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“Are those gloryspren?”

“No, bridgeboy,” Adolin said, once more wearing that obnoxious grin. “They’re fashionspren.”

Kaladin is Kaladone. He has a blond boy problem.

Based on this: “A tidbit on Adolin. Hm… In Book Three, he will finally get to wear an outfit other than a boring Kholin uniform.Knowing you all, you’re going to read WAY more into that than I intend. But there you go.” (Source: WoB.)

It was either this or a havah, I’ve got a feeling Dalinar would disapprove of both.

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Oh look it's episode 22 of an odd number season! Time to ask Captain Cold for help!" "But he's dead..." "Time to ask Captain Cold for help!"

omg you’re right 

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i hope this becomes a theme for every odd-numbered season’s episode 22

Flash Episodes with Leonard Snart

Season 1:

  • episode 4
  • episode 10
  • episode 16
  • episode 22

Season 2:

  • episode 3
  • episode 9

Season 3:

  • episode 4 (Flashback + hologram)
  • episode 16 (Speedforce apparition)
  • episode 22 (???)

Follows a 6th-episode pattern within a season, except where we didn’t see him for the back half of S2 and they missed 3x10 (all likely due to Legends taking priority).

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Doea Caitlin swear a lot? I hadn't noticed. I know they're allowed to get away with words like "dick" too which most shows don't.

The CW tends to get away with liminal “swears” like douchebag, dick, and curses used for humor like “asshat” sometimes. There’s a limit on how many swears and the context they’re used in, I think, but I don’t know much about how the censors work (on any network specifically or just in general).

In looking for canon evidence, I suppose I shouldn’t say that Caitlin swears a lot or that much more than a few other characters, it’s just that she does swear and it’s something that goes unnoticed, I find? Or at least she did in season 1 when they were still getting a handle on their characters, it was just subtle. 

“How the hell are you gonna do that?” she asks when Barry suggests he can unravel Clyde’s tornado in 1x01. “Get your ass over there” she says with a smile in 1x02 once she’s on board with the Flash team dynamic. It’s possible they let her swearing go by the wayside after the first few episodes, but it was something that always stuck with me about her. It definitely comes back as Killer Frost (”you got your happy ending, everyone else be damned” - 3x07).

Felicity actually pulls it off too, where it goes largely unnoticed. She has line “ow! That was not as badass as I pictured” in 1x04.

For the record, Joe swears probably the most really, going by the transcripts. He manages to say “damn” a decent amount (both in a sentence and just on its own), which none of the other characters really do. He also says “hell” as in “shut the hell up” to Clyde Mardon in 1x01, and uses similar constructions with that curse like “you scared the hell out of us” etc. So those are his two most common swears, and he pulls his curses off with a sort of humor or incredulity, most of the time. He’s one of the only characters who also swears when he’s happy/mild/joking (about Eddie to Iris “then I’ll try my damndest not to shoot him” - 1x03).

Cisco is probably right behind Joe. He says “dick” and “douchebag” and “hell” and every now and then “damn”, so he swears more and with more variety than most of the characters, depending on what you count as a “swear”. Like Joe, a lot of them are for emphasis and humor, but he’ll say it as a threat (”I’d back the hell up” to Len in 1x04). Easily the most common one for him is “hell”, he gets a chance to use it in probably 40% of episodes in S1?

Hmmm, some others.

Len has said crap (”my grandfather used to take my sister and me to this diner, the motorcar. Food was for crap…”) but doesn’t swear very much, on the whole. Singh will say “where the hell is my report” for something but doesn’t swear too much, given the stress of his job. Wally sometimes says “hell” but not much else that I can recall. Same with Iris probably, there’s little evidence of cursing.

Barry barely swears at all, especially if you consider it as a percentage of his overall lines/words. “What the hell” when he’s riled up about something (typically with anger, like “what the hell were you thinking?” to Wally when he was worried about him doing dangerous stuff in 3x03), but not much more than that and honestly not very often. A “what the hell” line is often given to Cisco in his ear or beside him when it’s an expression of confusion or wonder. 

Most of the versions of Wells don’t swear either. Maybe Harry did, when pressed to anger, but I can’t recall any specific instances.

For the record, I can’t find a single instance of the word “shit” so it must be one the censors don’t like, or the writers don’t find use for. The only instance of “crap” was that line from Captain Cold that I mentioned, but it might’ve been used in episodes that weren’t in my semi-random sampling (I looked at the first half of season 1 then random episodes from the other seasons).

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