Listen up and listen well

I’m going to go over this one last time

I am actually struggling! I have to much house dammage! I have a roach infestation!! And the worst part is

I am actually loosing my home!


Because my dad and mom had a buisness that makes $100s if not $1000s of dollars! But then, my dad kicked her out of thier company WITHOUT HER KNOWING!

Now HE has all that money, and he barely wants to give us a single dime!

So now, here i am, 2 or 3 years later, i do commissions to support myself and mom!

I turned 18 in march so now i can buy commissions however i want, BUT now


It is STUPID! I buy art yes! But i try to save, i don’t spend unless i can, AND sometimes i pay half and half


And even as going as far as fucking


And i Charge, like $30 for 2 ponies fucking! And instead i get hate

Even when i was on amino, i get HATE!




And so on, we talked and she even bought a plushy from me

And i used like %70 to help pay for my mom’s car bill!

Me and my mom worked hard to survive!


But what pisses me off is that, when i wanna buy something nice, and something I’m able to afford, People like this come up to shit talk me!

Now my turn..

First of all, I wanna buy something for myself, something nice, but not to expensive, yet, i bet, I BET

She spent $150+ on one peice of art

While i spend like $40 the most! On art

And EVEN I’ve bought commissions TO HELP OTHERS

There’s a couple people who are begging for commissions, and i feel bad for them becuase i don’t see anyone else helping! I buy it and i ger shit talked for it

Shit talked for supporting smaller artists..

And let me tell you something else!



I make sure it’s right, if it isnt, i crumble it up and start again!

I make sure my costumers are happy! I make sure that everything is okay! It’s my job, LITERALLY, i live off this!

But what MAKES ME ANGRY is I’m here in Tumblr, getting nothing but goddam dust bunnies cuz no-one ever commissions me here! EVER

I have to go to the customers! And even then i get into fights with admins in group chats and such on fucking kik

KIK! Why kik? Cuz i got KICKED from Amino! The only place i was doing well!

Anyways, now what bothers me is i post my art, and only 4 likes..

I have 704 followers, maybe more, and i get 4 fucking likes, WHAT THE HELL

They don’t even reblog, but when i offer free art, or when another big blog reblogs it, they swarm like flies!

And when i livestream, fucking hell, barely anyone shows, most of the time I’m just lonely! But i still keep streaming.

And now here’s the point


I’m already having a bad day, i had to fight with this person on telegram over an RP! But then this other guy, joins my stream, and starts telling me to kill myself and my art is garbage, he’s been in multiple streams and all of a sudden, shit talks me




There was this woman before getting hit by hurricane irma, she begged for donations amd such, she got over $200

I make a similar post, guess what…

I only got $20…you fucking joke…

I had to take out $100 before the.storm hit


Becuase of no power!


I am a vector artist and I do commissions! I buy commissions when i am ABLE to!

But It’s unfair how you could tell me

My art is trash, my prices are to high, I’m a liar, I’m just gon a use the money for commissions to buy, you name it!

I wouldn’t kill myself because my mother needs me, more than ever, and i need her! And we are trying to survive, and if you don’t care, and continue to yell at me, and shit talk me, bully me, or even trying to get a commission order


Ok I’m sick of hearing about how Juliet doesn’t have money to put out a album but spends 1000s of dollars on dresses, ok anyone ever thought, that the designer of the dress gave it to Juliet to wear, sure sure she is no a-list star, but she is known, this is not fucking Vera Wang she is wearing honesty I have never heard of this person, evert one of these designers that she wears is not big named, as for as her more high end stuff goes, that’s called mom and dad are fucking rich and buy her things. It’s like the girl who does her make up and hair, like Josh doing her videos, she slashes them all over her fucking social media. They get free promotions from her and in return she gets free stuff

