Goodbye Bleach

I think everyone has a show that marked their lives in some way, and for me, this is undoubtedly Bleach. After all, it was the fandom I was most active for years and years. My English improved thanks to it, I was a moderator on the largest IR community in my country and most importantly: I made amazing friends that I carry to this day.

I had so much fun in this fandom, and while there was a time I lost interest in following the manga, my love for this series has never faded. I still remember the first time I watched Bleach, and when this song played out I knew I was sold lol!! It was a no comeback road for me.

I’ll really miss this series. It feels like a door in my life is being closed, something I will left behind while I move forward. It’s kind of silly to be so sentimental over the end of a series, but when you put so much time, effort and feelings over something, to see it ending feels like saying goodbye to an old friend.

So thank you, Kubo! Thank you for creating Bleach