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Where to buy hair clips for decora fashion!!!

One of my more frequently asked questions here on tumblr and all of my other social media sites is always the big “Where do you get your hair accessories for decora?” I’ve always avoided answering this just because of how long it takes to answer but I’ve finally taken the time to just sit down and answer the dang question already! So here it is! My guide to buying hair accessories and hair clips for decora fashion!


IN-STORE: (definitely check these places IN STORE. I will add links for some of their online selections but they’re not as great nor organized as their store selections.)

Target: If you have a local Target please check out 1) Their dollar bin section. At my Target there is almost always hello kitty hair clips in their dollar bins. 2) The girl’s accessory section! They sometimes have great hair clips in the kids section~ You never know what you’ll find. They also have a lot of Hello Kitty themed goods.

Walmart: Just as I mentioned with Target, Walmart’s girl’s accessories section has hair clips. It’s usually hit or miss depending on the area? My local walmart doesnt have a great selection /but/ when I was on vacation their walmart had an amazing selection and I got some of my favorite hair clips from there.

Claire’s: ****Before I suggest Claire’s I must say I think their hair clips are overpriced for the quality that you are receiving. BUT. Claire’s is almost always running good sales!! Please check out their sales section because usually you can find great treasures. I personally recommend their baby line, Claire’s Club.

Believe it or not, H&M sometimes has really fantastic hair accessories in their kids department! I have found some of my absolute favorite star hair clips from the H&M kids section! They will also sometimes offer hello kitty hair clips and I’ve even seen Little Twin Stars clips there as well! I’ve found that they are also priced very fairly. In addition to that H&M Kids frequently will mark down their kids accessories to $1USD so always check their sale section!

Dollar Store: Check your local dollar store! Dollar stores can also be hit or miss depending on the chain that you have in your area, but you can almost always find the plastic hair clips there for really cheap! They’re more difficult to use on your bangs but work great in pigtails.

Party Stores: I absolutely love hair clips from Party City. My local store is separated between “girls” and “boys” motifs and their girls section is then separated by character. Each section usually has a hairlip of some kind! I’ve gotten great Lalaloopsy and Barbie Clips from my Party Stores.

Halloween Stores: When Halloween season check out your local Halloween Stores! They tend to have character themed hair clips but also might have hair clips sold for Street Fashion themed costumes. These also tend to be expensive so check their sales after Halloween.

Toy Stores: Some toy stores will sell hair clips in the “girls” sections! I’ve found that many smaller, locally owned toy shops will often have a selection of cute hair clips and you can occasionally find some at places like Toys R Us as well!

Chinatown/Japantown: If you have a local Chinatown or Japantown I recommend checking them out! In my Chinatown there’s a Sanrio store which is typically overpriced but they sometimes have nice sales. In addition to that there are always random small shops in my Chinatown which offer cute accessories. If you have a larger Chinatown or Japantown you might have a larger selection! I recommend checking them out~!




6%DOKIDOKI- Although their clothing can be expensive, their hair accessories are relatively reasonably priced! They have great glitter hair clips and starfalls.

Chocomint-(link 1)(link 2) They have a variety of different hair accessories which could be used in decora, fairy kei, or fairy decora. They make a lot of fluffy accessories.

Sanrio- Sanrio makes tons of different hair accessories which you can find at multiple locations! Their official website has sanrio character hair clips perfect for decora! You can also search etsy and storenvy for off brand options!

Tokyo Otaku Mode- TOM offers a variety of accessories from different Japanese brands. Their selection is always changing so you can check in on them to see what they offer this week. Right now they have cute Swankiss bows which would be perfect for decora.



Always support our Indie brands! Because these items are handmade they tend to be more expensive so I understand it’s difficult to buy a lot of them… but I do firmly believe that it’s important to support the people that are helping our fashion grow~ Plus they all have One of a Kind accessories which you can’t find anywhere else~

Holley Tea Time: HTT typically makes resin hair clips and bows. She offers sparkly clips with a variety of colors and characters. Her accessory stock is always changing so be sure to check for updates!

Kawaiigoods: KG offers OTT hair accessories which are great for decora. Typically they have over the top bows which would be perfect for themed coordinates.

KawaiiPowerUp: KPU offers unique hair clips which make great statement piece in decora! hey also offer a variety of hair clip falls which make nice side pieces.

Sweet Spirits: SS offers 80s inspired accessories great for fairy kei themed decora coordinates! Right now it seems they have a lot of bows but they have also offered a variety of hair clips in the past.

Hey Chickadee!: HC! is the creator pusheen but their website also hosts other indie designers. Their hair clips selection is small but incredibly cute! They have adorable character themed hair clips.

Tasty Peach Studios: TPS sells clothing and accessories feature the owners own art! Her clothing is great for colorful fashions and she now started selling cute hair clips. Her clips have her adorable character art on them and come in a variety of colors.

