young justice marching band au: 

it’s the original team’s senior year. kaldur is the drum leader. m’gann is the flute section leader. dick is the clarinet section leader (yes clarinet is a manly instrument, SHUT UP JASON) conner is the trombone section leader (who does not appreciate people calling the trombones boners, thank you very much). zatanna is the twirler, and raquel leads the flags. roy graduated last year but literally won’t stop coming by for band because all of his friends are there and he doesn’t have his life together. he played the tenor saxophone, 

and wally and artemis? wally and artemis quit band this year to avoid The Drama. they’re going to stanford, which only has a student led marching band and neither of them are interested in being involved in that, so they mutually decide to take a boring academic class together instead. 

kaldur and dick beg artemis to come back and lead the unruly trumpet section a month into classes. she had such a good handle on them last year, and they promise that she will enjoy it and they’ll appreciate her forever. just help them get a 1 at state and win some competitions, please. 

artemis sighs, and she rejoins the band. she drops the class with wally without telling him and it causes the WORST FIGHT THEY’VE HAD IN THREE YEARS OF DATING. they get over it, eventually, but it causes a rift in their friend group that doesn’t heal until after homecoming. 

bart allen is the tiniest freshman and a trumpet. 

he’s been in the foster system for years because teenage iris gave him up when he was a baby and she and barry were totally not ready for kids. no one ever adopted him and he was shuffled from foster home to foster home. he was able to figure out who his birth parents were and worm his way into their lives, and now he’s trying to get to know his family. 

bart does not actually know how to play the trumpet but he’s working on it. instead of being a logical person and going to his section leader about it, he tires to fake his way through for a few months. he wants artemis to think that he’s cool because she’s wally’s girlfriend and he wants them both to think that he’s cool and stuff. 

eventually, jaime notices because he doesn’t actually ever hear him play and he confronts him about it. bart comes clean about not actually knowing how to play and jaime’s like “why are you like this” but he teaches him how to make good sounds after school and it takes a while, but eventually bart is up to par. 

there might be more movies and talking and getting sonic at midnight than actual studying by the end of it, and some kissing, but like… what are you gonna do? 

the other notable trumpet is la’gaan, who is the cocky guy who always talks back to the band director and somehow is never punished for it. he makes fun of the younger kids because he’s a junior. a junior, as opposed to a sophomore. he’s literally only four months older than jaime but he acts like he’s hot shit because he has a year on him in school. 

garfield is a freshman flutist and m’gann will pummel anyone into the ground that makes fun of him for being a guy who plays the flute. 

barbara is a junior and the first chair clarinet because she’s a better player than dick is. she’s also in every other activity on the face of the earth because barbara gordon is insanely talent but also just insane. tula is the other clarinetist of note in the section. 

cassie is a sophomore that plays the trombone and she has a big crush on tim, the freshman french horn player. m’gann and dick are constantly trying to get them together. they’ve basically made that their senior project, and conner’s just kind of like… guys…. if they’re gonna get together they will, just calm ur shit. m’gann and dick never calm their shit. 

virgil is a freshman who does percussion along with garth, a junior. 

karen is a junior and the saxophone section leader. she plays all four saxophones because she is a boss. jason is a sophomore who plays the alto saxophone because it’s “cooler” than the clarinet and to spite dick. 

tim is a freshman and the entire french horn section. mal is a junior and the entire tuba section. 

Ya’ll SEE the interaction between Bambam and his partner. Girl had the boy shook and in love after she REELED HIM INTO A HUG. OMG.OMG. -He was so surprised hehe… He laughed, said omg, hugged her, and then after he fanned himself and held his heart. She literally MADE HIS HEART FLUTTER. OMG.


*you can even see YJ’s reaction after watching the whole interaction, he was like oh and looked at JB hehe omg.

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anonymous asked:

I looked into JB's game partner's twitter and her bias in JB indeed and she even condemned that Manilla fan's behaviour who asked to switch from YJ to YG. But the she goes on stage and acts that way, i don't understand. I watched videos of game from two angles and I can't really decide. They did hug tho, at the end. Did you watch the video? What's your opinion on that? Thanks in advance

I saw pretty much everything she tweeted last night (not her periscope video tho cus it was lagging) and I read some fan accounts of what they saw. I also saw the video where she stepped back and waved off JB when he tried to put his arm around her.

Her excuse was that she was “tipsy, shy, and trying to be funny” 🙄 I understand ppl like to drink at concerts but how are you gonna show up tipsy to a fanmeet where your fave idols talk and play games with fans?? She also recorded herself on stage with JB during the show which I’m pretty sure is not allowed?

A friend of mine who went to the fanmeet said JB’s partner was ‘bitchy looking and had an attitude’ so I’m just gonna assume a lot of the accounts were true. JB deserved a better partner tbh especially since he was sick. It’s only the first day of the tour and we already have uglies messing with the boys since the second they landed in the U.S. 😪 I’m just so mad and disappointed.