-Gladiolus Amicitia icons (128x128) for @gladiolvs~!
-14 icons total
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NOTICE US SENPAI! (I dont care if i do this forever) since FINAL FANTASY will celebrate their 30 annivessary why not bring back the HOPERAI/HOPELIGHT Feelings (a little throwback wont hurt right???) … please REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG THIS IF YOU AGREE WITH THE WHOLE #HOPERAIWEEK2017…


Some Easter Eggs From The New KINGSGLAIVE Trailer.

1. Eclair - Reference to FINAL FANTASY XIII

2. Lindzei - Reference to the FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS Mythology

3. Crunchy Roll Logo - Reference to….. Crunchy Roll lol

4. Bank Of Spira - Reference to FINAL FANTASY X

5. Stella - Reference to FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII

There is probably a crap ton more.