Kittywood Designs: KWD is great for themed decora coordinates! They offer clips in a variety of shapes and sizes all made with different materials. They make a lot of different themed accessories and are notorious for having cute halloween goodies.

Roxie Sweetheart: RS is a UK designer who makes a variety of apparel featuring her own art. She mixes sweet and creepy themes together and her clothing is always cute with a bit of a twist. She also sells hair accessories featuring her art on it. She makes nice big character clips and bows which make great statement pieces.

Miss Alphabet:  MA doesnt sell hair clips but sells large bows great for an OTT look! She always uses unique fabrics that really pop in decora! I always recommend checking out her shop because she has a great style which mixes both 80s and modern themes in a unique way.



Now that I’ve given you all of the expensive and average priced options here are some great ideas for when you’re looking for decora hair clips and you have a strict budget. **** when buying off of any of these sites PLEASE read the customers feedback before buying from a shop. Some shops ARE reliable and some are NOT reliable. It’s up to you to decide after reading the store’s reviews.

Ebay and Amazon: You’d be very surprised how many cute hair accessories are on both eBay and Amazon- very, very surprised. Both of these sites are amazing search engines when you’re looking for items such as these (and for cheap). I don’t have any particular shop on these sites which I use regularly, instead I just do it the old fashioned way and search for things! The amount of results on these sites can be overwhelming so try searching for different things.

Some suggestions: kids hair clips, girls hair clips, plastic hair clips, animal hair clips, hello kitty hair clips, cute hair clips, etc.

The amazing thing about these sites is often you can find things in bulk! Most people wouldn’t need to buy 50+ hair clips unless they are selling them in a store, so usually when you find them in bulk they will be incredibly cheap. (and then you get a lot of them!)

Here are some screen shots of typically what you can find after some searching:

AliExpress: Now, AliExpress is another shoppers website similar to eBay and Amazon but I’ve find they have a much higher stock and offer more shops! Because of this sometimes it will take longer to find things when you search so make sure to be specific. But after sorting through many pages you will definitely find a good deal!

Here is a screenshot of an example of something you may find!

***** Now, this is very important about AliExpress, if you search for any other j-fashionable goods on AE (besides off brand hair accessories) please be incredibly careful! I can guarantee you that 95% of J-Fashionable items on there are either replicas or contain stolen art. Many things such as basic shirts and tights aren’t a big deal but many, many things that are sold on there are taobao-esque knock offs or contain stolen work from artists online. AliExpress can be great for buying things in bulk and for buying craft supplies but please be cautious if you use it for anything else!


Last but not least! DIY:

I could honestly go on for HOURS about decora DIY- and one day in the future I will write up a huge guide for all of the different things you can “do yourself” for decora fashion! But, for now I will share one very easy DIY trick for hair clips.
Now, I believe many shop owners might get mad at me for sharing this little secret about a very cheap DIY method but I need you guys to know how easy (and cheap!!!) it is to make your own hair clips.
There are three things you need:
1- Glue: You can use a glue gun of E6000 (which you can find at a local craft store!)
2- Base hair clips
3- Cabochons

Now, what are cabochons? Cabochons are the little character / motif “charms/applications” commonly used on decoden phonecases. They are also frequently used on ring bases, and hair accessories. Typically they are made from resin or plastic and they are flat backed which is perfect for crafting!
Here is an example:

(buy this lot on etsy!!)

You can find these almost everywhere. Etsy has a nice selection of cabochons and you’ll find that some people even make their own cabochons! You can also find them on AliExpress for wholesale:

Now all you need to do is buy base hair clips, and glue cabochons onto them! It’s inaccessibly simple and will save you a lot of money!
Many craft stores such as Joanns, AC Moore, and Michaels do sell them but I find they are quite expensive! I find AliExpress has a great selection of bulk craft supplies and has many different variations of things! Remember to always check the sellers ratings before buying, though!!
Here are some examples:


Well then! I hope that list will help all of you out on your decora adventures~~! I know at first decora can feel overwhelming due to how much stuff you need so I hope these options can help guide you~~!! In the future I plan on making many more guides to help put you in the right direction!!
but for now…. remember, the most important thing about decora…………. is to have fun!!!!! So go wild! be yourself! and have a great time~~!!

Enjoy decora fashion, cuties!!!

Interview with Dollarbin

I had become acquainted with Dollarbin a couple of years ago through myspace.  As a producer i’m always keeping my ear open to different and unique sounds and this is what I noticed when I had initially heard his music.  The thing that has always struck me with his sound is that he’s not afraid to take chances, and he doesn’t particularly care about what others think. I find this inspiring and admirable for an artist his age.  I had reached out to many different producers that I know personally to remix River On Glass, I knew from the onset that I had wanted Dollar to be apart of this project.  It’s rare to meet a producer who really understands the concept of the remix in making the song their own and having their personality grafted to the final project. I’ve had the opportunity to watch him grow as an artist and I feel that he’s on his way to becoming a formidable talent to watch out for.

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