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dragon age zodiac~
  • Aries: iron bull, oghren, meredith, imshael, gaspard
  • Taurus: varric, cassandra, sebastian, duncan
  • Gemini: dorian, isabela, dagna, felassan 
  • Cancer: merrill, wynne, aveline, andraste, tallis 
  • Leo: cullen, vivienne, flemeth, anora, maferath 
  • Virgo: leliana, calpernia, bianca, krem
  • Libra: anders, bethany, josephine, michel, leandra 
  • Scorpio: morrigan, sten, velanna, blackwall, celene 
  • Sagittarius: zevran, carver, samson, cailan, bodahn 
  • Capricorn: loghain, fenris, solas, the architect, shartan 
  • Aquarius: sera, briala, abelas, corypheus 
  • Pisces: alistair, cole, kieran, sandal

here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go.

okay. i’ve been meaning to make one of these for a long time, due to ppl always askin me for links and also because i wanted a place to store all of these anyway, and have an easy-access link to. this post will be updated whenever it is needed, or whenever i can think of more. to see the most recent update of this post, go here.

(note: this is only a compilation of VIDEO AND/OR AUDIO INTERVIEWS and other interesting things featuring Axl Rose!!! no concerts etc.*!!!!!!!!! that would take too long!!!!)


  • MTV ‘87, Guns N’ Roses’ first MTV interview - x
  • CBGB’s, '87, Full interview after the live acoustic show - x
  • Lakeland, '87, Aftershow interview with the band; featuring backstage footage and rehearsals - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x)  -
  • Phone call interview with Steve Harris, '87, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) – PART 5 (x) – PART 6 (x) -
  • Japan, '87, - x
  • Donnington, '88, The infamous interview where Izzy says “no” (x) – interview with Axl, on a tour bus (x)
  • MTV, '88, Interview where Axl talks about One In A Million, Appetite For Destruction, etc. - x
  • Japanese Art Selection, '88, He’s only in part two, but I thought I may as well give the link to part one, to complete the thing - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x)
  • Axl and Slash interview, '88, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Guns N’ Roses Rockumentary, '89, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Phone call with Howard Stern, '89, Stern calls Axl on his birthday; he’s sleepy throughout the entire interview and it’s very cute - x
  • Axl and some friends goofing around backstage - x


  • Biff TV, Axl is in this from about 4:42 until 5:42 talking about koalas - x
  • Famous Last Words, '90 PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) -
  • Interview featuring Erin Everly - x
  • Talking about “The Wine Bottle Incident” - x
  • Interview regarding Metallica, and other topics - x & x
  • Interview where Axl rides by on a bike - x
  • The Photographic History, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) – PART 5 (x) -
  • Making Fucking Videos: Don’t Cry, November Rain, Estranged
  • Tour Videos: GN'R goofing around in an airport (x) – Axl going through the conveyor belt at the airport (x) – Antics on the tour bus (x) – Axl checking out WWll planes (x) – Axl being fitted for a cast (x) – Axl and pals goofing around in the halls of a hotel (x) – Guns N’ Roses “Activities” (x) -
  • Phone call with Howard Stern, Featuring Axl, Sebastian Bach, and Erin Everly - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Rockline Radio, '91, Interview where fans call in and ask him questions. Slash also calls in in an attempt to prank Axl - x
  • Mtv, '91, Evict Axl contest - x
  • Talking about Metallica, '93 - x
  • Rockline Radio, '94, Interview where fans call in to ask Axl and Slash questions - PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) – PART 4 (x) -
  • Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, '94, backstage (x) – inducting Elton John (and Bernie Taupin) (x) -
  • Drug-use court case, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) -
  • Three-part interview, PART 1 (x) – PART 2 (x) – PART 3 (x) -
  • RIP Magazine, commercial featuring Slash - x
  • Talking about Patience - x


  • NBA Finals, '01, Axl talks about basketball - x
  • Radio interview, '01, - x
  • Detroit Radio interview, '02, - PART 1 (x)PART 2 (x) -
  • MTV Awards, '02, Okay, I know I said no concerts in this post, but there is an interview at the end of this and there isn’t a video of the interview on its own - x
  • Eddie Trunk, '06 - there are two versions of this interview, but I decided to use this one because it’s all in one video, rather than parts. (plus, Axl comes in around 00:57) This lasts two and a half hours, the last half hour is on the other version (the whole thing is 3hrs long), but Axl doesn’t arrive until after the first half hour, so - x
  • MTV Awards, '06, Backstage interview (x) – Introducing The KiIllers (x) -


  • In an airport - x
  • Abu Dhabi, '10 - x
  • Axl tells a funny story onstage in Saskatoon, '10 - x
  • Axl tells a funny story about Slash, '11, - x
  • That Metal Show, '11, half an hour-long interview - x
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live, '12 - x
  • Leaving the Chateau Marmont, '12 featuring Lana Del Rey - x
  • Golden Globes, '13, - x
  • Guns N’ Roses SBT interview, '14 - x
  • Golden Gods Awards, '14 - accepting his award (x) – backstage (x) -
  • Budweiser Presents: The Greatest Show On Earth, '14, commercial featuring Axl - x
  • Axl at LAX, jetting out for AC/DC, ‘16, features comment on Prince’s sudden passing – “It’s very sad. Very sad thing. Big Prince fan.” – Also features his broken foot, and some slightly annoying paps - x
  • An Evening with Axl Rose at China Exchange, ‘16, an almost-hour-long press conference held in London - x
  • Duff and Axl interview for Brazil Network Globo, ‘16, their first interview together since the reunion - x


So uh, now that I got y’alls attention I would like to ask if any of you guys have a story that you would like to be drawn out into a potential comic series, I would not mind at all to draw it and reeeeally need the experience.

Since I really only wanna do this for a practice shot, I’m not gonna make anyone pay for this. It’s really just a test out of how well I can work with graphic novels.

Even if it’s a quicky idea that ya wanna have drawn, I won’t mind doing it for nothin.

DM me if you want to have something like that drawn and we will work it out.

I’m probs gonna make an art blog since the whole tag thing has been messing me up. I’ll reblog it with the name of the blog if you wish to see my work.

L8ter bros!