Since anon #2 didn’t specify which characters, I’ll just do them all. Also I was gonna add photos of the costumes from the Internet, but sadly most of them were unnecessarily sexualised, so screw that.


  • Knowing Haru, he would want a water-themed Halloween couples costume and would go for the classic Disney couple: Ariel and Prince Eric.
  • Of course Haru would be Ariel, who else would he be?
  • It wasn’t until he dressed up in his costume that everyone realised that he totally rocks shell bras.


  • Makoto would choose the costumes of the family he thought would be perfect for Halloween: the Addams family.
  • He would be Gomez, his s/o would be Morticia, Ran and Ren would be Wednesday and Pugsley respectively.
  • Makoto’s parents were eager to join in and so his dad would dress up as Uncle Fester and his mum as Grandmama.


  • Nagisa absolutely loves superheroes, and was absolutely delighted when his s/o and his sisters put him in charge of getting the costumes. In the end he picked a costume for the most super family of all: the Incredibles.
  • Nagisa would be Mr. Incredible and his s/o Mrs. Incredible, with his three older sisters as Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.
  • Nagisa would definitely try to lift his s/o above his head to show off about how strong he was and that his costume suited him. He nearly dropped them.
  • His sisters would argue with him about how one of them should be Mr Incredible and that Nagisa should be Jack-Jack as he is the baby of their family.


  • Rei didn’t want to go as something scary this year, but his s/o insisted n dressing up as something that represented Halloween.
  • After a lot of arguing, they finally settled on a good compromise: Kiki and Tombo from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service.
  • This way, Rei could dress up as something pretty plain and simple, and his s/o could dress up as a witch!
  • His s/o would tease him a little about how different he looks with the type of more rounded glasses that Tombo wears.


  • Rin loves Halloween just about as much as he loves swimming, and so would want to choose a costume that he felt was really Halloween-y for him and his s/o to wear.
  • We all know that nothing speaks Halloween like Tim Burton films, and so Rin and his s/o would dress up as either Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, or Victor and Victoria from the Corpse Bride.
  • After a lot of begging from Gou, she also joined in and would either dress up as the ghost dog or skeleton dog from the films.


  • Sousuke would decide to dress up as classic cartoon Popeye for Halloween, with his s/o as Olive Oyl.
  • He won’t admit it, but he only chose it so he’d have an excuse to show off his muscles to his s/o.


  • Aii loves Steven Universe, and one of the best friendships from that show is Lapis’ and Peridot’s, so that’s who they’d dress up as.
  • Aii would totally dibs on Lapis. He looks very pretty in a floaty skirt like hers.
  • Him and his s/o would have a nightmare trying not to get the coloured body paint everywhere. They’d be finding traces of blue and green around the house for days.


  • Momo absolutely loves Star Wars, and thankfully, so does his s/o! They’d both want to base their costumes off of it, but were really indecisive about it.
  • Because of this, they could dress up as Han Solo and Princess Leia or something like that.
  • However, if they were feeling that they should modernise their costumes, they would have the choice of dressing up as Finn, Rey or Poe Dameron, whatever suited them.
  • But even still, knowing how quirky Momo is, they would finally decide to dress up as the best power duo of the films: C-3PO and R2-D2.


  • Seijuurou and his s/o wanted to do something creative this year, and so decided to dress up as Peter Pan and his shadow.
  • His s/o would be Peter Pan and Seijuurou the shadow, as he was taller than them and would look like when the shadow is stretched out behind them (if that makes sense?).
  • When someone brought up that Peter Pan sewed his shadow to his body so he wouldn’t lose it, Sei took it as an excuse to wrap his arms around his s/o’s waist and hug them for the rest of the night.


  • With all the rage of Pokémon Go, Kisumi and his s/o would dress up as Jessie and James from Team Rocket.
  • Pleading to dress up with them, Hayato would dress up as Meowth to complete the Team Rocket trio of trouble.
  • They’d have to Team Rocket motto nailed to the T. It would be perfect.

