$18 usd


both art and writing commissions are open

if you’re wondering who tea hope is, hi that’s me. i have lots of blogs, the active ones i run individually being @annaveth​, @sadrien​, @katsukiyurj​, @altaya​, and @lesmiserablc​. i just finished my senior year of high school and am having some trouble finding a summer job. i have to pay for college so here we are

for the time being, i’m going to open 3 slots for art commissions and 3 slots for writing commissions. i’ll open commissions again when i finish the first batch, and i may be changing the amount of slots as time goes on

if you’re interested in commissioning me, please email me at teahopeb@gmail.com. if you have any questions, you’re welcome to either send me an ask to any of my tumblrs or send me an email!

there’s a bit of different information for art commissions v writing, so to see more details, please read below the cut

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Thank you so much for the past two weeks! Thank you for trusting me and supporting me through these horrible times. While all your requests were amazing and challenging and creative and have kept me sane, my situation is still not getting any better. I’m not sure if it will. I know I am trying very hard now to keep it together.

 As a result, I have decided to keep commissions open. However, I am forced now to price 18 USD/EURO per piece. The rules stay the same, whatever you request, you will get a full painting as I usual work. There are no different prices for different poses or multiple characters.

The payment shall be done only through PayPal and in segments. That way you can secure your slot and I can prioritize and the end product shall come as a result of our discussions so you’ll get exactly what you requested. However, I would kindly ask you to answer to my messages relatively quick whenever I contact you with WIPs so that we can work efficiently together.

Secondly, I will delete my Redbubble account. I have no need for it.


+ a little side note for those interested: I deeply apologize for not updating my fic One More Tomorrow in such a long time. I promise you I’ll give it the ending it deserves as soon as my situation improves. 

Hello! After a long, much needed break for my hands, I’m happy to announce that I will be opening commissions once more! This time, I will be offering three  options:

Monster Drawings are the first option: these include characters from Pokemon, Yokai Watch, Digimon, and many others! They are a 12 USD, one character commission, but you can add one additional character for a total of 16 USD.

Person Drawings are the second option, and include anything person-like: aside from humans, characters like monster like people and gijinkas would fall under this! These are 18 USD for one character; due to my recovering hands, I won’t be offering prices for additional characters for this option.

Trainer Drawings are the last option! This special deal allows you to have a drawing of one monster and one person – a trainer – for 24 USD. No additional characters can be added to this combination.

Contact and Additional Info:

-I use email for contact [axolotl-senavi@hotmail.com] !
-When contacting, please send references: they can be words, drawings, or pictures of what you think the character(s) would be like!
-I use paypal, and my currency is USD! I will send you an invoice when I’m finished with the sketch~!
-I’m down with blood, but for these, I’m going to keep SFW!
-Delays may happen due to hands/bulk requests, but I will keep you updated!

Thank you so much for reading! Reblogs are appreciated!

Full Commissions

Well everyone, my Laptop seems to be on it’s last leg. It’s been crashing rather often, having issues running pretty average programs, and it’s age certainly isn’t reassuring.
So, looks like I’ll be opening up commissions to get the money i need to be ready for the inevitable of replacing it!
To spare your dashes of a terribly long post, I have all information under the cut. This is rather important, as I need a computer to properly run this blog, continue with art, and do schoolwork. So if you can’t commission me, perhaps give it a boost? Thanks in advance!

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Hey! i’m opening commissions because there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff out there i want to throw money at.

I’ll be doing single-character busts!

o 10 USD: No colour sketch
o 12 USD: Colour sketch 
o 18 USD: Painted (colour or B&W up to you!) 

will not draw: NS.FW, furries (people with animal characteristics OK e.g. keaton from FE), mecha

check my art tag for more examples!

please email me at aapoasis@gmail.com if you have questions or want to get a commission! payment done via invoices on paypal. 


Hey SS fandom! I’ve been sorting through my stuff and I want to sell some things. I found this doujinshi from Honey Canon that was made in 2005. Before I go on ebay and try to sell it, I was hoping to post it here first so I could sell it to one of y'all. :) It’s pretty short but really sweet… I hate to let it go but I need the $$! I’m thinking it’ll be $18 USD + shipping (I will calculate it before asking for the payment).

For payment it would be paypal or venmo (** this is preferred since paypal can be complicated to me). Just send me a message if you are interested. :)


CUSTOM CHARCOAL DRAWINGS! (Reblogs appreciated! :))

You can contact me at: josmicrus@gmail.com

Send me a photo of your favorite animal, creature, character, pet, family member, or even just some meaningful scenery, and I will replicate it with charcoal custom made for you! Everything is treated so no mess!

               ~Any custom size is available up until the maximum 18″x24″~

Large size = approx. $105.00 USD (around 18″x24″)

Medium size = approx. $75.00 USD (around 12″x9″)

Small size = approx. $45.00 USD (around 8.5″x5.5″)

               ~Thank you for your consideration!~

Financially unstable + Commission prices

Hey u can check out my Instagram (@itsukiharada_) for more info but to summarise what happened I’m financially unstable and ye I kinda need the money so here are my prices:

- sketch: USD$5
- colour: USD$8
- sketch: USD$10
- colour: USD$13
- sketch: USD$15
- colour: USD$18
Full body:
- sketch: USD$20
- colour: USD$23
* Additional character: USD$5
*Background: USD$1

I’m more active on Instagram so ye u can follow me there for more info + I’m selling art books and other random books as well

yo fam so i’m running a lil low on rent money so i thought i’d kick commissions up again though i’m only gonna be doing THEMES &. PROMOS bc i know i do those pretty well and quickly compared to like anything else pricing will be a lil more pricey than they were before but not by much:

bgs - 10 USD
bg + custom theme - 18 USD
bg + custom theme + psd - 25 USD
reg promos - 3 USD
gif promos - 5 USD
set-of-4 promos - 8 USD

anyone who contacted me before about a theme still gets the org prices so no worries but if anyone wants/needs anything @trcubleinmind / @trueheda / @sandstained / @crowedsparrow are all examples of bg work and trueheda has a custom code example !!


