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I’m ready to start rooting for the canes,, what do I need to know to start loving them?

how to stan the canes, an in-depth  (1550 word) guide written in my 9am lecture:

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give me good factual reasons why bigbang are kings of kpop because some army keeps DENYING it smh (i'm an army too so no hate) - flower anon

ok imma write a mini essay then

Bigbang are the kings of kpop. Why? Because they’ve outsold every boy group in existence, have successful solo careers, the best brothership in all of Korea, and their music is played literally everywhere. They literally went from nothing to everything. You groups such as bts, got7, astro and others being INSPIRED by Bigbang. They set fashion trends in Korea and Asia as a whole, they write beautiful lyrics based on personal experiences, they’ve held concerts around the world, with their MADE tour attracting over 2 million people, with 60K attending the finale. 1.98 million people in China tried to book tickets for the final show in Seoul. They’ve sold 140 million+ records worldwide. Apart from got7, they’re the only kpop act to receive the award for best worldwide act at the mtv ema’s. They’re the only Korean act to be on Forbes’ World’s Highest Paid Celebrities, as well as the 30 under 30 list and the Global Celebrity 100. Bigbang’s documentary ‘MADE’, is the most viewed music documentary in Korea, and has been played in several other countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and the US. I recently saw that some Army on twitter was saying that ‘Lies’ wasn’t a hit. ‘Lies’ has over 6+ million downloads across the world (with 1 million of those downloads coming from China), and is Korea’s 2nd most downloaded song since 2006. ‘Lies’ also spent 22 weeks in the melon top 10.  Bigbang has also been successful in Japan, with member Daesung having two successful solo albums in Japan, as well as concerts. Bigbang have had successful dome tours in Japan, and have held dome tours for the fifth year in a row now. 

I hope that’s enough for you. if you need more facts just ask me.


Translucent Glow in the Dark Tangle Jrs - eBay, $2.50 USD.

Item has free standard international shipping.

I paid $1.98 USD each for these, but the seller has relisted at a higher price.

There’s been a great many listings for the translucent GitD Tangle Jr knock-offs peppering eBay, so I thought it would be worth my while to order a couple and see how they work as a translucent Tangle Jr alternative.

I’ve noticed, in my foray into all things imitation Tangle, that the Tangle fakes that arrive in the clear-and-yellow plastic packaging with “Toy” on the top of the bag have easily been of better quality, and this holds true here as well. (Since it’s hard to know what you’re getting before it arrives, this isn’t all that helpful an observation when it comes to weighing up eBay auctions.) It’s always a fabulous thing to get a new fake Tangle that moves smoothly and holds a coil without my having to lubricate or modify, and these Tangles do both without any problems.

They’re much easier to manipulate than the solid white GitD Tangle Jr fakes, and I absolutely recommend these for people who cannot use a stiff Tangle.

They did arrive with a faint oily coating, something I’ve never before experienced with a Tangle, but a quick dunk in the sink and a wash with liquid handsoap fixed that. It’s so easy to remove that I don’t consider it a problem.

The bottom rose pink Tangle in the second photo above is my deflocked fake Tangle Jr Fuzzy. The Tangles are absolutely identical, right down to the fine scratches on the the surface and the slightly cloudy translucent plastic. People who are buying the rose pink flocked Tangles to deflock in the quest for a translucent Tangle can simply buy these instead.

The third photo shows the GitD fakes compared to my blue translucent fake. As you can see, the GitD fakes are more opaque, due to many faint scratches in the surface of the Tangle. They’re just not as translucent, which may be a problem for some stimmers. The randomness of buying fakes online, though, means that getting a Tangle like my blue one above is quite difficult, so stimmers after translucence might choose to buy the GitD Tangles anyway.

The glow in the dark capability is nothing like the Slinky Glo. (Nothing is. The Glo is in a class of its own when it comes to glow in the dark.) They need to be put under a strong light for a few minutes before lights out for best effect, or exposed to light for a long period of time. The chartreuse/yellow has a green tinge, and glows a fair bit brighter, whereas the pink has a dull yellow tinge that appears more muted. Both glow for a good long while after dark, to the extent that I have to tuck them behind my pillow so the glow doesn’t keep me awake.