I’m the owner of one, and I want to say this because I’m tired of seeing it specifically used against my people, but when you see news websites on twitter (especially) or any social network post something controversial to you, like saying “Kylie Kardashian created this new unique Hairstyle” and you know deep in your soul it was black people who created it, they do it on purpose. They purposely make that article title in that way (or any other title you know not to be true or you’ll be offended by), they do it purposely so people will catch wind of it and argue about it, make whole threads under it and it’ll make it to Black twitter to reach 10,000-100,000 RTs, hoping for a subtweet. Any one post with a link in it that reaches a minimum of 2000+ retweets that get people offended enough can reach can get earn that single post $500-$2000 in revenue for that one post, in fact if it makes it far enough one post can get someone as much as $5000, and news websites usually get no RTs at all like 10-80, so basically you give them their salary in one post. But of course the poster themselves aren’t ignorant to what they’re doing, and black twitter or even allies want to fight against it to prevent people from seeing a lie. so they make a post that wasn’t going to viral in the first place viral. Just here to say the best thing to do to fight that is simply instead of subtweeting/replying them is to take a screenshot whatever their post was, (and make whatever thread you want on your own account) and post it on your own account and make whatever comment you want about it, it’ll still get the 1000s of tweets it gets, but whoever posted it gets ZERO amount of money and still get ALL the hate. So if you know any twitter famous/any social network people who be subtweeting/replying controversial let them know


my mans

they’re using ya’ll lmao, they’re not stupid. You think you’re putting them down and dragging them but this is plotted to finesse you, This is straight $1000s of dollars you given them, they’re not ignorant to it, they know. Trust me I use the same tactics for other (non-problematic) articles. Tell people you know to just screenshot, otherwise the sharing of the article places their links to be seen and clicked by 100s of thousands which brings unbelievable ad revenue to them.

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They were walking thru a district in japan and Victor was all "how come no one recognizes you you're not even disguised like me? If we were out like this in Russia we'd be surrounded by the press" And Yuuri was like "babe, I'm like the Clark Kent of the skating world, I blend in coz I dress modestly so I look different off the ice~ unlike you Mr. I-refuse-to-wear-anything-that-costs-under-1000-dollars" Yuuri laughs while Victor fakes gasps "Yuuri! I'm ur trophy husband, I HAVE to look this way!"


Construction revenge ten years in making and why I will never have another business partner.

Long story. TL:DR at bottom.

A little over ten years ago, when I was a young carpenter, I met a guy who I’ll call “chad” because f*ck chad.

Chad was a new hire by the company I was working for, and became my helper. We got along famously even though he was 10 years older than me, he didn’t mind working under a 23 year old carpenter as an apprentice.

Chad and I had worked together for 6 months when he brought up the idea of starting a business together, he figured between the two of us, we could easily run a crew and build houses.

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Hey I want to tell you all about a dream I had a year ago

After Bogsneaks came out I had a dream that flight rising released ANOTHER new breed!!!! wow!!!!!! we were all so excited!!!

But then I actually went to look at the announcement post and the breed was called “boxsquids” and they looked like this

(art by @luminarywitch )

The Primary went on the box and the secondary went on the tentacles part and they could wear every piece of apparel but some of them looked really weird. Like the bows would get wrapped around them like a bow on a present.
I love them and I can’t wait till staff adds them for real

Tip for blossoming voice actors:

Don’t do huge projects for free unless you can guarantee the project will get attention.

Once I did a huge gig where I recoreded 300+ unique lines for a fucking HuniePop mod where all the girls voices were turned into guy voices.

The mod was released 2 years ago, has 0 reviews on ModDB, I haven’t heard from any of the people involved since then, and if I were to record it again going by my current recording fees, I would have charged over 1000 dollars for all the work I did.

