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Over 50 hours?! Make sure to rest as often as you need to and drink lots of water, idk what your job is but it's still good to take breaks when you can

The secret is having two jobs!!

Guess where I took my inspi for Keith having two as well in the comic ayy



One Season Three Gifset Per Character → Hunk

I don’t want to leave the Yellow Lion, okay? I mean it’s big, it’s got this super armor, it’s safe.


“ More because I was  f a k e  before. I was just lying at home watching Narcos and gaming and stuff. And I’m over that. Now I want my life to be  r e a l


One request, one redraw, and a buncha doodles

Pc was sent for repairs for 2-3 weeks so goodbye WIPs, Custom brushes and animation programs… I will miss you… Good news is that I can still draw!