For cheap, GitD knock-offs that glow, move smoothly and hold a coil, I absolutely have to recommend these. Until Tangle Creations or Zuru give us a branded GitD Tangle Jr, I think these are a more than suitable substitute. They’re a little less nice on the translucence front, but at least buyers know they will be a cloudy type of translucent.

I’ll also say that I’ve bought two different Tangle lots from this seller and have been happy both times; the second time they sent me an email to advise of shipping and to contact them if I had any problems.

My reviews of similarly-packaged Tangle Jr fakes: Fuzzies, Galactic Artist’s Collection, Rainbow Scales Artist’s Collection.

Image description under read more cut:

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Donating from the Dollar Store

If you, like me, want to donate needed items to hurricane victims but are also on a strict budget and unable to spend much outside of it, I spent the day wandering around between stores and comparing prices so you don’t have to.

Before we begin, some foolish assumptions: this post assumes you have equal access to a dollar store and a super center/grocery (in my case, Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart).  It also assumes that your goal in donating is to get as much as possible to as many people as possible.  I.E., you’d be looking for the best deal on multiple rolls of toothpaste, not looking for the cheapest individual tube.  This post also only covers toiletries, such as toothpaste, deodorant, and shaving cream.  It does not cover food items or clothing.  I am also aware that super centers and groceries have sale periods for items, so what the products cost when I checked may not always be the case.  But I figure if you’re trying to donate for Hurricane Harvey, you’ll be doing so sooner rather than later, so the prices ought to stay fairly accurate.  Finally, I’m not factoring in any coupons a shopper might have.

What You Should Buy at the Dollar Store:

  • Brushes: Generally, I tried to find items in bulk, but I could only find individual brushes at either store.  Dollar Tree had the cheapest at a dollar a pop, while Wal-Mart’s cheapest brush was $1.98.
  • Body Spray: Dollar Tree’s best deal was one dollar for a 3.36 oz. can, or 30 cents an ounce.  Wal-Mart had a two pack of 6 oz. bottles for 6.47, or 54 cents an ounce.  Four bottles of the Dollar Tree spray would be cheaper than one Wal-Mart two pack, and more people could use them.
  • Combs: A 12 pack of combs cost one dollar at Dollar Tree.  The Wal-Mart 12 pack cost $2.57.
  • Dental Floss: One dollar for 115 yards at Dollar Tree vs. 98 cents for 66 yards at Wal-Mart.
  • Diaper Rash Cream: The only tube at my Dollar Tree was 4 oz. for a dollar.  At Wal-Mart, the best deal was 16 oz. for 7.97, or 50 cents an ounce.  Dollar Tree’s cream is a quarter an ounce.  4 tubes of the Dollar Tree cream, even with sales tax, still gives you 16 oz. for less than Wal-Mart.
  • Disposable Razors: Dollar Tree’s largest pack of disposable razors was ten for a dollar, ten cents per razor and double-bladed.  Wal-Mart had a pack of twelve disposable double-bladed razors for 1.88, 16 cents per razor.
  • Individual Hand Sanitizer Bottles: At Dollar Tree, I found a three pack of 2 oz. hand sanitizer bottles for a dollar.  At Wal-Mart, the only pack of sanitizers I could find cost 3.77 for three 1 oz. bottles.  3 oz. hand sanitizer bottles at Wal-Mart were 97 cents a piece, which is about 32 cents per ounce.  The Dollar Tree three pack was around 16 cents per ounce.
  • Lip Balm: Two Chapstick-sized tubes at Dollar Tree sold together for a dollar.  A three-pack of Chapstick at Wal-Mart was 2.94.
  • Shampoo: Dollar Tree had a 32 oz. 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner bottle for a dollar.  Wal-Mart had a 30 oz. bottle of shampoo for 1.94.  The largest bottle of just shampoo at the Dollar Tree was 15 oz. for a dollar, around .07 cents per ounce.  The 30 oz. Walmart bottle was .06 cents an ounce, and I feel one more cent per ounce is pretty much a wash, even with sales tax.
  • Shaving Cream: Wal-Mart had a two pack of 8 oz. bottles for 3.54, 22 cents an ounce.  A single bottle at Dollar Tree was one dollar for 12 ounces, 8 cents per ounce.  
  • Stick Deodorant: The largest bar of deodorant I could find at the Dollar Tree was 2.5 oz. and cost one dollar.  The best deal on stick deodorant I could find at Wal-Mart was a two pack of 2.5 oz. sticks for 3.48.  Buying two sticks at the dollar store would be cheaper.
  • Toilet Paper:  Wal-Mart has twenty-four rolls of 2-ply toilet paper for $10.72, 45 cents per roll.  Dollar Tree sells four rolls of 2-ply for one dollar, 25 cents per roll.  Even with sales tax, four of the Dollar Tree packs are cheaper than one of the Wal-Mart packs.

