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I am here to talk klance. What are your top 7 fave klance aus?

heck yea i lov klance talk 

o boy aus okay lets do this (im counting like crossover aus too) 

1) college/hs/mordern au’s okay im mcfreakin weak for this, w e a k 


3) dance aus hooboiii100%goodshityes or actually literally any sport aus, baseball, football, figure skating, swimming, idc i love all sport aus

4) watercast- just in general one of the best aus, merlance n birbkeef hmu

5) coffee shop aus bc beautiful and pure

6) literally a n y t h i n g studio ghibli related any of those aus are instant faves 

7) startdust au *breathes in* okay so i havent seen anything for this n that makes me sad bc like stardust has always been one of my fave no.1 go to movies and i’ve always been super in lov w the idea of a klance stardust au and i’ve actually started writing a fic based on it and i have so many regrets bc i kno i’ll never finish it but i just love this au and i need it in the world so i may someday push through and complete it bc it deserves 2 be made 

honestly there are just so many incredible aus out there tho i take klance in any form i can get my thirst is too real,, thank u for this ask bless u for taking time 2 talk klance w me 

dragon age zodiac~
  • Aries: iron bull, oghren, meredith, imshael, gaspard
  • Taurus: varric, cassandra, sebastian, duncan
  • Gemini: dorian, isabela, dagna, felassan 
  • Cancer: merrill, wynne, aveline, andraste, tallis 
  • Leo: cullen, vivienne, flemeth, anora, maferath 
  • Virgo: leliana, calpernia, bianca, krem
  • Libra: anders, bethany, josephine, michel, leandra 
  • Scorpio: morrigan, sten, velanna, blackwall, celene 
  • Sagittarius: zevran, carver, samson, cailan, bodahn 
  • Capricorn: loghain, fenris, solas, the architect, shartan 
  • Aquarius: sera, briala, abelas, corypheus 
  • Pisces: alistair, cole, kieran, sandal

Holly was not surprised when someone else settled on the step beside her. Angela was careful not to lean against her, but every molecule of Holly’s body was aware of Angie’s.

“Holly,” Angela said, her voice low. “What’s wrong?”

Holly looked up again and saw Angie’s face this time, not anyone else’s, just Angie with her dark intent eyes, looking at Holly as nobody else in the world did, as if she took her seriously.

3am (N.M)

Based on the request: Can you write an imagine were like it’s 3am and Nate and (Y/N) can’t sleep so they just lay there and they start talking about their future and (Y/N) brings up having a baby and she asks Nate if they were to have a baby what would he want it to be and he says a girl and talks about why and then she asks Nate if he wants a baby and he gets all shy about and finally admits he does and then it ends all cute? 💞💞💞

|2 IN ONE DAY HOLLA AT YA GIRL. This was requested months ago and I decided that I would get into my inbox and get some of these done J

|1.1k !!!!!! short and unedited !!!!!!!!!!!!!! request shit for me to write xoox


My eyes jump open for the 17th time in the past 30 minutes. The couple upstairs are so fucking inconsiderate it’s unreal. We’ve been here for 3 months, they’ve been here for 3 years. They kindly asked us on our move in day if we could keep the noise down, which we took into consideration and did.

Maybe they should take their own fucking advice.

“Could they be any fucking louder?”

“You mean, ‘fucking any louder’?” Nate counters with a snort, turning on his side to face me. I roll my eyes back with a laugh and turn my head to look at him. “At least someone’s getting it in.”

“Hey, I said we could, you’re the one that doesn’t want a bloody dick. Pussy.”

“It’s disgusting! I don’t want vagina blood on my dick!” Oh my God, he’s such a fucking wimp! It’s just a bit of fucking blood, jeez. It’s not like he’s going to get an infection or some shit.

“I don’t want your dick in my vagina anyway.”

“You so do.” Nate laughs and wraps an arm around my waist. “We’ll be baby making in 3 days, I’ll find a way to hold up.”

That’s something to think about. “Maybe we should actually baby make.” It’s something that I’ve been thinking about recently, actually.

“What? Right now?”

“I can’t get pregnant right now but, in 3 days I can…”

“Really?” He asks, raising his eyebrows up, a small crease adorning his forehead. “You wanna have a baby?”

“Well, maybe? I guess I do. What about you?”

I’m turning 30 next year. Nate’s 31 already. All of my girlfriends from school and college are getting married (or are married) and having kids now. I’m the only one out of my old friendship group that isn’t married and doesn’t have or isn’t expecting a baby.

I always wanted kids but it just hasn’t happened yet. When I first met Nate, he was 23 and he straight up told me that he was in the prime of his life, he doesn’t cuff and probably won’t ever cuff, ever. 3 months later, he asked me out and we’ve been together ever since.

“Yeah, I do. Only because I’m with you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Like, 10 years ago, I was touring all the time, I had girls throwing themselves at me and I couldn’t imagine a life any different from that. I never thought I’d have what we have now, then. Now I have this, I want what I didn’t then.”

Just last year, Nate decided to finish with his music. He thought that he was too old to be making the kind of music he was and that he was ‘way too old’ for the fanbase he was attracting. I completely disagreed with him, he’s not too old for anything. But, it’s his music and his career, he can choose to do whatever the hell he wants with it.

“Aw, I think.”

“Yes, you should be ‘aw’ing.” He kisses my cheek and rolls me onto my side so we’re both facing each other. He grins at me, his eyes crinkling with his smile. “We’ve been together for 8 years, I’m not touring anymore, I don’t really record much now, I’m just making beats and producing for other people. I have so much more time here with you. I have so much more time to have a baby; to be there for it, and for you, and to see it grow up and, you get what I’m saying. I have the time to actually be a dad now.” He shyly whispers, his eyes meeting mine slowly. “I’m so in love with you and I couldn’t imagine me saying this to anyone else, ever.”

