He always said you had more heart than you knew what to do with.

                                                                        He  n e v e r  considered it a fault. 

   ❛❛— LOOK ! look how pretty it is ❜❜

           IT being the scenery – here he was in Thailand and so happy, at least. Not that it was his first but perhaps it was his first to really APPRECIATE such.  This city, however, was quite cold. Not in a sense of temperature – but of the history.  However, the sun peeking way through the skyline was something that was unforgettable.  While, this was also known as he city of angels and Venice of the East. It continued to hit him like a ton of bricks. Hot, polluted, and chaotic, it thrills with energy and sights that literally caught his breath. Not here to stay and stand to admire a view for too long, considering he had his best friend had places to be in regards to passing. Taking a time out of their day to stare toward the canals. Why such a place is refereed to as Venice – that WAS NOT for  nothing. Sure, boat tours are touristy, but the sights, from Khmer wats to bizarre riverside dwellings, are rare and wonderful.   ❛❛ it’s too bad we have somewhere to be. ❜❜  / @ceachay