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How would you know if a Cancer liked you romantically/platonically? 🤔 I find they are such a interesting and complex sign.

mmmmmm damn even i dont know when im interested in someone but lemme try


  • a cancer cant and wont shut up about them. ever. not even for 1000 dollars/euros/yen/yeah
  • they often try to go to them to have a convo and try to make them laugh and just be more witty than usual (if they succeed its already a victory for them)
  • they are really playful!! so playful they may come off as an asshole sometimes. but its never meant that way!!
  • this is where they may get unpredictable; they can suddenly doubt themselves and think they are annoying you with their presence, withdrawing from their goofy self and trying to hide their excitement from you
  • they are much more willing to let down their guard (though not for 100% but they try) and talk about their emotions with you!!
  • they put you as first priority; if they see you walking in the room they practically go “OH SHIT ITS YOU HEY!!!!!!!!!!!”


  • they are loyal to the fucking DEATH fam!! when your best friend is a cancer you can bet ur ass they will support and back you up for years to come!! they’ll never leave u!!
  • they actually are the ones to initiate conversations for fucking once
  • if they act like a fucking idiot around you instead of Polite And Nice, ya got a cancerian friend right there
  • they will always try to make time for you to hang out, even if their schedule is tight!! they love u and rather want to spend time with you than whatever they were doing!!
  • they go out of their way to make you feel better about urself when ur upset!! no “that sucks :((” nonsense, they will fucking write a whole motivational speech for u if that will make u happy!!
  • they will always remember the times you helped them through shitty times, and even if they dont show it they are absolutely grateful about it and are always ready to help you out no matter what!! yeah even at like 3 am because cancers have shitty sleep patterns
Gold Digger?

Summary: Tony is in love. The team is weary. You are… a gold digger?

Warnings: Angst, and Fluff

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

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Tony Stark was head over heels in love. He was so beyond in love with you, in his eyes you were perfect. You were the first woman that Tony saw after Pepper walked out on him. At first, the team was happy for Tony, you seemed to accept the fact that he was Iron Man and at times he would have to leave you for the job. But, within a matter of days, Tony came into the common room announcing to the rest of the team that he was in love with you and that he has already asked for you to move to the tower. The team was too dumbfounded to respond, and the next day they saw Tony carrying your stuff to his room. That’s when the team started to feel weary of you. Natasha was the first to voice her concerns, you seemed too perfect to her, and after running a thorough background check on you, she told the team that you were nothing more than a gold digger.

Captain was shocked at this conclusion and tried to reason with Natasha but once she laid out the proof it was convincing. You were a college dropout, who had been working at a small coffee shop on the outskirts of town getting harassed by loan collectors. You only had about a thousand dollars in your bank account before Tony and you had gotten together. After you moved in, your bank statement and living style completely changed. There was a steady income of 1000 dollars coming into your account every week, and the loans had been paid off as well. Though Bucky and Steve argued that you could have gotten a new job or something to explain the sudden rise of wealth, Nat pointed out that of the weeks you had been staying with them, you had only gone out for dates with Tony, or grocery shopping. On top of this, every time he would go off on missions Tony would come back with some sort of gift for you, it started off cheap and cheesy, but lately, they all noticed that Tony’s presents for you were getting more and more expensive. The avengers knew that the money he was spending on you wasn’t that much considering Tony was a multi-billionaire but it was the blind trust and love he had for you that concerned them. They never saw the two of you doing anything together, you would occasionally go on dates with him and you two shared a room. However, most of the time he was at the tower Tony was usually working in his lab, and you never came around to visit him or get him out of there.

They all tried in their own way to get Tony to realize that you weren’t in love with him, rather you were in love with the money and gifts he gave you, but nothing worked, he was too deep under your spell.

One morning Tony was preparing breakfast for himself, while the rest of the avengers were scattered throughout the kitchen. They had all just returned from a week-long mission in India shutting down a terrorist cell. “Tony,” you called out to him catching the attention of the rest of the team as well.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said, moving to place a kiss on your cheek. You hesitantly allowed him to kiss you, Tony’s love and your contradicting reaction flared the avengers hatred for you.

“Baby I saw this on the bedside, what is it?” you asked holding up an exquisite box.