I’ve never known Nate, my Nathan Maloley, to talk like this. He’s never been the one to get emotional, not with me, not with his friends, the only person he’s ever truly and deeply opened up to is his mother. I’ve only seen him cry 5 times in the 8 years we’ve been together. And each of the 5 times were because of the fans. Not that he’s crying now, but that was the most emotional I had ever seen him.

“Nate, baby…” I really don’t know what to say to him. I might start crying in his arms. “Are you being serious? You want to have a baby with me?”

“You’re the only person who I want to mother my children.”

“You’ve thought about it before?”

“I mean, yeah…” His arm pulls away from my waist and it goes to scratch the back of his neck out of embarrassment.

“What’ve you thought about?”

“You really wanna know?” I nod my head. Of course I want to know, I’ve thought about it before, too. I pull his arm away from his neck and drape it around my waist again. “Well, I imagined us having 4 kids. The first would be a boy. And we’d name him something really cute and adorable but it’d be masculine and strong at the same time, you know? Like, Kieran or Toby, or Reece! And then when he’s 2 or 3, we’d have another baby, another boy. And 3 years later, another boy. And our 4th would be a girl. She’d have 3 big brothers looking after her and beating up all the boys that do her wrong, after I’ve beat him up for hurting my princess, of course. And she’d have a really pretty name, like, a flower name or a gem name, because she’s precious, you know?

“And I always imagined, after we have our first, that’s when we’d get married.” Woah woah woah. Marriage? I’ve never heard the word ‘married’ come out of Nates mouth when he’s talking about our future. “He’d be our page boy and he’d be running around the venue, making everyone last and he would keep trying to get you to pick him up and he’d then be in all of our pictures…”

He slows off his words into thin air, finishing off his monologue with a deep sigh. I lightly trace my fingers against his jaw, “You wanna marry me?”

A light pink blush flushes his cheeks, something which I can only see with the moons illumination shining through our bedroom window. “Yeah…”

“Babe, don’t be embarrassed.” I grin, leaning up and leaving a light peck to his lips. “I want to marry you too.” Another huge, eye-crinkling smile adorns my beautiful boyfriends face. He gently grabs a hold of my chin and pulls me closer to him, delicately pressing his lips against mine.

We lay there, pressing small, light kisses to each other for a few minutes. When we finally pull away, Nate looks up at the ceiling – the couple upstairs had finally stopped. We could finally sleep.

“3:48am and we can finally call it a night.”

“Are you tired?” Nate asks as I lay my head on his chest. I nod my head, causing him to wrap his arms around my body and pull me tight against him. “Goodnight, my beautiful future wife and mother of my children.”



you said yourself he’s bringing in loads of money?
yeah, i suppose so. i mean, you heard him, you know, he’s ruthless, but he gets the job done. i mean, check this: he got us an extra five grand today. practically threatened to put someone out of business. i mean, fair play - i can’t talk to someone like that!


Here she is during Origins 1…

annnnnd it is legit too blurry for me to tell.


but yeah.

Mylène looks like she’s a lowkey Ladybug fan already. Damn girl.


I’ve been told that Chinese peeps do a bunch of things to celebrate the start of the Lunar New Year, like eat dumplings and noodles and stuff, so my sister took me out for some yum Chinese eats for dinner. 

Apparently my sister and I aren’t doing an especially good job at passing along Chinese people traditions to our kids cuz my niece had to do a Google search to find out what real Chinese peeps do to celebrate the new year. Whomp whomp. 

All I know is 1) we’re technically not Chinese cuz Taiwan is a country and a people independent of China, holla, and 2) I’m pretty sure Everything My Kids Need to Know About Being Chinese can be learned by watching a coupla episodes of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan, amirite?

“No one you love is ever truly lost”

-Ernest Hemmingway

Part 1 of an insane meta about episode 3.02

I already issued my disclaimer but I’ll do it again cuz I’m a nice heaux: lenghty hot mess of feels ahead, proceed at your own risk. 

{Note: there is some kelijah and lots of kleya in here at well not it’s not just klayley} 

{additional note: my layout has been changed, the read more has been added back and it should be much easier to read once opened than it was before}

When everything went down in the last few episodes of season 2 I honestly questioned a lot of things I believed about klayley and the show. @sicklyscribe can attest to my wavering conviction when it came to klayley and my disappointment and discouragement about what will happen going forward.  My biggest thing was why give us all this klayley goodness and snatch it all away so violently the way they did at the end of season 2? Why have them do something so extreme to each other? What’s the point to it all besides angst for angst sake? I couldn’t reconcile the purpose of moments like “more than you know” with the absolute ruin they ended up being in at the end of the season. The most frustrating question for me was what is all of this for? And I couldn’t think of a good answer to that question and I’ll admit I didn’t have much faith that the show would give me a satisfactory answer. I knew it would give me an answer but I didn’t think that the answer would really be worth the angst that came with the problem.

To be honest my question still isn’t really answered. I still don’t know what the point of this storyline truly is or I should say what greater theme/development it’s all working towards (I have a few ideas teeheehee) and I won’t know until it really takes it’s course but I can honestly say that it all had/has a point, a painfully beautiful point and I may not know where it’s all headed but journey is gonna be an angst fest that I am HERE FOR and I’m here for it because their angst gives us good shit like we got in this last episode.

Alright now let’s dig into why last night had me wanting to fall out on the floor and wrap myself up in my feelings for the rest of the night and why I’m pretty sure I’m never getting my soul back from Klayley  or this show lol

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