it is i again hello

can i request another scenario, fluffy this time with Arakita and his s/o in the shower, where arakitty finds out why his s/o smells so good most of the times (the shower gel/shampoo smells really delicious)

tho it sounds kinda dumb, i thought it was cute

good luck on your work!

it’s not dumb at all, I actually found it a really fun and cute request ^^ Anyway, I hope you don’t mind, but I changed shower to bath, because I thought it would be even more adorable if Arakita and his s/o relaxed in the tub together!!

Anyway, enjoy~

You sunk into the warm bathwater with a loud, contented sigh, feeling your muscles relax after a long, stressful day. You leaned back, dipping your hair into the water before sitting up to grab your shampoo.

Just as your wet hand wrapped around the slippery bottle, Arakita threw open the bathroom door, scaring a little shriek out of you as the shampoo bottle slid right out of your hand and into the hot water in front of you.

Cursing, you carefully picked it out and placed it back where it belonged before turning to glare at your loud, intrusive boyfriend. He just shrugged and shut the door behind him, stripping out of his clothes and stepping into the tub behind you. You let him, grudgingly, scowling at how he splashed water everywhere as he not-so-gracefully sat down with his legs on either side of you.

You couldn’t help but lean back against his warm, broad chest, letting him wrap his strong arms around you and hold you close to him. It was funny how affectionate he could be in comparison to how annoyed and loud he usually was, but you were pretty much used to it.

For a while, you two just sat quietly together, listening to each other’s calming breaths and just relaxing in the tub. Then you remembered the reason why you had decided to take a bath in the first place – you had to get clean, obviously.

Reaching for the shampoo bottle for the second time that night, you were about to squeeze some of the liquid onto your palm when a large hand stopped you. You looked up at Arakita curiously, tilting your head and grinning a bit when you saw the slight pink staining his pale cheeks.

“Can I…?” He asked, looking away and blushing even more but refusing to acknowledge it or look you in the eye because of it.

You laughed before squeezing some shampoo onto his outstretched palm as answer, putting the bottle down and sitting up so he could reach your hair.

He rubbed his hands together before sliding them through the strands of wet hair, digging his fingers gently into your scalp and lathering up the shampoo in your hair. You hummed happily, loving the feeling before he stopped suddenly. He leaned forward so his nose was very nearly in the white bubbles on your head, and you could hear him breathe in deeply.

“Wh-what…?” You said, confused as to what he was doing and why he had stopped. You turned toward him and were surprised to see that he had a slightly blissed out look on his face. Now you were really puzzled.

“Uh, Yasutomo-kun?” Suddenly, he snapped out of it, looking even more embarrassed than before and turning you back around so you wouldn’t be able to see his face, his fingers continuing to massage the shampoo into your hair.

As he was doing so, he was still breathing in deeply, and you came to an immediate understanding – he liked the smell of your shampoo. You remembered how he had told you once or twice that your hair smelled good, and now he knew why, but was way too embarrassed to admit it, probably.

You just smiled at the revelation and let him continue to wash your hair for you, rinsing it when he was done and then turning to give him a sweet kiss on the lips before returning the favour.

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juujuulion asked:

I don't think I saw this scenario so! Comfort scenario with Hakogaku + Imaizumi + Machimiya where their s/o is totally scared to death of thunder/storms because of a traumatic flooding incident that happened to them when they were younger, and a particularly bad storm (with heavy rain and thunder) is hitting, the boys aren't answering their phones and they come home to their s/o crying and having a panic attack about whether they'd come home safe or not. Sorry if this is weirdly specific ^^;

ah no worries!! I like the help with the specifics! It’s not too much info that you basically answered the request yourself and its not too vague that I have nothing to go off on so thank you for elaborating on it a bit! :)))

Manami would walk through the door as if everything was normal, calling out for his s/o to let them know he was finally home. He could hear his s/o calling back from somewhere in the house and it was like a game of marco polo before he found them hiding in the bedroom, tears streaming down their face as they hugged their knees to their chest and rocked back and forth. They would be yelling at him through the tears asking him where he was and why he wasn’t answering his phone and saying how worried they were, etc. He would lean down and cup their face in his hands and smile at them, tell them how sorry he was and that everything would be okay now that he was back. He would hold them protectively and talk to them normally about his day and ask them how their day was and periodically ask them if they were okay as well until the storm let up or they both fell asleep.

Izumida would come home and as soon as he saw his s/o he would feel awful for leaving them alone. He’d do everything in his power to comfort them and make sure they felt safe now that he had finally returned. He would probably have them sit with him, taking deep breaths in and out together and play their favourite kind of music to try and override the sound of the storm. There would also be a lot of cuddling going on so that his s/o would start to slowly feel more comfortable. He’d tell them that he wouldn’t leave their side until the storm let up and they were feeling better.