Kento Yamazaki con dei fans in Spagna durante la pausa delle riprese del film “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I”, live action basato sulla quarta parte del popolare manga di Hiroiko Araki.


HakuMyu 30-Day Challenge, Day 28: Favorite Backstage Moment

Looks like it’s time for another glorious round of don’t make me choose! There’s no way I’m not including all my favorites here. I got ten slots, and I’m gonna use ’em. (Shinsengumi Kitan’s backstage moments are better than the damn musical, but I started this challenge before I saw that one—several of my choices early on would be different if I included it—so I’m keeping that out of this.)

Anyway, the context is all-important to understand why I like these so much, but my explanations tend toward the long, so I’m throwing it under a read-more.

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wingedauthor  asked:

Sou-pup! Rinrin kitty! Please help! Someone has kidnapped my favorite stuffed fox! T~T; *planted stuffed animal on Kisu's bed*

Both Sou Pup and Rinrin darlings gasp in horror hearing that your precious foxie plushie had been kidnapped. Who would be so mean and cruel to kidnap a plushie!? It was devastating! They understood how you felt because they too would be crying if their favorite plushies were ever taken. They decide to take your case and help you out.

Rinrin: Souchke and Rinrin will find foxie! Do not worry~

Rinrin takes your hand and gently pat pats it to comfort you. Meanwhile, Sou pup takes out his piggy notepad and crayola and starts asking you a couple of questions. You tell them all you know as Sou pup nods and scribbles all the information down. You then hand Rinrin a photo that the kidnapper left. It was a photo of foxie who had been tied up and was sitting on a bed. Rinrin blinks at the photo and analyzes it a bit but doesn’t find anything significant. Sou pup finishes taking notes and proceeds to turn the paper over to write down his phone number in case you remember something else. He tears the paper and hands it over to you. You look down and see a number written down in teal and below it, a happy face.

Sou: We must go now… We will search around.

You nod and wave at the kind little darling officers. When they leave the crime scene, Rinrin hands Sou the photo. Sou takes a look at it and quirks an eyebrow. Funny… he swears the bed sheets look awfully familiar. Too familiar. He comes to a halt and inspects the picture some more. Rinrin turns to see Sou. He looked so concentrated inspecting the picture that Rinrin couldn’t help but smile. He had the best partner in town, no doubt about it!

Sou: Kitty!

Rinrin: Yes~?

Sou pup points at two objects barely peeking in the photo that were in front of the bed. Rinrin blinks in curiosity as he tries to figure out what Sou was trying to show him.

Sou: Kitty… mmm! Look!

Rinrin squints as he takes a closer look. GASP!! He covers his mouth with his chubby stubby hands. No… It couldn’t be!! It was the tops of his makomanjuu and Sou’s kisumanjuu cushions! He looks up at Sou who had a big pout on his face. He nods. Sou pup takes Rinrin’s hand and both pitter patter upstairs towards Kisumi’s room. They slowly open the door and they gasp in horror not believing what they are seeing! FOXIE! HE WAS THERE! MAFA BOSH KISHUMI HAD KIDNAPPED FOXIE! They both rush to aid foxie and untie him.

Rinrin: There, there… You are safe now!

Sou: Now foxie can go home!

Both darlings pat pat foxie’s head and head downstairs to the living room where Kisumi was locked. They find Kisumi too relaxed in his cell and greets them very joyfully but after noticing their pouts and the plushie in Rinrin’s hand he gulps. Did something happen?


Sou points at Kisumi who looked shocked.

Kisumi: W-what I do now??!

Sou: Kidnapped foxie! TWOUBLE!!

Kisumi gasps in horror and is quite offended as he dramatically places a hand over his chest.

Kisumi: I did no such thing!

