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170208 Seokjin’s Tweet

오해가 있는데요. 저는 500원으로 20판 까지 갔고 산들이는 2500원으로 20판 까지 갔어요

There seems to be a misunderstanding. I went up to 20 rounds on 500 won and Sandeul went up to 20 rounds on 2,500 won.
*T/N: Won is Korean currency. 500 won is roughly $0.44 USD and and 2500 won is roughly $2.18 USD. Seokjin is basically bragging that he lasted longer without dying/losing in the game compared to Sandeul (you pay everytime you lose in a game to replay).

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Weekly Commission

This is not my official commission thread. Not really an emergency commission. But I need to cover for my university expenses, fees, payment and life- I will open some simple commission. Which I will try to;

  • Only accept 5 commission in a week.
  • Try to finished it in a week duration.


  • 25 USD; Per character.
  • Sketch and shaded using simple coloring technique.
  • Maximum 2 character(s) in a canvas.


  • 18 USD; Per character.
  • Sketch and shaded using simple coloring technique.
  • Only one character per canvas


  • The payment is in USD using Paypal.
  • Please cover the Paypal fee for me.
  • I will calculate how much you need to pay me through invoice.

You can PM me here  or send and email to earlyday19@gmail.com. Please fill up the info below inside your message.

Commission info:

Name: (the name of your character)
Age: (How old or how old do they look)
Gender: (What is their gender)
Reference: (The reference of your character)
Additional info: (Any additional info that I need to keep in mind)

If you’re interested in other commission option. Do ask me.

Re-blog are appreciated. One re-blog, one cookie for everyone. :3


Prices vary with the complexity and number of characters

Sketches: 7 to 12 USD (3USD per extra character)
Colored Sketches: 15 to 25 (5USD per extra character)

Flat Colors: 20 to 30 USD (8USD for one extra character, 6USD for each extra character after that)

Refs and Original Designs: 25 to 50 USD (can get a bit more expensive depending on how many poses you want and how much information such as clothes, accessories, etc.)

Icons: 15 to 20 USD, again can get more expensive depending on the complexity but I doubt this one will change much.

Pixel Art: 15 to 25 USD


I will NOT draw:

- Gore
- Abuse
- Macro/Micro
- Inflation/Flatenning/etc
- Anything considered offensive to any one group
- Pedophilia

I am okay with/will draw:

- Suggestive scenes
- Blood and violence
- OCs
- Canon characters
- Ships
- Humans, Animals, pokemon, ponies, etc


Fallout 4 Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide


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Commissions Open

Hi guys, coming into the summer months, I’m about to lose my only reliable source of income and while I am looking for a job, the search is not going well. I’ve thought for a while about opening commissions and I’ve decided to go for it.

I will write just about anything. I’m comfortable writing all eras right from Founders through to Next Gen. I will write both canon compliant and non-canon compliant. I’m also open to Muggle AUs.

Whilst I will write anything, I may not publish everything. Things I may chose not to publish are things that people may find triggering or fics that are hugely controversial. If your commission falls into this bracket, I will email you the finished piece.

I feel my prices are fair, however I am prepared to negotiate (within reason) to find a price that works for us both.

  • £5 (gbp) / $6.18 (usd) / €5.76 (eur) per 1,000 words
  • 50p (gbp) / $0.62 (usd) / €0.58 (eur) per 100 words
  • Smut will cost an extra £1 (gbp) / $1.24 (usd) / €1.15 (eur) per 100 words as it will take me longer to write
  • Minimum word count is 500 words
  • Maximum word count is 10,000 words
  • All prices will be calculated by rounding to the nearest 100 words

I can only accept paypal at this time.

There are examples of my writing on my blog.

Anonymous commissions will be ignored for obvious reasons.

I have also included a list of prompts on my commissions page, but you don’t have to stick to it. In fact, I’d rather you didn’t.


Commissions are now open!~ Right now I’m not studying and I don’t have a job, so I have no income (but quite a lot of spare time). I am searching for a job but have had no luck yet!

  • Black & white, with simple background: 18 USD (waist up), 27 USD (full body).
  • Colour with simple shading (and simple background): 23 USD (waist up), 32 USD (full body)

I’m okay with drawing your OCs, your favourite character, or your best (or not best) friend! I’m also okay with drawing animals but please keep in mind that they will be very fluffy and cartoon-ish. I won’t draw genitalia or people having sexy times (of course I’m okay with boobs though)

More example of my art in my art tag!

Payment is through Paypal only! If you are interested in commissioning me or want more information contact me via my mail: flunmail@gmail.com (please write subject as “commission”)

Reblogs are appreciated!



I’m moving in a few weeks and sudden expenses are piling up at the moment; so I’m going to be opening commissions to do Dragon Age Keep style romance tiles to hopefully tide me over until I move and find a new job.

Price: $18 USD for one tile, but there is a special if you get two, its $32 USD, a savings of $4 USD!

Payments are only accepted through Paypal and half ($9 USD, or $16 USD are required before I start the sketch)

Contact: Email me if interested at raewaller2008@gmail.com with the subject ‘Romance Tile Commission’

What to include in email: Please include any visually references you have of the character you’d like done. These are not restricted to Inquisitors and can be your Hawkes, Wardens, etc, as long as I have a good amount of refs.

Refs for hair, facial structure, outfit, etc are required and anything else including a personality blurb and whether you would like lips in the tile are highly appreciated!

ETC:  I’ll keep you updated on the progress including sending you the initial sketch as well as wip’s as I go. Once its completed, I’ll send you a lower res watermark version to ok and will give you the full size/res png once final payment has been cleared.

There are no restricted slots for these tiles since I’m not working right now and I just want to thank you for considering commissioning me!