Shinkai would be in stunned silence when he saw his s/o panicking and crying. He wouldn’t be used to seeing something like this, especially from them, but he would instinctively run to their aid asking if they were hurt and trying to get them to take deep breaths to help them relax. Now that he was back home and safely with his s/o, he would tell them stories in hopes that those would help them calm down and smile. He would tell stories about cute things Usakichi did, or talk about things that happened during practice or reminding them of a funny thing that happened on one of their dates slowly but surely distracting them with positive thoughts. Every time there was thunder or lightning that scared his s/o he would hold them and stroke their hair and continue his stories.

Toudou would feel terrible when he came home and found his s/o crying and saw how terrified and freaked out they were because of the weather. They would be telling him through the tears how worried they were and how they tried calling him but he never answered. He apologized profusely even though he was well aware that just saying he was sorry didn’t change the fact that he left them alone when they were so scared. He would be beating himself up over it but would do everything in his power to calm them down by keeping in close contact to remind them they were together and safe, giving them soft kisses every time there was a loud crack of thunder and he would make sure to tell bad jokes to distract them and make them laugh.

Fukutomi would have been worried sick the entire time he was out in the storm and when he found his s/o panicking he would immediately make his way over to them to quickly begin making them feel better. The reason he would be out was because he knew the storm was coming and since he was also aware of his s/o’s past experiences he would be grabbing his s/o’s favourite snack or drink so that they would feel calmer. He would be sitting in front of them, holding onto their arms and telling them how strong he thought they were for making it through this and now that he was back they could do it together.

Arakita would return from wherever he had been raging about the weather, scaring his s/o a little more than they already were when they heard him. He would hold his arms open for them to quickly run into so he could hold them tight. He would be ranting to them about how of all the times this kind of storm could have hit, it had to be when his phone was dead and he was away from them and that if he could he would fight the gods for making them so scared. He would be his own kind of comforting, basically being as loud as he usually was to let them know that he was there and that both of them were safe and nothing was going to hurt them as long as he was there. 

Imaizumi would come home shocked to find his s/o crying and panicking because of the rain. He would obviously be aware of their fear he would just be so worried about them he wouldn’t know what to do right away. He would be apologizing more than once for worrying them and not answering his phone as he wrapped his arms around them and stroked their hair. “Sorry” would be the only thing out of his mouth as he did his best to hold them protectively in his arms, not wanting to try and say anything else in fear of making it worse.

Machimiya would return home and would probably panic and rush to help his s/o when he saw them in that state. He would run his hands down their arms and then cup their face in his hands asking them if they were okay or if they were hurt. They would tell him that they were so worried about if he would make it back and he would realize what was happening and remember how terrified his s/o was of storms. He would apologize as many times as he could for scaring them and let them know they were safe with him around, telling them he would fight the rain for them if he could.

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the signs as sports anime

kuroko no basket: aries, scorpio, aquarius

ookiku furikabutte: virgo, pisces

yowamushi pedal: scorpio, sagittarius

haikyuu!!: taurus, leo

free!: gemini, libra

daiya no ace:  cancer, capricorn

anonymous asked:

If the ask box is still open, can I get Fukutomi playing with a his s/o's kitten? Can it be super duper fluffy? Thank you!

Fukutomi stood around in his s/o’s living room, waiting for them to get ready for their date. They promised that they would be a few more minutes, but he was patient enough to wait however long it took. When he took a seat on the couch, he noticed the fluffy, chubby cat slowly making its way into the room. His eyes would widen with excitement as he reached out his hand, hoping the cat would come over to him. It walked over to him curiously, hopped up onto the couch and sniffed his hand before licking it and Fukutomi felt as though he had been blessed by the Gods because this adorable creature was giving him attention.

Though he kept his straight face, he was enjoying himself as he pet the cats head and scratched behind its ears and giving it all the loving attention it needed and wanted. The cat would jump into his lap, enjoying the affection and just allowed Fukutomi to keep it up which he did with no objections. He rubbed the cats tummy and said that it was a very strong cat and that it was a worthy new friend for him. Eventually his s/o would come into the room all finished getting ready and find him playing with the cat and talking to it and wait a few minutes before interrupting them, making Fukutomi blush when he realized they had been watching him.

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An illustration of the poster of Yowamushi Pedal The Movie next event in Tokyo Skytree! Details added in new post.

((from this picture, we can see all the 4 main ships in Japan: TouMaki, SanSaka, ShinAra, and T2. www))

((btw this picture is so full of happiness, like saying that this will be the last but the happiness stays forever. Happily ever after…))