MTV ‘87, Guns N’ Roses’ first MTV interview - x
  • CBGB’s, '87, Full interview after the live acoustic show - x
  • Lakeland, '87, Aftershow interview with the band; featuring backstage footage and rehearsals - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x)  -
  • Phone call interview with Steve Harris, '87, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) – PART 5 (x) – PART 6 (x) -
  • Japan, '87, - x
  • Donnington, '88, The infamous interview where Izzy says “no” (x) – interview with Axl, on a tour bus (x)
  • MTV, '88, Interview where Axl talks about One In A Million, Appetite For Destruction, etc. - x
  • Japanese Art Selection, '88, He’s only in part two, but I thought I may as well give the link to part one, to complete the thing - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x)
  • Axl and Slash interview, '88, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Guns N’ Roses Rockumentary, '89, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Phone call with Howard Stern, '89, Stern calls Axl on his birthday; he’s sleepy throughout the entire interview and it’s very cute - x
  • Axl and some friends goofing around backstage - x


  • Biff TV, Axl is in this from about 4:42 until 5:42 talking about koalas - x
  • Famous Last Words, '90 PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) -
  • Interview featuring Erin Everly - x
  • Talking about “The Wine Bottle Incident” - x
  • Interview regarding Metallica, and other topics - x & x
  • Interview where Axl rides by on a bike - x
  • The Photographic History, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) – PART 5 (x) -
  • Making Fucking Videos: Don’t Cry, November Rain, Estranged
  • Tour Videos: GN'R goofing around in an airport (x) – Axl going through the conveyor belt at the airport (x) – Antics on the tour bus (x) – Axl checking out WWll planes (x) – Axl being fitted for a cast (x) – Axl and pals goofing around in the halls of a hotel (x) – Guns N’ Roses “Activities” (x) -
  • Phone call with Howard Stern, Featuring Axl, Sebastian Bach, and Erin Everly - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Rockline Radio, '91, Interview where fans call in and ask him questions. Slash also calls in in an attempt to prank Axl - x
  • Mtv, '91, Evict Axl contest - x
  • Talking about Metallica, '93 - x
  • Rockline Radio, '94, Interview where fans call in to ask Axl and Slash questions - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) -
  • Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, '94, backstage (x) – inducting Elton John (and Bernie Taupin) (x) -
  • Drug-use court case, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Three-part interview, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) -
  • RIP Magazine, commercial featuring Slash - x
  • Talking about Patience - x


  • NBA Finals, '01, Axl talks about basketball - x
  • Radio interview, '01, - x
  • Detroit Radio interview, '02, - PART 1 (x)PART 2 (x) -
  • MTV Awards, '02, Okay, I know I said no concerts in this post, but there is an interview at the end of this and there isn’t a video of the interview on its own - x
  • Eddie Trunk, '06 - there are two versions of this interview, but I decided to use this one because it’s all in one video, rather than parts. (plus, Axl comes in around 00:57) This lasts two and a half hours, the last half hour is on the other version (the whole thing is 3hrs long), but Axl doesn’t arrive until after the first half hour, so - x
  • MTV Awards, '06, Backstage interview (x) – Introducing The KiIllers (x) -


  • In an airport - x
  • Abu Dhabi, '10 - x
  • Axl tells a funny story onstage in Saskatoon, '10 - x
  • Axl tells a funny story about Slash, '11, - x
  • That Metal Show, '11, half an hour-long interview - x
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live, '12 - x
  • Leaving the Chateau Marmont, '12 featuring Lana Del Rey - x
  • Golden Globes, '13, - x
  • Guns N’ Roses SBT interview, '14 - x
  • Golden Gods Awards, '14 - accepting his award (x) – backstage (x) -
  • Budweiser Presents: The Greatest Show On Earth, '14, commercial featuring Axl - x
  • Axl at LAX, jetting out for AC/DC, ‘16, features comment on Prince’s sudden passing – “It’s very sad. Very sad thing. Big Prince fan.” – Also features his broken foot, and some slightly annoying paps - x
  • An Evening with Axl Rose at China Exchange, ‘16, an almost-hour-long press conference held in London - x
  • Duff and Axl interview for Brazil Network Globo, ‘16, their first interview together since the reunion - x
dragon age zodiac~
  • Aries: iron bull, oghren, meredith, imshael, gaspard
  • Taurus: varric, cassandra, sebastian, duncan
  • Gemini: dorian, isabela, dagna, felassan 
  • Cancer: merrill, wynne, aveline, andraste, tallis 
  • Leo: cullen, vivienne, flemeth, anora, maferath 
  • Virgo: leliana, calpernia, bianca, krem
  • Libra: anders, bethany, josephine, michel, leandra 
  • Scorpio: morrigan, sten, velanna, blackwall, celene 
  • Sagittarius: zevran, carver, samson, cailan, bodahn 
  • Capricorn: loghain, fenris, solas, the architect, shartan 
  • Aquarius: sera, briala, abelas, corypheus 
  • Pisces: alistair, cole, kieran, sandal




•  NAME: kay
•  PRONOUNS:  she/her
•  SEXUALITY: a mystery in want of pursuit (idk man mostly i just go with pan)
•  TAKEN OR SINGLE: single lmao u think i would inflict this mess onto others??


1. i have no classes today (holla)
2. i have 4 plants in my dorm room
3. i still have fake blood stains on my hands from our production of dracula last weekend


•   HOW LONG (MONTHS / YEARS?): gosh???? it’s got to be going on 9 years now. 
•   PLATFORMS YOU’VE USED:  obviously tumblr, but before that, in the dark days, i roleplayed through freewebs chatrooms
•   BEST EXPERIENCE: maybe like… the golden age of my fiyero blog ( @avinkusprince ). that community was so good, and so close-knit, and i still didn’t have a concept of needing to impress other people with themes or formatting or icons like?? it was just simple and wholesome and i made so many good friends through fiyero who all met me when i was still not so strong of a writer and we’ve gotten to see each other grow from that.


•   FEMALE OR MALE: (no nb option?) no conscious preference, but as a simple matter of fact, i have more male muses than anything else.
•   FLUFF, ANGST OR SMUT: i am SUCH a slut for angst it’s my lifeblood never write fluff with me bc i promise u i will find a way to spoil it and turn it to angst …. it’s the only life i know….
•   PLOTS OR MEMES:  both!
•   BEST TIME TO WRITE: mid-afternoon or the dead of night
•   ARE YOU LIKE YOUR MUSE(S):  well there are some i would very much hope i’m not like (looking at u, jack…) but honestly i’’m not at all good enough to be audrey or quasi or any of my other sweethearts. i think i usually pic muses who are very different from myself, since roleplay is an escape from self for me.

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