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He hesitantly raised on hand to feel his lips, surprised that he wanted to feel that pressure again.


anonymous asked:

omg lily! I cry bc of that GOT2DAY 2016 message bc jaebum is being this obvious lovesick fool self as usual and youngjae is just yeah you're nice, i guess?? LIKE PLS YJ! I bet he says thanks and only that every time jb declares his love. poor leader :(

Hello, my lovely!

I absolutely understand what you mean! But I also just help being amused because I keep thinking of these posts from the wonderful Danielle about Jaebum getting repeatedly lowkey rejected by Youngjae…

2jae Facetime

1:31am - Bro Song

and my favorite: the real reason Youngjae left the room

Honestly, as much as it hurts my heart to think about Youngjae pushing Jaebum away in reality, I still can’t help but laugh a little to myself through my tears about this ask because sometimes there is really such a level of:

Jaebum: “I would die for you. I would kill for you. You’re all I need in this world. I would walk through fire for you. I would stab my eye out before making you cry. You’re the light of my life and the sun of my heart. I love you.”

Youngjae: “Haha! Thanks, bro! You’re one of my best friends, too!” *goes back to playing with Coco*

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And, like, I really don’t think it’s actually like that at all in reality, but it just makes me cringe for poor Jaebum sometimes when he’s out there wearing his heart on his sleeve like that, and Youngjae is so shy and awkward about his feelings that he keeps them locked up and buried! 

I actually talked before about my take on Youngjae’s side of things with 2jae and the way he might come across as less invested in their relationship, and I still feel the same as I did then, perhaps even more strongly! Even though Youngjae doesn’t verbalize or openly express his real feelings very often, I think there are a lot of ways that he does show how much he cares about Jaebum! Even if he doesn’t return Jaebum’s cheesy affection (and song lyrics… Something Good and Prove It are totally about Youngjae) as openly, he still does show his love in other ways! And he’s also totally the type to tease as a way of affection, so I always look to the way he messes with Jaebum and harasses him as a sign of how much he cares as well, haha!

Which… once again, is a bit of a “poor Jaebum” situation because that leaves Jaebum showing his love with heart eyes and sappy song lyrics and heartfelt confession letters shared with the world…

And Youngjae’s over here like: 

Youngjae: “Hahaha, hyung! You suck at playing video games! You’re such a loser! I’m never playing with you again! *whisper* You’re the best, and I like you a lot, and we should stay together forever, okay??” 

Jaebum: “What?”

Youngjae: “I G2G BYE BROOOO–!!!”

rizahmad replied to your photoset “Oh my god, I just saw this on reddit. WHAT IF?”

in YJ, lex becomes the top choice for UN secretary general bc he helps them get rid of an alien invasion…….SOOO……

Well, we all know he ain’t gonna be in Arkham for long. He’ll be getting out, and probably work his way back up to the top again. I can’t even imagine the evil glint in his eye when he’s back and power. Oh, I’m ready for it.

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anonymous asked:

i have a question and a hc request! who are your fave yj characeters? and can i get some hc of dick finding his s/o singing and they have a really good voice?

My number one fave is Dick Grayson for sure!! Other than him, I really like Artemis, Wally, and Conner. Of the new team, I’m a big fan of Cassie and Tye. My favorite villain is probably Cheshire! (If I didn’t mention someone, I probably still love them tho bc I love that show so much haha) As for your request, it’s on the list :)

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Yj's little "huhu" after recreating his A scene was the cutest thing I've ever seen 😭😭😭😭

Hi anony ヾ(^∇^)

Yaaaaassss!!!!! THE CUTEST THING EVER! I WILL PUT THAT AS MY RINGTONE! (if i had time haha)

I really just love [it] so much! So cute!! ahhhhh

Him being nervous is so ccute, and shy, and embarrassed, i just wanna hear that cutely laugh sound forever!! adhfgjkjghhsor and now to mention how cute and handsome he looks and boyfriend he looks like, lucky person to date him! you will be blessed!