What You Can Buy at the Dollar Store:

  • Adult Toothbrushes: A six pack of soft adult toothbrushes from Dollar Tree costs a dollar.  A six pack of soft adult toothbrushes from Wal-Mart costs the same.
  • Denture Adhesive: I actually couldn’t find any at my local Dollar Tree.  Of course, had I been able to, I know it would have cost a dollar per tube.  A 2.4 oz. tube at Wal-Mart was $2.32, so an equally sized tube at Dollar Tree would be better.  Even a smaller tube might have a better price per ounce.
  • Hand Lotion: The Dollar Tree had a 7.5 oz. bottle of Jergens hand lotion for one dollar.  The cheapest bottle of hand lotion at Wal-Mart was $3.58 for two ounces.  However, the biggest bottle of body lotion in general at Wal-Mart was 32 oz. for $3.38, or 11 cents an ounce.  Compared to the 13 cents per ounce for the Dollar Tree bottle, Wal-Mart has the better deal unless you need hand lotion only and specifically.
  • Toothpaste: Dollar Tree’s biggest tube of toothpaste was 8 oz. for one dollar, 13 cents an ounce.  Wal-Mart had a three pack of 8 oz. toothpaste for 4.95, 21 cents an ounce.  Three rolls of Dollar Tree toothpaste would be cheaper.  However, Dollar Tree’s biggest tube of toothpaste was a generic, while Wal-Mart’s three pack was a name brand, Colgate. If you’re concerned about the toothpaste’s effectiveness or quality of ingredients, you might choose to spend the extra dollar or so for the brand. 

What You Shouldn’t Buy at the Dollar Store:

  • Baby Diapers: Dollar Tree only had diapers in packs of three.  The biggest package at Wal-Mart was 160 diapers for $16.12.  While it’s technically cheaper per diaper at Dollar Tree, it would cost you more to buy enough Dollar Tree packs to equal the number of diapers in the Wal-Mart box.
  • Baby Powder: At Dollar Tree, baby powder was one dollar for 9 oz., 11 cents per ounce.  Wal-Mart had 15 oz. of baby powder for $1.58.  That’s also 11 cents per ounce, but you’re getting six more ounces.
  • Children’s Toothbrushes: A three pack of soft children’s brushes was a dollar at Dollar Tree.  A five pack at Wal-Mart was also a dollar.
  • Children’s Disposable Nighttime Underpants: I couldn’t find any of these at Dollar Tree.  There were infant diapers and adult diapers, but nothing in between.  At Wal-Mart, it was $16.47 for 34 S/M pairs or for 27 L/XL pairs.
  • Incontinence Pads: Dollar Tree had unisex pads in packs of ten for one dollar, or ten cents per pad.  Women’s pads at Wal-Mart were $14.34 for 45, and men’s were 52 for 9.54.  While the cost is more per pad with the Wal-Mart versions, they are designed to have more protection in specific needed areas by sex, and so are better absorbent.  They are also likely made of more durable and higher quality materials.
  • Menstrual Pads: Maxi pads at Dollar Tree are twenty to a package for one dollar, five cents per pad.  A package of 45 maxi pads at Wal-Mart is 4.99, 11 cents per pad.  However, literally every review I’ve ever found for dollar store pads warns that they leak, they don’t stay adhered, or they adhere too well and can actually tear underwear.  This is one of those instances where quality is the most important thing.
  • Tampons: The Dollar Tree had a box of 8 tampons for a dollar, thirteen cents apiece.  Wal-Mart sells a box of 54 for 5.27, ten cents a piece.
  • Tissues:  The Dollar Tree sells one box of 160 tissues for a dollar, about one cent per tissue.  Wal-Mart sells a 6 pack of Kleenex boxes, 160 tissues each, for 7.72.  That also comes out to one cent per tissue, but for six times the product.
  • Wet Wipes: Dollar Tree had thirty-two wipes per pack for a dollar, three cents per wipe.  Wal-Mart’s best deal was 5 packs of 48 wipes each for 6.28, also three cents per wipe for nearly eight times as many wipes.
Are you blind?

