Then one thing I hate about tarantino is he will jump at aaaaaaany possible chance to have the word “nigger” in his movies as many times as possible.

Men’s reactions to the female players on FIFA is a sad reminder of how fuckin dumb and fragile 99% of the male population is.

lost-in-the-interweb replied to your post:Well in the past two days I’ve managed to piss off…

Please stay. I really love having your blog on my dash. People overreact, its what they do. But they will move on. If they don’t they just want to bitch for the sake of bitching and at that point their arguments are invalid. Once again please stay.

Whoa now! Don’t take that post seriously :) I have no plans to delete my blog!

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Pisces to Capricorn crush: we are so close and you've held me in my bed when I was crying all night and that meant a lot. You protect me and make me feel safe like you are my home, but you get scared and back away. I'll go as slow as you need because I just need you. I kissed you and you kissed me back last night and I'm scared to text you. Did I ruin us? You're face keeps popping up and I can't handle it.

You guys seem like a really strong pairing. The best think you can do is text them  or better, talk to them in better. Maybe they feel the same way and they most likely do since they kissed you back. Pisces, both of you are overthinking this so just talk it out. I know for a fact that it will go better than expected :) 

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I hope this is not weird but when you posted the video of Feels on your ig i can tell you were real pasionate in your singing 💞

yeah it was from the heart. it hurt to sing it but it came out smooth.