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Heya!! I finally made a personal blog for all of my random fandoms, but I need some blogs to follow. So if you’d be so kind, can you please LIKE or REBLOG this post if you post/reblog any of the following:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! // any series (just please tag Zexal and Arc-V spoilers)
  • Yuri!! on Ice // especially Yuri/Yura Plisetski
  • Mystic Messenger
  • Pokemon GO Trainers
  • Keijo!!!!!!!!
  • Studio Ghibli 
  • Kyouto Animation // any series honestly
  • Dangan Ronpa // games only
  • Retro + Arcade Games // 80s & 90s especially 
  • About video game design 
  • RPGMaker horror games
  • YA literature // especially sci-fi & paranormal 
  • Horror aesthetics 
  • Underwater scenery
  • Cute food 
  • Pastels
  • Flora related 
  • Magick related 
  • Language studies // especially e. Asian languages
  • Mythology related // especially Greek, Egyptian & Japanese 

I just asked my mom if I can get the Shun/Vector doujinshi for christmas(>°^°<) She said we’ll look for that at the weekend. YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH that wasn’t a no XD but she said then I now know what I get as a present again ._. But I need this xD I need my crack OTP xD aaaaand maybe I can get her to buy more doujinshis with me I can get for christman But don’t tell her it’s gay porn. Pls


Hey, Yugioh fans!

So you might or might not know me, but I’ve been in fandom for close to ten years (holy shit), and I have a small request to make. Well–small for you, huge for my family.

See this boy?

This is my nephew Bubbie.

When Bubbie was eight years old, he had routine heart surgery for a genetic defect. But someone didn’t pay enough attention and set an IV with an air bubble in the line, and “routine surgery” turned into a several-week-long nightmare. First the doctors told us he would never wake up. Then they told us he wouldn’t recognize anyone. Then they told us he’d never feed himself. Then they told us … you get the idea.

Ten years later, Bubbie will never be the same. But he’s awake. He knows who his family is. He can feed himself and hold basic conversations. He’s been in the Special Olympics, and this week he’s basically saying “yeah, and screw you too” to all the doctors who told us this would be impossible: he’s graduating high school.

And he loves Yu-Gi-Oh.

So here comes the part where I ask you guys for something. Bubbie doesn’t have the mental ability to actually follow the game, but he loves getting mail, and he loves sorting and playing with his cards. After all these years, they’re starting to get worn out–not only are they a favorite toy, they’re also a coping tool when he goes into sensory overload.

So if you guys want to make a boy very, very happy, and do something totally badass for his high school graduation, would you consider sending him a graduation card with some YGO cards in it? I don’t want to put his mailing address just floating out and about on Tumblr, but you can get it from me by shooting me an Ask. Bubbie adores mail more than just about anything in the world, and he’d be absolutely over the moon.

His graduation party is on May 21st (he walks on the 17th), and we’d like to fill up the weeks preceding with mail from all over (YGO-related and regular mail both). Can you help out by sending him a card and/or REBLOGGING this post?

Thanks for reading, guys! Please help me make my nephew’s graduation awesome.

what your favorite yu-gi-oh series says about you
  • season 0:you really, REALLY like the idea of setting someone on fire with no consequences
  • duel monsters:you like to complain about whippersnappers these days.
  • gx:you have a closet full of sweaters knit out of tears.
  • 5ds:you either have a dragon kink or you're in denial of being a sonic fan
  • zexal:sometimes you blow a kiss into the sky “for the aliens”
  • arc v:you no longer have any idea what is happening in your life. things are burning. you are probably trapped on the bus to hell. it's fine though. everything is fine.