$100 to $250

Schneeflöckchen — Snowflakes, probably the most crumbly cookie

You need:

Equal amounts of flour and powdered sugar, 2.5 times the amount of starch and butter, (e.g. 100 g flour, 100 g powdered sugar, 250 g starch, and 250 g butter), the contents of 1 to 3 vanilla beans per 100 g flour (or 1 to 2 packages of vanilla sugar)

You do:

Let the butter warm up to room temperature. Knead all ingredients to a smooth and even dough with your hands. Make 3 cm (1¼ in) thick rolls and cool them in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Cut cooled rolls into 2.5 cm (1 in) thick pieces and place them onto a baking tray covered with baking paper, leaving about two fingers of space between them. Press the dough pieces flat using a fork dipped into starch. Bake at 160 °C (320 °F) for about 15 minutes; check often, don’t let the cookies become brown! (Or have you ever seen brown snowflakes?) Let them cool before removing them from the baking paper. You may like to sprinkle them with powdered sugar. They should immediately crumble in your mouth, releasing a delicious sweet, buttery vanilla taste. You can’t them dip into tea or coffee as they will instantly fall apart. They taste best after resting for a couple of days.

“If you can’t find a job, or don’t like where you live, just move.”

Because I’m in the process of moving, I’ve been thinking about this statement quite a bit. It’s often said in response to people bemoaning the job climate in their community, or expressing fears regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion, or race. On it’s surface, it sounds simple – just go someplace else. But it’s not, because it ignores of “just moving”.

My husband and I are lucky, and incredibly privileged. We both have jobs in our fields that pay well, and most importantly, our stable. Our current reason for moving stems more from wanting to live in a more desirable location than necessity. Even so, despite the fact that we’re more or less moving across town, the move is rather expensive. We had spend $100 on rental applications. $250 went toward a security deposit. Thankfully, our place doesn’t require first or last month’s rent, but many rent properties do. Renting a uhaul is costing us close to another $100. That’s nearly $500 just to rent a new place. That doesn’t include the fact that there is some crossover in our leases, we will have to pay a prorated rent on our new place on top of a full month’s rent on our old one. In short, it’s not cheap to move across town. And while we’re able to pay that, we recognize many American’s are not.

Now imagine how much it would cost to move towns away, or even states away. Since many jobs are in the city, a person will now have to deal with a higher cost of living. When my husband and I moved from Kentucky to Washington, D.C., our rent nearly tripled to live in a place half the size of where we were originally living. You can argue that with less space, a person could sell furniture that won’t fit, but that operates under the assumption that people want to buy the furniture you’re selling. (They don’t always want to.) Compounding the entire moving problem is even finding a job to facilitate the move in the first place. Take it from experience, many employers are hesitant to hire someone not in the immediate area, especially when there are many qualified people who live in town, so good luck finding an interview. Also, depending on the field, some employers won’t be able to cover relocation costs. 

Speaking of relocation, whomever if moving needs to know where they want to live. This either means the person chooses their place online sight unseen, or requires them to travel (sometimes taking time off work) to search for apartments. This could mean loss of wages, which makes moving more expensive.

If a person is already struggling financially, the cost barrier might feel insurmountable. It’s easy to say “take a chance” when you don’t have much to lose, and moving can lose a lot – and not only financial. Moving to another place could mean the loss of a support system, which is also incredibly important. 

Tl;dr: saying “just move” is silly and doesn’t factor in the actual cost of moving. 

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