justanothertiredstudent  asked:

For your post on finding scholarships there is also a website called college greenlight that will help you find scholarships that apply to you

Yo guys check it out!

  • Matches you to scholarships based on the info you provide 
  • tells you the toughness level of the scholarships (like whether it’s just an app, or something that requires a couple of essays and recs) which will help if you don’t have much time to spend on them
  • tells the level of competition to see if it’s worth it to put your time in and it lets you gauge yourself which is super nice 
  • just from a quick look the scholarships I was matched with range from $500-$10,000, so the range os super nice

I literally just made an account (free and quick) and it seems super promising for both high school and college students.

(omg thank you so much)