I work at Academy Today a customer failed to read the print next to the “50% OFF” sign that clearly says “Lowest Marked Price Clearance on Apparel, Footwear, and Select Licensed Products.” She adamantly argues to get a $4.99 dog toy, on clearance for $1.98, for $0.99 with her $684 purchase. Even after bringing her the sign to show her she was wrong, she demanded to speak to the manager, and then the store director, then promised to contact corporate and report all three of us. We have heard nothing since.
-sidetrack- I saw her later while I was getting sushi at Kroger. She was arguing to the manager and then got escorted out of the stores for hitting him with a loaf of bread.

What’s your next book series? Because if you’re looking for:

  • Man-eating faeries, Celtic mythology and magic
  • A YA crossover / New Adult fantasy
  • A plot that focuses on familial love and friendship over romance
  • Complicated antagonists and faulted heroes
  • Adventure, drama and character-driven plots
  • A diverse group including LGBTQ+ and PoC characters in the main cast.
  • An indie book, by an #ownvoice female, bisexual author

then you may just want to check out this epic fantasy series! 

Grab a copy of Book 1, The Sons of Thestian, and Book 2, Blood of the Delphi together for just $1.98 this week only, or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Reblogs are seriously appreciated to help spread the word! 

30 Problems Only Canadian People Will Understand. #11 Is So Accurate It Hurts.

1. People asking you to say ‘aboot ‘ for them and waiting for ‘eh’.

2. Having roads in our potholes.

3. Accidentally setting your keyboard to French and not realizing for the longest time.

4. When I Travel Abroad, Locals Think I’m American.

5. When I Type ’?,’ It Comes Out As 'É’

6. Constantly getting duds when it’s roll up the rim season.

7. Uses Canadian Spelling… Gets Corrected By U.S. Spell-Checker.

8. Asks For A Double-Double… U.S. Cashier Doesn’t Understand.

9. Paid $1.98 Charge With A Toonie… Got No Change.

10. Shipping with the US: free. Shipping internationally: 3 BILLION DOLLARS.

11. Panicking at the scent of burnt toast.

12. Just Got Netflix… U.S. Selection Is WAY Better.

13. If you pronounce the second ’t’ in Toronto, you obviously don’t live in Toronto.

14. Tim Horton’s withdrawel while abroad.

15. Wearing heavy-duty winter boots to school and looking like a hoser all day.

16. 3 second milk ads that leave you wondering what just happened.

17. Being asked if you ski to work.

18. Your international friends and family visit the other side of Canada but still expect to see you.

19. Wildly overestimating the price with tax, just to be safe.

20. Travelling to England means that half of your luggage is filled with plug adapters.

21. Ooh, 15 cents. That’s really helpful Canadian Tire.

22. “I have a friend named ______ in Vancouver, do you know them?”

23. Salt stains on everything in the winter.

24. Fahrenheit is a confusing and impenetrable mystery.

25. Need to fake an American zip code because there isn’t a postal code box.

26. “And remember class, it must be by a Canadian.”

27. The air hurts my face. Why am I living where the air hurts my face.

28. Having to take your mitts off in the winter to text someone back.

29. “What’s your background?” I’m Canadian. “no, before that.”

30. The calories in poutine. Seriously, the stuff tastes like heaven.

Larguirucho de 1.98 mts. de estatura, enfermizo, pelo largo que le cubría gran parte del rostro con una pronunciada miopía, usaba lentes que apenas dejaban ver sus ojos y padecía un trastorno obsesivo compulsivo que lo hacía caer en actitudes absurdas. Así era Joey Ramone, el icónico vocalista de los Ramones, un antihéroe del rock.

