The number of Americans who have been killed here at home by jihadi terrorists since 9/11 is fewer than 100 — you are literally more likely to get struck by lightning than killed by a terrorist. But it’s vital to Trump that Americans exist in a state of ongoing fear.

Trump’s presidency, like his campaign, is built on a set of powerful negative emotions: fear, hate, disgust, contempt, resentment. When Americans think of the world outside our borders, he wants us to think of two things: foreigners that are ripping us off, and foreigners that are trying to kill us.
What is all this leading to? We need to be seriously concerned about a Reichstag Fire scenario, in which some dramatic event like a terrorist attack occurs, and the administration moves swiftly to exploit it for its own ends. We’ve been through that before, and not that long ago. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Congress rushed to pass the USA PATRIOT Act, giving the government sweeping new powers to monitor, detain, and spy on Americans. In the atmosphere of fear and anger, it was passed 357-66 in the House and 98-1 in the Senate.

Bts reaction to being jealous

Request 1: queendanielle-98 - Hey! Can I request angry sex with bts? Lol sorry if this sounds weird, like they’re angry for some reason and fuck you into oblivion?

Request 2:  jihope-taoris - Can I,get a jealous rap line, where they are scared to lose you because your ex comes back and tries to get back with you.

A/N: I know that like an hour go I said I won’t upload anything, but my muse came and I feel responsible for your requests and patience, so despite the fucking cramps, your mommy is going to write.


He didn’t want you think he was jealous and that was driving him mad. So when you made a move since you were really horny, Jin catched your hand and fastly wrapped his fingers around your neck pulling you down in the couch. “You are a little slut? Aren’t you? I saw your ex wrote to you? Guess I’ll have to show you how things are in reality. I’m fucking you.”


Min Yoongi, subliminal messages are his things. He wanted you to know, he knows about the ex and that he was looking for you. The fact that jealousity and anger got him, he didn’t want you to know. On one of those lazy make out sessions in bed, he asked you about your ex and you said you haven’t  heard form him. His anger got the best of him, you lied to him. His hand tightend behind your neck, aynking you close to him. “You dare lying to me? On all fours baby. We are going to teach manners tonight.”


Your ex met you in the afternoon to tell you that he wants you back, but you said no. You had Namjoon and you didn’t need anyone else. Jimin was apparently in the same caffee, saw you with your ex and told Namjoon. Just to let him know. Namjoon tried to be rational, but anger and doubt were getting the best of him. He decided to show you exactly who your boyfriend was. When you got home, Namjoon was on his throne sofa drinking whiskey, only in THE ripped jeans. The once he wore when you were having fun in the bedroom. And you knew, he knew about the meeting. “Kitten, undress.”


Hobi got simply upset with your ex bothering you. You dismissed his worries, saying that they made absolute no sense. You loved Hobi and that was a fact and nothing less. But as wye know, Hobi thinks less of himself than he is, so he was having doubts and was insecure he might lose you. And what was meant to be love making turned in him fucking the shit out of you, proving himself to you. “I love you princess. But I feel like I have to prove this to you. So, remember when you see him, how I fuck you and how much I love you.”


Jiminie rarely got angry or upset. But he was bothering you and he knew it. One day on the streets when you were with Jiminie, you saw him coming to you. When you two were about to cross paths,Jimin noticed him. Your boyfriend pulled you flush against him and kissed you. It was a passionate kiss and btoh of you forgot about the others. “Baby, let’s go home. Fuck him. I need to bend you on the tableand fuck the shit out of you. Now.”


Taehyung was insane. Full of rage. How could you even think about inviting this filthy bastard in your shared apartment and what was your explanation; “We put our differences apart and now we are friends?” Honestly, out of everything, you say this. “I don’t know why are you so worked up about it.” “Why am I SO WORKED UP? Y/N, this is our home and you bring your ex in here as if its nothing. What if something happend? What if he tried to kiss you? What would’ve you done.” You laughed and told him. “You are in a deep need of a blowjob.” Taehyung smirked evily. “I need to fuck you into oblivion baby.” “So do it Kim Taehyung. Do it.”


He didn’t say anything for weeks. He knew you and your ex became friends again and that bothered the shit out of him honestly. But, he didn’t say anything. He tried to keep it in himself. But it just didn’t work. With everyday he got more and more worked about it. Until the bubble bursted. One night you stated that you’re going out with your ex to celebrate his success in work. And that was it. Jungkook had enough. You even wore his favourite mini dress. “Y/N, turn around, get in the room, undress, and wait for me on the bed. I’ve had enough. I feel like we’ll have a reminder on who is your boyfriend. Tell your new friend, that the plans are cancelled. You are enable to walk. Tell him this.”


Request if you have the patience. Those who request one-shots, darlings, I’m working on them. I won’t write anything fast and shabby. I made that clear. Quality before quantity. 


Thunderstorm || Jughead Jones

Prompt: 1 and 98 w jughead pls

1: “You’re the only thing left that is important to me now.”
98: “We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.”

Jughead and the reader get into an argument which leads to the reader storming out of his house (This takes place after the events of 1x04 and I just want my son to have a roof over his head ok therefore he lives with Archie in this fic and Archie’s house is now Jughead’s house as well). A big storm arrives as the reader begins her trek home and Jughead gets worried and goes to find her. Fluff ensues!

