$150 gift certificate

My Misha Collins Story
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> So I was dressed as Castiel with a Dean body pillow today at Nashcon 2016 and I decided to enter the Cosplay Contest! I figured I wouldn't win anything and there were supposedly prizes for winning. So they split us up into 3 groups. Juniors (14&under), Adults, and Adult Castiels. We got in line and the Castiel Division was last to go up. We lined up on stage and the guy managing (I don't remember who it was) picked the final 4 Castiels and I was one of them! He put his hand over each of us and the crowd cheered. It was a tough call but I and a Cas with a Pizza box tied for first! They cheered for us and I heard even louder cheering as I felt a new presence to my right. I looked over and made eye contact with the man wondering only for about 5 seconds who he was before it hit me. It was Misha Collins. He gave me a look of Yeah! It's me! You're me! I trembled as he said "Hi!~" and I meakly replied hello back as he went to hold up the banner they were now showing us we had also won, which had Misha's signature on it! He shook hands with the man next to me and then mine! I was just going to lightly grab his hand, but he full on grabbed mine. Then he took one look at my Dean pillow and laughed, telling me he slept with the same Jensen body pillow! He then told us he wasn't actually allowed or supposed to be there, but he came to see us! He told us we should arm all of the Castiels and have a cage match to decide the winner. He shook the other guy's hand again and tried to find a quick way to get to me, but decided it would be too much trouble and gave me an apologetic goodbye look and nod. They then gave us our $150 gift certificate and a picture of Castiel and thanked us. I shook hands with the other guy and we left off the stage and I immediately went and cried on my mom. He's so sweet! He's a lot bigger of a person than I though! <3 Still handsome though.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>