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I hope the writing is going okay and you aren't feeling under too much pressure! We love you!!

It’s going better than it was on Wednesday at least! I had to scrap the entirety of the first chapter and start again because it just wasn’t working but now I’m about 7,500 words into the new draft (the chapter will probably be around 10,000 words I’m guessing but I’m not sure) and I actually like the new stuff I’ve written which is a relief!

asexual online community can be corny as hell but it doesn’t matter. it doesn’t mean anything. it affects absolutely nothing in real life and it goes away and stops mattering as soon as you stop looking at it.

please find something actually important to direct your anger and energy at because i am fucking tired of seeing 10,000 word posts mocking asexual people on my dash board every single time i log into this god damn hell site

how to be a hip cool tumblr user:
Step 1) Be white
Step 2) Be 21+
Step 3) Have random Japanese as your header like “cold feet” or “Broken Heart” but it’s actually a mistranslate
Step 5) Insert terrifying gun with tons of stickers
Step 6) bunches of girls in school outfits with their panties showing / faces cropped
Step 7) Complain that you didn’t know they were teens
Step 8) Get 10,000 followers

Y llegue. Llegamos. Somos 10.000.
10.000 personas me siguen hoy y no puedo estar más feliz. Porque no solo es un número, son reblogueos, favoritos, cartas, mensajes, saludos. Amistades, amores. También un poquito de tristeza compartida y también felicidad (y mucha). Pero sobre todo, son los que me ayudan a levantarme cuando toco fondo. Porque cada uno de ustedes, a su manera, me hacen sentir especial, querida.
Hoy quiero aprovechar para decir una cosa: para la gente que sufre de depresión, como yo, quiero que sepan que no están solos. La depresión es engañosa y solo nos quiere hacer creer lo que ella cree. Nosotros somos más que eso, somos más que una condición. Somos más y hay más después del hoy. Mas arriba. Cuando tocas fondo solo te queda mirar hacia arriba y allí está toda tu gente: tus amores, amigos, familia, mascotas… Y también todas las personas de Tumblr. Me van a tener a mi cuando me necesiten.
Y hoy son 10.000 gracias por todo. Son lo que quiero tener en mi vida para siempre!!

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I know you are working on a few things right now, which one are you most excited about?

Thank you for asking, anon! Let me tell you about my WIPs, in order of current excitement! (Well, in order of priority, which had better correspond to excitement or nothing will be done on time.)

  1. Cap-IM RBB, for which I have about 10,000 words done and am EXTREMELY EXCITED because I have just now, today, reached the scene depicted in the art. I expect this to be another, uh, niche interest kind of story but I am very excited and the art is great and I am having a fabulous time collaborating with the artist and I am really looking forward to seeing the art progress. Mmm, h/c.
  2. Cap RBB. (Yes, this is different from Cap-IM.) I hadn’t been planning to claim art at all because it’s basically 95% MCU Stucky but I looked at one piece during art previews and I thought “hmm, well, maybe if no one else wants that one” and then three hours after claims opened it was still sitting unclaimed and then I figured out I knew the artist and I asked them if they would mind my RIDICULOUS IDEA and apparently they like my RIDICULOUS IDEA so now I’m writing that. I have about a thousand words so far and I’m thinking it’ll top out at 10,000 or so. It’s not Steve/Tony, it’s a pairing I’ve never written, and I don’t expect a lot of people are going to want to read it on account of the pairing but the art’s super-pretty and I just want the artist to be happy.
  3. Magic’s FTH story. It has an outline! I’m working on it!
  4. A Secret Project with someone who knows who they are and who I am terribly sorry I keep not being awake to talk to on gchat. It’s not you, it’s me. (The dog currently likes to wake me up every four hours. I’m very tired. All my writing is proceeding very slowly.)
  5. A bunch of random Cap-IM Bingo ficlets including my PWP of Shame (that I am not sure I will ever get up the nerve to post; I’ve been adding sentences of smut to this very slowly over the past several months – it is now an AU because I started it before Civil War II happened, so, uh, it’s been a while) and a story that so far consists of Tony the Iron Man cosplayer trolling Steve the former Captain America comics artist with sketch requests at a convention, and the best part is that it’s actually not an AU.
  6. And then I have to figure out which of two ideas I want to do later for the Big Bang and ideally I should come up with something for that Steve/Tony anniversary zine. This is tricky because apparently when I read restrictions like “no NC-17″ and “no AUs” – even though I know I am perfectly capable of writing non-AU non-porny fic – that means that the only thing my brain can think of is porny AUs because I guess I write best when someone dares me.

I… kind of have a lot of things to write.

i swear that if botw is in the child timeline, ocarina of time and twilight princess must be like over 10,000 years ago from botw! like it makes reference to calamity ganon being around 10,000 years ago but he only became the calamity after existing after his gerudo form as that’s what he eventually evolved into? like becoming just pure malice and hatred from demise - so surely that means the event that happened 10,000 years ago was after twilight princess meaning botw is very far in the future (which means the zora could’ve had a sub strain from their species and evolve into the rito, same said for the kokiri)


Isabella’s collar of balajes (rubies)

Among numerous jewels and trinkets of Isabella The Catholic, there was one of singular significance: the rich collar of balajes (rubies) that was a present from her husband-to-be and father-in-law.

The collar had belonged to Ferdinand’s mother, Queen Juana Enríquez (on the picture above), and upon her death on February 13th in 1468, it became the property of prince Ferdinand.

Unfortunately, there are no paintings that would depict this jewel, however we know what the necklace looked like from descriptions:

It was solid golden cord which weighed more than three marcos, with fifteen pendants hanging down; seven heavy purplish rubies and eight oval-shaped, and greyish pearls. In the centre of the collar there was a heavy, piercing balaje with marvelous, pear-shaped pearl. 

