$150 gift certificate

People ask me all the time how do I “find” money so I thought I’d share what I found today.

I’m in the process of cleaning house to get ready for Thanksgiving and so I decided to go through things that I’ve been meaning to go through and to throw out stuff and/or give away anything that no longer serves me or has run it’s course and therefore make room and clean clutter at the same time.

While cleaning my guest room over the course of about an hour I found:

  1. $150 gift certificate
  2. $10 gift card
  3. $30.89 paycheck I hadn’t cashed
  4. $2 and change cash

So that’s how you do it - you just go on about your normal day, focus on feeling good and you’ll find money that your forgot about and/or money you didn’t know was there - in ALL forms. 

I love abundance, regardless of what form it comes in.