“Oh, here,” he replied opening the box. Inside was a pair of bangles bejeweled with emeralds and rubies. “These bangles were last worn by the princess Mastani, they were a present from her husband Peshwa Bajirao. Their love story is one that is infamous in India, I saw them thought of you.”

Tony was expecting you to be ecstatic like you were for all the other presents he had got you. However, for the past few weeks, he noticed that you were becoming less and less excited at the presents he got you. Thinking it was because they weren’t special or expensive enough, he tried to up his game getting you presents, each one more expensive than the one before it. “Can you get them exchanged?” you asked. Disappointed as he was that you didn’t like what he got you, he just wanted you to love him back so with a sigh he chirpily responds, “Sure Pumpkin what can I get you?”

But before you could respond Natasha made a noise which was somewhere between a groan and a scream. Bruce looked like was trying hard not to turn into the Hulk, and the rest of the team looked at you with disgust. “That is enough,” she growled at you.

“Stand down Romanoff,” Tony joked, shielding you from everyone’s sight but Nat wouldn’t have any of it.

“Why are you so blind Tony? She is nothing but a gold digger, can’t you see that? She’s been using you to pay off debts, and fill her bank account! Don’t you dare argue back, I ran a background check on her, Tony. She’s a college dropout who was getting harassed by debt collectors. She only had a thousand dollars in her account and worked a small coffee shop. Then you come along, suddenly her bank account gets a thousand dollars every week, and her loans are paid off. She doesn’t work at that coffee shop anymore, frankly, she does nothing but still on her ass all day. Do you two even talk? Tony, she only comes out when you take her out on fancy dates. She can’t love you, Tony, she’s incapable of caring for you! Kick her out!” Nat screamed.

“THAT’S ENOUGH NATASHA!” Tony screamed, a staring contest ensued between Tony and her.

“You paid off my loans?” you asked quietly. Your voice was broken and for the first time since the screaming session started everyone’s eyes turned to you. You were in tears, hugging yourself to keep the shaking to a minimum.

Tony thought about lying, but once he saw your broken form sighed, shoulders slumping as he said, “Yes.”

“DAMMIT TONY!! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU I DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY!!!” you screamed, frustrated turning away from him.

“I’m sorry baby I just wanted to help you out. You’re doing so well with your writing and making money from that. I wanted you to just be focused on getting better at that rather than worrying about paying off your debts,” Tony stated, moving towards you to try and calm you down.

You moved away from him, still angry, “Do you hear what your friends think of me, Tony? They think that I’m a gold digger. Tony this is why I said I didn’t want your money, this is why I refused to go out with you for months. Oh and by the way, what I want in exchange of these bangles is JUST TWO DAMN HOURS OF YOUR TIME! You buy all these expensive gifts for me, and go on for hours telling anything and everything that will listen that you love me but you don’t have time to just be with me! You’re always in that lab of yours, for weeks I just let you be there thinking you need your time, and that you would come around soon enough. But no, you stay there, coming to bed way after I’ve fallen asleep, getting up before I wake up. I LOVE YOU TONY! NOT THE PRESENTS YOU GET ME AND THE MONEY YOU COULD GIVE ME! I LOVE YOU, AND NO PRESENT, NO MATTER HOW PRICELESS WILL EVER EQUVILATE TO GETTING TO SPEND TIME WITH YOU!” You stormed away, tears flowing down your cheeks leaving a bunch of avengers heavily confused.

Realizing her mistake, Natasha speaks up, “I’m sorry Tony.”

A sarcastic laugh escaped his mouth, “I’m not the one you should say that to.”

“We were just worried that she was using you for money. You can’t blame us for thinking like that Tony, she moved in a week after you announced you were dating her,” Steve tried to reason.

