$ pattern


I saw this really cool post and it inspired me to try out some different tentacles styles for my OC Silas! Since he was born on Glee Anselm and lived there almost his whole life, he was probably taught a lot of different traditional ways of tying up his tentacles. 

He probably wore them in ponytail most of the time, except when he went diving deep in the ocean to gather pearls, because he needed them to light up the darkness around him, and because it must not be very comfortable for him to have them tied up all the time (they’re quite sensitive due to their bioluminescent tips).

My first pattern is for @vaard, what pictures his lost family. His sad story really grabbed me, so I want to commemorate it with this; His wife and their children.
I cry……

Charakters and art by @vaard
Cross stitch pattern design by me

The coulours used in the program and on the pattern both match with the real yarn’s colour.

For the owner of the drawing: I send the pattern and the colour code to your email.


One of my oldest works - bowl from spearwood with celtic pattern. Polished by antique wax.
Одно из моих старых творений - чаша из груши с кельтским орнаментом. Отплирована античным воском.