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Gillovny RPF

Relationship : David Duchovny / Gillian Anderson

Summary: inspired by the gifs of Mulder dancing in “Babylon.” Gillian spots David rehearsing his choreography with his partner, and she feels *a little bit* jealous.

Rated : NSFW

Note : Thanks again to @becksndot5 for her beta!

Hiding in a corner at the other end of the room, she is watching him rehearsing his dances move with Daniela, his partner for the episode. In the first place, she wanted to come over and laugh, knowing that he has no particular skills for dancing, but when she entered the room five minutes ago, she felt like she was witnessing something she shouldn’t be. They are alone on the stage, there is no music, and she touches him more than necessary for her taste. He looks good in his country-style outfit, and she has to admit that Daniela is gorgeous, her yoga pants enhancing her perfect curves, but maybe she could have worn a shirt over her sports bra. Her abs and generous cleavage does things to Gillian, and she knows for a fact that David and she are always on the page regarding women. He laughs too much, gazes at her too much, and touches her too much. Yes, it’s childish and probably stupid, yet she feels incredibly jealous. He is flirty and tactile by nature, and she knows that it’s certainly the way he behaves with other women when she’s not here to see him, and even if their relationship is serious now and she is supposed to trust him, she can’t help feeling unsafe at this moment.

When she thinks he is ready, Daniela plays the music and stands in position next to him, their hands resting on their hips, waiting for the music to start. Unfortunately, instead of a bouncy country track, the stereo plays a romantic love song. She laughs at her own mistake, and goes past him to change the music, but he stops her, grabbing her waist for a languid slow dance. He chuckles, his body pressed against her, his hand on the bare skin of her lower back, the other one around her shoulders, and they go in circles, following the slow rhythm of the music.

It is too much. She has two choices: make herself known, and cause a drama, or leave discreetly, and wait patiently in his trailer to kick his ass. After a few seconds of hesitation watching their flirtation, she decides to do both. Clicking her high heels on the floor, she heads to the exit, and throws him a death look before leaving, slamming the door behind her.  


When he pushes the door of his trailer open, he doesn’t expect her to be there. He had seen her leaving earlier, and knowing her, he had thought she’d be pacing in her own trailer, picturing the best way to make his head explode. The fact that she is actually sitting on his sofa makes him believe that he had misinterpreted her behavior. Maybe she isn’t mad at him. He’s wrong.

“Hey, babe. How are…”

“Don’t babe me!” She interrupts coldly.

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of adventures and goodbyes

(and once about the family they left behind). [x]
by @noifsandsorbees​ | @tofutti-rice-dreamsicle​ is bae(ta).
bill 1960 // melissa 1962 // dana 1964 // charlie 1968

She’s six years old when her mother places her brother in her arms, small and squirmy, chubby and soft. She holds his head with one hand just like the nurse showed her and shoos away her little sister with the other. She ignores Bill whining that she needs to share, that it’s their brother too.

Instead she just holds him still, in awe that he doesn’t cry, doesn’t scream, just dreamily gazes up at her. Bill never shared Dana when she was this tiny, not that Melissa was old enough to hold her anyway, but he barely broke his protective streak even as Dana learned to crawl and walk and draw out her letters. He struck his claim on Dana, but this brother is hers.

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anonymous asked:

On the note of SUZ and Orison fics, do you (or maybe one of your followers) have a rec for some good ones?

I’ll open this up to my followers in the interest of time! Anyone have some good recs?

@aloysiavirgata wrote an incredible fic called Another Dark Forest which is my post-Orison headcanon.

When I was young, I co-wrote a post-Orison fic that’s called The Element of Trust. It’s up at Gossamer. It features some light bondage and whatever. I haven’t put it up at AO3 because I’m not sure how I feel about it. Feedback is welcome!

Aftermath from a Were-Monster - agoodwoman - The X-Files [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Aftermath from a Were-Monster

Author: agoodwoman/@beyondtherealmofscience7

Rating: Mature

Classification: MSR, Daggoo, MASMTWM

Summary: This is just drabble writing post episode-thoughts.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched just these few seconds from this episode. It is so beautiful. The look on Maggie’s face when she sees Mulder hovering above her. She’s seeing him from a different perspective, one that her daughter has seen him from on more times than she ever cared to remember. I could write pages on the heaviness of this scene and it would never do it any justice. Why look at Mulder? Why not her own daughter who is standing over her as well, rubbing her shoulder? This is a man she has grown to love as her own over the past 23 years. The man who in the beginning she thought of as a danger to her daughter. Now he is the familiar face of a man who loves and protects her daughter, the man who will continue to protect her and love her when she leaves this earth. The father of her grandchild. She is at peace knowing that he is there and will always be there for her baby girl. And Scully witnesses this fast interaction. She sees this from the perspective her mother has always been the bearer of. It is so easy to feel safe and comforted by Fox Mulder. Both Scully women have now been on the receiving end of such a powerful feeling. A dark wizard, indeed. What a way to go. These few seconds need to be talked about for eternity.