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I really love “Chunibyo demo koi ga shitai”.  Chunibyo is a much more beautiful Japanese word (I wish I spoke Japanese) for what we might call here in the US “Make Believe”.  Pretending, thinking you have powers that you really don’t, or you’re in some exciting adventure that makes your life special, and only you (and perhaps a select few) know about it.

Rikka Takanashi is an awesome example of this…

I started to wondered about my own  youth (very young), I thought was I ever Chunibyo?  As I strained and thought back I started to remember how I heavily made-believe (Chunibyo), and pretended.  Getting up on Saturday mornings to play/pretend I was in some new adventure; slaying a dragon, fighting in some divine quest, or using some special power(s).  Memories I’ve long since forgotten, perhaps surpressed.  As I thought about it, these were some of the most happy parts of my life in fact.  I’ve had other happy ones since mind you.

But did I ever really believe I was special (Full blown Chunibyo)? Truly special, where reality and fantasy blurred the line?

Ahhh….yeah, I crossed that line quite well.  

I remembered one incident, so crazy, it makes me think of how hard Shinka Nibutani and Yuta Togashi tried to erase all traces of thier Chunibyo experiences for fear of embarassment and ridicule.

But I’ll share this embarassing incident (chunibyo) of my youth freely.  When I was 8 year old I convinced myself that I could fly for short distances, with the proper equipment. Secure in the firm belief in my power and my ability, I got a bedroom sheet, and promptly tied it around my neck (Sort of like Superman).  Then I immediately marched up to the 2nd floor balcony of our home.

Yes, you guessed it, I proceeded to jump right the hell off the balcony into the air fully expecting the air/wind to catch beneath my sheet and allow me to gently float to the ground, almost like a parachute.  Well, needless to say I fell like a rock and was lucky all I broke was my forearm.  Well, perhaps my pride broke too..LOL

Later at the hospital my angry mother was like, “What the HELL were you thinking?”

Me; “Uhhhh, that I can fly”…LOL

Just thinking about the incident make me feel like this…

Then I think to myself (Rationalization), well I was only 8 years old, after all.  Now I’ve grown out of all that and I am “Normal” now…LOL 


But then I remember the last scene of Season 1 and have to wonder if I’ll have a relapse :)  Or have had one and can’t admit it. <smirk>

I’m enjoying Season 2 (Chunibyo demo koi ga shitai -Heart Throb-)…..very much

2deadswans asked:

you have a unique mind I can't help buy notice and love about you. yuta, your art has grabbed my heart by the heartstrings and tied them in a bow with yours 💟

♡(˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)♡ aww my shit tied your heart?? thank you~~♡ aww aww it’s your turn, good timing to tie me up♡ tie me ride me dye me red with an icy knife eee!! eww my dick…slice it♡ eww my cum…slimy♡ you got my body parts…fry these♡ lydia, my ass is a clam, my heart is a burnt shrimp♡ put them in a bowl and garnish it with garlic♡ eat me sip me aww lick me♡ bite me gnaw me swallow me like a baby swallow swallows♡ wow wow wow now i’m with you, i’m yours ლ(´ڡ`ლ)♡



this cliched pervert MC is CANONICALLY TRANS and it’s not even the focus of the anime. the plot is actually one of those confusing clusterfuck ones that actually all the dumb happenings connect together and turn out to be important. so i recommend if you like having lots of plot realization moments. yuta is portrayed as a pervert but he’s actually super vanilla cause he gets turned on by just panties.