Jeffrey Hyman, su nombre real, nació el 19 de mayo de 1951 en el barrio Forrest Hills en Queens, Nueva York. Sus padres se divorciaron a principios de los 60 y su madre se volvió a casar. Joey, desconsolado, encontró refugio en la música: se la pasaba tocando la batería y coleccionando discos.

“Encontré mi salvación en la radio.Me acuerdo de la primera vez que escuché a los Beach Boys, era Surfing USA y me impactó. Pero 
The Beatles fueron los que me convirtieron en un fan. Y más tarde los Stooges, que fueron una banda que me ayudó mucho en mis periodos oscuros. Me ayudaban a sacar fuera la agresión”, declaró a la revista Rolling Stone.

Homemade laundry detergent

So, I saw a post about how millennials are just ruining yet another industry :coughbullshitcough:, and it had a “recipe” to make your own laundry detergent

I’ve done it before, so, I decided to make a picture guide

Start with this:

(Ignore the seltzer. That was for me for later.)

OK, so here we have:

  • Borax  ($3.97)
  • Washing Soda  ($3.97)
  • 4 lbs of baking soda (cheaper in grocery section than laundry section)  ($1.98, basically 50 cents a pound)
  • a Fels Naptha or Zote bar (laundry soap bars; either one will work)  (approx $1 each)

To make fragrance salt crystals:

  • Epsom salt (pharmacy)   ($2.86)
  • Essential oil blend (in the candle/incense section)   ($4.87)

All prices are Walmart prices, because I was there and didn’t want to bother going other places. So, for 1 batch of laundry detergent, it’s about $10-11, and another $9 to make multiple batches of salt crystals (I’m rounding a bit with MA sale tax)

The clear bottle on the right is an empty Purex fragrance bottle from a previous batch of detergent, with the last of that batch

Mix the Borax, washing soda, and baking soda in a pail, and grate your soap. I’d recommend buying a cheap cheese grater from the dollar store just for this, so you don’t have to worry about scrubbing the soap off

Your alternative is to cut up the soap and microwave it, 30 seconds at a time, to make it dry and crumbly when it cools:

WARNING: It stinks. And that smell will last for a while. Microwaving a bowl of water with vinegar, lemon juice, or baking soda for 5-10 minutes, and leaving it for an hour will help. You can do the same with coffee if you have any left over. 

Also, large cubes are better than small cubes, because air flow. And don’t be impatient and do longer bursts:

So, mix it all together:

You can mix by hand, but they’ll get dry and soapy if you don’t wear gloves. I have an old laundry detergent pail with a tight fitting lid, so once everything’s in and I’ve crumbled the soap as much as I can, I can close it up and roll it around. This is a double batch, so it takes a bit over half this pail.

That Purex bottle I mentioned above? It happens to make an absolutely awesome shelf-sized container, and you’d use about 1/3 -½ the lid’s worth of your new soap per load of laundry. So if you want to, buy a bottle or 2 and mix them into your detergent, and reuse the bottles. (They’re about $4-5 or so)

The fragrance salts I kept in a separate bottle, and they were even easier. I poured salt into another Purex bottle (about ½ the carton) and added essential oil drops until I thought the smell was strong enough. Then just shake it up, and you’re done. Add a tablespoon or so to your load of laundry when it starts.

And that’s it! We go through the detergent quickly, but we go through any detergent quickly, because it’s a farm and we have lots of laundry to do. It will still take me several months to go through $20 worth of detergent

How Much?

 Steve Rogers

Imagine: Steve not being used to how much things cost when he goes out to update his wardrobe.


Genre: i don’t know what this would be tbh

rated: Everyone

Warnings: none

author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

Steve had lost a lot of things when he was frozen. He lost everything he had ever known only to be thrown back 70 years later, naive to the world like a toddler or newborn. Ever since being with the Avengers, he started to get the hang of things. However, he did not get the hang of the price tag. It was a Saturday morning in the tower, Steve sitting right at the table on Starks floor, since Nick decided to have the conference there. 

“Ya know, Rogers. You really gotta update that wardrobe of yours.”

Steve rolled his eyes and looked over at Tony.

“What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“Well, they’re from the forties, it’s absolutely tacky. You might as well be black and white.”

Steve frowned and turned away, sipping his tea.

“These clothes are the only thing I really have to remind me of who I was.”

Tony sighed and replied.

