☆ Baby Darling AU ☆ | Kisumi’s Special Day (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ 

“S-sou…sniff… thank you… sniff…!” 。・゜・(。´ノω・`) ♡ ♡ ♡

Kisumi woke up to the sweetest morning ever and he can’t stop crying now. Sou pup is a little confused at this but he soon figured out that those tears are happy tears, not sad tears. Silly papa Kish! Cuddles for papa Kish ♡

After calming down, Kisumi proceeded to hug, kiss, and snuggle his precious darling. They both laid in bed for 15 more minutes before getting up for breakfast. Kisumi isn’t taking his necklace off anytime soon~ ( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ ) ♡


Sou’s Special Day | Rinrin’s Special Day


君、舞い降りる ~ver僕~
君、舞い降りる ~ver僕~


Yep, whole of Tsukiuta fandom was shocking for the recently news. One of Actor, Yamazaki Taiki who plays as Uduki Arata, announced that he could not play for 4th Stage “Lunatic Party” and 5th Stage “Rabbit Kingdom”.

As fans (side fandom Cerasus), this news was shocking to much. Some of people are sad to know he would not join for group. Me, well actually I was preparing myself since 3rd Stage “School Revolution”. He posted post about his position in 3rd Stage, which was really tight busy schedules; especially he was one of cast of Kyuuranger (Super Sentai) as Naga.

It was hard decision for him too. He even asked to be part in “School Revolution” despite his busy schedules. He is doing his best, to focus on both of roles. But yes, he needs to choose the best thing he could do. Even hardest decision, he let “Arata” role from Tsukiuta after long discussion.

I cannot blame him. Not much Butai / Musical stage got offer for Super Sentai cast. As 2015 super sentai series, Hideya Tawada was part of Ninniger. And for some of actor, yes Tokutatsu series is milestone for them for get better roles, Yudai Chiba was in Goseiger, Takeru Sato was in Kamen Rider Den O, Tori Matsuzaku was in Shikenger and many more… ( I was following some of series of Tokutatsu series).

Let support him in every chance. He is talented actor and same time he wants to get more roles than he had right now. It would be nice to see him in movie or drama, is it ?

He expressed his “sorry” with Kimi, Mai Oriru, which is Arata Uduki’s song. It was hard decision and yes He did not said Goodbye and choose “Sakura Tomo ni Kimi Dake wo” , and prefer “Kimi, Mai Oriru” because he was believed, Arata would be pride of him to be honoring and playing in Tsukiuta Stage.

Thank you Yamazaki Taiki, for portraying and playing as Arata Uduki in Tsukiuta Stage.

PS NOTE : I will miss duo Jonin Tatsuki and Yamazaki Taiki  

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Hi there writer-chan, I hope that you're doing well ! may I please request a scenario where kirisaki daichi guys taking care of their s/o while she's in her periods (mood swings, pain..lol you know) Thanks alot & good luck ☺❤

hope you’re doing well too!! xx

Hara Kazuya
“You chill?” he called out, pouring out some juice into two champagne glasses (bought cheap but the perfect thing for feeling like class) and sliding one across the desk to your outreached arm. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with someone at this time of year but he knew, from the groans, that you were suffering. Perhaps it would keep you comfortable if he entertained you with his usual “humorous” self?

Yamazaki Hiroshi
There was a little motherly part of Yamazaki that he had never realised he had. Yet, here he was - boiling water for a hot water bottle, racking his brain to remember where he put those fuzzy pillows, whilst preparing one of those “unicorn” hot chocolate Instagram sensations that had worked to settle you last time. Yamazaki Hiroshi having not been team mother in Kirisaki Daichi seemed improbable.

Furuhashi Kojiro
Just because he’s used to the monthly bothers, doesn’t mean he’s grown to accept them. Having a sister meant Furuhashi learnt quickly how to deal with crying girls but he’s fed up of fetching you hot water bottles and chocolate to keep your whimpering to a minimum so he can study in peace.

Seto Kentaro
He didn’t bother asking his usual monotone “are you okay?” for he knew you weren’t. In all honesty, Seto would have preferred leaving you alone to deal with your pains but, as he watched you begin to tear up because of the PMS you probably hadn’t even realised you were feeling, he figured he might as well help stop this day from completely ruining your mood.

Hanamiya Makoto
When you had said you had a mild stomach ache, the day before, Hanamiya had prepared his disappearance. Although he prided himself on being able to handle anything, dealing with periods wasn’t an ability he was willing to put to test. However, leaving the dorm that morning a couple hours earlier than you usually woke up, his mother’s genes showed themselves and he found himself placing a box of chocolates on your bedside table. It wasn’t as if he were nice or anything, of course- he just definitely hadn’t been planning on eating them in the first place.

Free! -Timeless Medley-

The cover art for the June issue of Animedia (Amazon US | Japan) is also included on a poster, with Sousuke Yamazaki, Rin Matsuoka, Haruka Nanase, and Makoto Tachibana, illustrated by key animator Tatsutaka Maruko (丸子達就).


Trailer for Free! Timeless Medley!