“This is our home now, so you’ll learn to start to call me by my name. Not Marsha. Not Dear. Not Honey. Maggie. Maggie Rhee.

So, here goes, my second reinterpretation of an AOW comic book cover. Issue #124…with a most important addition that was missing in the originals.

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this is really old but BABU BATH TIME

i wish i had the anxiety that flares up when actual bad stuff is happening. instead i get anxiety when bad stuff is happening but also i get anxiety when im sat playing video games at 10pm on a wednesday when i have absolutely nothing bad happening or going to happen in the foreseeable future. then my heart rate goes up to 120bpm for 12 hours and i feel like im dying. when nothing is happening

I Remember | Jason Todd x

Description: After Jason Todd’s death, the second Batgirl, Y/N L/N, is determined to kill the two men who caused it. Bruce watches her transformation, and the way her expression shifts when the Red Hood takes off his helmet.

Request: If the requests are still open could you do one where Jason was friends with the reader as Robin (round about when he was 16) and when he dies, reader turns into a Punisher like antihero and yaknow something with how when Jason does come back and his reaction idk really:))

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Bruce had never known how much damage a sixteen-year-old girl could cause until Jason Todd’s death. He remembers telling her almost as well as he remembers holding Jason’s body, or the splitting, earth-shattering, undiluted pain in his chest as his heart tried to saw it’s way out of his ribcage.

At first, the only thing that had been noticeably off was Y/N’s immediate disappearance and the way she had executed it. It was cliche and simple. She left a tear-stained note on her bed, and Alfred read it aloud to me as I drove the Batmobile into downtown Gotham—Riddler had made a bomb threat on the GCPD, and that meant that I was needed elsewhere. Y/N can wait, I remember thinking harmlessly, she’s only a teenager. I can find her once this is over with.

But after her disappearance crimes began to topple on top of each other, creating a proper and steady barricade between myself and the second Batgirl. By the time I had managed to create a period in which I could search for her, she was gone and seemingly never returning.

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my students are convinced my classroom is haunted

and the boring adult in me wants to tell them all the logical explanations of why things are happening and they shouldn’t freak out…

but then i remembered being *SO SURE* i was a witch when i was their age and i loved paranormal stuff so i told them that ghosties are lurking because it’s spooky season, but not to worry because i would definitely fight it for them if it came

Honestly Rey being either a Skywalker or a Solo has been dead for such a long time now, not only because of all the hints that those involved with the production have been dropping to disprove the theories, but because the canon timeline doesn’t allow for it without completely compromising the original trio’s integrity.

In Bloodline, a canon novel revolving around Leia taking place around six years before TFA, we learn that Ben was travelling with Luke up until it was exposed to the public that Leia was the daughter of Darth Vader. She had (understandably) wanted to take this secret to the grave, but the news had left everyone in shock– especially Ben who had no prior knowledge to being Vader’s grandson. He must have been devastated and confused, causing him to fall to the dark side during a moment of weakness.

Rey Solo is not only dead because neither Han nor Leia recognized their daughter in TFA, but throughout Bloodline Leia gives no hints to having ever had another child. Her thoughts always lead to Han or Ben, and when the news of Vader broke out, she rushed to send a message to Ben trying to explain it to him before anyone else got the chance to. She never thought about a supposed second child. Again this book is canon material and there would be some major continuity errors if the thought of her ‘lost daughter’ never crossed her mind.

Rey Skywalker is also dead with Bloodline because Rey was abandoned on Jakku roughly 15 years ago, whereas the destruction of Luke’s temple and Ben’s defection happened only 6 years ago. If Rey was Luke’s daughter, that would mean he abandoned her on a dangerous planet and then continued to research Jedi lore and train Ben, his nephew. It makes absolutely no sense and compromises Luke’s character. I know– and expect, Luke to be far more cynical  and morally grey in TLJ, but that’s because his confidence in himself has been shattered from his failures and Ben’s fall to the dark side.

These theories have been dead for so long and I’m not sure why they’re still so largely accepted in the fandom. I now that most fans tend to stick to just watching the films, but even if that’s the case, TFA itself makes it quite clear she isn’t related to our former heroes.

witchinghourlightwood  asked:

38 + Malec

ooh, cool! Thank you!! 

38. “You’ve thought about this, haven’t you?”

“You really look at home with her,” Magnus says thoughtfully, looking at Alec. They’ve just sent Madzie home with Catarina, and Alec is still smiling after her. “You’d make a great father.”

“So would you.” Alec turns the full force of his soft smile on Magnus. 

Magnus narrows his eyes. “You’ve thought about this, haven’t you? Not just in the abstract.”

Alec flushes. “Maybe. Is that a bad thing? You’re my fiance. Of course I’ve thought about having kids with you.”

“I don’t know that it’s an of course,” Magnus says, but he smiles and steps closer. “I’ve never had kids.”

“But you want to.” It’s not a question.

Magnus hesitates, surprised by Alec’s certainty. “Yes, I really do. I never really thought I’d get to, but, with you…I think we could.”

“I think we could too.” Alec smiles again, reaching up to cup Magnus’s face. “I think we might do pretty well at it, really.”

“So do I,” Magnus says, and kisses him.

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