“I didn’t say throw them away. Just buy some more clothes. I’ll provide you with the money.”

Before Steve could protest, Tony handed Steve a thousand dollars in one hundreds and pushed steve out the door. 

“I’ll send for a cab at four. Don’t be late. If you need help getting anything in, just call and i’ll get JARVIS to send one of my suits.”


“Don’t ‘Tony’ me, go!”

Steve sighed as the elevator doors shut and cut off his view of a smirking Tony Stark. Putting the money in his pocket, Steve stepped out the elevator and got into the said cab, getting to the mall. Steve went to pay the driver but the driver put his hand up.

“Already paid for, Mr. Rogers.”

“Oh…thanks for the ride then.”

“No problem.”

Steve stepped out and closed the car door, watching as the taxi drove away. Turning, he looked at the double doors of the mall and bit his tongue alittle.

‘Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to get a few things…’

Steve walked in, taking in the multiple smells of food and clothes. Steve sighed to himself as he started to wander through, looking at the many stores. Finding a store that had casual clothing, he walked in.

“Hello, welcome to Casual Attractions. if you need anything, please ask.”

The woman behind the register greeted. Steve smiled and said.

“Thank you ma’am.”

Steve went to the Mens section and started looking at the jeans. Picking out a few denim jeans and a couple shirts, he went into the dressing room. Steve paused as he looked into the mirror. His mind wandered to his memories and remembered when he couldn’t really fit into the white shirt he currently had on. Now, it was tight but wasn’t constricting. Shaking his head, Steve tried on the jeans and shirts. After agreeing that they felt good, he looked at the prices and almost choked on air. $146 for that pair of jeans and $38.00 each for the two shirts. Steve frowned a bit.

‘i remember when trousers were just $1.98…this is outrageous.’

Steve felt a wave of nostalgia come over him as he thought about how easy it was to buy clothes. Now, it was hard when they cost so much. 

‘No wonder not a lot of people can afford things.’

Sighing, Steve took the clothes and bought them, biting his lip. It felt wrong to use Tony’s money, even if the guy was dirty rich. Just like Howard when he was still alive. Steve had to laugh at himself as he thought about how different yet alike the two men were. As Steve walked out, he spotted an pocket watch on the rack beside the door and debated on it. it wasn’t common for people to use them nowadays but Steve couldn’t resist. he bought it too and then walked out. He looked at the watch then a clock on the wall of the mall and changed the time to three-thirty five pm.

‘I can get lunch to go.’

Steve thought, realizing how much time he had left. Walking to a subway, he ordered then walked out with his things, searching for a cab.

“Mr. Rogers?”

Steve turned to his left to see a taxi cab. 

“That’s me?”

“Ride for you to go to Stark Tower?”

“Ah, yes. Thank you.”

Steve put his things in the trunk and got in, looking out the window while thinking.

‘i guess everything about this generation is outrageous…i mean are skirts supposed to be that high?’



DIY Candle Glasses

I decided to put some of these together as part of little gifts I am making for my friends. They were relatively cheap to make, as all you need are

  • Tea candles (*$2.99 /30 vanilla; ikea)
  • Candle Glasses (*$1.98 /4; ikea)
  • Stickers (*$1 /set; Target Dollar Zone)
  • Mod Podge or other glue
  • Decorative supplies (ribbon, glitter etc)
  • Acetone to clean up excess glue

Be creative and decorate your glasses with any supplies you have. I had bought s bunch of stickers from the Dollar Zone from target that I used on most of these. On most, I did one big sticker on the “front” and small stickers making a pattern around the rest of the glass.
Let them glasses dry and clean off any messes with the acetone.

Made some cute ones? Show me them!