A/N: This was my favorite oneshot to write so far. Hope you enjoy!

Gif: @satan6darkmage


This wasn’t how today was supposed to go. It was supposed to be perfect. Romantic. You scoffed as you pulled your jacket closer. So much for that. It was your and Jughead’s six month anniversary. What started off as a harmless conversation about his family had led to a screaming match. You sighed, feeling guilty that it ended up like this. Especially today. Archie and his father were out so you and Jughead had planned to have a nice dinner at his house before having a movie night together, the both of you wanting to watch as many classics as you could before your curfew at one. Before long, you guys started arguing at dinner about his family. Before you knew it, you were storming out of his house, Jughead slamming the door behind you. Now you were making your way back home. Jughead had picked you up in Fred’s car at the beginning of your date so you were left walking the two miles back to your house at the abrupt end of it. The wind, which had been calm so far, was beginning to bite at your skin. You attempted again to pull your jacket closer but it was no use. You were freezing.

“At least this can’t get any worse.” you mumbled as the wind blew your hair all over the place.

You were wrong. All of a sudden it started to rain heavily and you were instantly drenched. You looked around for a place of shelter, but it was nearly impossible to see through the darkness and the rain. Fortunately, your eyes landed on the park across the street from you and the massive tree at the corner of it. You dashed to it before a loud boom of thunder erupted from what seemed like was right behind you. Surprised, you screamed at the sound but continued running until you reached the base of the tree. You weren’t getting drenched anymore, but a good amount of rain still reached you under the tree. You began to shiver and hoped that the storm would be over soon.

Jughead meanwhile was in his house, fuming at himself. He had escalated the fight. It wasn’t your fault. Somehow his family got brought up during dinner and you had wanted to talk to him about it. Instead of asking nicely to talk about it a different time, Jughead got defensive and snapped, asking you to leave it alone. Things went downhill from there. Jughead was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a clap of thunder followed by a very, very distant scream. He quickly got up and raced to the front door swinging it open.

“Y/N!” he yelled.

No response. Jughead quickly grabbed his jacket from the closet and Fred’s car keys before dashing out the door.

Your lips were turning blue by the time you heard a car coming down the street. You looked up and saw Fred’s car, slowly cruising around.

“Oh, for the love of—“

The window of the car rolled down, revealing Jughead.

“Y/N! Come on, get in the car!” he called.

You shook your head.

“Leave me alone, Jughead!” you called back. You didn’t need his help. You could wait the storm out on your own.

Jughead groaned in frustration.

“Y/N, I’m not playing!”

“Neither am I!”

Jughead slammed his hand down on the steering wheel before rolling the window back up. You thought he was going to speed out of there before you saw the car turn off and Jughead running towards you, his jacket held above his head. You crossed your arms ready to put up a fight when he scoffed at you.

“I’m not going to drag you to the car if that’s what you’re thinking.” he mumbled. Before you could respond, he quickly draped his jacket over your shoulders, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Thank you.” you said softly, your anger not forgotten.

Jughead shrugged and the two of you were silent, not looking at each other.

You sighed after two minutes of silence.

“I’m sorry.” the two of you said at the same time, making you chuckle and your boyfriend smirk.

“I’m sorry I brought up your family.” you said.

Jughead shrugged again.

“You were only trying to help. I’m sorry for snapping at you.” he responded.
You shook your head.

“Still… it wasn’t the time and place to do it.” you said.

Jughead sighed and put his arm around you and you snuggled into his warmth.

“What an anniversary, huh?” he asked.

You let out a breathy laugh.

“Some anniversary.” you muttered.

Jughead smiled at you and the two of you were silent again.

You’re the only thing left that is important to me now,” Jughead said. “I can’t lose you too.”

You looked down, tears welling in your eyes as you remembered his relationship with Jellybean. How he missed her.

You looked at your boyfriend, and he turned to look at you.

“I’m not going anywhere.” you said, putting your hand on his cheek.

He smiled softly at you before you tilted your head up and kissed him, closing the small gap between you. Jughead smiled into the kiss before abruptly pulling away.

We could get struck by lightning, but you want to kiss in the rain.”

You laughed at your boyfriend’s comment.

“Shut up.” you said as you pulled him to you, crashing your lips together again.

Jughead’s arms snaked around your waist, pulling you closer to him. The kiss became more passionate until thunder boomed again, the two of you jumping.

“You know we shouldn’t be under a tree during a thunderstorm, right?” Jughead asked as the two of you pulled apart.

You laughed before taking Jughead’s hand.

“Want to make a run for it?” you asked.

Jughead’s smile was the only answer you needed.


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New low weight!! About four pounds from my ultimate goal… Not sure how I feel about it right now. I want to be happy with it but I still feel like I look fat and I’m just like WTF.

Also, is it weird that my ultimate goal is 94 and not 95? I feel like it should be on the “5” or “0”, but I started at 144 and I just think it would be cool to have lost an even 50 pounds.

50 pounds… That’s crazy. In a good way. An incredible I-can’t-believe-I-actually-did-it-(almost) way