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BTS reaction to you falling asleep while texting them

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A/N : [this] is what they text.


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[Babe, are you sleeping?]

“Hehe, so cute.”

[Good night, prince(ss)]


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“Hmm. Just leave me hanging, that’s fine.”

[Sleep well, you nerd<3]


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Aw, they fell asleep… so cute!

[Goodnight jagi *10,000 heart emojis*]


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*it’s 3 am and he’s asking deep yet stupid questions*

[Why didn’t Tarzan have a beard?] 


[Oh, you must be asleep]

[Sleep well!] 


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[Baby? Did you fall asleep?]

[Good night baby, dream of me<3]


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Once he notices you weren’t replying he spammed you with cute messages!

[Good night my love]

[ I love you so so so so much!]

[I can’t wait to spend tomorrow with you!]

[*heart eyes emoji x 100000]


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This nerd and you were sending each other memes and he saw you stopped sending them.

In the morning, you wake up to this text^^

                                          Requests are open!


-Adore U- 18,000,000 views🔓
GOAL- 20,000,000 views🔐

-Mansae- 25,000,000 views🔓
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-Love Letter- 3,000,000 views🔓
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-Q & A- 8,800,00 views🔓
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-Don’t Wanna Cry- 14,000,000 views🔓
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Boone Fork 2016 18-B – Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, October 16, 2016

Of course, we are two.
We are as different as daylight and dark.
Two-ness is no more of an illusion
than one-ness is.
Everybody can see that,
while we are one,
“we are not the same one”
(Johnny Cash and 10,000 others).
Just as daylight and dark
are different aspects
of the same day,
so you and I
are different aspects
of the same species–
we are even different aspects
of ourselves over time.
All trees are the same
and no two trees are alike.
A rock is not an egg.
We can break an egg
and eat its contents,
but if we break a rock
we still have a rock–
and rock dust
(commonly called “sand”)
is still not an egg.
We all have fingerprints,
but none of us have the same fingerprints.
Oneness is not uniformity.
It is in our distinguishing features
that we become the wonder we are.
Our gifts display our uniqueness,
reveal our identity,
set us apart–
yet, not too far apart,
but far enough apart
to recognize the beauty
of the other,
delight in the variety
of the whole,
and appreciate the magic
we all bring to life in the world.

Small things Season 3 must address

1) Allura once told the mice she’ll take them on the road once Zarkon is defeated. Will she?
2) The chef who enslaved Hunk promised to get him back. Will he?
3) Coltineker the Cow?
4) What did the yellow quintessence stuff do to Keith?
5) Who’s piloting the blue lion? Is Lance jealous?
6) How did Shiro get his scar?
7) Are they gonna return to Earth?
8) Shiro and Keith seemed to have already known each other… How?
9) During the scene where Keith sees his Dad, there are books EVERYWHERE. What is the significance of this???
10) How much sentience do the lions have exactly?
11) Why do the Galra serve Zarkon?
12) What is Hunk’s past?
13) How did Zarkon live for 10,000 years?
Feel free to add on!

  • Wakatoshi: So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for one minute.
  • Wakatoshi: FLOOR IT?
  • Souma: WAKA NO
  • Wakatoshi: HOW ABOUT 4,000,000 FOR ONE SECOND
  • Souma: WAKA NO
  • Wakatoshi: WAKA YES
10,000 Follower Prompts starting tomorrow!

It’s finally here! Prompts that I chose back from when I was accepting them are going to start coming out tomorrow! I chose 15 prompts total - 5 comics and 10 doodles

Sunday (tomorrow) & Saturday (next week) will be the doodle, and Mon-Fri will be the comics :> I hope that everyone will enjoy the variety!

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: 10, 000 Grand please(long)

First off, I’m not a writer, nor a front desk agent, and it’s my first time posting. But I was a housekeeper in Banff Alberta, Canada at we will call it pretty mountain Inn.

So here we go, I had just moved to Banff, and started working at pretty mountain Inn when this occurred. We had a father what I assume was give this kid his credit card to check in (again not FD). I will call him moron. It was morons 18th birthday, legal drinking age in cowboy land. We let him check in with the assumed responsibility going on his dad’s card.

Apparently within the first few hours there was a complaint, no big deal as FD deals with it. Its super slow season. The end of so season but not spring yet, something we refer to as ‘shoulder season’. They group goes out to the bars. All’s quiet on the Western front. Until they return.

Moron and his group of friends in their drunken brilliance decide they’re going to bring some new found friends to their rooms. Well, that didn’t go so well. I heard bits and pieces over a few weeks.

These teens decided that putting their fists through our BRAND NEW, like that week new 42’ tvs was a great idea. Ripping not one but 2 headboards of the wall was brilliant, and breaking the toilet tank cover. Puking on just about everything, and I mean everything was their way of having a blast. They apparently didn’t go to FD to check out and just left.

We as housekeepers came across this room, not me personally but saw it after a bit of biohazard control was done. It was fucked. The room was closed for over a week. We obviously called the father and tell him that we needed to charge his card 10 thousand dollars in damages and if would it go through. He said yes, of course it would. And that his son has a job but will no longer be receiving pay checks. That he was very very sorry for his sons actions and was embarrassed.

That my friends is how you turn 18 and think you’re in the movie 'the hangover’.

By: Cityofthevikingdead

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theory: mitch also called jonas a glowbug because out of the 10,000 lightning bugs he's the only one he wants a hug from

This is either sad or cute and I cant tell

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Congrats you have dragged me into BNHA hell, despite having sworn off anime due to so many tropes I just can't stand (making nice with the a-hole rival, 10.000 flashbacks to things that just happened, etc.) I JUST LOVE ALL MIGHT SO MUCH. ... and also bc you are so great at headcanons... what would a meeting between All Might and Batman look like?

As I always say, 96% of anime/manga is shit but that 4% is just gold.

I discovered bnha from one of my fav blogs posting about it. All Might saved my crops, cleared my skin, brought up my grades and added 10 years to my life.

Let’s say bnha and DC exist in the same universe. Batman and co head over to Japan for some reason or another. All Might and the UA kids are curious about the infamous quirkless heroes from America. The Robins act chill but inside are jumping up and down with excitement to meet the Symbol of Peace himself. Immediately, All Might is his cheerful normal self, introducing himself boldly and patting each of the kids on the back congratulating them on their diligent, intelligent work. Tim is near tears, Dick and Steph don’t even bother to hide their crying, Cass is beaming, Jason’s lip is quivering beneath his mask and Damian is just kind of stunned.  Batman never openly praises them, hugs them freely, tells them they’re doing great but “please be careful your father will be sad if you got hurt”. They leave Japan with stars in their eyes and All Might tshirts. Bruce scoffs that the legendry All Might is just another beefy, preachy hero. Secretly he’s telling himself to up his game or his birds are going to fly to a more warm and welcoming hero.

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Uh, I thought Madoka was tomorrow? I looked at the prompt and saw it was actually next Sunday, but I swore I saw it scheduled for this Sunday a week ago. Did it change, or am I just crazy?

It may have changed due to the 10,000 followers celebration happening :o As is mentioned on the schedule page, the schedule is not set in stone

This doubles for things like Follower Celebrations since those I can’t predict @v@

I also JUST changed the schedule to get it up to speed, as in, a few minutes ago, so maybe something there was confusing :o