3/22/15 Shopping Trip #2

4 Hefty Plates Paid $3.56 (.89 each)

     ($5.56-(2)$1 coupons)

3 Honey Bunches of Oats Paid $2.64 (.88 each)

     ($5.64-(3)$1 coupons)

2 Texas Toast Croutons Paid $1 (.50 each)

     ($2-$1 coupon)

4 Barilla Pasta’s Paid $1.96 (.49 each)

     ($3.96-$1 off 4 boxes coupon-$1 off 4 boxes ecoupon)

1 Soft Soap Body Wash FREE +.79

     ($2.21-$1.50 coupon-$1.50 ecoupon)

1 Infusium Shampoo FREE +.01 

     ($3.99-$2 coupon-$2 ecoupon)

1 Sure Deodorant  FREE +.34

     ($1.66-$1 coupon-$1 ecoupon)

1 Brut Deodorant FREE +.34

     ($1.66-$1 coupon- $1 ecoupon)

2 Huggies Wipes FREE +.02

     ($1.98-(2)$1 coupons)

2 Bear Naked Bars Paid .50 (.25 each)

   ($2.50-(2)$1 coupons)

2 McCormick Gravy Paid .48 (.24 each)

     ($1.98-$1 coupon-.50 ecoupon)

1 Galbani Cheese Paid .77

     ($1.99-$1 coupon-.22 ecoupon)

1 Daisy Cottage Cheese Paid $2.49

     ($3.99-$1 coupon-.50 ecoupon)

Total Cost $39.52 ($39.12 + .40 tax)

Total Paid $12.30 (or .49 for each item)

anonymous asked:

What is the foxhole court?? Is it as gay as the fandom makes it out to be or is it all subtext?

Hello Friend!

The Foxhole Court is beauty and grace and a hell of a lot of punches in the face.

It is a book trilogy about a a rag tag sports team in college. I always find it difficult to give a synopsis to the series because technically its just a sports drama??? So much happens in these books and the characters are wonderful and tragic and funny and kinda terrible but oh so lovable. It is often referred to as a “CW Show” in book form because the level of INSANE DRAMA that happens feels outrageous. There are mobs and backstories involving everything from fallen socialite to teenage stripper to former gang member to child abuse. There are heavy elements in this series so please be mindful of triggers! @coldsaturn has a link somewhere to a triggers master list so feel free to message her about it! 

Is it as gay as the fandom makes it out to be? LMAO. OH FRIEND. IT IS HELLA GAY. Our main ship is canon! But please know that it doesn’t happen until the third book. It’s slow build but honestly it doesn’t feel that way because of everything that’s going on in the book. The series has two canon gay characters and one we consider Demi. (that would be Neil, our protagonist) He isn’t confirmed as this in the series but we’ve sorta adopted it that way and Nora, the author has expressed really liking the idea. 

I think the two biggest selling points for this series are these:

1) It’s like a hurt/comfort fic. There is a lot of sad/scary/intense/heartbreaking stuff in it but Nora doesn’t leave you hanging. She soothes the pain off and on throughout the series. 

2) Consent is the biggest component. Our main ship has A LOT of personal issues to deal with and they don’t get glossed over once they “find each other”. They work through those issues together and it’s hard and it doesn’t always work out right and I find that incredibly refreshing for ANY romantic relationship. 

So if I’ve intrigued you enough but you still aren’t sure, go ahead and download the first book. It’s free on Amazon! and the trilogy is just 1.98

And last but not least, check out our official page! @thefoxholecourtofficial for any additional questions/curiosities x 


Polaroid 300- $59.99 
Polaroid 300 film- $19.94 (x2)
Bike lights- $19.96
Total: $119.83

Office Depot:
Staedtler fine liner pack- $21.99
Total: $21.99

Sushi- $9.99
Total: $9.99

Barnes & Noble:
Donutino plushie- $19.95
AA batteries- $10.99
Tokidoki frienzies- $4.95 (x3)
Total: $45.79

Hobby Lobby:
Prismacolor pencils- $1.98 (x10)
Watercolor pad- $3.69
Prismacolor sharpener- $7.99
Copic inking pen set- $19.99
Paint marker- $3.99
Total: $55.46

Prismacolors 48 pack- $89.99
Copic markers- $7.99 (x23)
Brush- $29.99
Brush- $16.49
Watercolors- $47.99
Copic sketch marker set- $54.98
Palette- $4.99
Total: $428.20

World market:
Shower curtain- $29.99
Window panel- $19.99
Pajama shorts- $14.99
Total: $64.97

Grand total: $746.23


Brooklyn Supreme (a.k.a. Brookie) 1928-1948 was a Belgian stallion noted for its extreme size. He stood 19.2 hands (1.98 meters) tall and weighed 3,200 pounds (1,500 kilograms) with a girth of over 10 feet (3 meters).