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General election 2017: Quarter of a million under-25s register to vote in one day
Young people heavily outnumbered people of pensionable age among registrees.

A last minute surge in people registering to vote has seen a quarter of a million young people under 25 years old sign up on the last possible day before the general election.

Cabinet Office figures show that a total of 622,000 people registered to vote on 22 May, of which 246,000 were under 25.

Young people were dominant among those registering, with 207,000 aged 25 to 34 – compared to just 10,000 people over the age of 65.

Anyone who registers to vote after 22 May will not be eligible to vote in the general election on 8 June.

The 620,000 figure is up from an average of about 100,000 a day throughout the last week, itself up on about 30,000 a day since the general election was called in April.

The figures should only be treated as indicative because there is no easy way to check whether you are registered to vote, meaning some people who signed up may have already been registered.

Young people are also far more likely to live in private rented accommodation and thus have to move house frequently, which would require them to re-register.

As well as the surge on Monday, more than 200,000 people in total applied on Sunday, with a similar age split.

The statistics could be good news for Labour, which is far more popular among young people than it is among older people.

The spike comes after a huge voter registration drive that saw social networks including Facebook and Snapchat encourage their users to register to vote.

Musicians ranging from Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour to grime artist JME also urged people to register. One scheme offered voters free Grime concert tickets if they signed up.

Kenny Imafidon, of the Bite The Ballot campaign said: “In the past week alone we have seen over half a million under 24 year olds apply to register to vote.”

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“The average Overwatch hero is in three pieces” factoid actually just statistical error. The average Overwatch hero is in one piece. Reapers Gaeb, who lives in cave & is made of over 10,000 nanites, is an outlier and should not have been counted


Bellamy & Clarke | 10,000 Miles


NASA sets its sights on 16 Psyche, an asteroid containing $10,000 quadrillion in iron

  • Somewhere in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, a giant asteroid measuring 130 miles in diameter orbits the sun.
  • The asteroid, 16 Psyche, is unique: While most have icy or rocky bodies, this one is made of primarily iron and nickel, much like Earth’s core.
  • All the iron on 16 Psyche could be worth around $10,000 quadrillion — or $10,000,000,000,000,000,000, or $10 quintillion. To put that in perspective, the combined gross domestic product of every country in the world totaled around $74 trillion in 2015.
  • Now, NASA is gearing up to send a spacecraft to 16 Psyche. Its goal is to better understand how Earth and other terrestrial planets came into existence and developed layers like cores, mantles and crusts. Read more (5/25/17)

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  • my husband - the most casual of GA viewers, but who is also a pest and loves to hate robert sugden - whilst being forced to rewatch tonight's scenes 10,000 times: Robert is a selfish fucker, but he really does put Aaron first, like Aaron's the exception
  • me: *slides off the sofa and onto the floor, failing*
  • my husband, digging the knife in further: and to be fair to him, the old robert would have never confessed, it's like he has changed
  • me: *dead* *again*

I don’t talk a lot on here about my personal life.

But hello!

There are over 10,000 of you following this blog!! That is alot!

I first started this blog back when I was in college, mainly to keep a thing for a bunch of references so I could look at later..forget i ahd this blog till I found something else to reblog and use as reference!

But i sometimes get messages about how this blog helps people and it just kinda makes me happy,I guess. It’s odd, sorry.

I just wanted to say,DON’T GIVE UP! Keep working and do your best!

I went to college and graduated with a Media Arts and Animation degree!

When I first started college my stuff was

And almost two years after I graduated ( about five years including being in college!!)

I am not to where I want to be with my art yet,but I still love it and have improved!

So don’t give up! 

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Status of the Albanian Language

Albanian as an official language:

  • Albania - 3.002.859 in 2012
  • Kosova - 1.8 millions in 2012
  • Macedonia (co-official) - 600.000 (25% of total population) in 2006
  • Montenegro (co-official) - 80.000 in 2002

Albanian as an recognised ethnic minority language:

  • Italy (Arberesh comunity) - 260.000 in 1976
  • Croatia (Arbanasi comunity) - 15.002 in 2001
  • Romania 
  • Serbia 
  • Bulgaria - 1.000 in 1963

Albanian ad a non-recognised ethnic minority language:

  • Greece (Arvanitas comunity) - 10.000 çam + 150.000 Arvanitas

Greece has not signed the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages of 1992, and as such does not recognise ethnic and language minorities as part of its cultural heritage.