“So, what you ran a background check on her? Why couldn’t you just trust my decision?” Looking around at the sorry faces of the team he sighed. “I’ve known her since I was a kid. We kinda drifted apart as I went off to college. I found her working at the coffee shop by chance. When we were teens, I had a huge crush on her but couldn’t really tell her, because she was the only true friend I had, and I didn’t want to lose that. She looked so miserable working at the shop, and when we got talking she told me that her family died leading her to drop out of college, not having anyone to help her. She wanted to be a writer, when we were kids that’s all the girl could do. She used to write constantly, so I got her introduced to a publisher who fell in love with her work. She’s been working on different projects, that’s where the 1000 dollars per week comes from. It took me months to convince her to go out with me, we’ve both been in love with the other since we were 15, and I didn’t want to lose any more time. That’s why she moved in so quickly. I should have explained all this to you guys before,” Tony explained.

The team looked around at the each other, they all felt guilty for judging you instead of finding out more information. Tony made his way to his and your room, knowing that he gave you enough time to cool down. Upon entering, he saw your curled-up figure on the bed facing away from him, his heart wrenched within its cavity to know that, although unintentionally, he hurt you. He climbed in underneath the covers and pulled you close to his chest, hiding his face on the crook of your neck and inhaling your scent. “I’m sorry I yelled babe,” you quietly said as you moved to face him. Tony looked at you as if he was seeing you for the first time.

“I am so lucky to have you, you know that? I’m the one who should be sorry. I should have spent more time with you, please don’t leave me,” Tony desperately clung on to you.

“Tony Stark, I’ve put up with you since I was 5. It’s safe to assume that I will never leave you,” you laugh and pull him into a kiss.

“I love you(Y/N/N). So much. Now, how about we cook something together, and then have a horror movie marathon,” Tony exclaimed pulling you off the bed with him.

As you entered the kitchen you noticed the team huddled together. “Not coming up with a way to throw me out of the Tower I hope,” you sass. They immediately stood up straight, all with the same guilt-ridden expression about them.  

“Hey (Y/N/N), we’re really sorry. It was wrong of us to spy on you in the first place, but it was even more wrong of us to judge you based on the little information we had on you,” Steve started.

“I apologize too, (Y/N/N). I called you things and I regret it,” Natasha said not even able to look at you.

“Forgive us,” Bucky added.

“Guys, it’s okay. All you knew about me was my bank statement that seemed to drastically change as soon as I started to date your friend. You were just looking out for him. I understand, if I was in your shoes I probably would have done the same thing,” you reassured. At your statement, they all let out a breath of relief making you giggle.

“She’s great isn’t she?” Tony bragged as he wrapped his arms around your waist hugging you from the back.

“Yeah, she is. Don’t screw this up Stark,” Sam said.

“Don’t plan on it, Birdman,” Tony responded picking you up and bringing you the bedroom, earning a squeal from you. “Screw cooking together, let’s just stay in bed.” Which is what you guys ended up doing, Tony showed you how much you meant to him, in several different ways. You were sure that you wouldn’t be able to walk for the next few days, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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1000 dollar fart

Me and my family went to this New Greek place to eat for dinner one night and it was like kinda fancy and stuff so we had to dress nice and note it’s pretty late at night. So we order and stuff and we start eating and about midway through the meal my brother got a really and stomach ache and started crying and stuff. Note my brother is like 9 and never crys so we knew something was wrong so we took him to the Er and by that time he’s crying a lot and holding his stomach and were waiting for the doctor at like 12 midnight. So finally the doctor comes and were like yes and he asks my brother questions and stuff on like how bad it hurts then he checks his heart beat and as soon as he does that my brother FARTS really loud and says I feel better now so the doctor says he was just having stomach pains so we go home and like 4 days later my dad is really mad and he goes up to my brother and says I got the Bill from the hospital it was 1000$ just for him to fart needless to say we haven’t let him forget about it since

suho literally payed over $1000 dollars for exo’s meal at the finest sushi restaurant and they had the audacity to give him california rolls