Hiya guys! I’m selling my collections because I have no more space;;

Some items are opened but they are in excellent condition unless stated otherwise.

keep reading if you are interested if not, please help reblog. Thank you!

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[PRE-ORDER] Yuri!!! on Ice (Fan-made Goods)

Hi, guys!

Me and my friends - @junjoupurelove and @ance-art​ - are opening a Pre-Order for our “Yuri!!! on Ice” goods from 31 December 2016 until 13 January 2017. This is open for both Indonesian and International buyers.

Below are the details of the things we’re selling. Sharing with your followers will be very much appreciated. :)

Please note that the price does not include shipping fee to your address.

“Journey” Fanbook (5 Chapters Fanfic):

  • Price – IDR 55,000 / USD 8
  • Pairing – Viktor x Yuuri
  • Rating – R18, 60+ pages
  • Preview – Here
  • Bonus – Victuuri Pin 5.8 cm

“Victuuri” Standee Keychain:

  • Price – IDR 60,000 / USD 6
  • Size – approx. 8 cm

[SET] Fanbook + Victuuri Stande: IDR 100,000 / USD 12

Mini Standee Keychain:

  • Price (single) – IDR 50,000 / USD 5
  • Price (all 3) – IDR 130,000 / USD 12
  • Size – approx. 6cm
  • Characters – Yuuri, Viktor, Yurio

A3 Poster:

  • Price – IDR 25,000 / USD 5
  • Characters – Eros & Agape

Please fill out this form to place your order:

1.       Indonesia
2.       International

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anonymous asked:

1000 rubles equals $18 USD. YOU HAD SEX FOR LESS THAN $20 LMAOOO

18$ in russia is much more than 18$ in usa although i agree that was too cheap - im not that kind of guy rich daddies usually want

anonymous asked:

Don't support Lokai, they support A$.

Oh, ugh.

Not at you, anon! Never at you! You’re awesome. Especially awesome for taking the time to let us know that there’s a company that sells things we’d find useful or fidgety that is in fact supporting A$. That’s just my default response to finding out there’s more companies supporting an organisation that hates autistics.

Sadly, yes, it’s true: here’s their mycause page for their fundraising black-white lokai. Buyers get to choose which organisation they support, but A$ is one of the options.

Lokai are fused-bead-style bracelets (and textured water bottles) that retail for $18 USD and up; they also produce a range of coloured/limited edition bracelets for various organisations. They look pretty stimmy; I know I’d be running my fingers over the bumps.

They’re expensive and kind of exclusive, so I don’t imagine they’d cross most stimmers’ radar too often, but here’s the obligatory advisory from our anon. This company hasn’t bothered to research A$ well enough to discover that money raised supports A$, not autistics.

Thank you so much for letting us know, anon!

- Mod K.A.

Commissions are opened once again since I’m now in vacation!

I will draw:
-furry stuff
-mild gore
-mild NSFW
-pretty much anything, ask me to be sure though

I will not draw:
-offensive stuff
-anything Sonic or My Little Pony related
-Humans/mokeys, robots

+1 character: 5 to 18 USD (depending on the type of drawing)
+backgroung: 5 USD or more

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a note!



Available: Prima (18 USD), Shadowpelt (12 USD)

Taken: Illusmoke, Bunsen, Witch Wax, Dark Shark, Tropicaw, Look, Cat’s Eye Butterfly

Send me an IM (not an ask, tumblr frequently eats them) if you’d like to purchase any of these character/designs! Be sure to specify which one(s) you want in your message, and include your paypal address so I can send an invoice for payment. You can change them as much as you like after purchasing them.


Due to a lot of recent developments and misfortunes I’m completely broke with no way to work or get any money at all. 

I’m not in any trouble yet but because of this I lowered the prices for my commissions and updated the sheet as well.

If you can’t afford a commission then please reblog this post.

  • Payment through Paypal.
  • Prices are negotiable and a small discount will be given if you commission  multiple pieces.
  • Prices in both USD and GBP given under the cut! ovo/
  • Infinite amount of slots available!
  • Paypal adress: Metalwingcommissions@gmail.com
  • Contact me through Tumblr or my email.
  • If you have any questions be sure to contact me.

Rules and extra info are given under the cut. (As well as some bg examples and their pricing.)

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Only 16 women were on the Forbes 100 highest-paid entertainer's list . . . 16!

Forbes has released its annual rich list’s including the entertainment one, filled with names of celebrities we love and follow. Unfortunatly, there were only 16 women on the list. 16 out of 100. Shocker.

The magazine calculates celebrities’ pretax earnings during a 12-month scoring period, and coming in at no. 1 with an estimated $130 million USD is Sean “Diddy” Combs. After him is Beyoncé with $105 million USD, then J.K. Rowling with $95 million USD. No. 18 Ellen DeGeneres and no. 16 Adele clock in next with $77 million and $69 million USD respectively, with no other women among them in the top 40 of the list. Kim Kardashian ranks at no. 47 with $45.5 million USD, and her little sister Kylie — who happens to be the youngest person on the entire list — is no. 59 with $41 million USD.

Interestingly enough, not a single actress is on the list, despite Jennifer Lawrence being the highest paid actress of 2016. If anything, the roundup is even more proof of the disparaging gender gap that transcends industries and tax brackets alike.

See the full list here