  • Turkey (Arnaut comunity) - 15.000 in 1980

Albanian is also spoken by an high number of immigrants all over the world:

  • Italy:  482.627 (to 700.000 due to naturalization)
  • Greece:  443 550 (to 600.000 due to naturalization)
  • Germany:  505.000
  • Switzerland:  400.000
  • UK: 350.000
  • USA & Canada:500.000
  • Netherlands: 200.000

Other countries have Albanian comunities, but their number is lower than 100.000. The total number of Albanian native speakers around the world is 12.600.000 in accordance with thei CIA’s 2003 World Factbook.

// And hell, while I’m talking meta, let’s discuss some Ravager OC ideas–

As you guys may or may not know, I headcanon the number of Ravagers under Yondu’s command to be about 10,000, based on the size of the Eclector. It’s not a perfect estimate because I don’t know the exact size of the ship– but at the very least, it’s probably in the thousands. What this means for OCs is that the Eclector is essentially a floating city. Think of the possibilities:

  • Families. Parents, kids, people who have spent most of their lives as Ravagers.
  • Research and development. Gearheads who pull all sorts of crazy tests to build new gadgets.
  • Mechanics and pit crew. Somebody’s got to keep all those (very nice!) birds in the air.
  • Cooks. Don’t ask what’s in the stew.
  • Janitors. Toughest sons of bitches on the crew, right there.
  • Bartenders. Let’s be honest there’s probably a bar somewhere on that massive ship.
  • Entertainers. Strippers. Ravager rock stars. (Think of the Doof Warrior a la Mad Max.)
  • Communications officers. Like 911 operators, but dealing with weirder shit from Ravagers in the field.
  • Stowaways. They got on the wrong ship at port and now they’re stuck for better or for worse??
Ludlow Vineyards Shop Robbed; Employee Kidnapped

By Dunnedin Stratford

On Sunday evening, the Ludlow Vineyards Wine Shop was robbed and employees assaulted. Observers reported five individuals entering the store then exiting a short time later.

Upon further investigation, all the employees but one were found tied up. Most of the casks in the store had been damaged or opened, and over 10,000 gold from the shop’s safe was stolen. A search is underway for the missing employee a Miss Kendra Gallows.

Investigators ask anyone with more information leading to the recovery of Miss Gallows or the attackers to report to the guard. Lady Ludlow is also offering a reward for anyone who can offer information on the location of Miss Gallows.

The Royal Courier will continue to track this case.


This has been discussed by some people before, but the Veil doesn’t appear to be a permanent structure. There’s places where it’s stretched thin and where spirits come through. I’d assume over time these stretches would become more and more pronounced and the Veil could fade away entirely.

Solas could end up with the world he wants just by waiting. It would probably take another 10,000+ years if not easily twice that. But I assume the change would be far more gradual and easier as far as not destroying the world in the process. You’d think not killing himself (as I assume is the cost of this project) and countless others in the process would be more appealing than the alternative.

Of course when you wake up and realize you’ve screwed the world over, I’m sure the idea of waiting isn’t very appealing. And there’s been a lot of suffering for mages and spirits and elves as a result of a world that doesn’t have the intimate relationship with the Fade it once did. And if there are ancient elves still in Thedas (as I think there are) that are clinging to desperately to all they have left, that might expatiate the time table.


Jesus Christ you guys!!! Thanks so so so much for the love and support. We really enjoy doing this and I promise it’ll get back to being regular. 💗💗 Hope you guys have an awesome day. I’m talking to daddy about doing some things for 10,000 of you guys, something small. I wish we could do a giveaway but that can’t happen just yet. If you have any idea, let us know! ☺️💗 -Both of us