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I’ll finish reading it this weekend!!!!

Grrrrrl don’t even worry about it. ;-) School is school! Read it when you can. I always look forward to your reactions, whenever they come. Plus, Man of Faith was a massive mental and emotional wipe for me, and I need time to recuperate lol. It’s also my first week back to school and I SUCK at transitional periods? Like what is time? I am hectic af right now, already got sick, lol. Next update will most likely be somewhat delayed because of this, ie: It’s going to take me more than a week to barrel through this next installment. I need to gather my shit.

Also and because I’m finally starting to feel all better and you’re awesome here have this sneaky hug:

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1. Eating disorders could also be called 'emotional disorders', representing the inability to effectively regulate emotions, or the inability to regulate emotions in a healthy way. Possibly one of the most terrifying aspects of recovery is feeling again; meaning feeling both good and bad. In my own experience, I felt 'negative' emotions throughout most of my recovery. Feeling positive emotions didn't come on a regular basis until much later on (after weight restoration). Try not to be afraid ...

2. when your mood drops. This is a normal and natural human experience. What is not normal or natural is trying to regulate this change via disordered behaviours around food and weight. You have said in some of your previous posts that you are unsure how you feel about the work you’re currently doing in therapy. Why don’t you ask your therapist if you could do some work around developing healthy and effective emotional regulation skills? I found this to be incredibly helpful in my own recovery. Sending hugs Kitty xo

Thank you so much for this Simone; I am sharing this as I think other people need to hear this as well. I think far too often our minds paint this “perfect” image of what “recovery” ‘should’ look and feel like, however the truth is that it just isn’t like that. Recovery is not all “sunshine and rainbows”, but that’s OKAY and what you have said just reiterates that; this is a natural human reaction and as hard as it may be, we need to trust the process. 

In terms of therapy I have mentioned about it and I think because my weight is still low that there is no *benefit* from starting proper CBT due to my mental cognitions etc. which is hard to hear and means that right now the focus does have to be on the nutrition side to be able to *do* therapy. I have my CPA (care plan meeting with everyone who deals with my care so care co-ordinator, therapist, HCA, psych and medical side) so hopefully things will feel a bit more settled and planned after that - I hope. Thanks again for these reminders Simone, I hope you are keeping well, big hugs xxx