But yes anony, so cute, i, my heart, i cannot /.\

Literally am gonna change my profile pic, or background pic, or something to this but later when i have a day off, Saturday haha

Goodnight anony <33 or good day ^^

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Pls can you cheer me up? I'm having sad thoughts... I know it's JY's bd today but just the happenings online are depressing as a YJ fan. I can't help but compare. Why? Cause a lot are saying what an amazing today is it's his bday, yg's dance then the teaser but last week tho I'm happy most were not as engaging for YJ. I'm thankful for the fansites & JY's posts. Also got6 posted about JY & Mark but for YJ? None. I know I maybe over acting but I joust can't help but think of these thoughts. Unfair

Hi dear, 

I’m really sorry I didn’t reply you sooner. I hope by now you are okay. Don’t be sorry for saying what you feel. As another fellow fan of Youngjae and someone who loves Youngjae as much as you do, I really feel you dear. I can understand why you feel sad. As youngjae’s fans of course we want respect and the same fair treatment for Youngjae as the other members. As someone who’ve been here from the day one that is my wish for such a long time. I know it’s been two years but I’m still willing to wait no matter how long it going to takes for Youngjae to get the recognition, respect and fair treatment that he deserves. I’m not saying this because Youngjae is my bias but because he’s a part of GOT7. 

I know it’s tough sometimes (believe me I understand) but don’t worry dear the most important is our Youngjae. We have each other to support one another (you can always rely on me and other Youngjae’s fans for Youngjae) and I know it can’t be helped to not feel sad when the member of your group doesn’t get the treatment that you want him to have but be strong. For me right now, nothing else matter when it comes to Youngjae. I know it’s hard for us but I’m sure it’ll be ten times or harder for our sunshine. We should be strong for him. Last night, when I saw many people congratulated for Yugyeom I can’t help feel sad for Youngjae. I hope Youngjae will get the same opportunities like others to show his talents too. 

About got6 not posting anything during Youngjae’s birthday don’t think much about it dear. Maybe the other were busy at that time but I’m sure they did congratulate him on his birthday. I don’t know how to help you to cheer up other than using our sunshine. Like I said, sometimes things are hard but think about Youngjae. Think about the joyful things that he brought us I’m sure it’ll make you smile. I’m sure he doesn’t want us to be sad especially about him. Don’t be sad dear, we’re here for you. Hope this will make you happy (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)   

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What is wrong with that anon keep asking about Yj alergic and look like she/he not satisfied about Yj did not join the underwater scene..What is mean by //that//?? is she/he Youngjae haters?? But i love how you just answer the question calmly and explain with long explanation..Tq for ur effort for our Youngjae

Hi dear, 

Don’t be mad dear. Maybe she didn’t know that Youngjae has allergy and it is dangerous for him to be in the swimming pool for a long period of time. Youngjae can be in the pool but not too long. Until today, I didn’t know what she meant by //that//…LOL I hope whoever she/he is not a hater and merely just a fan who simply sharing his / her opinion. I think it’s unnecessary for me to get angry at her or him because as I said she/he might not know the real story about Youngjae and pool and simply stated the obvious. Besides, I hate arguing and it’s never satisfying when you’re angry in the text. kekeke Anyway, let’s spread peace and love. It’s the only thing I can do for our sunshine.  thank you for your support.  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Things The Team Has Heard Over the Psychic Link
  • “Oh shit I have homework” 
  • Zatanna spending five minutes trying to figure out how to say a word backwards
  • Way too much information about each other’s kinks
  • Five hours of the Thong Song
  • “This is not my bed. I want my bed.” 
  • Wally helping Dick with chemistry homework on a stakeout
  • “Holy shit look at Robin’s ass”
  • Kaldur butchering various slang that Wally convinced him was current
  • “DOG!” 
  • The world’s first psychic rickroll