The entire piece was worth 40.000 ducats.

 John II of Aragon, against young Ferdinand’s protests, pawned this jewel at Valencia, on August 26th of 1468, as a guarantee of loan, obtaining 10.000 in exchange, which he had needed to finance the campaign of Ampurdán. 

In March of 1469 when the prenuptial agreement between Isabella and Ferdinand, known as Las capitulaciones de Cervera, had been signed, John II decided to give his future daughter-in-law the collar along with 20.000 florins as a part of the dowry. Ferdinand went to recover the jewel personally and having arrived in Valencia, he got the necklace back on July 19th, and handed it over to Alfonso de Palencia who had been sent to Aragon by Isabella’s party, precisely in order to take the collar and money.

Considering the great value of the necklace, Isabella used to pawn it along with other trinkets of hers, when she and Ferdinand needed money to finance their wars.


1. Historia crítica de la vida y reinado de Fernando II de Aragón, Jaime Vicens Vives,

2. Anales de la Corona de Aragón (1610), Jerónimo Zurita

BLESS THE MAX FUN DRIVE AND THE ENDLESS FUCKING STREAM OF MCELROY CONTENT just Today that whole almost 2 hour taz ep and also car boys and also this trolls 2 situation + everything thats coming out when they hit 10,000 donors which is likely very soon


Supersonic plasma jets discovered

Information from ESA’s magnetic field Swarm mission has led to the discovery of supersonic plasma jets high up in our atmosphere that can push temperatures up to almost 10 000°C.

Presenting these findings at this week’s Swarm Science Meeting in Canada, scientists from the University of Calgary explained how they used measurements from the trio of Swarm satellites to build on what was known about vast sheets of electric current in the upper atmosphere.

The theory that there are huge electric currents, powered by solar wind and guided through the ionosphere by Earth’s magnetic field, was postulated more than a century ago by Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland.

It wasn’t until the 1970s, after the advent of satellites, however, that these ‘Birkeland currents’ were confirmed by direct measurements in space.
These currents carry up to 1 TW of electric power to the upper atmosphere – about 30 times the energy consumed in New York during a heatwave.

They are also responsible for ‘aurora arcs’, the familiar, slow-moving green curtains of light that can extend from horizon to horizon.

While much is known about these current systems, recent observations by Swarm have revealed that they are associated with large electrical fields.

These fields, which are strongest in the winter, occur where upwards and downwards Birkeland currents connect through the ionosphere.

Bill Archer from the University of Calgary explained, “Using data from the Swarm satellites’ electric field instruments, we discovered that these strong electric fields drive supersonic plasma jets.

“The jets, which we call ‘Birkeland current boundary flows’, mark distinctly the boundary between current sheets moving in opposite direction and lead to extreme conditions in the upper atmosphere.

“They can drive the ionosphere to temperatures approaching 10 000°C and change its chemical composition. They also cause the ionosphere to flow upwards to higher altitudes where additional energisation can lead to loss of atmospheric material to space.”

David Knudsen, also from the University of Calgary, added, “These recent findings from Swarm add knowledge of electric potential, and therefore voltage, to our understanding of the Birkeland current circuit, perhaps the most widely recognised organising feature of the coupled magnetosphere–ionosphere system.”

This discovery is just one of the new findings presented at the week-long science meeting dedicated to the Swarm mission.

Also presented this week and focusing on Birkeland currents, for example, Swarm was used to confirm that these currents are stronger in the northern hemisphere and vary with the season.

Since they were launched in 2013, the identical Swarm satellites have been measuring and untangling the different magnetic signals that stem from Earth’s core, mantle, crust, oceans, ionosphere and magnetosphere.

As well as a package of instruments to do this, each satellite has an electric field instrument positioned at the front to measure plasma density, drift and velocity.

Rune Floberghagen, ESA’s Swarm mission manager, said, “The electric field instrument is the first ionospheric imager in orbit so it’s very exciting to see such fantastic results that are thanks to this new instrument.

“The dedication of scientists working with data from the mission never ceases to amaze me and we are seeing some brilliant results, such as this, discussed at this week’s meeting.

“Swarm is really opening our eyes to the workings of the planet from deep down in Earth’s core to the highest part of our atmosphere.”

TOP IMAGE….Information from ESA’s magnetic field Swarm mission has led to the discovery of supersonic plasma jets high up in our atmosphere that can push temperatures up to almost 10 000°C.

UPPER IMAGE….Upward and downward current sheets

CENTRE IMAGE….Heated ions travel upward

LOWER IMAGE….Magnetic field sources

BOTTOM IMAGE….Front of Swarm satellite


Standing Rock prepares for what could be its last stand against the Dakota Access pipeline

  • A confrontation is coming to Standing Rock.
  • After  Trump signed an executive order to restart construction for the Dakota Access pipeline project, both sides are settling in for what could be the final confrontation between law enforcement and the peaceful resistance at Standing Rock.
  • Leaders of the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies have received word that after Feb. 22, the evacuation deadline set forth by the Army Corps of Engineers, police will begin a forcible evacuation of the camp and its structures. According to Chase Ironeyes of the Lakota People’s Law Project, this could begin as soon as the day after the deadline.
  • As they hope for thousands of additional bodies to arrive in time for the showdown, hundreds remain at the Standing Rock camps intent on seeing the resistance through.
  • But their numbers are a far cry from the 8,000 to 10,000 who were present in early December when a tentative victory was declared. Read more (2/14/17 12:40 PM)

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