Rinrin shakes his head slowly. Sou pup crosses his arms. Kisumi was stubborn, they knew he wouldn’t confess to his crimes but they got proof!! Sou hands him the photo as Kisumi pouts. He takes a look at it and his eyes widen, one eye starting to twitch, mouth wide open. He slowly lowers the photo and looks at both Sou and Rinrin.


Kisumi: What?? Wait–No!!

Sou pup and and Rinrin walk out the living room as Kisumi yells that he’s innocent and that he had been framed but the little darlings ignore him and soon make their way to foxie’s home so he can finally be reunited with his owner~

anonymous asked:

Can I request scenarios where Makoto, Rin, and Sousuke are forced to wear couple costumes? Maybe Makoto as a prince, Sousuke as a wolf from little red riding hood, and Rin as a cop? Thanks!

Makoto: He didn’t really mind wearing the said costume, especially if he gets to see his cute little girlfriend wearing a princess dress. Despite the jealous looks that she received from the other girls, they still ended up enjoying the party because all that matters is the two of them spending time and having fun together. They also ended up being the ‘Best Dressed Couple’ in the party so all of the trouble that they previously ran into was all worth it. 

Sousuke: It felt kind of awkward for him to be the Big Bad Wolf, especially when all the little kids got scared at him the moment he stepped out of his house. He also caught a few women giggling and ogling him because of his costume. Despite his discomfort, he was actually glad that his girlfriend was able to enjoy the evening in her Little Red Riding Hood costume. She looked very cute in it, and she also told and reassured him that he actually looked hot good in his own costume. 

Rin: He quickly agreed to wear the said costume. He’d always thought that cops are awesome, but he totally disliked the idea of his girlfriend suggesting the idea of becoming the prisoner. Afterwards, he thought of a great idea of asking her to dress up as his partner instead though so she wore the female police uniform to the Halloween Party while eating some donuts. She didn’t regret listening to his advice though, as she thought she actually looked good in that uniform. 

ravenvelith  asked:

I wonder what that teddy did to be in jail for so long. :O

Rinrin: Teddy attacked Rinrin when Rinrin try to hug him! 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。

Sou: MMM!! Teddy bad! Teddy twouble! (๑`^´๑)

Rinrin: Souchke save Rinrin from being squished to death!! ( ๑•̥﹏•̥๑ )

Sou: Teddy do ten hunded hours in jail!! ヾ(*`⌒´*)ノ 

all in favor of giving Brothers Yamazaki partner and “your deck may have two creatures named Brothers Yamazaki if both are your commander” ???

Didn’t get a chance to nab one of these High Speed Omanjus? :) Well, today is your lucky day! I have one, unopened box and 8 lucky people will have a chance to win one of their own little omanju babies. Good luck!!!! ;)

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3) The only thing I ask is that you don’t reblog this post to any designated, give away blogs or to multiple blogs. Everyone should have an equal chance so please keep your reblogs to one blog only. I’m trusting everyone to be honest about it.

4) I know everyone will want the big 4 (Mako, Haru, Sousuke, and Kisumi) but winners will be chosen randomly so keep that in mind. You may not receive the one you want.

5) I’ll cover the cost of shipping and packaging. Worldwide winners are more than welcome to participate! You all just make sure to keep your inboxes open for when I message you. I’ll either message you from this blog or my main, eggdropsoupao3. If no response is received within 24 hours of my reaching out to a winner, another winner will be chosen.

6) Winners will be chosen randomly by an online number generator.

7) Deadline is August 30th, 2016 at 11:59pm PST.

Any questions? Feel free to ask away! My inbox is always open!

23 ottobre 2016
artificialxve via #instagram:

“Ho incontrato Kento Yamazaki, il mio per sempre amore giapponese 💖! ️😝 che carino, è stato così gentile con noi, abbiamo parlato con lui per cinque-sei minuti. E’ così felice di essere in Spagna e ha detto che non immaginava di stare qui un giorno e avere fans spagnoli. 😚 #山崎 賢人 #YamazakiKento #KentoYamazaki”